Thousand Oaks Remembers Victims, Heroes Of Bar Shooting | TODAY

  • 9 лис 2018
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  1. thetruthimpart

    thetruthimpart19 годин тому

    Strange all the talk of throwing barstools with the exit right there

  2. thetruthimpart

    thetruthimpart19 годин тому!1s0x80e83ab8f9451a43%3A0xd7bdbd2ac9b6f388!2m22!2m2!1i80!2i80!3m1!2i20!16m16!1b1!2m2!1m1!1e1!2m2!1m1!1e3!2m2!1m1!1e5!2m2!1m1!1e4!2m2!1m1!1e6!3m1!7e115!!5sborderline%20bar%20%26%20grill%20country%20bar%20shooting%20pool%20-%20Google%20Search&imagekey=!1e10!2sAF1QipMiRp04oWoMcEA8j1EwrxCCF0t8gCG_op62RVdG&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjrqO_WiI_fAhXNneAKHUQXCTwQoiowCnoECAYQBg

  3. BobTheBuilder

    BobTheBuilder15 днів тому

    Hoax lives matter

  4. Brock Still

    Brock Still17 днів тому

    The idiocy of the media in covering this blatant deception and obvious false flag attack is no less than staggering. They would have you believe that of those present at the bar during the "shooting" 60 of them were also, by pure stroke of coincidence,present for another suspicious mass shooting and false flag attack in Vegas. Which is to say that they are recycling crisis actors. Wake up,America. Do not be complicit in your own destruction. Do not align yourself with those who seek to disarm,enslave and destroy you. The war has begun,the wickedness of liberalism and materialism and perversion is being thrust upon you and your children alike,it is time not to surrender your weapons but to pick them up and bear them in defiance of tyranny and oppression,for whats at stake is the very blood coarsing thru your veins,the very soil they are burning from beneath your feet. There is a plan,an agenda by those with wealth and power to enslave and eradicate those without and we must not allow that to happen. WAKE UP,AMERICA. WAKE UP AND RECOGNIZE YOUR ENEMY,PUT THEM BETWEEN THE CROSSHAIRS OF YOUR IRONS AND SEND THEM BACK TO THE ABYSS! DO IT NOW AND RECLAIM THIS GREAT NATION. DO IT NOT AND SUBMIT TO THE DISHONORED DEATH OF A SLAVE.

  5. redmule02

    redmule0217 днів тому

    its funny how this guy says his son cody was killed but the offical release letter from the hospital where all 12 people involved with this so called shooting went. They all were released except for the police officer who died. plus the footage shown from inside the bar is evidence enough nothing happened. There was one guy coming out from around a corner and another guy sitting at the bar leaning over like im so bored. This is just another attempt to get your guns and control your lives. how in the world where 50-60 of them at the same concert in vegas then at the same bar? this story has to many holes.

  6. Follower Of Christ

    Follower Of Christ20 днів тому

    If ever I seen a more fake cryer is the scruffy faced dude, the mother crying with no tears, saying no more prayers,,, gun contoooooool. The young girl.. NO TEARS FROM ANY OF THEM!!! EMPTY BAR ON CNN VIDEO, NO BLOOD, NO SPILLED DRINKS, COPS THERE IN 8 SECONDS.. WAKE UP PEOPLE.

  7. Anthony Godinez

    Anthony Godinez20 днів тому

    For all you ignorant people on here that don't believe this is real sorry to break the news to you but it is 100% real I live in Ventura County the 805 Cody Kaufman's errands I graduated with in a Camarillo High School 1996 they are not actors have a cousin that got shot at borderline there were shots fired previous to what you guys see you guys are a bunch of ignorant people that don't believe that this is real it is 100% real if you don't believe me get ahold of me we can talk about it

  8. Big E

    Big E20 днів тому


  9. MrDarkoKos

    MrDarkoKos20 днів тому

    how wa an 18yo a regular at this bar????

  10. Chris Patterson

    Chris Patterson21 день тому

    FALSE FLAG, Nov 9, 2018 California Shooting and Recycled Crisis Actors CONFIRMEDвідео-ZBG89u77iZs.html

  11. Marine Raider

    Marine Raider23 дні тому

    Just imagine all the U.S. Taxpayer money wasted on these CRISIS ACTORS and false flag events pushing gun confiscation.

