The Real Story of Paris Hilton | This Is Paris Official Documentary


  1. Михаил Носенко

    Михаил Носенко4 секунди тому

    Берём гостиницу клуб и ресторан гуляем нет? Ну я больше не куда не хочу

  2. Kindred.

    Kindred.14 секунд тому

    I just wanna be her friend and make quiches with her and for her to take a break where no one will bother her

  3. AlainaMusic

    AlainaMusic59 секунд тому

    I mean... what did you think they were going to do to your child after they yanked her out of her bed in the middle of the night as a fear tactic.

  4. Михаил Носенко

    Михаил НосенкоХвилина тому

    Девушку я сам себе выберу недумаите

  5. Linette Morgan

    Linette Morgan2 хвилини тому

    I was waiting for a sorry from your mom......

  6. Norissa Harman

    Norissa Harman2 хвилини тому

    Bravo Paris for sharing your heart with the world. My heart hurts at the end I shared a few tears with you. Praying for healing for you.

  7. YoutubeMama

    YoutubeMama2 хвилини тому

    She's an Aquarius people......An Aquarius. Much love Paris XOXO

  8. Julie Frey

    Julie Frey3 хвилини тому

    14:26 my heart, I burst into tears.

  9. Shannon Yates

    Shannon Yates3 хвилини тому

    That was really grate... thank you for speaking out... and facing your fears head on.

  10. Михаил Носенко

    Михаил Носенко3 хвилини тому

    Милиард истрачу на вас в этом году Оке лье

  11. Nina513

    Nina5134 хвилини тому

    I find it interesting that Paris’ father didn’t want to film; emotionally unavailable and doesn’t want to be seen. When I went into the hospital due to dehydration and exhaustion, my dad didn’t show up either. WOW.

  12. Henry Duarte

    Henry Duarte4 хвилини тому

    Poor little rich girl

  13. Михаил Носенко

    Михаил Носенко5 хвилин тому

    А там сколько за закрытый2015

  14. jesmsregal

    jesmsregal5 хвилин тому

    Wow... Her Mother is insane !! She really tried to front like she ain't know what was going on.

  15. Tomekha McCarthy

    Tomekha McCarthy5 хвилин тому

    ThAnkh Yu for showing yourself and speaking your Truth. The Children Must Be Free. ThAnkh Yu. 🙏🏽

  16. Nikki

    Nikki5 хвилин тому

    OMG 😳 I LOVE HER VOICE! Like her real voice sooooo more sexier and intriguing OMG! Wow. Parissss Baby

  17. Fadl K

    Fadl K6 хвилин тому

    Her ex was a jerk, glad she dumped him.

  18. Bhumika Jain

    Bhumika Jain6 хвилин тому

    I don't get it who are and what are these fans,, I mean these ppl just do their jobs like you and me and how can someone cry for them or follow them blindly..its stupid..stop giving so much power to anyone, because most people misuse it. No hate for her or anyone, but just my thoughts, ppl do drama to get attention..stop giving so much attention to so called celebrity rather give attention to yourself or ur family

  19. Михаил Носенко

    Михаил Носенко6 хвилин тому

    Посмотри мне теле 2

  20. Ysoline

    Ysoline6 хвилин тому

    I’m so proud of her

  21. Михаил Носенко

    Михаил Носенко6 хвилин тому

    Маська в симачках сколько за обоненто

  22. Miyu hime

    Miyu hime6 хвилин тому

    Never imagined this.

  23. iluvpinkandgold

    iluvpinkandgold7 хвилин тому

    That "school" needs to be burnt to the ground along with all the other schools. Putting teens in jail for simply being teens is ridiculous. I am disgusted. But I do think her mom thought she was doing what's best for her daughter but she should've done her research on the place.

  24. Amy Conover

    Amy Conover7 хвилин тому

    I guess to make it brief because I'm sure there are a lot of comments I can relate I cried and I feel your pain and I know your struggles I may not have had the same experiences but you are a strong person and I wish through social media we would have met this person best wishes

  25. Alan Lopez

    Alan Lopez8 хвилин тому

    I think I cried through half of this, so heart breaking. All my respect to Paris and these strong beautiful women.

  26. Francisco Sigaran

    Francisco Sigaran9 хвилин тому

    what ur feeling i am feeling , thank you for this .. this really help out a lot .. maybe it’s time that i should speak myself too

  27. Tamara Castro

    Tamara Castro9 хвилин тому

    Thank you for being Brave and Sharing your Truth!! Never forget you are Loved 💜💚💜💚 All I want to do is give you a huge hug and comfort you my friend 🥰💪🏼😘

  28. Estrella Noche

    Estrella Noche9 хвилин тому

    I’m so glad to see there is more to her. I hope she can continue to be her true, authentic self

  29. Spotlessmind

    Spotlessmind9 хвилин тому

    This documentary was intense and powerful I appreciate the vulnerability and openess that Paris and the other women showed You guys are warriors 💛

  30. Lee

    Lee9 хвилин тому

    This makes me happy I was born into a normal working family!!

