Thousand Oaks shooting: 13 dead including gunman


  1. EO joe YT

    EO joe YT5 місяців тому

    What a sad sad day

  2. Bruce Boyer

    Bruce Boyer5 місяців тому

    TEN cops were inside when the shots were fired, TEN cops ran! On duty, armed, left the college kids to be executed! search my name and watch as THEY 'admit it".!

  3. Adam Jones

    Adam Jones5 місяців тому

    Never happened. Staged. Watch the video cnn put up.

  4. The 0ne

    The 0ne5 місяців тому

    _Good thing that filthy terrorist executed himself, otherwise jew-deo christian MSM would be lauding him and praising his history._ _Thank goodness he's dead, otherwise the pinkskin pigs would be buying him a burger and a shake._

  5. Kenneth Royer

    Kenneth Royer5 місяців тому

    People who think these staged faked events are real are in need of psychiatric help for they have been brainwashed by the main stream lying press!

  6. Kenneth Royer

    Kenneth Royer5 місяців тому

    Here we go again and again and again another DHS FEMA DRILL; no one shot; no one killed or wounded promoted as real by the lying PROPAGANDA spewing CIA controlled main stream press all acted out by a bevy of low rent 3rd rate CRISES ACTORS all paid for by the American taxpayer!

  7. ZeidGho

    ZeidGho6 місяців тому


  8. ztr 245

    ztr 2456 місяців тому

    I don’t see nobody in the club when the shooting go off

  9. ztr 245

    ztr 2456 місяців тому

    No one deserves to die by no mans hand but I promise u it’s not presented like this when a cop shoots a black guy

  10. rendezvouswithpablo

    rendezvouswithpablo6 місяців тому

    3.27 is like oh my God.

  11. BlackStar

    BlackStar6 місяців тому

    The shootings are not a world problem it's a US problem In the UK we Just have'nt got the guns hear and so no mass shooting.Simple as that.

  12. ryangille

    ryangille6 місяців тому


  13. Jason Witts

    Jason Witts6 місяців тому

    What is with this UAreporter site it seems like it's under manual control or touchscreen oversight I would like to report it but I can't figure out how this should not be allowed to have touch-screen oversight no one gave this site The Authority this site is connected via UAreporter this is intrusion and should be taken to the FBI

  14. WingsOfTruth

    WingsOfTruth6 місяців тому

    they always shoot dead the MKULTRA Shooters

  15. lou mensi

    lou mensi6 місяців тому

    13 people with 9 bullits, where can i get a gun like that?

  16. Maw

    Maw6 місяців тому

    So grateful living in Canada.

  17. Stormy Waters

    Stormy Waters6 місяців тому

    It almost seems real.

  18. Alexandr

    Alexandr6 місяців тому

    Americans gonna shoot each other soon.

  19. Jazzfan 285

    Jazzfan 2856 місяців тому

    They need to take guns away from whites, because they'd do so if the killer was non black. He'd be an animal, but crackas dont say that about these dangerous white men

  20. john smith

    john smith6 місяців тому

    another ff lying pos

  21. Gurdulù

    Gurdulù6 місяців тому


  22. Antonio Violante

    Antonio Violante6 місяців тому

    And the sheriff's and even said it might be terrorists the sheriff should be impeached and ran out of office for that may the sergeant rest in peace and his families no he did his job trying to save us but yes I can Ventura Sheriff throws out his terrorism he needs to be impeached they need to get his ass at office he needs to watch with the Butte County Sheriff has been saying for the fires are going on where I'm from that's something else America's instilled and everybody since 2001 political correctness that sheriff just had the biggest and lapse of political correctness I've ever seen from a law enforcement official on TV or on the Internet doing it press conference

  23. Aaron Rosales

    Aaron Rosales6 місяців тому

    Gun's don't kill people People kill people

  24. Axed Fifteen Too

    Axed Fifteen Too6 місяців тому

    you are not allowed to ride horses on your websites anymore

  25. find fik-shun

    find fik-shun6 місяців тому

    American need antibiotics man why always innocent have to die

  26. Syth Vezuble

    Syth Vezuble6 місяців тому

    White people what can you say 🤷🏾‍♂️

  27. MrMentalz2

    MrMentalz26 місяців тому

    White on white crime.

  28. abby California

    abby California6 місяців тому

    Conceal carry is an important right to have. Agree to disagree with me if you'd like

  29. eddsramm1

    eddsramm16 місяців тому

    First the MAGAt bomber and now this. Retardicas are mad and crazyWell the bar is called Borderline and if he was mentally unstable as all donald treason Chump supporters. He thought he crossed the southern borderline and that he was shooting at Mexicans and at people front the caravan. I'm almost sure that is exactly what happened because chump and the fake fox news is telling them to do so.