  12. Veronica Binns

    Veronica Binns25 днів тому

    People should quit blaming president trump for all that’s happening now

  13. Lord Hughes

    Lord Hughes26 днів тому

    The only comments on here that believe it was real are the crisis actors social media propaganda division.

  14. john smith

    john smith27 днів тому

    no tears totally fake

  15. M Salat

    M Salat28 днів тому

    Bunch of brain dead imbeciles that believe everything the media tells them. All you have to do is look up the declassified documents of “Operation Northwoods” to realize that this is all bogus.

  16. WeeStrom CO Guy

    WeeStrom CO Guy28 днів тому

    They say here that "at least three" people in this shooting were also at the Vegas shooting. By at least 3 they mean 50-60 and this is absolutely verifiable based upon other interviews. The truth is far too suspect so they hide behind half truths like "at least three" when its 20 times that. That is FAKE NEWS!

  17. Virtual Asylum

    Virtual Asylum28 днів тому


  18. m v

    m v29 днів тому

    Real or not second amendment is just like the first sacred..of course fear of god is above any opinion and no I don't own nor have a gun.

  19. Trev Mac

    Trev Mac29 днів тому

    *Fake News*

  20. Jardiel

    Jardiel29 днів тому

    I will never be afraid again of a muslim with a beard and turban.

  21. David Grover

    David Grover29 днів тому

    2:16 not going to blame the killers parents just going to blame millions not involved in any way. On the day we retaliate stuff like this will be why.

  22. Ciara Cerqua

    Ciara Cerqua29 днів тому

    Why are people so against a stricter gun law? We need stricter laws, making it more difficult to get your hands on one. You shouldn’t be so worried unless you think you’re not mentally capable and won’t pass the screenings.

  23. Jack Booted Hug

    Jack Booted Hug29 днів тому

    hey dum dums they take your guns they take everything

  24. Jack Booted Hug

    Jack Booted Hug29 днів тому

    news people are the real enemy

  25. BKK

    BKK29 днів тому

    One day we will lock them all up

  26. jacques jaq De Lā Fuentě

    jacques jaq De Lā Fuentě29 днів тому

    POOR ACTING!!!!! By Very bad ACT"WHORES"

  27. Mary Johnson

    Mary Johnson18 днів тому

    go away you are poor actor and type what you want so no one can know who you r bye

  28. Henry Black

    Henry Black29 днів тому

    With so many news teams there where's the aftermath damage in bar footage?

  29. Henry Black

    Henry Black29 днів тому

    +Jack Booted Hug Prove it.

  30. Jack Booted Hug

    Jack Booted Hug29 днів тому

    STFU shill this really happened

  31. Camillia Shart

    Camillia Shart29 днів тому

    After gun control, we will need knife throwing control.

  32. Anthony Amato

    Anthony Amato29 днів тому

    God bless if only someone was armed

  33. Paul Donnell

    Paul Donnell28 днів тому

    Would have saved lives.

  34. BKK

    BKK29 днів тому

    It was fake, nobody really died

  35. curuvari

    curuvari29 днів тому

    Before you comment on this "obviously fake shooting", PLEASE take a moment to sit back and ask yourself how the words that you are going to write would sound if this was not staged. If people had actually died, would your comment make you sound like a horrible person, incapable of sympathy for those who have lost their loved-ones? Then maybe, for once, keep your thoughts to yourself. You don't know for sure, do you?

  36. Wendy Montejano

    Wendy Montejano29 днів тому

    So you think tamera a celebrity would tell her niece keep hiding sweetie keep doing this until you actually die for news ha your funny, think don’t be dumb and believe it because I don’t think people would make their loved ones suffer for this “staged” act and than tell the world oh I’m alive

  37. curuvari

    curuvari29 днів тому

    +BKK So you went to the graveyards and checked?

  38. BKK

    BKK29 днів тому

    I know for sure it was fake

  39. Dot Komene

    Dot Komene29 днів тому

    Heartfelt condolences to all the families at Thousand Oaks in the US...peace out from Aotearoa, NZ...

