The Society Cast Recaps Season 1 | *Lots of Spoilers* | Netflix


  1. Malu Castro

    Malu CastroДень тому


  2. Beatriz

    BeatrizДень тому

    OK so now where's season 2?

  3. Раиса Фролова

    Раиса ФроловаДень тому

    Dear Netflix, the same question, WHEN?

  4. Rimdog 2004

    Rimdog 20042 дні тому

    I don’t think they all fell asleep on the bus I think they all passed out because surely one or two of them would still be awake

  5. Jay-ar Baral

    Jay-ar Baral7 днів тому

    Netflix release the season 2 please.

  6. Julianne Li

    Julianne Li7 днів тому

    Allie and Harry and Sam and Grizz in S2 please!!

  7. maz

    maz11 днів тому

    why does she name her baby eden?

  8. CrystalLily0267

    CrystalLily026711 днів тому

    My favorite characters are Sam and Grizz Edit : Which is funny because I liked them and then I watched become a ship ( they must be protected at all cost)

  9. tater tot

    tater tot12 днів тому

    i love how everyone who watched the show agrees that Grizz = best character and Grizz + Sam = best couple :))

  10. its me 4235

    its me 423517 днів тому

    Baning Guns dosent work Guns are the only way to stop tyrany

  11. Linx Low

    Linx Low17 днів тому

    Hands down, the GODs were the best characters after Cassandra

  12. teddy who

    teddy who17 днів тому

    use this bottom for gordie and bean (?) cause they hella smart and helped them a lot

  13. Seedel Chris-Emenike

    Seedel Chris-Emenike19 днів тому

    I'm getting impatient. just finished watching season 1 for the 5th time Come out with season 2 Thanks

  14. ashlynn Henderson

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  15. Amarachi E

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  16. Emya Shaw

    Emya Shaw21 день тому

    Use me as a Allie and Will should be together forever button ⬇️


    ZHIYI CHEN21 день тому

    love Helena, looking forward to see what happen to her in season 2

  18. qoqi

    qoqi23 дні тому

    Did anybody notice that Rachel Keller is never with them? o.o 'cause her character died so early?

  19. Crumbsy _

    Crumbsy _23 дні тому

    I want more of the ginger girl! I forgot her name sorry. Please protect her. Shes so innocent

  20. Aubrey 312

    Aubrey 31224 дні тому

    Wait is there like a message with Eden because they said "get it" but I dont, so can someone explain plz....

  21. Joy Ade

    Joy Ade24 дні тому

    The hide their accents so well I thought they were all American

  22. qoqi

    qoqi25 днів тому

    Is no one gonna talk about alex and kathryn switching their names at the beginning

  23. qoqi

    qoqi25 днів тому

    Omg allie was my favorite character from the beginning and I was sad 'cause I thought that Cassandra will be the main character but then she died and allie became it Yeahhh *Gosh that sounds horrible

  24. qoqi

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  25. qoqi

    qoqi26 днів тому

    Nobody: Alex: rRrrRrRRr <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="238">3:58</a>

  26. qoqi

    qoqi26 днів тому

    I love how sean is always smiling. He's just so cute.

  27. Rania

    Rania27 днів тому

    Season 2 is stil not on netflix

  28. ashlynn Henderson

    ashlynn Henderson14 днів тому


  29. Saba S

    Saba S29 днів тому

    We love you harry ☹️

  30. Malicous YT

    Malicous YTМісяць тому

    If Sam don’t get more screen time I’m rioting

  31. Jaera A.C.

    Jaera A.C.Місяць тому

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="315">5:15</a> ur welcome

  32. Jei Bee

    Jei BeeМісяць тому

    The bus is peter pan, new ham is neverland, there has to be some sort of metaphor to it

  33. Jei Bee

    Jei BeeМісяць тому

    Imma just wait for the news when alex fitzalan and kathryn newton are dating and i wouldnt even be surprised

  34. john bush

    john bushМісяць тому

    Will is kinda annoying as a character

  35. Audrey Bowes

    Audrey BowesМісяць тому

    Season 2

  36. Georgiana Iancu

    Georgiana IancuМісяць тому

    Where is Grizz?? Jack Mulhern Although I love this show

  37. Hehee Jackson

    Hehee JacksonМісяць тому

    Idk but Harry gives off Edward Cullen vibes just me okay I’m leaving Me:💀

  38. Alyssa hardin

    Alyssa hardinМісяць тому

    Why wasn't the feugative and harey and allie hookup mentioned

  39. Alyssa hardin

    Alyssa hardinМісяць тому

    I love how Alex and Katherine switched names

  40. Lechelle Massaquoi

    Lechelle MassaquoiМісяць тому

    allie, becomes the de facto leader, effectively ruining her life lol

  41. Jojo the Pineapple

    Jojo the PineappleМісяць тому

    “we’re introduced to the cutest most inoocent couple of all time that must be protected at all cost.” she do be right doe

  42. Tessy O

    Tessy OМісяць тому

    Ewww I hate the new update

  43. Dagmar Boks

    Dagmar BoksМісяць тому

    literally all the comments here are GRIZZ GRIZZ GRIZZ I'm not complaining tho

  44. Do you wanna bake bread with Peeta Mellark

    Do you wanna bake bread with Peeta MellarkМісяць тому


  45. Janiya Xdripp

    Janiya XdrippМісяць тому

    No one: Alex:Grrrr

  46. Argoitz Razkin

    Argoitz RazkinМісяць тому

    I need the second season man!!! I'm so bored i need quarantine entertainment 😪😪 Don't make me wait until may

  47. Cay !!

    Cay !!Місяць тому

    Argoitz Razkin, righttt 😭 i need to see my power couple Sam and Grizz 😂💕

  48. Amariii

    AmariiiМісяць тому

    I’ve been waiting 40 years for season 2

  49. Daniels Anita

    Daniels AnitaМісяць тому

    Is it possible to slap someone through the internet What don't you get WE NEED SEASON 2!!!!!!++

  50. Virgin Goddess

    Virgin GoddessМісяць тому

    Where’s Jack?

