This Low-Budget Prank Show Is Terrifying


  1. David Hansen

    David Hansen2 місяці тому

    Thanks for this Kurtis! Was fun to watch. I was the producer and creator of the series and its really cool to see it holds up!!!

  2. strawberry koi

    strawberry koi7 днів тому

    @Emily Loraine GET THAT PP

  3. Adwoa Osei

    Adwoa Osei8 днів тому

    Hoooooly shit

  4. Louche

    Louche8 днів тому

    wtf this is weird

  5. ToiaMaezz

    ToiaMaezz11 днів тому


  6. 1000 subs without actual content

    1000 subs without actual content2 години тому

    I used to watch the Australian one... With Scott Teedie, I think that was his name..

  7. Alexes Huff

    Alexes Huff5 годин тому

    liked this just for the “rest in PPeace” joke

  8. GDN

    GDN8 годин тому

    I used to watch it too here in Italy

  9. Riya Klair

    Riya Klair18 годин тому

    i love my little baby brim :)

  10. Flora Guildford

    Flora Guildford23 години тому

    Barney slaps more than Andy

  11. em

    emДень тому

    stfu I grew up on this show

  12. Emma Driscoll

    Emma DriscollДень тому

    Omg did anyone else watch the Australian version as a kid? It literally had the same theme song and they would set up the pranks the same as this 😂 Except it was Scotty instead of this Andy guy

  13. shsl gundham tanaka stan

    shsl gundham tanaka stanДень тому

    Idk why but I forgot Canada is bbc and then I got confused as to why it wasn’t cbeebies

  14. HPHGluver

    HPHGluverДень тому

    i used to watch this so much as a kid lmaooo

  15. yunGLOCKY

    yunGLOCKYДень тому

    stepping on jordans is as terrible as killing my best friend


    LEILA DAHLITZДень тому

    Omg I loved this show. 😂 pretty sure it’s still on in Australia. (That’s where I’m from)

  17. Silvia Martinez

    Silvia MartinezДень тому

    *Andy’s coming💀.*

  18. a kind demon

    a kind demon2 дні тому

    Omg i remember watching an episode of this show. I remember watching the vampire prank episode and I was a little spooked lol

  19. Kiera Boop

    Kiera Boop2 дні тому

    Oh so thank god! When my psychiatrist told me I have BPD she really just meant Big Prank Day! Golly gee! I’ve been pranked!

  20. Tequilaniqua

    Tequilaniqua2 дні тому

    OmG THIS SHOW WAS JUST PULLED FROM MY DEEPEST SUBCONSCIOUS MIND How could I forget this show like I literally watched it every night ?

  21. Nashi

    Nashi3 дні тому

    It sucks because it is not the Australian version

  22. Theza Mariz Reyes

    Theza Mariz Reyes3 дні тому

    "rEsT iN *PP* -eAcE"

  23. Theza Mariz Reyes

    Theza Mariz Reyes3 дні тому

    2:34 hOLYMOLY WAS THAT SAM & COLBY???????? yep, they are😂 idk if I'll be happy seeing them with one of my fave UAreporterrs or think it's not a good timing lol Kurtis with SnC yey 😉👍🏻

  24. Monica Hardy

    Monica Hardy3 дні тому

    Does anybody remember that show "That's So Weird"? There is only a sINGLe video of the theme song with oNe comment, so I'm wondering if I'm the only one who remembers???

  25. MrunaalJ

    MrunaalJ3 дні тому

    God you're adorable!!!! 🥰

  26. Savanna Patterson

    Savanna Patterson4 дні тому

    Climate change is real and I’m scared - kurtis Conner I live for that statement 😂😂

  27. — llaveante

    — llaveante4 дні тому

    honestly the scenes you‘re filming with like the black borders always reminds me of the fall out boy history video..

  28. Midge Pidge

    Midge Pidge4 дні тому

    As an Aussie, this show was a fundamental part of my weird ass childhood XD. It was always insanely weird but I loved it.

  29. Sophia Martak

    Sophia Martak5 днів тому

    4:30 this made laugh so hard

  30. Kiana Coldrick

    Kiana Coldrick5 днів тому

    I forgot this existed. I loved this as a kid

  31. Lys Anya Marling

    Lys Anya Marling5 днів тому

    This reminds me of CBBC's 'Just Kidding' (for my British bros)

  32. No

    No5 днів тому

    I thought this show was a fucking fever dream omg I remember this episode where this girl pranked her friend and basically made her go on a double date w this random dude they paid to be super gross and chew w his mouth open ??!?

  33. Ruby Mac

    Ruby Mac5 днів тому

    The Aussie version is so much better. luv my dude Scotty

  34. emma grace

    emma grace5 днів тому

    am i the only one that didnt watch this show lol?

  35. Lizz Freyling

    Lizz Freyling6 днів тому

    Prank patrol was my shit omg. I totally forgot about it!

  36. Brooke Enright

    Brooke Enright6 днів тому

    I’m from Canada and I loved that show as a kid!! Totally forgot about it omg.

  37. Mono Hope

    Mono Hope6 днів тому

    We had this in the uk too and it fucking slapped

  38. Adwoa Osei

    Adwoa Osei8 днів тому


  39. Paige Dean

    Paige Dean8 днів тому

    bruh is andy 12 or 40

  40. g r a c e

    g r a c e8 днів тому

    Anyone used to watch prank patrol on cbbc

  41. coup de grâce

    coup de grâce8 днів тому

    my teachers earn 11000 euros per month (thats like $12300) its a public school too i wouldnt call that minimum wage

  42. madi oneill

    madi oneill8 днів тому


  43. Bailey Bennett

    Bailey Bennett8 днів тому

    dude count: 21

  44. Julia Higginbotham

    Julia Higginbotham9 днів тому

    "im five years old" i felt that

  45. Steph Shaw

    Steph Shaw9 днів тому

    Barney and the ninjas >Andy and the ninjas Change my mind

  46. Ceikaiyia Cheeks The Director

    Ceikaiyia Cheeks The Director9 днів тому

    Lol @ 9:05 when Kurtis said that, it literally went on commerical on my phone

  47. isabel has vibes

    isabel has vibes9 днів тому

    @9:05 “its time for another commercial” an ad literally played im-

  48. Annie Martin

    Annie Martin9 днів тому

    You have to see the British version!!

  49. Human Zoe

    Human Zoe9 днів тому

    "But not before another commercial!" I got an actual ad... oof

  50. akeel brown

    akeel brown9 днів тому

    Omg i used to watch this show every morning! I remember this episode as well lool

  51. Charlie Damcevski

    Charlie Damcevski9 днів тому


  52. Charlie Damcevski

    Charlie Damcevski9 днів тому


  53. Maya Fenwick

    Maya Fenwick9 днів тому

    uk version was a bop

  54. ilyavery simanjuntak

    ilyavery simanjuntak9 днів тому

    The ads is soo good.. Like... I want you to cook for me