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  1. Claire Fackler

    Claire Fackler13 годин тому

    Danny - “Ooh shit daddy, throw it back” Laura listening through door - “wtf...”

  2. Amy

    Amy16 годин тому

    10:37 the way he says daddy is like 😍

  3. Amy

    Amy16 годин тому

    “just strap it on and take your kids for a ride” sweet home alabamaaa

  4. Matthew Kanaylo

    Matthew Kanaylo17 годин тому

    I like Jeremy Renner as an actor, but I get it some of these things are weird. Although the only reason that Jeremy Renner does this is for the money.

  5. The Greasy Bandit

    The Greasy Bandit21 годину тому

    The girl on the dad looks more like the joker than the dudes in the joker video.

  6. Moomazing

    MoomazingДень тому

    Okay, why does the phrase "riding your daddy" sound so wrong?

  7. Courtney Gunn

    Courtney GunnДень тому

    how much im geting one DADDY LOOK A GOT YOU A PRESENT

  8. Moth Man

    Moth ManДень тому

    Nobody: Danny: *RoCkInG hOrSe*

  9. Una and Eron

    Una and EronДень тому


  10. Gavingames 123

    Gavingames 1232 дні тому

    Imagine being his neighbor. Your asleep and just wake up to "PONY UP DADDY.

  11. fuck you goat man

    fuck you goat man2 дні тому

    10:14 looks like Brendon Urie and now I live in fear

  12. Zane Cummings

    Zane Cummings3 дні тому

    Who needs a saddle I can ride him all day jkjkjkjkjkjkjk

  13. Paul

    Paul3 дні тому

    10:13 kinda looks like James Franco. Also is it just me, or did that kid move really quickly at 11:18

  14. Gremlin Child

    Gremlin Child3 дні тому

    That kid on the saddle up dad looks a lot like me from photos of me from age 3 like

  15. Gracie Dane

    Gracie Dane3 дні тому

    I’m truly Greg..... I’m am Greg

  16. Bad ideas good boxes

    Bad ideas good boxes3 дні тому

    Time stamps 0:01- 0:32 = Intro 0:32- 2:39 = Jeremy Renner app 2:39- 6:27 = Jeremy Renner store 6:27- 9:55 = Daddle saddle 9:55- 13:50 = Pony up daddy 13:50- 14:57 = Outro

  17. lukewarm soup

    lukewarm soup4 дні тому

    Take a shot every time danny says "daddy"

  18. Jazarah Tambyrajah

    Jazarah Tambyrajah4 дні тому

    Danny is my fav youtuber nay one else?

  19. JewZee

    JewZee4 дні тому

    The amount of times he said daddy in this video is unholy

  20. RONIN GOBLIN reactions

    RONIN GOBLIN reactions4 дні тому

    Pls help me I am very alone

  21. sour_sha

    sour_sha5 днів тому

    u already know I can't resist Jeremy Rennor

  22. WolfishCat Plays

    WolfishCat Plays5 днів тому

    So many things that are said in this video could mean very different things

  23. Jay D

    Jay D5 днів тому

    10:12 Is that... Brendon Urie?

  24. Jacob Speckhard

    Jacob Speckhard5 днів тому

    So if I hit subscribe... My name is Greg? My whole "Jacob" life is over... I NOW GREG

  25. Katelyn Graygate

    Katelyn Graygate5 днів тому

    I understand why the Daddle Saddle (phenomenal name btw) exists, but do you really get on your dad’s back that often? (Also I think a stable smells amazing. Unpopular opinion?)

  26. potato cat

    potato cat5 днів тому

    10:10 the copied and pasted some one else's head to the picture to make it seem like he's having fun -_-.

  27. Rachel Philip

    Rachel Philip5 днів тому


  28. Michael Lemieux

    Michael Lemieux5 днів тому

    I’m surprised he didn’t make a song with pony up daddy

  29. littlewagers

    littlewagers6 днів тому

    "Daddy carriage" took four years off my life

  30. Edward the racoon

    Edward the racoon6 днів тому

    What's the song in the opening called?

  31. Bebee Films

    Bebee Films6 днів тому

    I laugh every time Danny says daddy...i dont know why..the way he says it tho...😂😂

  32. Giulia Vidal tomasi

    Giulia Vidal tomasi6 днів тому

    In the video, Danny says... *“Jeremy Renner”* 25 times *“Jeremy”* 11 times *”Mr. Renner”* just once Yes I’m very bored, what did you expect... I’m quarantined

  33. SuperMarioLogan 2

    SuperMarioLogan 26 днів тому


  34. felicia dube

    felicia dube6 днів тому

    I know I’m super late but I’ve just been waiting for someone to notice and it never happened. but uhm, is the dad Brent Rivera @ 10:03 ?

  35. Roen Summers

    Roen Summers6 днів тому

    10:13 He literally looks like the purple guy sprite

  36. LaMarr Simpson

    LaMarr Simpson7 днів тому

    Pony up "Grandma

  37. Jojo Time

    Jojo Time7 днів тому

    *the whole daddle part of this video has made very, VERY uncomfortable*


    ARTEM DORDZHIEV7 днів тому

    Why is everyone writing that Danny said "Daddy?" Daddy means dad. As in father. What's wrong with that? A dad is a parent.

  39. Some Person

    Some Person7 днів тому

    r. i. p. "DAMMIT, FUCK, DELETE THE APP!"