  31. سالب رجولي

    سالب رجولي11 хвилин тому

    Tho I’m not American I’d vote Paris for president

  32. سالب رجولي

    سالب رجولي11 хвилин тому

    We stan queen paris

  33. Carol Hannon

    Carol Hannon12 хвилин тому

    I saw you in Vegas August 2007, it was late, you were alone waiting for a ride outside Caesar’s .... probably a rare moment of public solitude for you! You’re as beautiful on the inside as you are on the surface. I hope you’ll embrace it all and take your sisters advice to take a break for yourself, what scares you about that?! Shine on ⭐️

  34. Arslan Pervaiz

    Arslan Pervaiz13 хвилин тому

    Am fail to understand y parents send there kids to that stupid school.

  35. Spotlessmind

    Spotlessmind13 хвилин тому

    I was crying while the women were stating what happened to them at the school and what issues they have because of the trauma

  36. Sensory Sensitive Adult

    Sensory Sensitive Adult13 хвилин тому

    Paris Hilton is the ultimate masker. This is a brilliant view of what it looks like when you #takethemaskoff I have been a fan since the Simple Life days and I am not surprised to learn what a difficult road it has been. I wish you so much peace you beautiful human. 💛

  37. Mantan Anak Gunung

    Mantan Anak Gunung14 хвилин тому

    semangat Paris!!

  38. HIlary Healy

    HIlary Healy14 хвилин тому


  39. Kay Hay 511

    Kay Hay 51115 хвилин тому

    Solomon is a f****douche bag

  40. Makaela Harkness

    Makaela Harkness15 хвилин тому

    ❤️❤️❤️🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦 wow just wow

  41. Pola Etrata

    Pola Etrata15 хвилин тому

    I love you, Paris, and I applaud you for your bravery and courage to put yourself out there like this, and to share with the world your truth, your story! This takes guts and I’m proud of you, I stand by you, and I’m cheering you on, mama 📣 📣 📣 You are amazing and I wish you more success in everything you continue to do!💖 💖💖

  42. Mara K

    Mara K15 хвилин тому

    Everyone should see this. It is not what you think. This should be free to view for everyone.

  43. Naomi

    Naomi15 хвилин тому

    so glad she got rid of that boyfriend

  44. BunInBloom

    BunInBloom15 хвилин тому

    00:24:26 OMG SO ICONIC, who the fck is Kim Kardashian hahahah

  45. jxzmyns

    jxzmyns16 хвилин тому

    paris needs to break free from her mess of a family . i cannot believe her parents had no idea about utah, considering she was KIDNAPPED and DRAGGED, kicking and screaming from their home. they stood and watched her get dragged away, stood and watched her be abused, and will continue to downplay their involvement so long as she lets them. heartbreaking.

  46. Charlee152

    Charlee15217 хвилин тому

    Paris, I hope you find peace in your soul. You and the other survivors are true heroes sharing your stories and will help so many others who have lived thru the same trauma. I am VERY proud of your bravery.

  47. Red Dawn

    Red Dawn17 хвилин тому

    Kathy Hilton, “I’m afraid she will get kidnapped.” Also Kathy: has her daughter kidnapped and traumatized. Traumatized to the point that she literally cannot sleep decades later. I don’t know Kathy Hilton, however my perception of her after viewing this documentary is she a cold, unfeeling woman. If I ever did anything to cause my child any emotional pain or made a decision on their behalf that caused any trauma I’d wither into a crumple of tears. Her mother’s response to her baby girls confession of the torture and trauma she endured was offensively robotic and unfeeling. Kathy, your child isn’t a doll to be shelved on display for your amusement! I theorize her mom resents the attention Paris received.

  48. Laura -

    Laura -18 хвилин тому

    I hope the nightmares end❤️

  49. Obsidian Wildfire

    Obsidian Wildfire18 хвилин тому

    I love love love you Paris!!! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

  50. Salmannsa Rodgers

    Salmannsa Rodgers19 хвилин тому

    Thank you for sharing your story w us ❤️

  51. mpd

    mpd19 хвилин тому

    Loved all of it except for the NYPD hat lmaoo

  52. Lizzy L

    Lizzy L19 хвилин тому

    This was so heart breaking. I hope Paris can find some peace in her mind

  53. Hat Mercy

    Hat Mercy19 хвилин тому

    The best..... 😭Paris Hilton 🔥🔥❤❤

  54. André Alvarez

    André Alvarez19 хвилин тому

    So she made a sex tape for fame, and should I feel what? Just laughs... Buhuu such a sad life.

