The Top 5 Perform ‘Queens Everywhere’ | RuPaul's Drag Race Season 11


  1. Michael Martin

    Michael MartinГодину тому

    Season 11 was way better than season 10

  2. Leonardo Lauria

    Leonardo Lauria6 годин тому

    Akeria shoulda been in the bottom

  3. Marcelo Cueto Mancini

    Marcelo Cueto Mancini7 годин тому

    love me some Vanessa

  4. Younastyy

    Younastyy8 годин тому

    Silky’s part is so entertaining.

  5. Lee Flores

    Lee Flores19 годин тому

    gotta admit i love how silky carried herself despite her size. she quickly recover when she dropped on the floor.

  6. ørange Lazar

    ørange Lazar19 годин тому

    Always mention Ru in your rap. Or one of you is getting sent home.

  7. jordan pastry

    jordan pastryДень тому

    Her name is Brooklyn and shes here to make it clear

  8. OodleÑoodle2 Soup

    OodleÑoodle2 SoupДень тому

    When you’ve never seen an episode of RPDR but already in love.

  9. zamora32471

    zamora32471День тому


  10. Lovi Poekimo

    Lovi PoekimoДень тому

    I cant stop looking at that hottie dancer in the gold jacket whose ass was slapped by A'keria. He's so hot. He's also in Yvie's verse with just those neon undies on. So hot.

  11. longbeacher

    longbeacherДень тому

    A’keria: Looks Brooke: Moves Silky: Energy Vanjie: Lyrics Yvie: All of the above

  12. Adam Donaldson

    Adam DonaldsonДень тому

    I spend more time watching the backup dancer with the yellow top than the queens

  13. Patrick Brady

    Patrick BradyДень тому

    The energy level from yvie and silky was so good! I loved every second of it

  14. Parveen-DjMama Kaur

    Parveen-DjMama KaurДень тому

    Love love Yvie Oddly and Vanessa Vanjie Mateo!

  15. the derp potato

    the derp potatoДень тому

    i hope people dont compare silky and eureka.... spoilers eureka is WAAAY worse

  16. Fernando Armas

    Fernando ArmasДень тому

    Me randomly throughout the day... ‘Say hey ms akeria when you see her!’

  17. addsizhart

    addsizhart2 дні тому

    2:24 you're welcome

  18. Ryan Stewart

    Ryan Stewart2 дні тому

    THE FACT THAT A TOILET FLUSHES, TO SINGAL SILKY'S VERSE IS BEGINNING!!!!! lmmfaoooooo. And THAT is what makes a good queen. Being able to LAUGH at yourself! She is sloppy and unrefined. BIT SO FREAKING WHAT???? The vast majority of y'all are overweight and physically unattractive your damn selves. Smh.

  19. Denetta Antoine

    Denetta Antoine2 дні тому

    My Top 3 in that video: 1. Silky 2. Yvie 3. Akeria.

  20. Noah Pimentel

    Noah Pimentel2 дні тому

    This looks so bad, low meh

  21. joe

    joe3 дні тому

    "YOOOU AIN'T TIRED YEEEEEHT" the only thing I've ever liked from Salty Notaste Goodbye.

  22. Ana Mota

    Ana Mota3 дні тому

    The bottom was just for drama, cuz no sense at all

  23. sil

    sil3 дні тому

    bro lbr the only verses that didn’t suck were vanjie‘s and yvie’s

  24. Malik Jones

    Malik Jones4 дні тому

    I loved Brooke Lynn’s performance it was such bull she was in the bottom

  25. Manila LOSEzon

    Manila LOSEzon4 дні тому

    why does one of the female dancers looks like akeria

  26. MutetheCity

    MutetheCity4 дні тому

    Okay but that lady with the shaved head and yellow crop top slayed in the background the whole time.

  27. Addysn Ingram

    Addysn Ingram4 дні тому

    Who else thinks brooke Lynn was talking about vanjie when she said I didn’t come to play 😐

  28. Ana Mota

    Ana Mota3 дні тому

    ???? Wtf

  29. Chey Thorn

    Chey Thorn4 дні тому

    Did we really need Silky shrieking right after Yvie's verse though

  30. Michael 666

    Michael 6664 дні тому

    1:49 youre welcome

  31. Asia T - Yup! That’s Me!

    Asia T - Yup! That’s Me!4 дні тому

    I see you short natural hair dancer!! Sis was in All Stars 3 vid DOIN’ 👏🏾IT👏🏾

  32. idontlikemilk

    idontlikemilk5 днів тому

    Akeria really killed it, Yvie too, WHEW

  33. idontlikemilk

    idontlikemilk5 днів тому

    Akeria really killed it, Yvie too, WHEW

  34. Sinclair Marshall

    Sinclair Marshall5 днів тому

    damn i never noticed Vanjies heel broke during her performance :O

  35. Sinclair Marshall

    Sinclair Marshall5 днів тому

    the choreo is actually pretty crazy when u watch this super stoned

  36. Shane

    Shane5 днів тому

    Why Label if you are some race or another, be proud, and be Transparent! I LOVE YOU WORLD..