  51. Quarantine Bruh

    Quarantine BruhМісяць тому

    I'm tired to the people who justifies Harry's terrible decisions. He had a choice then he chose drugs and selfishness over peace. I hate him more than Campbell and Lexie 'cause they have reasons. While Harry is straight up douche.

  52. Mekaria

    MekariaМісяць тому

    I have the feeling that someone from the football team is father of Becca baby. She's clearly ashamed and if that was Campbell like everybody are persuing she would tell that to Sam or at least she would act DIFFERENT or smth

  53. Noura Aleisa

    Noura AleisaМісяць тому

    I think the smell could be a main cause of what happened in this show I just can’t figure out how and why

  54. Artha Yulian

    Artha YulianМісяць тому

    When is season 2

  55. Makayla Christ

    Makayla ChristМісяць тому

    Funny how Harry and Ally (forgot their real names) are always next to each tiger

  56. Nidha Tabassum

    Nidha TabassumМісяць тому

    So when r u gonna put a season 2 ?!?!?!? I can’t live with this cliffhanger

  57. Macy K

    Macy KМісяць тому

    The fact that it was up in the air as to wether or not this show would get a season two is baffling to me. It’s so clearly good and tons of people enjoyed it.

  58. liz thurston

    liz thurstonМісяць тому

    i NEED a seasong two with more grizz or im going to sue

  59. Finesse OnTheTube

    Finesse OnTheTubeМісяць тому

    Grizz is my favourite!! PERIOOD

  60. Sami Nicole

    Sami NicoleМісяць тому

    This is the funniest recap I ever seen

  61. Lluvia Duran

    Lluvia DuranМісяць тому

    Did anybody catch the reference to I Am Not Okay With This?

  62. Denise Stephanie Botello

    Denise Stephanie BotelloМісяць тому

    Excuse me Netflix!!! I am waiting for the second season please

  63. Rachael Roblox

    Rachael RobloxМісяць тому

    Kat is right Sam and grizz must be protected at all costs

  64. cami

    cami2 місяці тому

    It's such an amazing show. I NEEED SEASON 2

  65. jacksonfan4life123

    jacksonfan4life1232 місяці тому

    Grizz ❤️

  66. jacksonfan4life123

    jacksonfan4life1232 місяці тому

    Why did Katherine and Alex switch their names in the beginning lol

  67. zarin shapurjee

    zarin shapurjee2 місяці тому

    Haha I love this recap it's awesome I was laughing throughout lol

  68. Salome33

    Salome332 місяці тому

    We need a saison 2 😭

  69. jxniyx

    jxniyx2 місяці тому

    Soo umm I‘ve been waiting for season 2 for months..still waiting.😔

  70. BIG T

    BIG T2 місяці тому

    Is it just me or did this go really fast and also griz is 1

  71. Yo Fam

    Yo Fam2 місяці тому

    Yes that’s right banned all Guns!!!

  72. Kotomi Yui

    Kotomi Yui2 місяці тому

    this show reminds me so much of the 100 😍

  73. Kotomi Yui

    Kotomi Yui2 місяці тому

    the kids of the missing parents reading Peter Pan to the younger kids in front of a bronze memorial tablet for the missing kids, what if the alternate dimension is a never land type thing?

  74. Arianna C

    Arianna C2 місяці тому

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="238">3:58</a>

  75. Arianna C

    Arianna C2 місяці тому

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="229">3:49</a>

  76. Arianna C

    Arianna C2 місяці тому

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="144">2:24</a>

  77. Arianna C

    Arianna C2 місяці тому

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="227">3:47</a>

  78. Dani_the_dood !

    Dani_the_dood !2 місяці тому

    We must protect grizz and Sam at all costs. If they don’t end up together in season 2, I’m starting a petition to cancel Netflix

  79. Rhiann Palmer

    Rhiann Palmer2 місяці тому

    so allie likes but he is her cousion tin the show cambpbell and allie should date each other

  80. xMusicIsMyDrugxx

    xMusicIsMyDrugxx2 місяці тому

    Sean is hilarious I love him gimme MOAR

  81. zo_goey ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ

    zo_goey ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ2 місяці тому

    even the fricken cast members ship grizzam

  82. Lane Cool

    Lane Cool2 місяці тому

    Ok is it just me or does anyone else don’t know why Becca named her kid Eden like I don’t understand.

  83. emma lou

    emma lou2 місяці тому

    Only here for Sean Berdy's sarcasm

  84. evelin radics

    evelin radics2 місяці тому

    just a quick warning to the writers of the society: read the comments here. see how many people are gonna cancel their netflix membership if you don't make Grizz and Sam end up together happily ever after? do your job y'all

  85. Dani_the_dood !

    Dani_the_dood !2 місяці тому

    evelin radics amen bro 🙏 that’s the tea

  86. evelin radics

    evelin radics2 місяці тому

    i came here to see all of the comments are about grizz or grizz and sam. thank u for that though, thats what i expected