  40. BKK

    BKK29 днів тому

    Nobody really died, another hoax

  41. Driveway Turtle

    Driveway Turtle29 днів тому

    Saying absurd things like "They should have had guns!" Let's see. ...people drinking alcohol armed with guns. What could possibly go wrong? The line between educated people and uneducated people becomes clearer every time I read comments on You Tube.

  42. Wendy Montejano

    Wendy Montejano29 днів тому

    Driveway Turtle thank uuuu someone had to say it !!! And so many people saying it’s fake, do people really think people would hide forever and not live their life ? Common sense

  43. John L

    John L29 днів тому

    If a real shooter pop out at a bar would have killed waaaaAAY MORE people easy targets run up shoot lol I'm happy to see people are awake.

  44. Mary Johnson

    Mary Johnson19 днів тому

    umm the sergeant whom showed up and got killed, stopped the killer , duh

  45. rick hanson

    rick hanson29 днів тому

    crisis actors complain that they are not "beasts of burden" and refuse to physically carry hoaxy victim around in circles for hours for network tv news crews......stating "I didn't sign on for this type of physical labor......especially when the supposed victim is just laughing at us....." in other news.......investigative reporter black mails officials with exposing the false flag fake shooting, unless they pay unspecified amount to his Swiss bank account......stating "I just think it's only fair that I get my cut"......officials state that they are "prepared to have as many mass shooting incidents as it takes to get to the one billion dollar threshold of Federal funding".....stating "we're open to these false flags, as many as it takes, to reach our fiscal goals....." militarized swat teams claim that they are not getting the same press time as the other departments of the same agency, when they are the ones doing all the physical activity......stating...."hey, we have to wear over 70 lbs of gear for hours.....why should we have to run around the block, for hours and we don't even get to stop for press photo's just not fair".....

  46. Kellie Moses

    Kellie Moses29 днів тому

    So at least 4 people here were also at the Vegas shooting? 2 died this time. What a coincidence

  47. Rockcrusher 1

    Rockcrusher 129 днів тому

    Strange how there were so many there that were at the Las Vegas shooting, coincidence?🤔🤔

  48. Braulio Moran

    Braulio Moran29 днів тому

    Well with a brain you can figure out that they're not too far from Vegas, everyone goes to Vegas specially if you're close, heck, I've made the 8 hour drive, and to add to that they where in a country music bar...yeah you just gotta think buddy

  49. Makiba Uboke

    Makiba UbokeМісяць тому

    As long as Americans love their guns....this will continue. Live by the sword, die by the sword. Eliminate the sword, eliminate the problem.

  50. Makiba Uboke

    Makiba Uboke24 дні тому

    +Alisha Fagerstrom I am not ruling that out. This government implements that all of the time.

  51. Alisha Fagerstrom

    Alisha Fagerstrom24 дні тому

    You mean fake staged false flag events with crisis actors will continue ?

  52. Makiba Uboke

    Makiba Uboke29 днів тому

    +Jack Booted Hug yep

  53. Jack Booted Hug

    Jack Booted Hug29 днів тому

    spoken like a true boot licking serf...

  54. albany Oregon sky watcher

    albany Oregon sky watcherМісяць томувідео-FYJ6qUUk7kM.html Proof! FAKE NEWS

  55. qigung

    qigungМісяць тому

    Jason Coffman wins the award for Worst Actor in a Fake, Staged Shooting. 🤪🤣😂

  56. Mary Johnson

    Mary Johnson18 днів тому

    oh ok ha you are not worth my response anymore see ya how is that for proper grammar ???

  57. qigung

    qigung19 днів тому

    +Mary Johnson: you are bad grammar learn pronoun antecedents

  58. Mary Johnson

    Mary Johnson19 днів тому

    you are sick person sad for you

  59. Mrfairchap

    MrfairchapМісяць тому

    Something that Ian Long and Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock had in common - maybe they just didn’t like country music?

