This Dude Could Be In Your House Right Now (Morgz Reaction)


  1. KFC Hat Girl

    KFC Hat GirlГодину тому

    i mean the shampoo could have been hair and body wash cuz i seen plenty of thoose

  2. Luke Draga

    Luke Draga2 години тому

    But I don’t have a soul

  3. Buckeye _ Baby

    Buckeye _ Baby2 години тому

    Time for ad-

  4. Matt Phelps

    Matt Phelps3 години тому

    theres a girl on youtube you should react to her i think it would be very funny her name is Piper Rockelle!

  5. Sofia Szabo

    Sofia Szabo3 години тому

    His name is morgz because everyone who watches his videos are dead inside

  6. Calvin CJ Hall

    Calvin CJ Hall4 години тому

    That British accent is hilarious and I'm British!

  7. i WiLl EaT yOuR eGgOs

    i WiLl EaT yOuR eGgOs4 години тому


  8. M E L L O C H I L D

    M E L L O C H I L D5 годин тому


  9. avery

    avery8 годин тому

    spent 24 hours at you moms house

  10. Silver AG

    Silver AG8 годин тому

    He *never* blinks. Okay also he must have put body paint in there shampoo conditioner and body wash yo.

  11. Kurt Hill

    Kurt Hill8 годин тому

    But u r funny😅

  12. Kurt Hill

    Kurt Hill8 годин тому

    Oh my gosh stop swearing😡

  13. Flipastix 2.0

    Flipastix 2.09 годин тому

    anyone else a little bit triggered that he called it “peppa the pig” instead of “peppa pig”😂

  14. Gleebers

    Gleebers9 годин тому

    The second one was so fake.So dumb...

  15. Benicio gaming

    Benicio gaming10 годин тому

    I'm kinda mad that they call it peppa "THE" pig

  16. savage wolf

    savage wolf10 годин тому

    Me: *presses subscribe while hes talking and scrolls down* Him: your selling your soul to my be hitting the subscribe button Me: *scrolls back of regrets* Jk I'm glad I subscribed😂

  17. Benicio gaming

    Benicio gaming11 годин тому

    This is all so true

  18. julija blatnik

    julija blatnik13 годин тому

    he looks like Jacob Saggytitties

  19. _Gay _Boi_

    _Gay _Boi_13 годин тому

    I can just imagine that out in the world there's a guy named greg and in every video danny says hi greg and greg says to his screen hi danny and that keeps me going threw the day

  20. KIWIizzy

    KIWIizzy13 годин тому

    eating food 24 hour challenge

  21. Molly Padberg

    Molly Padberg16 годин тому

    I was on and I realized that me and Morgz have the same birthday...... I am scared for the safety of everyone in my family.

  22. bailey dunlap

    bailey dunlap21 годину тому

    UAreporterrs have messed up sleep schedules pfft it's 2:53 a.m help me please

  23. PlayBud101

    PlayBud10121 годину тому

    I love morgues!

  24. Buckeye _ Baby

    Buckeye _ Baby2 години тому

    PlayBud101 why

  25. Summertime2118 2118

    Summertime2118 211821 годину тому

    I love how we’re Greg’s😂😂❤️

  26. Exa Galaxy

    Exa Galaxy22 години тому

    Well umm... let’s just say that I’m watching this video at 11:23 PM so that’s normal for me... and I’m still gonna watch more/stay up

  27. Cryptid Jaden

    Cryptid Jaden23 години тому

    the idea of hiding in your girlfriend's house, watching/filming her, is very freaky. and stalkerish. does he have no, like, self awareness? if you want your audience to root for you that's not how to do it

  28. Breana Mink

    Breana MinkДень тому

    i’ve been watching your vids all night.

  29. •Albino The Snake•

    •Albino The Snake•День тому

    hopefully my mom isn't a Greg, cuz all girls are Gallina, Greg's sisters

  30. Misty Westbrook

    Misty WestbrookДень тому

    Congrats! You have 2, *666* ,405 Gregs! wait..

  31. alfa series

    alfa seriesДень тому

    I'm a GREG

  32. Jahnya Woods

    Jahnya WoodsДень тому

    He looks like Jacob satorious

  33. Lawrence Dollens

    Lawrence DollensДень тому

    Morgz stop copying mr. beast

  34. Cringe Girl

    Cringe GirlДень тому

    I am guessing he is the type of guy that text in CAPS

  35. Henry Ewing

    Henry EwingДень тому

    this man looks like jacob sartorius wtf lol

  36. zeke jenei

    zeke jeneiДень тому

    I always wear my underwear to take a shower... cause I'm a never nude

  37. Siobhan

    SiobhanДень тому

    My ears

  38. Mystery Master

    Mystery MasterДень тому

    Nobody reads fine prints

  39. • mintoes •

    • mintoes •День тому

    imagine a few months later Danny finds out about morgz copying, yes COPYING mrbeast. i'd like to see that lmao

  40. Tajpizza52

    Tajpizza52День тому

    Morgz is a content creator, so you should support him as much as you can!


    NIGHTFURY_OGДень тому

    that vid is fake pause at 2:33 why is she wearing underwear in the shower?!?!?! 🤔

  42. Galaxy Hogwarts fan

    Galaxy Hogwarts fanДень тому

    I'm a Greg!! But.....I'm not selling my soul to you!!!

  43. Gacha With hansuke

    Gacha With hansukeДень тому

    I sold my soul

  44. ElizaPato

    ElizaPatoДень тому

    I 👏 AM 👏 TRULY 👏 GREG

  45. Down !!!

    Down !!!День тому

    Does anybody else notice the little kid music playing when the video is about to end or

  46. 鄭安邦

    鄭安邦15 годин тому

    It's to prevent the copyright strikes cause he used to have this music playing near the end of the video, now he has this new music covering the audio

  47. Bre Milson

    Bre MilsonДень тому

    Stop picking it n morgz

  48. Buckeye _ Baby

    Buckeye _ Baby2 години тому

    His videos are all fake

  49. Bre Milson

    Bre MilsonДень тому

    Be considered for challenges

  50. Bre Milson

    Bre MilsonДень тому

    Man it's a challeng

  51. Forgetful Fox

    Forgetful FoxДень тому

    15:10 right when you *said it’s time for an-* Then an ad popped up, *Macy’s 48 hour sale*

  52. Sam Kunz

    Sam KunzДень тому

    I love how he keeps saying "Why did I blow up?"........Honey, thats what happens when you buy subs and likes LOL

  53. aaa aaa

    aaa aaa2 дні тому

    I got an ad when he said ad break