  40. Mama Fernando

    Mama Fernando7 днів тому

    Can someone give us a count of how many times he said Jeremy Renner in this one video? Thanks.

  41. Konstantinos Panagiotakis

    Konstantinos Panagiotakis7 днів тому

    10:27 rewatching this video I just realised the dad's head on the photo is photoshopped... I guess thats fair. No dad can have such fun being a horse

  42. JayMegaWolf Animated

    JayMegaWolf Animated7 днів тому

    *The weird 2 things of ***

  43. nejdalej

    nejdalej8 днів тому

    "YOU OWE ME THE RIDE OF MY LIFE, DADDY." Stop coming for my sex life, Danny! I feel very attacked!

  44. I LOVE DOGS 3000

    I LOVE DOGS 30008 днів тому

    This is the first video I ever saw by Danny Gonzalez so I'm always going to come back here at least once a year if I don't forget😂👍

  45. Roblo x Or The_SqoudOfSquids games

    Roblo x Or The_SqoudOfSquids games8 днів тому


  46. Kiara Kloss

    Kiara Kloss9 днів тому


  47. biocat

    biocat9 днів тому

    pony up daddy sounds like a sexual threat

  48. Bella Crafts

    Bella Crafts9 днів тому

    Two words that should never be in a sentence together. "Ride" and "Daddy" Especially when we're talking about kids...

  49. The Houser Bunch

    The Houser Bunch9 днів тому

    Danny u look dead inside right now @12:37

  50. Trash Beetle

    Trash Beetle9 днів тому


  51. Pixel Creation

    Pixel Creation10 днів тому

    Danny saying daddy over and over again sound inappropriate

  52. Arik Wikman

    Arik Wikman11 днів тому

    (Internally freaking out about the daddy saddle) What do I do if I don't have a dad 😱😭

  53. Vera theBanana

    Vera theBanana12 днів тому

    For those wondering, he said "Pony Up Daddy!!" 9 times. ⬇️⬇️

  54. Drempty

    Drempty12 днів тому

    I cant believe it. He said pony in the add. Not pony up

  55. Drempty

    Drempty12 днів тому

    Horse. Horse. How long did it take to make that add. And

  56. Alex B

    Alex B12 днів тому

    My childless uncle used one of these and had a software malfunction.. he’s never been the same

  57. Jaxon Keane

    Jaxon Keane12 днів тому

    The happy dads head was photoshopped on

  58. L_4_Leah

    L_4_Leah12 днів тому

    Drink every time Danny says daddy 😂

  59. Eshal Siddiqui

    Eshal Siddiqui13 днів тому

    this intro felt like something out of my nightmares

  60. Clark Howe

    Clark Howe13 днів тому

    11:43 "throw it back daddy" 😂

  61. Mika Monster Animates

    Mika Monster Animates13 днів тому

    “I’m going to strap a saddle to you and ride you like a fucking horse” yup definitely doesn’t have ANY sexual undertones

  62. Inbaayini Anbarasan

    Inbaayini Anbarasan13 днів тому

    daddy doesn't sound like a word anymore

  63. Absolute Fruit

    Absolute Fruit13 днів тому

    I haven’t stopped laughing since I started the vid

  64. The Irken Armada

    The Irken Armada14 днів тому

    10:21 *so bottoms can't have fun too?* ;) god why did i type this i should not have done that

  65. Owl

    Owl14 днів тому

    "How long are these kids riding their dad for?" -Danny Gonzalez 2019

  66. L's Luminals

    L's Luminals14 днів тому

    isn't the daddy usually the one putting people in harnesses- 😳

  67. Jean Davis

    Jean Davis14 днів тому

    oh is danny finally using that how to act possesed wikihow?

  68. Cibian Ray

    Cibian Ray15 днів тому

    What a great intro.

  69. loginnever

    loginnever15 днів тому

    Why did the happy daddys head look photoshopped on

  70. Patrecia Kindle

    Patrecia Kindle15 днів тому

    G- great R- rambunctious E- daddy G- Jeremy clothes

  71. Alexandra Rabinovich

    Alexandra Rabinovich15 днів тому

    I laughed so hard a legit sounded like a horse doing that neigh thing no cap lol

  72. Barack Obama

    Barack Obama16 днів тому

    Okay, Danny, you crossed the line from funny to horny. Chill.

  73. Archietoto

    Archietoto17 днів тому

    Anyone notice the face on the third dad was photoshopped?

  74. Cats Are YES

    Cats Are YES17 днів тому

    I know the reason you want to click this: 9:27

  75. A_H_0_8_

    A_H_0_8_17 днів тому

    Moments in this video that would be gross if taken out of context 3:35- "Eat the nuts that Jeremy Renner ate" 10:43- "Pony up daddy,you owe me the ride of my life.You owe me the health of your lower back" 11:46- "Oooo shit daddy,throw it back" 12:07- "Jesus man how long are these kids riding their dads"

  76. Ronacho08

    Ronacho0817 днів тому

    I’m not gonna be the first to say, but I think he sincerely enjoys saying “pony up daddy”

  77. Swigity Swooty

    Swigity Swooty17 днів тому

    Pony up daddy🤣

  78. Bobby Bluejay

    Bobby Bluejay17 днів тому

    Daddy chariot racing pls!!!

  79. sophie vlogs

    sophie vlogs18 днів тому

    did drew get his $40 worth of stars back

  80. that doge boy that cate boy

    that doge boy that cate boy18 днів тому

    I love that intro