  60. Willie Lopez

    Willie Lopez29 днів тому

    Too soon bud

  61. Jebus foxe

    Jebus foxeМісяць тому

    I see people saying that mass shootings are nothing but a fake..most of them are americans...telling people to wake up and even shouting hoax in the comment section hehehe i see now why america is falling apart and it is not because of trump but because 1 out of 10 american have a brain capacity comparable to that of a monkey. People who deviated from reality and started making up stories to lighten their already lightweight brain..funny enough that US is a superpower so you would expect its people to be smart but the thing is it's the opposite hahaha . It is really time for a new world

  62. M Salat

    M Salat28 днів тому

    Bunch of brain dead imbeciles that believe everything the media tells them. All you have to do is look up the declassified documents of “Operation Northwoods” to realize that this is all bogus.

  63. BKK

    BKK29 днів тому

    I'm sorry, but anyone who believes this shooting really happened is brainwashed

  64. lon3wolf 1

    lon3wolf 129 днів тому

    so ur going to sit here and tell me that acting doesnt look fake?

  65. Braulio Moran

    Braulio Moran29 днів тому

    I've been reading comments and I can't believe the crap some people say just to adjust any situation with their "belief" or "perspective" , people are dying again and again but still they refuse to accept the problem within their society

  66. Seattle Issues

    Seattle IssuesМісяць тому

    Marine vet 12 liberal trash 0

  67. Lori Bridgeford

    Lori BridgefordМісяць тому

    go read all the comments on this Thousand Hoax -Ps Op. crisis actors-just look at the scripted narrative. Gun grab -after election. many holes in story. Wake up -sure looks fake ,the more I watch on these "interviews' Vegas mass shooting has MANY unanswered - doubts, cover-up. Fear induced. Sick if people get paid to act like this.

  68. Ben Driscoll

    Ben Driscoll17 днів тому

    +Mary Johnson then say something reliable other than saying people simply died, when we have so many holes in this story. How about stop looking at the parents, look at the story. Actually examine.

  69. Mary Johnson

    Mary Johnson18 днів тому

    u+Ben Driscoll umm, I speak truth you ..ok whatever dude I have good things to say and don't buy into your nutty ideas see ya

  70. Ben Driscoll

    Ben Driscoll18 днів тому

    +Mary Johnson you simply like to guilt trip because you don't have anything good to say

  71. Mary Johnson

    Mary Johnson19 днів тому

    well sorry, this dad is grieving, I live there, so don't try to make your fake accusations in regards to a parents grief. what is wrong with you . Now if you are implying the media then yes, that is another issue, they don't live it but just doing a job so don't understand the grief. It is no cover up ,,, we lost great young people , I know

  72. Max

    MaxМісяць тому

    How did he get pass the ‘No Guns allowed’ sign?

  73. Stellaris Polaris

    Stellaris PolarisМісяць тому

    America is doomed. We live in a society that values guns over basic human life and very commonly calls things a hoax when it interferes with their beliefs.

  74. dennis Bibik

    dennis BibikМісяць тому

    All these liberals in the comments 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  75. Lisa Oldwithsomanywhys

    Lisa OldwithsomanywhysМісяць тому


  76. HumbleWolf

    HumbleWolfМісяць тому

    For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; in so much that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect. Matthew 24:24

  77. masonotp332

    masonotp332Місяць тому

    Enough is enough. Mass shootings are a norm now. Violence and sin is nothing in our society. Wake up America. We are destroying ourselves. We just sit around and wait for another tragedy to happen. Sandy Hook, Orlando, Colorado Movie Theatre, LA, Parkland.. the list goes on. We have shut God out and he speaks specifically about this. The future will bring war, famine, disease, and more. At this rate things are not getting any better. God Help Us.

  78. BKK

    BKKМісяць тому

    We need to start locking up these CRISIS ACTORS, they are pure evil

  79. Anthony Godinez

    Anthony Godinez20 днів тому

    +jacques jaq De Lā Fuentě this is real..I know

  80. Anthony Godinez

    Anthony Godinez20 днів тому

    I graduated with Jason and this is real and Cody was his son. 100 % real

  81. Brandon Parana

    Brandon Parana28 днів тому

    I personally think Gene Rosen and Robbie Parker are the gold standard of bad acting😂😂😂

  82. jacques jaq De Lā Fuentě

    jacques jaq De Lā Fuentě29 днів тому

    Its disgusting And the "ACTING" is Very bad

  83. Curtis Ellsworth

    Curtis EllsworthМісяць тому

    One day, man...

