The Society doesn't make any sense...


  1. Ava Agatsiotis

    Ava Agatsiotis9 годин тому

    Question: what happened to the bus driver?

  2. DJ TECH

    DJ TECHДень тому

    It was just a modern take on the pied piper fairy tale. 🤔

  3. i

    iДень тому

    The most annoying thing for me is Sam tells to Allie that Campbell is a freaking psycho but Allie only leaves it with a react like "F's in the chat" and she just frees Campbell and let him kill people or torture Elle. And when Elle comes Allie and cries for help, Allie just goes like "Ohkay I didn't know that. I will protect you now." but you could have just used your brain and guessed it before ma'am. Cause he is a psycho!!

  4. Martus 2272

    Martus 22722 дні тому

    Anyone else watched this show just to compare the story to Gone by Michael Grant?

  5. Ethicxc

    Ethicxc2 дні тому

    This is what happens when you don't thank the bus driver

  6. Fizza Khan

    Fizza Khan2 дні тому

    Is anyone going to talk about that on the computer it said

  7. Gavin Crawford

    Gavin Crawford2 дні тому

    this show acts CIRCLES around outer banks and you know it

  8. Mackenzie Erin

    Mackenzie ErinДень тому

    Gavin Crawford ohhh ok

  9. Gavin Crawford

    Gavin Crawford2 дні тому

    Mackenzie Erin lol me and my friend were fighting about whether the society or outer banks is better, both shows are on netflix. and i meant the acting and the show is better in general compared to outer banks.

  10. Mackenzie Erin

    Mackenzie Erin2 дні тому

    Wym by that?

  11. Ny Slaughter

    Ny Slaughter2 дні тому

    Watch dark

  12. Harry H

    Harry H3 дні тому

    Would nearly sell my teeth to end up in a society run by teens.

  13. hxjan x

    hxjan x4 дні тому

    no one: actually no one: literally no one: Alex Meyers: *(movies or shows name) is kinda dumb)*

  14. Ebrahiem Maneveld

    Ebrahiem Maneveld5 днів тому

    Why do they always make my favourite characters gay? Like out of nowhere Casey ( Atypical ) Robin ( Stranger Things ) Sid ( IANOWT ) Lily ( Sex Education ) Grizz ( Society ) Richie Tozier ( IT ) Dumbledore ( Harry Potter )

  15. Andreea Gondos

    Andreea Gondos5 днів тому

    Can u shut tf up? You have ABSOLUTELY no taste in series I swear you are so annoying

  16. Harper Andrea

    Harper Andrea5 днів тому

    I am pretty sure that you didn't watch the whole show. You have to focus something else than teens doing stupid things

  17. Coralie Arias

    Coralie Arias6 днів тому

    Gordie reminds me of Cisco from the Flash.

  18. killerB 187 R.O.D stunna

    killerB 187 R.O.D stunna6 днів тому

    Interesting that all it Is interesting nothing to say

  19. Ray Journey

    Ray Journey6 днів тому

    This is very similar to the french movie SEULES

  20. imirichards

    imirichards7 днів тому

    but the show is called the society. Like i get the whole figuring out how to get back premise but one of the main points of the show is building a society from scratch.

  21. karmedia

    karmedia7 днів тому

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="496">8:16</a> in the end they did gives a hint tho.. allies mom was rubbing the DOG that Campbell girlfriend though Campbell had killed.

  22. Kashish Bhatia

    Kashish Bhatia7 днів тому

    Campbell ❤🦋

  23. Demerica Parker

    Demerica Parker8 днів тому

    Okay so I think I have a theory for the ending okay so maybe the parents got told that otw to the kids trip the buses crashed or a huge freak accident happened that caused the kids to die making the parents believe they are all dead which explains the remembrance plaque being in the world with the parents. Also I believe that the storm and the smell had something to do with each other and maybe the storm was a big part in having a way to transfer the kids to the other dimension without their parents noticing the truth .

  24. Niyati Hemani

    Niyati Hemani8 днів тому

    Thanks the slow is extremely slow....