  30. G Brown

    G Brown6 місяців тому

    Did this Sheriff laugh and then he caught himself? Somebody help me out....

  31. Mowac

    Mowac6 місяців тому

    .......I guess he caught himself going off script.

  32. Xen Enlighten

    Xen Enlighten6 місяців тому

    Dude got cottonmouth

  33. nana Nana

    nana Nana6 місяців тому

    Kids can get weapons in the US easily, so don’t tell me America’s gun industry and gun lovers are not guilty. Especially in Europe it is absolutely impossible to get such heavy armor as a civil person.

  34. Gordon Woodroffe

    Gordon Woodroffe6 місяців тому

    white nationalist terrorism this is no longer news just a weekly happening !

  35. Damian

    Damian6 місяців тому

    Something is seriously broken in society when a young man feels so angry and disenfranchised he gets loaded up and does this. If he was a Veteran with PTSD, then this is very disconcerting indeed. Like most Europeans, I think the Gun Laws in the US are insane and almost certainly amplify this problem. My heart goes out to the victims and their families.

  36. Ben Savage

    Ben Savage6 місяців тому

    Arm the citizenry.

  37. superstarpash

    superstarpash6 місяців тому

    Soap Opera acting

  38. superstarpash

    superstarpash6 місяців тому

    GOOGLE RON HELUS & you'll find nothing before this shooting. NIL/NADA they're not even trying hard anymore to fool us. 🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

  39. Vernon Jacobs

    Vernon Jacobs2 місяці тому

    His photo looks to be from the 80s.

  40. Hammad

    Hammad6 місяців тому

    Republican are responsible to all these wars and mass shooting in United states. It will not stop until all republican politicians should not be allowed in American politics

  41. Zahra Richards

    Zahra Richards6 місяців тому

    Rest in peace to all the people that lost their condolences to all family members and friends. 😰😟😔 this is sad

  42. Kenneth Royer

    Kenneth Royer5 місяців тому

    Its all fake dumb ass!

  43. Mowac

    Mowac6 місяців тому

    May WHO rest in peace??......nobody died,....totally staged event.

  44. Ruth Keeme

    Ruth Keeme6 місяців тому

    Why does it look like they are behind a green screen?

  45. Nibba

    Nibba6 місяців тому

    false flag

  46. Longana

    Longana6 місяців тому


  47. Aquila Latin

    Aquila Latin6 місяців тому

    More guns does NOT mean safer towns. That doesn't make sense and it won't ever make sense. Stop making excuses people. Any act like this is a terrorist act, no matter what. Guns need to be banned. If any of those people had a gun, they could have been treated like the suspect themselves and been killed, or they could have accidentally killed an innocent. There is absolutely no way more guns would have helped the situation uness coming from trained professionals such as police.

  48. Longana

    Longana6 місяців тому

    I don't understand how a white person can demonstrate superiority, like they say they are, by performing these kind of acts. I just don't get it...hmm

  49. Nate 7822

    Nate 78226 місяців тому

    Mental Illness 😒

  50. C M

    C M6 місяців тому

    3:29 ( ( ( D U P E R ' S D E L I G H T ) ) ) it's sickening how these puppetmasters laugh in the face of the hoi polloi and people don't even bat an eye. false flag through and through

  51. Alex Andrade

    Alex Andrade6 місяців тому

    Sounds about white

  52. Gabriel

    Gabriel6 місяців тому

    3:27 He lost it

  53. Dean De’Nathan

    Dean De’Nathan6 місяців тому

    This looks staged.

  54. Jazzfan 285

    Jazzfan 2856 місяців тому

    White on white crime

  55. John Kitchin

    John Kitchin6 місяців тому


  56. John Kitchin

    John Kitchin6 місяців тому


  57. raty rat

    raty rat6 місяців тому

    Even good people without mental illness can kill , everyone has they’re breaking point .

  58. N.A.F.

    N.A.F.6 місяців тому

    Why is he, like, laughing?

  59. Vernon Jacobs

    Vernon Jacobs2 місяці тому

    Dupers' delight.

  60. The 0ne

    The 0ne5 місяців тому

    Who can blame him; I'm laughing my ass off this very moment! Radical christian terrorists *everywhere you go.*

  61. Amy CB

    Amy CB6 місяців тому

    He is laughing at all the sheeple who believe this rubbish 😁


    HIGHWAY TO HEAVEN6 місяців тому

    Because this is fake.

  63. peter more

    peter more6 місяців тому

    So much for (Second Amendment) right to bare arms.

  64. robert cooley

    robert cooley6 місяців тому

    I am praying for the families

  65. Oscar Lopez

    Oscar Lopez6 місяців тому

    This is what happens when you cut public funding to programs that help veterans. The problem is not the gun here but it is fault of not having programs to help people with mental conditions.

  66. suthi loeur

    suthi loeur6 місяців тому

    Gun free zone= mass shooting.