  84. Abel1120 conlget

    Abel1120 conlgetМісяць тому

    sending thoughts and prayers 😂

  85. Pranove Prasad

    Pranove PrasadМісяць тому

    PLEASE ! PLEASE ! PLEASE ! Gun control is not the answer, for prospective terrorists aged between 15 - 63 years, in western countries, Russia, UK, America, covert death squads should be set up and at the first inkling, at the first slightest suspicion their names should be sent to these death squads specialized in eliminating them and making it look like an accident, personal enmity, robbery etc. the local police can investigate and put the case into the ‘unsolved’ file, no gathering of evidence, no trial, directly - ‘case closed’. Casualty is immaterial, There is no other solution. No more innocent wonder lives of fine fine young men and women can be endangered to provide constitutional rights to sick people infected with terrorist virus.

  86. John Kitchin

    John KitchinМісяць тому


  87. John Kitchin

    John KitchinМісяць тому


  88. Tricia 77

    Tricia 77Місяць тому



    JOJOLANDМісяць тому

    it's heartbreaking to go through this again. Everyone knows what it takes, but it's not getting done...

  90. BKK

    BKKМісяць тому

    You are the problem! Quit believing fake news

  91. Bobby Digitol

    Bobby DigitolМісяць тому

    If you guys believe these people..ur blind

  92. Mary Johnson

    Mary Johnson18 днів тому

    you are nuts you are blind to humanity and loss of life to families ,,you are heartless

  93. Aesysique

    Aesysique28 днів тому

    Lol this is Dunce City in this comment section.

  94. Curtis Ellsworth

    Curtis EllsworthМісяць тому

    Glad you "crazy" hoaxers are around!

  95. 98 Superstar

    98 SuperstarМісяць тому

    These are the dumbest comments I have ever read,when are you gonna believe reality.when a bullet takes you down? Wake up and smell the coffee man you're not coherent

  96. Martha Melendez

    Martha MelendezМісяць тому

    OmG that’s my teacher last name!

  97. Jerome Almon

    Jerome AlmonМісяць тому


  98. indoctus41

    indoctus41Місяць тому

    Trump has relaxed gun regulations so that now more psychopaths can get guns. Good Luck America

  99. Anthony Amato

    Anthony Amato29 днів тому

    Right to bear arms friends

  100. 98 Superstar

    98 SuperstarМісяць тому

    I agree the gun laws in the U.S are completely ineffective and useless.i don't believe that any army,navy,marines veterans should have easy rights to bear arms,if they no longer serve the country in that capacity.once you put down your weapon,it should also be put away,otherwise you will have exactly the same catastrophe again and again.this guy was a decorated marine imagine,if he can flip,anybody else who serves the country and has access to a weapon can potentially execute the same deadly action,they really need to limit access to guns for such individuals

  101. indoctus41

    indoctus41Місяць тому

    +BKK Go bother someone else.

  102. BKK

    BKKМісяць тому

    You do realize these are fake shootings right?

  103. Greatlake Rome

    Greatlake RomeМісяць тому


  104. 247tubefan

    247tubefanМісяць тому

    Hey's that disarmament policy working out for you?

  105. David Grover

    David Grover29 днів тому

    Policies that define qualifications for coverage must come from Congress or their designates mccowaniii

  106. mccowaniii

    mccowaniiiМісяць тому

    A marine with PTSD and a president that makes it hard for him to get 100% disability along with squandering a budget on contracts for his rich buddies yeah buddy restrictive gun laws lead to this tragedy i wonder how well you would have done against a marine

  107. Benaiah Uchiha-Senju

    Benaiah Uchiha-SenjuМісяць тому

    A large percentage of the u.s "our prayers are with the victims..." Trump supporters and gun worshippers : "please satan, make another mass shooting happen"

  108. David Grover

    David Grover29 днів тому

    Only vermin like you worship inanimate objects in the hope of something violent to fill your empty life Benaiah Uchiha-Senju.

  109. rick ai

    rick aiМісяць тому

    people could have defended if it wasn't a gun free zone. Remember Nevada, largest mass shooting with 58 killed? Nevada a gun buffet, did anybody from the crowd or outside the stadium returned fire to neutralize the gunman?