  25. Annamarie Bauer

    Annamarie Bauer8 днів тому

    i was so confused why all of the sudden, one of their dogs should be in the same universe but everyone else isn't. like wtf.can anyone explain?

  26. Lil OOF

    Lil OOF8 днів тому

    bruh I hate the teenage angst shit. He's kinda right I just wish that they would advance the plot a bit. Hopefully season 2 would be like that

  27. Lily Harp

    Lily Harp8 днів тому

    why is everyone forgetting about Becca? like she literally is one of the most genuine characters in the entire season.

  28. areeb aziz

    areeb aziz9 днів тому

    they tricked me to watch this series by adding billie's song in the trailer...

  29. Study dupy

    Study dupy9 днів тому

    Kid nation anyone? Lol

  30. hannuska

    hannuska9 днів тому

    i have a theory... basically everyone who has read the comments of the video likely knows about pied piper. my theory is mr pfeiffer is pied piper. if you compare the stories they’re quite similar. the city refuses to pay the man to get rid of the smell (in the piper story the city refused to pay him to get rid of the rats)... then after they declined his offer he takes all the children / all the teenagers with him to a cave / to a alternative universe where they have to form a new societies to survive, if they fail they’re going to stay there forever and eventually die... but if they succeed then there’s a way out. in the piper story 3 children get left behind: first one is lazy, second one deaf and third one blind. we know that sam is deaf and harry is lazy so what if the baby is blind and they’re the way out of this universe back home... also the dog could travel between the universes, he likely found a passage way or sth only he could go through

  31. Olivia Adams

    Olivia Adams10 днів тому

    okay but like Grizz sam and Campbell are my favorites like ik Campbell is a psychopath but i love him LMFAO

  32. Jinny Mylan Lenter

    Jinny Mylan Lenter11 днів тому

    Pfiefer means is Piper in German. The Pied Piper of New Hamelin is the story of a town that wants to get rid of rats and they call for a man to do it and they promise him money. He uses his flute and gets rid of the rats by luring them into a river where they drown. When he came to claim his prize, the town finally decided not to pay him. Later on, he comes back and takes the kids of Hamelin. What happens next isn’t very clear since there are many ends existing but some say he lured the kids to the same place as the rats and left them there. The Piper would be Pfiefer and the rats the smell. The name of the town in the show is also New Ham, similar to New Hamelin.

  33. Faith Seator

    Faith Seator11 днів тому

    I Literally Waisted An Hour Of My Life. The First Episode Was Boring & Didn’t Make Any Sense Whatsoever.

  34. Zaida Mendoza

    Zaida Mendoza11 днів тому

    Sam is a very underrated character

  35. Maria

    Maria11 днів тому

    I actually genuinely loved this show. It’s not perfect and there’s definite plot holes and cringey moments, but it was overall a great story and really good acting, particularly by the guy who plays Campbelle and Elle too. I’m excited for season two. I feel like people ruin shows and movies for themselves by critiquing it too much

  36. sarahholb

    sarahholb11 днів тому

    Am I the only one who literally screamed about the Cassandra part?

  37. dalina 123

    dalina 12312 днів тому

    ACTUALLY, the society is the best show I've ever seen in a long time...

  38. Patrickkk

    Patrickkk12 днів тому

    They were busy fuking surviving

  39. Marie Chambe

    Marie Chambe13 днів тому

    Well to be fair, if Campbell is a psychopath in a clinical sense, he CANNOT change and it's actually pretty brave of the show to adress it as it is. A mental illness to which we still don't have all the answers yet. There ARE psychopaths living in our society, I don't remember it's either around 1% or 3% of the population. And these people actually LIVE with this condition, they don't get a "redemption arc" and are healed. Psychopathy is a sickness to which we have no cure other than therapy.

  40. Hunny Bunny

    Hunny Bunny14 днів тому

    This whole series was just ripped off of Michael Grant's book series gone with some tweaks and a lot crapper.

