The Weird Side Of Amazon


  1. MR. FADE

    MR. FADE3 години тому

    Hey danny i rode your dad last night

  2. Meep

    Meep5 годин тому

    I started singing the theme song by accident and my dad was like wtf

  3. Clauce Micro

    Clauce Micro6 годин тому

    Jeremy Renner is a crafty actor. However, he doesn’t sell any books or acting lessons, even theater tickets on his store. It’s weird.

  4. Cody Ko’s Chode

    Cody Ko’s Chode9 годин тому

    THROW IT BACKF DHDH II’m crying laughing

  5. thereis that man again

    thereis that man again10 годин тому

    everytime you say something about the ponydaddy shit, i sound like a dentist drill, or a vacuum cleaner, or windex, or a dying pig.

  6. Sierra_grace_026

    Sierra_grace_02612 годин тому

    Anyone know how many times Danny said Jeremy Renee

  7. CL0UD5

    CL0UD521 годину тому

    “Pony up Daddy, you owe me the ride of my life.” - Daniel

  8. rcsitant lia

    rcsitant lia22 години тому

    I can’t imagine Danny having a kid and he goes to pony up daddy mode 😂

  9. peter stevens

    peter stevens22 години тому

    ok but the intro wh,,

  10. I27T I84

    I27T I84День тому

    I love that he still swears in his videos

  11. noantsinmypants

    noantsinmypantsДень тому

    I SUBSCRIBED!!!!!! IM GREG!!!!!! (I've been Greg for like a year but still!!!)

  12. Phire Python

    Phire PythonДень тому

    Did you seriously ask why Jeremy Renner needs a bow and arrow.

  13. Bella Grace

    Bella GraceДень тому

    The only one where the dad is happy about being used as a horse slave it looks like the head is edited on to a different persons body

  14. Erin Taylor

    Erin TaylorДень тому

    What happened to this opening? It actually terrified me and I miss it

  15. Tim Hook

    Tim HookДень тому

    Imma make one of thse saddles and name it the Daddle Me.

  16. YouKnowHimAsMatt

    YouKnowHimAsMattДень тому

    Or... Human Daderpillar. Ye, how's that visual?

  17. RW B

    RW BДень тому


  18. xx12GalaxyGamer21xx

    xx12GalaxyGamer21xxДень тому

    Dang it, I thought it would work with my mom. My dad went to get some milk, so I’ll wait for him to come back to show him it! :D

  19. the wacky dude

    the wacky dudeДень тому

    Jeremy deadass looks like my workshop teacher

  20. Jos7h

    Jos7hДень тому

    Daddy is not a real word anymore

  21. Noga .H

    Noga .HДень тому

    Notifications GREG!

  22. Tara McMahon

    Tara McMahonДень тому

    I wonder if Jeremy renner has the tach products on his celebrity store that would be very ironic

  23. Pritom Kaneria

    Pritom Kaneria2 дні тому

    the intro is on another level

  24. brian fitzgerald

    brian fitzgerald2 дні тому

    Love the new set ,idk how new it is but, danny funny asf as usual, the daddle has me crying😂

  25. Yeou Miin

    Yeou Miin2 дні тому

    If I ever have a kid I'll make him call their dad bro or something, I can't hear daddy in an innocent way ._.

  26. JuicyGamer Lol

    JuicyGamer Lol2 дні тому

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  27. Onyx Savior

    Onyx Savior2 дні тому


  28. gurkenhamster

    gurkenhamster2 дні тому

    I command you for your will power not to make any sexual jokes. "Pony up daddy", "riding your daddy" ... there would have been so much material

  29. Tell Nate

    Tell Nate2 дні тому

    can someone make a compilation of danny saying phrases with horrible double meanigs in this video please

  30. MrPuppyFan YT

    MrPuppyFan YT2 дні тому

    I got creeped out because of the room and that dam window

  31. Torkil

    Torkil2 дні тому

    why does Drew have a different channel with a fake name?

  32. K4tt 7

    K4tt 72 дні тому

    How about a daddy rickshaw?

  33. Steven Theging

    Steven Theging2 дні тому

    The girls having a good time I’ll give him that

  34. Silvery Blue

    Silvery Blue2 дні тому

    I'll not gonna be surprised if someone found that saddle on adult shop 😂😂😂

  35. leslie is malfunctioning

    leslie is malfunctioning2 дні тому

    The word daddy has never been used so much in a video b4

  36. Totally not Clickbait 555666789

    Totally not Clickbait 5556667892 дні тому

    12:08 Jesus man how long are these kids riding their dads for

  37. TV AchingZebra

    TV AchingZebra2 дні тому

    He’s so fucking funny

  38. Timothy Alan

    Timothy Alan3 дні тому

    He's so creative I actually wanna fight him

  39. Annika McCloskey

    Annika McCloskey3 дні тому

    I can’t imagine Danny being romantic and serious with his wife Just me? Ok

  40. Breanne Weigelt

    Breanne Weigelt3 дні тому

    Gotta love that mirfanda that set the q & a section straight by explaining that the only use for a daddy saddle is on uncles