  110. Ed T

    Ed TМісяць тому

    These terrorists are out of control!

  111. Bridger Lehane

    Bridger Lehane29 днів тому

    Jardiel I know that. But the definition of a terrorist is someone who commits an atrocious act for political gain. There was no political gain here at all.

  112. Jardiel

    Jardiel29 днів тому

    +Bridger Lehane terrorist are also metally ill.

  113. David Grover

    David Grover29 днів тому

    Ed T, What was his political motivation? What is your proof of his motivation? If you can’t answer both questions you are dancing in innocent blood to push your agenda.

  114. Kevin Medrano

    Kevin MedranoМісяць тому

    Good point. Not even the President Of The United States say anything about that. He just focused more on illegal immigrants and terrorist in the Middle East while he can’t say or do anything about gun control. ESPECIALLY to the shooter who was in the military. Smh

  115. Bridger Lehane

    Bridger LehaneМісяць тому

    Ed T not a terrorist to definition. Just a mentally ill individual

  116. Charlie Miller

    Charlie MillerМісяць тому

    Just think only 3200 die in road crashes each day

  117. James Ricker

    James Ricker28 днів тому

    That's why they require driver's licenses

  118. INFIDEL

    INFIDEL28 днів тому

    +Cholo Teriyaki ban assault cars

  119. Cholo Teriyaki

    Cholo TeriyakiМісяць тому

    Ban cars

  120. Charlie Miller

    Charlie MillerМісяць тому

    +Aesysique in the world they are about 30,000 killed by guns each year vs 1.5 million killed in road crashes each year

  121. indoctus41

    indoctus41Місяць тому

    This can happen, but it doesn't have to. Other countries have solved this problem

  122. Marine Raider

    Marine Raider23 дні тому

    If that were true then why do so many still come to America ? How come Americans don't move to Australia? Once a government disarms the people that leaves Criminals-Police & Military with the guns and that's not a good situation to be in.

  123. indoctus41

    indoctus41Місяць тому

    ​+SurferBeau A multiple murder is mass murder.

  124. SurferBeau

    SurferBeauМісяць тому

    Didnt realize mass murders were more valuable than multiple murders throughout the year.. especially when law abiding citizens dont have guns, but the criminals do? Yeah, its to late to do a buy back program in America. Not to mention the Brighton Siege in Melbourne last year? Wish people on youtube had a more open perspective than believe their own stupid pretentious thoughts.

  125. David Williams

    David WilliamsМісяць тому

    How can I get a message to Jason Kauffman the father of the son killed? I would like to invite he and his family to Colorado to rest and to heal.

  126. M Salat

    M Salat28 днів тому

    Do not waste your money, it’s all FAKE!!’

  127. gia valentini

    gia valentini29 днів тому

    +Laura Gonzalez Nice to see this thread (albeit but one) and good of you to put that info out, thanks!

  128. Laura Gonzalez

    Laura GonzalezМісяць тому

    Theres a fund raiser on Monday Nov 12 trending on fb. At a local place in Camarillo called Toppers Pizza place. The funds will go to Cody Coffman. Address 425 Arneill Rd Camarillo starts at 3pm until 9pm.

  129. 98 Superstar

    98 SuperstarМісяць тому

    I was thinking the same as well,this man is really grieving,and I myself want to reach out to him,try looking up his number in the Thousand Oaks white pages,God bless you sir,you are showing Christlike character,I commend you highly for this comment and I am in total agreement of spirit,blessings

  130. Laura Gonzalez

    Laura GonzalezМісяць тому

    Its Coffman and if he's on Thousand Oaks should be easy to find. Not a real big community.

  131. Χλωμό αναβάτης

    Χλωμό αναβάτηςМісяць тому

    Another cowardly gun free zone shooting! Shot like helpless sheep! What a surprise! Don't go to places without ability to protect yourself period! Get trained! Get armed! Save lives! stay alive!

  132. Marine Raider

    Marine Raider23 дні тому

    Yeah but in this case it was an empty bar with bad crisis actors.

  133. anderson

    andersonМісяць тому

    BS. Lets say in a bar a shooting starts and literally everybody is armed and they all draw their guns, how do you know who's the shooter then? They will all shoot at eachother thinking it's the actual shooter. Brilliant idea.