  41. Frosted Whiteshirt

    Frosted Whiteshirt14 днів тому

    I just noticed how fuck up this is omgg making it seem like everybody who's born with a mental illness is a bad guy 🤨

  42. Frosted Whiteshirt

    Frosted Whiteshirt14 днів тому

    Campbell is the greatest character and the deaf guy i forgot his name

  43. tenebris sub terra

    tenebris sub terra14 днів тому


  44. Hcney Baby

    Hcney Baby14 днів тому

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="38">0:38</a> WHAA I LOVEEE HER!! 💚💚💚🌴

  45. King Hines

    King Hines14 днів тому


  46. King Hines

    King Hines14 днів тому

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="360">6:00</a> you are describing daybreak and netflix cancelled that after 1 season even the show was great

  47. Kaidyn West

    Kaidyn West15 днів тому

    You thought this show was bad, watch The Sparticle Mystery

  48. Waffle Stomper

    Waffle Stomper16 днів тому

    We just gonna ignore luke in the comments common now

  49. avacadoes

    avacadoes16 днів тому


  50. avacadoes

    avacadoes16 днів тому

    do elite

  51. Sara Rivera Hayes

    Sara Rivera Hayes17 днів тому


  52. The New Packed Entertainments Zone

    The New Packed Entertainments Zone17 днів тому

    Cassandra immediately became my favorite I’m still heartbroken

  53. Linx Low

    Linx Low17 днів тому

    I think it's the bus driver who drove them like c'mon think, when the kids came back, the bus drivers were the ONLY ADULTS! And in a pic Becca's was looking at of Cassandra, u see the bus drivers face!

  54. g4blin

    g4blin17 днів тому

    If you are a Psychopath it just means that you have a mental illness, being a Psychopath doesn’t just mean that you are some inhuman monster that is evil, a Psychopath is just like everyone else just with a mental illness

  55. Angelie Santos

    Angelie Santos17 днів тому

    I love Toby Wallace

  56. mati

    mati10 днів тому

    Angelie Santos sorry for the hassle, this is a subject I’m very passionate about and I try to spread awareness wherever I can. Hope you’re safe/healthy. Thanks for understanding :)

  57. Angelie Santos

    Angelie Santos11 днів тому

    @mati ok let me correct it, I love Toby

  58. mati

    mati11 днів тому

    Angelie Santos It’s okay to like the actor because he’s hella cute and seems so nice in real life, I just dont think it’s right to romanticise known abusers like Campbell in fiction/real life. I hope his character finds redemption as he hasn’t completely lost the plot yet but I don’t see that happening unfortunately, he definitely seems like an antagonist that will go out with a bang

  59. Angelie Santos

    Angelie Santos11 днів тому

    @mati sorry just find him cute, dont like his character. That he would be ok with Elle. Hope the director could give him a chance to be good

  60. mati

    mati14 днів тому

    Angelie Santos there’s a difference in the “Bad Boy” trope and emotional/physical abusers. Please don’t glorify or romanticise domestic abusers. Some commonly loved “Bad boys” in cinema are Danny Zuko (Grease), Bender (The breakfast club), Crybaby (Crybaby) and Loki (Marvel). Fortunately none of these characters have to abuse their significant other to have earned their status as the “Bad Boy”. Campbell is the Jason Dean of The Society. The show doesn’t want you to love him. The character doesn’t want you to love him. It’s not his purpose on the show.

  61. Nitesh Chowdhury

    Nitesh Chowdhury18 днів тому

    They should be worrying more about the weird forest surrounding them than being all political 😑 ... It would be better with a little comedic version .... The characters are all out of their mind

  62. K Kira

    K Kira18 днів тому

    The whole show I was just wondering where the hell did the busses went and why nobody questioned it!?


    FOXY MAI PLAYS THE SIMS19 днів тому

    This show gives me “Under the dome” and “Lost” vibes

  64. Julia Julzzz

    Julia Julzzz19 днів тому

    Does anyone else see the world differently after watching it

  65. K Dubbs

    K Dubbs19 днів тому

    Wow i thought the dudes name was Jizz for the longest time. Sorry bout that Grizz

  66. K Dubbs

    K Dubbs19 днів тому

    I like this show in all... but yaa there are some inconsistencies. Like ok everybody in that grade who were on the buses came back and the parents are all gone. What about kids?? Babies to age 15?? Grandmas and uncles... the parents disappeared but so did everybody else. Very strange. Is there an airport? Id go there and try to fly a jet outta there!! Or train??