  55. Kimmy Xo

    Kimmy Xo20 хвилин тому

    Can’t imagine how exhausting it would be to live her life

  56. Mathias Molina

    Mathias Molina21 хвилина тому

    Paris, you're a very "Conscious," person, many live life 'Unconscious," as you've realized. At least U know what makes you motivated/happy.......You'll find your Love of your Life, when U lest expect it & your group revelation deals/heals & made us all become "Aware." Aloha*;+

  57. Pedro Boss

    Pedro Boss21 хвилина тому


  58. Embroidery Stitches

    Embroidery Stitches22 хвилини тому

    "Did you ever apologise to Mom and Dad" WTF ??? Mom and Dad need to apologise to their child and be damm grateful that she is still in their lives. Toxic narcissistic emotionally unintelligent parents, Paris is a credit to herself 💕💕💕💕💕💕

  59. Crazy of Course

    Crazy of Course22 хвилини тому

    Kim k literally copied Paris Hiltons whole life

  60. Desislava Mustakertcheva

    Desislava Mustakertcheva22 хвилини тому

    It's hard to leave the glamor and the holiness that brings you so much world and fame and she's addicted to it her persona not the real person the persona is all over her and you can see it she doesn't even know who she is it's sad

  61. Frederico Martins

    Frederico Martins22 хвилини тому

    1:25:00 - in just 25 seconds that girl says "like' 12 times. Like, doesn't she have like vocabulary? Like... idk?

  62. Just a DIY Girl

    Just a DIY Girl23 хвилини тому

    Thank you for sharing your story.

  63. Dawson Miller

    Dawson Miller24 хвилини тому

    I’ve been waiting so long for this documentary


    SUCHISMITA GHOSH25 хвилин тому

    Such a useless boyfriend she has

  65. Nandani Bista

    Nandani Bista25 хвилин тому

    I have always respected you, now it has drastically increased, Paris ❤️❤️❤️. Thank you for sharing.

  66. Mariebel Ibrahim

    Mariebel Ibrahim25 хвилин тому

    you dont have to divorce the brand. you can change it, reconstruct. you got this

  67. Lo Ko

    Lo Ko26 хвилин тому

    Ugh. One of my best friend’s brother was sent to that school. I remember when she came to school and said she woke up in the middle of the night hearing her brother screaming and crying for help as they kidnapped him and then took him to Utah. They told the parents that they didn’t physically hurt the kids and when he made his first phone call he was crying and he was starting to tell them they were abusive and they hung the phone up and told him he lost phone privileges. They didn’t get to talk to him until a month later and he starting screaming and crying on the phone they were abusing him and they hung the phone up again, they put him in solitary which was a concrete room and took his clothes and put a straitjacket on him. The parents started freaking out and flew there that night to take him out and they tried to tell them they couldn’t! Can you believe that?!?! Ugh. I would love to hook Paris up with him, he’s absolutely her type, very cute, and very gentle in a masculine way if that makes sense.

  68. Benjyxxx Catman

    Benjyxxx Catman26 хвилин тому

    I love you Paris 💟

  69. jesmsregal

    jesmsregal26 хвилин тому

    When she said "It made me not trust anyone. Not even my own family." Her voice changed into the "Paris" voice. Wow babygirl is very much damaged. I 💜 her even more now.

  70. I Am A Bitch

    I Am A Bitch27 хвилин тому

    You’re amazing paris❤️

  71. Resumé Puddifoot

    Resumé Puddifoot27 хвилин тому

    The sister who claims she knows Paris better than anyone... Then why are you asking Paris if SHE apologized to her parents instead of the other way around?

  72. Arleen Soarez

    Arleen Soarez27 хвилин тому

    Wow Paris ty for showing us the REAL YOU YOU HAVE DEFINITELY EARNED MY RESPECT

  73. Marsha Kwarteng

    Marsha Kwarteng28 хвилин тому

    Kim K bought me here 😭

  74. Josephene Yonnes

    Josephene Yonnes28 хвилин тому

    I’m thankful you decided to share us your story Paris !

  75. Carla

    Carla28 хвилин тому

    You can do the brand in a new way. A better better way. You take the OLD you, and the NEW you, because both are STILL you, and you create new ideas with the both 💕💕💕

  76. Lexie The Curvy Sim

    Lexie The Curvy Sim28 хвилин тому

    The fact that she told her mom freed Paris in some sort. Don’t stop freeing yourself from the pain stay strong Paris!