  67. Jack Dudley Austin Jr.

    Jack Dudley Austin Jr.6 місяців тому

    Six off-duty officers were at this bar without weapons. What the hell kind of officers are these? What the hell is going on here?

  68. Tesa Silva

    Tesa Silva6 місяців тому

    My condolences to all families who suffered from this tragedy. The trolls are out in force in the comments and that is part of the problem! You people are sad.

  69. Xenuria

    Xenuria6 місяців тому

    3:22 Why is he smiling?

  70. Kenneth Royer

    Kenneth Royer5 місяців тому

    He knows all of this is fake fake fake!

  71. DAS RITE

    DAS RITE6 місяців тому

    Delete this comment.

  72. John Doe

    John Doe6 місяців тому

    This is what happens when whites are being displaced in their own nations. The idea of community is long gone, no outreach for people who are mentally ill

  73. Ozz

    Ozz6 місяців тому

    He ain't mentally ill stop making excuses for him

  74. Nick Hardy

    Nick Hardy6 місяців тому

    if everyone in the bar had a gun also, then i expect the crazy guy would not have killed 12 people, as it was, he must have thought it was like shooting fish in a barrel, that guy would have turned into a colander

  75. Hammad

    Hammad6 місяців тому

    +Nick Hardy if you have gun other can have rocket launcher or bomb what will you do? can you still defend with your gun?

  76. Nick Hardy

    Nick Hardy6 місяців тому

    +Hammad either you are totally stupid, don't understand english, or both

  77. Hammad

    Hammad6 місяців тому

    +Nick Hardy soldiers have might superior training than cops, so it high chance soldier can still kill all cops.

  78. Nick Hardy

    Nick Hardy6 місяців тому

    +Hammad so if everyone had a gun in the bar the 1 crazy soldier would still have killed them all?

  79. Hammad

    Hammad6 місяців тому

    2 cops were inside bar with guns, but the shooter is a soldiers with much higher training he killed both cops inside bar. You can't beat soldier with police shooting training.


    AARM-USRA6 місяців тому

    "FBI was on the scene almost immediately"? Did the FBI have this guy under surveillance before he struck?

  81. Bill Head

    Bill Head6 місяців тому

    Does this guy seem like he's lying or is it just me

  82. Bruce Boyer

    Bruce Boyer5 місяців тому

    Well, Dean's lips are moving...

  83. Kenneth Royer

    Kenneth Royer5 місяців тому

    He is a crises actor!


    BEN NILSSON6 місяців тому

    God Bless and Help USA❤ I think many of Soldiers in the army, can't tackle and deal with arms and the reality at Home. May JESUS Help and Rescue all of them, hereafter!

  85. ThePokerbrat626

    ThePokerbrat6266 місяців тому

    Is this really real or staged again

  86. Mowac

    Mowac6 місяців тому obvious does it have be that it was staged?

  87. Irish Andrea Moore

    Irish Andrea Moore6 місяців тому

    Listen all these comments that are idiotic about the left or the right..playing the blame game?? These people are INNOCENT victims of a far as gun rights since I see that comment as well, OUR forefathers intended that RIGHT so WE as the people could protect ourselves from Marshal law ..dictatorship..our families and homes..because an insane person commits evil, horrid acts should NOT mean our rights get taken away..if a crazy person is hell bent on committing an act of evil believe me when I tell you if there isn't a gun avail they will find another horrendous way...I.E. Start a Fire, knifes, you'll say those weapons wouldn't hurt as many people but you'd be surprised...(there was a mass killer who used a knife and killed 8 people)... I think we SHOULD empathize with the families of the victims..share prayers and support and NOT argue or discuss rediculas theories that have no place in this sad time...

  88. Mowac

    Mowac6 місяців тому

    You should change your name to 'Idiot Andrea Moore', suits you better. How can you be that dumb? You actually believe that this event really happened. I think I've found your problem.

  89. S.A

    S.A6 місяців тому

    The shooter has been identified as a former US Marine who served in Afghanistan and may have suffered PTSD. Its shame that more time and money is not spent helping veterans.

  90. Ozz

    Ozz6 місяців тому

    Or maybe he was just a cold blooded killer and terrorist

  91. Eric C-N-N

    Eric C-N-N6 місяців тому

    proud NRA ?

  92. whoo else

    whoo else6 місяців тому

    Dont you folks know that the white man is the originator of terrorism? He's been spreading it all over the world since the day he showed up on this planet.

  93. ustedeslosricos !

    ustedeslosricos !6 місяців тому

    Nothing to see hear folks the shooter was white male. " mentally ill" in other news 20 million illigal immigrants are pouring into the usa

  94. joe smith

    joe smith6 місяців тому

    Calif like you to believe people are sick when they do these acts. I disagree with that. When one wants to kill they become a criminal that’s it. They went there to kill they set off to do it. How could a person do that if they were sick. Nope he had planned on the killings. Gun free zone California.