  37. Addysn Ingram

    Addysn Ingram5 днів тому

    I think vanjie’s was the bast and silky should’ve lost

  38. Justin Williams

    Justin Williams5 днів тому

    ATTENTION all fans of #Rupaul & #RuPaulsdragrace. Please watch #RuPaulShow & subscribe to @RuPaulShow on all social media! Lets make this work for Ru

  39. Roberto S.

    Roberto S.5 днів тому

    Yvie is that one who I enjoyed less and all the commentary are about her! Stoop! She is good enough but we want talk about VANJIE, BROOKE, AKERIA and SILKY ? I read the comments because of these 4 💔

  40. CRE8

    CRE85 днів тому

    Vanjie's verse is so good

  41. 3D Gacha

    3D Gacha5 днів тому

    No one: Not a single soul: *me at 3AM* *YASSSS QWEENN WORK*

  42. andi duke

    andi duke6 днів тому

    Edit Silky totally

  43. Joe Campa - DOLA

    Joe Campa - DOLA6 днів тому

    Video starts at 1:33. Your welcome. lol

  44. simona agostino

    simona agostino6 днів тому

    2:14 the dark haired lady looks like akeria

  45. simona agostino

    simona agostino6 днів тому

    honestly this was done really well and i think all the queens did an amazing job. brook’s verse was a little weak and vanjie looked scared but it was still amazing. everyone did great.

  46. simona agostino

    simona agostino6 днів тому

    i actually really like akeria’s verse

  47. Lieutenant Thalia

    Lieutenant Thalia6 днів тому

    Ru should have been in the bottom for the lyric mashing you like an Idaho potato

  48. bytemebiz

    bytemebiz6 днів тому

    what tha adam's family arachnophobia is going on here @

  49. kraii kraii taytay

    kraii kraii taytay6 днів тому

    who's the hot dancer in the gold jacket ?

  50. Rocky Fit

    Rocky Fit7 днів тому

    This goes way too fast. I couldn't enjoy it.

  51. gina linetti

    gina linetti7 днів тому

    they should've just given yvie the whole song her part is POP PERFECTION

  52. Victor Jimenez

    Victor Jimenez7 днів тому

    I think the reason vanjie was so not ready is bcuz she was really busy with her schedule she got the call to comeback she literally had no chance to do fittings or rehearsals for her comeback she was already booked and busy baby!!!

  53. karbtastic

    karbtastic7 днів тому

    Vanessa didn't know one word

  54. Alejandra Franco

    Alejandra Franco8 днів тому

    Vanjie has a broken heel, maybe that's why she wasn't very energetic

  55. alma alena

    alma alena8 днів тому

    I will die for venji ...she 's Just perfect and her lyrics was everything .....

  56. Stuart Gilmore

    Stuart Gilmore8 днів тому

    Try to do all of Yvies part with one breath

  57. Lillith Sky

    Lillith Sky8 днів тому

    1:32 the girl in the background looks like Akeria!

  58. Fennel Knowles

    Fennel Knowles8 днів тому

    Vanjie's voice gives me faith in the world

  59. Britney Sparkles

    Britney Sparkles8 днів тому

    Nobody: Derrick Barry at Stonewall: 0:51

  60. ohhoneytree 1336

    ohhoneytree 13368 днів тому

    Vanjie could of killed it but she had NO energy :( LOVE Yvie ❤

  61. Tekashi Minaj

    Tekashi Minaj8 днів тому

    I’m not wearing one wig - A’keria Chanel Davenport I’m wearing my name - Brooke Lynn Hytes I’m not wearing black - Silky Nutmeg Ganache I’m not wearing one hair color - Vanessa Vanjie Mateo I’m not wearing a long hair - Yvie Oddly

  62. Erik- Kill1908

    Erik- Kill19088 днів тому

    Hate them

  63. Konstancja Tarot

    Konstancja Tarot8 днів тому

    At first time I didn't understand, why people love drag race or drag queens. And then I had watched it few monts ago and I was like: CMON DRAG RACE LETS GET SICKENING

  64. Tylicia Davis

    Tylicia Davis8 днів тому

    Did anyone notice that akeria changed her wig and then at the end she had a different wig on

  65. Anonymous

    Anonymous9 днів тому

    It should’ve come down to Vanjie, Brooklyn and evie

  66. Mercy Ziegler

    Mercy Ziegler7 днів тому

    Yeah, I really didn’t like Silky at all. Honestly I would have LOVED for Vanjie to win

  67. Cath Vite

    Cath Vite9 днів тому

    How come Silky look better here than with any of her finale looks...? 😳

  68. Jazzy J

    Jazzy J9 днів тому

    I love this, but I love Vanjie's the most ❤

  69. mdm unicorn

    mdm unicorn9 днів тому

    bottom two should have been Brooke n silky. vanjie did well.

  70. Pablo Leal

    Pablo Leal9 днів тому


  71. El Sapito

    El Sapito9 днів тому

    1:49 Vanjie's part

  72. 2tonsolid

    2tonsolid9 днів тому

    they gave silky a minute.