  134. indoctus41

    indoctus41Місяць тому

    NM: It's a pipe dream to think that people will "get trained". And an untrained person in a combat zone is very dangerous.

  135. ☠

    Місяць тому

    All my friends are dead push me to the edge

  136. John Dillion

    John DillionМісяць тому

    Edgy huh?

  137. Χλωμό αναβάτης

    Χλωμό αναβάτηςМісяць тому

    Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted. He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.

  138. Tony Cole

    Tony ColeМісяць тому


  139. Kathyann Ramdeen

    Kathyann RamdeenМісяць тому


  140. Kathyann Ramdeen

    Kathyann RamdeenМісяць тому


  141. J. Howard

    J. HowardМісяць тому

    That just broke my heart to see that last night on the news... My heart goes to all the family and friends of those unfortunate victims.

  142. J. Howard

    J. HowardМісяць тому

    +BKK I don't really recall having asked you for a Martha Focker thing.

  143. BKK

    BKKМісяць тому

    Why do you believe fake news?

  144. Drink Me

    Drink MeМісяць тому

    You believe in nonsense

  145. Electronic Surveillance

    Electronic SurveillanceМісяць тому

    The female victims were good looking.

  146. ...and you will know us by the Trail of Dead

    ...and you will know us by the Trail of Dead29 днів тому

    Louisa Sousa California is getting invaded by mostly ugly Mexicans and Central Americans who are short and fat midgets. Not Iranians and Georgians etc. All that wall of text and the point of my posts in this thread went entirely over your head. Even if lots of Iranians and Georgians etc were immigrating here in mass, it would still be an ethnic cleansing on the native white population whose ancestors made this country, being brought here to replace them, and race mixing with them would obviously be just as frowned upon for that reason, no matter if they were good looking people or not. Lrn2Paragraph bro. If you write another wall of text, I won’t read it.

  147. ...and you will know us by the Trail of Dead

    ...and you will know us by the Trail of Dead29 днів тому

    Drink Me Not an argument*

  148. Louisa Sousa

    Louisa SousaМісяць тому

    Shut the f up you have no idea about anthropology at all the best looking countries for phenotypes are easily ethnic Caucasian countries such as Iran turkey armenia Azerbaijan southern Russia and Georgia's you know those countries that score sctual Caucasus DNA in genetic tests the horn of Africa also has incredibly beautiful phenotype so does west Asia the levant region which is home to some of the most beautiful people in the worlds because of it's complex history there is no real diving line betwee Europe and asia in actual reality it is Eurasia so you can find similar phenotype mutations and admixture etc etc on both sides of that arbitrary line Cyprus is located in west asia and Greeks cluster genetically and phenotypically with levant people if by whites you mean caucasoid that encompasses a lot of the world from Europe to North Africa based on skull traits look it up if however by white you mean Anglo Saxon you have to be joking they are some of the most plain unattractive people going countries with complex admixture results produce very beautiful people for example Southern Europe south east Europe west asia Central Asia etc etc you need to learn science anthropology also look up the dardic and pashtun people they are some of the most striking people's who are said to have Scythian DNA having said that not to deflect from the awful tragedy very heartbreaking

  149. Jason Yang

    Jason YangМісяць тому

    They're glamour shots, what do u expect

  150. Drink Me

    Drink MeМісяць тому

    +...and you will know us by the Trail of Dead what a tool you are

  151. Dameca Primm

    Dameca PrimmМісяць тому

    This makes my heart hurt, this can happen to anyone anywhere. Praying for these people and this world.

  152. Mary Johnson

    Mary Johnson19 днів тому

    doubt you have a soul ,,, +Alisha Fagerstrom

  153. Alisha Fagerstrom

    Alisha Fagerstrom24 дні тому

    I pray that the crisis actors get good money for selling their soul.

  154. Dameca Primm

    Dameca PrimmМісяць тому

    +BKK so did they fake die?

  155. BKK

    BKKМісяць тому

    +Dameca Primm nobody really died. I pray you wake up

  156. Dameca Primm

    Dameca PrimmМісяць тому

    +Drink Me praying for you too 🙏