  67. Rayy 4k

    Rayy 4k20 днів тому

    they should turn this into an anime would be way more interesting

  68. Astro Kat

    Astro Kat20 днів тому

    Did no one watch Between? This seems like a slightly less interesting version of that. (I will have to watch this before that opinion has too much merit but it baffles me that no one has even brought it up)

  69. Danyal A.

    Danyal A.20 днів тому

    Honestly, I like this review more than the show.

  70. Audree Lehman

    Audree Lehman20 днів тому

    Wait okay but I didn’t know if anyone remembered lost- DO ONE ON LOST!

  71. wendyann douglas

    wendyann douglas20 днів тому

    Please do noughts and crosses

  72. sofia celeste

    sofia celeste20 днів тому

    this show makes you love and hate it at the SAME time

  73. Viraj Thale

    Viraj Thale21 день тому

    Hey just knock it off and wait for 2 season idiot

  74. Ineffable Beatle Girl

    Ineffable Beatle Girl21 день тому

    What are you talking about? The show was goood! I'm waiting for season 2

  75. Kealyn Mortensen

    Kealyn Mortensen21 день тому

    You should make a video about pirates of the Caribbean

  76. Fatou Camara

    Fatou Camara22 дні тому

    ohhhhh I read the books, GONE. I won't watch this, they ruin everything, everytime.

  77. Cool Kazerooni

    Cool Kazerooni22 дні тому

    Bruh I just watched this and it’s actually good lol


    NICTATOR22 дні тому

    Not lying, I literally farted right when this part came up. <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="54">0:54</a>

  79. Isopa

    Isopa22 дні тому

    Well, it's called the society for a reason xd

  80. Janiya Banks

    Janiya Banks22 дні тому

    Also another confusion is it the second episode somebody I forgot who was pumping gas but remember there’s satellites don’t work and electricity is not working and they have no like cell service so how is he pumping gas if there’s no electricity working. Also if they have no data then how are they can’t call anybody else they can only text each other a call each other

  81. Janiya Banks

    Janiya Banks22 дні тому

    If this was a school trip why weren’t any teachers with them.

  82. A Fancy Frog

    A Fancy Frog22 дні тому

    I actually really didn’t like majority of the characters on the show. And I basically only watch shows for characters like i really don’t care about the plot. But I did really like Grizz, Sam and Kelly. So I liked grizz because he isn’t just some jock. He is actually really smart and empathetic. And honestly he was the only character who was 100% unproblematic. Sam was genuinely the only character who was consistently funny throughout the show. We also Stan how he stayed with Becca throughout her pregnancy. You can tell he genuinely cares about her. Kelly was always trying to do what was right. She ended things with will because she knew that he belonged with Allie. She also studied on how to help Becca give birth to her child and learned how to help people when they all got poisoned. Also as much as I disliked Campbell as a character, I will admit that the show definitely needed a “villain” character and he definitely fits the description. I just want him to have a redemption arch but I highly doubt that’s going to ever happen.

  83. Ciska Schopenhauer

    Ciska Schopenhauer22 дні тому

    Yeah I watched it too and the think that bothered me the most was; where did the bus drivers go!? Like there just gone!

  84. unathi mag

    unathi mag23 дні тому

    How come there is no weeb

  85. Taylor Adams

    Taylor Adams23 дні тому

    This one reminds me of a much better book series. It has like 20 books?

  86. Caroline Cole

    Caroline Cole23 дні тому

    i love that he is talking about lost it’s literally my favorite tv shows

  87. Megan Hill

    Megan Hill23 дні тому

    Anyone else realize that if this was a school trip there would be teachers on the bus as well? I mean where do they think they were going that didn’t require some actual adult?

  88. Multiverse

    Multiverse24 дні тому

    When’s season 2 coming on

  89. Grace M

    Grace M24 дні тому

    Alex: It seems like the whole message of the show is "Don't have a boyfriend" Me: Unless you're Sam and Grizz. Then the only option for you is to have a boyfriend and maybe be more important than you are now.