  73. Jhon Iones

    Jhon Iones9 днів тому


  74. Carter

    Carter9 днів тому


  75. Apostastrophe

    Apostastrophe9 днів тому

    I wonder where Rupaul believes Pluto is... Intergalactic? Planetary. Planetary, (not) intergalactic. (another dimension, another dimension another dimensionnnn)

  76. and what?

    and what?9 днів тому

    Throughout the first half of the season Michelle Visage always asked Yvie for glamour, well she brought it and so well, she was brilliant here and in the finale

  77. and what?

    and what?9 днів тому

    Akeria was so great here, why she faded in the finale? She looked so nervous and Yvie was stunning, original and glamorous and raised her level even more in the finale, and she was having a great time, she looked confident but without believing the winner

  78. ren :b

    ren :b10 днів тому


  79. John Jensen

    John Jensen10 днів тому

    I think Vanjie has some awesome dance moves.

  80. Emily Delaia

    Emily Delaia10 днів тому

    I hate Akeria's lyrics

  81. Emily Delaia

    Emily Delaia10 днів тому

    A'Keria: Where's The body? Trinity: The Body is here

  82. danilo alves

    danilo alves10 днів тому

    miss vanjie eu nunca vou te perdoaaaaaaaaaar

  83. simone avenali

    simone avenali10 днів тому

    2:15 BEST PART thanks me later

  84. Ido Leff

    Ido Leff10 днів тому

    It's like a new version of Category is..

  85. Aj W

    Aj W10 днів тому

    I wanted Vangie to win so bad

  86. Vegano Mexicano

    Vegano Mexicano11 днів тому

    Although I loved Yvie I think the only best verses were Silky’s and Vanjie’s

  87. Amorae Harding

    Amorae Harding11 днів тому

    Yvie had the best performance

  88. Amorae Harding

    Amorae Harding11 днів тому

    I'm so glad Yvie won. If Vanjie focused she would have been in top and thats a fact cause that verse she had was fire

  89. P D

    P D10 днів тому

    So very true. Even todrick hall, alluded to that. She has the Talend both in dance and song, but seems to suffer from performance anxiety, I maybe? 🤔.

  90. l l

    l l11 днів тому

    Akeria : Where is the body ? Trinity : and I am the body Akeria : miss akeria is the body ! Trinity : *NANNNII!!!????*

  91. BlueManIan

    BlueManIan11 днів тому

    Akeria serving some Sylvester realness but Yvie...daaaamn.

  92. Lucy Gonzalez

    Lucy Gonzalez11 днів тому

    Miss VANJIE was everything

  93. P D

    P D10 днів тому

    Except she didn't turn it up when she had to. Practicing she was one of the best according to Todrick Hall. He had the best hopes for her but when having to perform she kinda got in her head. Her are lyrics fire, but it's the complete package that counts when on camera. 🤷‍♂️

  94. Junior Renato

    Junior Renato11 днів тому

    Verses: 1-Yvie 2-Akeria 3-Vanjie 4-Silky 5-Brooke (Sorry brooke ❤) Performance: 1- Yvie 2-Silky 3-Akeria 4-Brooke 5-Vanjie Looks: 1-Akeria 2-Brooke 3- Yvie 4-Silky 5-Vanjie(Sorry Vanjie ❤❤) NYAS!

  95. everything everything11 днів тому

    Junior Renato I actually agree with all of this

  96. jose requena

    jose requena11 днів тому

    Miss Vanjie 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  97. Briannah Blatchford

    Briannah Blatchford11 днів тому

    Why wasn't silky twirling with the rest of the group?

  98. Briannah Blatchford

    Briannah Blatchford7 днів тому

    @Jessica you're probably right, i just thought it was odd that she joined them on the floor afterwards but didn't spin. Oh well 🤗

  99. Jessica

    Jessica9 днів тому

    Because she probably couldn't tbh. Not fat shaming cause I'm a bigger girl but seems like the reasonable explanation

  100. Hallelo Ladies

    Hallelo Ladies11 днів тому

    After re-watching Ms. Vanjie's part, you can see that she missed parts of her lip sync or like she didn't know the words.

  101. Felipe Santos

    Felipe Santos12 днів тому

    You are from Brazil? Like here❤

  102. Diamond PRINCE

    Diamond PRINCE12 днів тому

    Sorry,I love MRS. Vanjie! She had the best choreograph.


    DIAMOND DIAMOND12 днів тому


  104. Denny

    Denny12 днів тому

    I wasn't a fan of Akeria at all, but her lyric and Vanjie are the best one. It rhymes so well on our ears.

  105. Leo Vivas

    Leo Vivas12 днів тому

    Vanjie and Brooke for AS5

  106. DelsaCatDJ

    DelsaCatDJ12 днів тому

    Now tell me how Silky won this episode instead of being in the bottom 2???

  107. OneTallGuy

    OneTallGuy12 днів тому

    You know Yvie really blew this challenge away like they heard her rock it in Denver. And I'm from Denver. No seriously I really AM from Denver!