The Safest Way to Walk


  1. Shannon Weidinger

    Shannon Weidinger17 годин тому

    He looks like the pink panther 😂

  2. EzAb Dude

    EzAb Dude21 годину тому

    So muggers go for disabled people 😂

  3. Lego Star Wars Battle Droid

    Lego Star Wars Battle DroidДень тому

    I wouldn't mug rhett. If i didnt know him from the show i would think he was a giant doing a ritual dance


    태태BTSARMY4LYFE2 дні тому

    so pretty much a sims character lol

  5. Klara Stern

    Klara Stern2 дні тому

    ministry of silly walks

  6. Sugar Baby

    Sugar Baby3 дні тому

    IM WEAK😂😂😂😂😂

  7. The Holy Popcorn rl

    The Holy Popcorn rl3 дні тому

    Or you can just be holding a weapon

  8. Brandon loves u

    Brandon loves u4 дні тому

    This is 10/10 greatest gmm episode ever

  9. India Muir

    India Muir5 днів тому


  10. sambo lou

    sambo lou6 днів тому

    this is my all time favorite gmm episode

  11. Fat Kinnie

    Fat Kinnie6 днів тому

    This.. this is six years old? This video is older than some humans? What?

  12. Hookahqueeen TV

    Hookahqueeen TV6 днів тому

    Lmaooooo I’m DYING at Rhett looking like the grinch 😂😂😂😂

  13. iloveducks

    iloveducks7 днів тому

    Am I the only one who thinks Rhett actually has really good legs for ballet hahaha

  14. Aaron Bird

    Aaron Bird7 днів тому

    hes right square-gating is a walk that will get you targeted

  15. Emily Hinely

    Emily Hinely9 днів тому

    Once again, this is the BEST laugh I’ve ever had

  16. Katie von Gremp

    Katie von Gremp12 днів тому

    Monty Python walks.

  17. Katie von Gremp

    Katie von Gremp12 днів тому

    I am used to Link's hair being straight up so this is weird.

  18. Erin Epperson

    Erin Epperson12 днів тому

    favorite gmm video right here

  19. Jesxai

    Jesxai14 днів тому

    Suggestion: don’t drink anything during this episode 😂😂😂😂 I cant breathe!

  20. Anh Kiệt Đàm

    Anh Kiệt Đàm14 днів тому

    walking 101

  21. My BoyZ

    My BoyZ14 днів тому

    The anti-mugger walk has a Monty Python feel to it. LOLOL

  22. Thepcmaster 1.0

    Thepcmaster 1.015 днів тому

    Video starts at 6:00

  23. Skwear Gamer

    Skwear Gamer15 днів тому

    Damnit UAreporter! You know I've been watching Good Mythical Morning for over a year now, and you JUST NOW recommend this gem episode to me!?

  24. rachel

    rachel16 днів тому

    years later and it’s still my favorite episode

  25. Kael Platt

    Kael Platt18 днів тому

    I think of this walking through a city to my car after work every day lmfao

  26. ClanWithNoPlan

    ClanWithNoPlan18 днів тому

    anyone in 2020???

  27. Gail Deshawnda

    Gail Deshawnda18 днів тому

    I feel like link was playing a prank on him seriously because he looks ridiculous😂😂

  28. DJ Donnelly

    DJ Donnelly18 днів тому

    You won't get mugged if you walked like that, people would just either laugh at you or look at you weird.

  29. Rachel Porter

    Rachel Porter19 днів тому

    I have watched this video more than any other video ever. I just keep coming back and rewatching it

  30. Eli Brown

    Eli Brown20 днів тому

    I miss the old Rhett and link

  31. Eli Upset

    Eli Upset20 днів тому

    I would mug him That was a joke FBI Agent

  32. Sophie Evans.

    Sophie Evans.25 днів тому

    😅😅 I cant stop laughing. This is one of my favorite episodes

  33. Renny Nurjannah

    Renny Nurjannah27 днів тому

    Hilarious. Thank you

  34. nyahmanis mommy

    nyahmanis mommy28 днів тому

    2020 & still coming here. This never gets old. I laughed until my stomach hurts

  35. Jamie Lee Luetcke

    Jamie Lee LuetckeМісяць тому

    Love this video

  36. Jack Soldano

    Jack SoldanoМісяць тому

    Am I the only one who sees a J in the Rhett and link logo?

  37. ArcaneGinger

    ArcaneGingerМісяць тому

    I was almost in tears from laughter! I'm tired which makes it way better. Thanks for this, have a good night. Lol stay safe now that you know your antimugger walk

  38. Harp1234567 yeah Bob I ski

    Harp1234567 yeah Bob I skiМісяць тому

    What is they shot a episode in the afternoon it would be good mythical afternoon

  39. Brianna Gordy

    Brianna GordyМісяць тому

    “Always mug a man who’s making jazz hands”

  40. Brianna Gordy

    Brianna GordyМісяць тому

    I still come back to this episode when I need a laugh.

  41. Elizabeth Dewbre

    Elizabeth DewbreМісяць тому

    Yeah this one is good 😂 Love that swag 😏

  42. cassiealexander

    cassiealexanderМісяць тому

    Old school video.

  43. Aimee Walsh

    Aimee WalshМісяць тому

    Rhett: *making sense* Link: uhh no... Rhett: bummer...

  44. jordy s

    jordy sМісяць тому

    it’s 2020 and i can’t stop coming back to this video hahahha

  45. Sapphron Harper

    Sapphron HarperМісяць тому

    SAME!! 🙌🏻

  46. Renée Dubuc

    Renée DubucМісяць тому

    I feel like this is a prank on Rhett

  47. jane hope

    jane hopeМісяць тому

    My absolute fav

  48. Taco Games

    Taco GamesМісяць тому

    “That’s me, Reggie Superstar, *winks* cha-ching”

  49. Taco Games

    Taco GamesМісяць тому

    Just watching Rhett’s shadows are hilarious themselves 😂

  50. Lucy Carolan

    Lucy CarolanМісяць тому

    ....then again, the information came from muggers who _got caught_ You never know how sneaky muggers decide lol

  51. Noel Gregorich

    Noel GregorichМісяць тому

    I think the final "vulnerable walk" would make someone run in the other direction not mug you.😅

  52. Ki Ra

    Ki RaМісяць тому

    I have a friend who keeps getting robbed or almost robbed around St. Pete. I will send this and see if the attempts calm down

  53. Fluffy Little Bear

    Fluffy Little BearМісяць тому

    Who else is watching this in 2026?

  54. Saundra Wimberley

    Saundra WimberleyМісяць тому

    Watching this again and laughing alllllll over again.

  55. Chichi P

    Chichi PМісяць тому

    I laughed SO hard omfg 😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  56. Brennen Ellis

    Brennen EllisМісяць тому

    Did any get a if the n word was a m word vibe there at the end? "What's up, my Mugger"

  57. Khol Hugs

    Khol Hugs2 місяці тому

    Poop Poop Poop Poop Butt Butt Butt Fart Fart Fart

  58. Elizabeth Starks

    Elizabeth Starks2 місяці тому

    If you walk like either of these I assure you something’s gonna happen, I don’t know what but something.

  59. Bella BeBold

    Bella BeBold2 місяці тому

    I will watch this video without fail every year

  60. Kris Hanson

    Kris Hanson2 місяці тому

    who would have thought their pants would be tighter in 2014 than 2019

  61. Chris Denson

    Chris Denson2 місяці тому

    I honestly wouldn't mug the first walk but maybe the second one because the movements are more constrained. In the first one, he's flailing way too much.