    PINKCHOKATE30 хвилин тому

    kim copied everything she did i remember that wow 💋💋

  78. Natasha Dayanand

    Natasha Dayanand31 хвилина тому

    I wish her happiness and peace....and a life without men like Alex....she is a strong women.

  79. Alyssa Runnels

    Alyssa Runnels31 хвилина тому

    Crying with you Paris at 1:35:30. So overwhelmed with the healing going on.

  80. Neighborhood Soul•utions

    Neighborhood Soul•utions32 хвилини тому

    I just realized so many of the reasons why I am like I am. Wow. I never would have watched something like this as I don’t even watch tv. But I felt compelled to watch it for a reason. I was never a fan of PH, but now I feel like we have so much in common. Newfound respect, a lesson learned in judging a book by its cover, and fuel for continuing to build my business to new heights. I also realized what I need to work on on my shadow side. We all have them, and exposing the reasons why I feel like I do will help heal the world. Let the transformations begin, and begin with love. 💕

  81. Wildflower90

    Wildflower9032 хвилини тому

    I remember her younger years when I was a teenager. She’s the OG of social media, the 2000’s, basically everything. I can’t believe she went through all of this. 💔😭


    KATIEBONLINE32 хвилини тому

    Wow. Thank You Paris.

  83. Eliseo Palestina

    Eliseo Palestina34 хвилини тому

    Blessings Tho #27 ....... 💻📱💻📱✅✅✅💙

  84. Joanie V

    Joanie V34 хвилини тому

    My love and prayers are with you. Releasing your truth is so important. I wish you every success, much love, peace, freedom and contentment and most of all the feeling of safety. 💜

  85. Teakat Productions

    Teakat Productions35 хвилин тому

    I’ve worked in a shelter for abused women and their children since the early 90’s. You are a brave soul, don’t be afraid. The women that share your experience also share your truth. You are not alone. 🇨🇦

  86. Lisa Gardner

    Lisa Gardner35 хвилин тому

    I always saw through her exterior and knew she was just desperate for love 💕 we all have our own challenges and you are not alone ! Much love Paris 💜

  87. Lyn Mendoza

    Lyn Mendoza36 хвилин тому

    i'm so proud of you :)

  88. Joy Carver

    Joy Carver36 хвилин тому

    I hope her sister doesn't have a daughter I can tell she is Kathy 2.0

  89. Lo Ko

    Lo Ko37 хвилин тому

    Paris’ sister: “you never apologized to mom and dad? Like how?” Everyone else: YOU CANNOT BE THAT DUMB

  90. Carla

    Carla37 хвилин тому

    Yes girl!! You're remembering who you were! Who you ARE! 😀😀😀 Let's the walls break. Let the mask fall. The pain is your growth. The tears are you coming back. Allow vulnerability. And yes, hey rid of that s***t. You know who you are. You don't need it 💕💕💕

  91. NaviKate1988

    NaviKate198838 хвилин тому

    I went through something similar. I was put on tranquilizers and told there were things wrong with me that weren’t. It took me almost 15 years to become a functional person. I feel so bad for anyone that has been sent somewhere against their will. It really helped me to see others succeed after this trauma. I know you probably won’t read this , but thank you, Paris. I don’t feel so alone. I can’t imagine how many kids have gone through this. This is not the way to help teens. Tough love is garbage, real love is unconditional.

  92. alice

    alice38 хвилин тому

    paris thank you so much for sharing your story with us, we love you and support you. please stay strong, you got this xx

  93. alice

    alice39 хвилин тому

    the fact that her parents wanted to keep her away from predators, but didn't realize they were predators themselves....

  94. Jacqueline Ayyy

    Jacqueline Ayyy40 хвилин тому

    The fact that her mother didn’t even APOLOGIZE is pretty fucked up.

  95. Titus 2.0

    Titus 2.040 хвилин тому

    Remember in ww2 how the American dentists got busted by the Russians just after putting a voice to head communications device in the head, of the main lady behind star track.., even shoes are mind control, modern day foot bindings., females with many clean shoes generally stay well for longer. Delicate flowers smell deaths slow., that the machines, and the dogs even miss.

  96. xkiaxkia

    xkiaxkia42 хвилини тому

    That fight in Tomorrowland made me so madddd like dude chill tf out let her beee

  97. Natty A

    Natty A42 хвилини тому

    Now I see why Paris is part of the #freebritney movement!

  98. Bigmamabella __

    Bigmamabella __43 хвилини тому

    This was so incredibly emotional. Thank you for sharing your story Paris, your fans are always with you❤️

  99. seduc tion

    seduc tion43 хвилини тому

    What you #ParisHilton did to raise awareness of the experiences you had as a teen is very inspiring. You are a strong woman.

  100. buydangerouswomanonitunes

    buydangerouswomanonitunes44 хвилини тому

    i cried