    THE ANSWERS ABOVE6 місяців тому

    The criminals that make the laws are breaking the law!

  96. joe smith

    joe smith6 місяців тому

    What do you expect from a state who violates the people’s rights to bear arms. It was a blood bath because California does not let people carry a gun to defend them selves and others. The victims famils need to sue Calif

  97. Harvey Angel

    Harvey Angel6 місяців тому

    The ting goes Skraaaaa tatatatata!

  98. Oz Oz

    Oz Oz6 місяців тому

    Another homegrown right wing terrorist

  99. Romans 8:11

    Romans 8:116 місяців тому

    I have some questions officer: Why do the ‘witnesses’ that say they’re terrified, not look in the least terrified? ‘Why is there no salt water coming from the eyes of those that are wiping their eyes? Why are some of the ‘witnesses’ laughing while relating their account of the shooting? How do two men go missing from a nightclub?. Either they’re inside, outside or at home. Where are the parents of these kids that are being interviewed? Are there any shoes missing? Why is there always a shirtless guy? And most importantly, what freedoms are you aiming to take from the public from this charade? But I have to commend you on your use of the Masonic numbers 11 and 13. You never fail to give the sign to your puppeteers.

  100. Jack Dudley Austin Jr.

    Jack Dudley Austin Jr.6 місяців тому

    Six off-duty officers were at this bar without weapons. What the hell kind of officers are these? What the hell is going on here?

  101. erg eg

    erg eg6 місяців тому

    the gunman probably thought that Borderline was the area where migrants in caravan where so he went there. thanks Trump! 😪😫🚍🚌🚐

  102. Moe Met

    Moe Met6 місяців тому

    Sounds about white

  103. Jazzfan 285

    Jazzfan 2856 місяців тому


  104. dolomite7343

    dolomite73436 місяців тому

    Let me guess white guy

  105. espouse de SACRECOEUR

    espouse de SACRECOEUR6 місяців тому

    It's so sad when police come and lie like this.

  106. Johnny 112400

    Johnny 1124006 місяців тому

    Trump turning some white people into Isis ........................

  107. Captain Underpants

    Captain Underpants6 місяців тому

    I've seen better acting in a Will Smith movie! 😂

  108. Kenneth Royer

    Kenneth Royer5 місяців тому

    Cops are just another version of low rent 3rd rate CRISES ACTORS!

  109. Mowac

    Mowac6 місяців тому that's cold!....(...and true)

  110. Captain Underpants

    Captain Underpants6 місяців тому

    Lee Burchette - you figure it out Columbo!

  111. Jazzfan 285

    Jazzfan 2856 місяців тому

    What u saying? He cant act

  112. lifer195

    lifer1956 місяців тому

    Another white Christian terrorist attack

  113. Abraham Flores

    Abraham Flores6 місяців тому

    first we should wait and give a moment of silence before making this a political point. My condolences for all those victims lost 🙏

  114. Mowac

    Mowac6 місяців тому

    ............what victims????, me ANY. The only victims are those that think this actually happened.

  115. jackyboy777666

    jackyboy7776666 місяців тому

    Completely desensitised to these constant shootings in America. The real problem is not being addressed so why should I waste my energy caring.

  116. Game & fun Forall

    Game & fun Forall6 місяців тому

    See what white privilege do, they could have stop this... but club bouncer probably look more on blk and Mexicans so -called criminals....... oh don’t bring race card into this SMH

  117. wun hung lo

    wun hung lo6 місяців тому

    At least he took out liberals

  118. Jazzfan 285

    Jazzfan 2856 місяців тому

    Lol white demon. We need to take guns away from u

  119. Ngoni Griffith

    Ngoni Griffith6 місяців тому

    Once again, the shooter did not have a mental illness because he purchased the guns legally. Mentally ill people cannot purchase or own guns. Please stop throwing blame and making mentally ill people scapegoats. Just an update: the shooter claimed on social media that he was bored, but sane. End of story.

  120. I am BAMBI

    I am BAMBI6 місяців тому

    Where is Alex Jones to call it FAKE NEWS?🙄

  121. Alex Phillips

    Alex Phillips6 місяців тому

    It’s irresponsible to diagnose mental health simply in response to a senseless violent act.

  122. Harvey Angel

    Harvey Angel6 місяців тому

    If the barman had a bazooka and a tank, it would not had happened!

  123. El John

    El John6 місяців тому

    Surprise surprise more mayonnaise mayhem from the Caucasian community

  124. Pia Salvato

    Pia Salvato6 місяців тому

    The Polica arrived at the Club within THREEEEEE MINUTES???? Weird.. just like it was weird that the cops were having drills at all mass shooting events in the past 3 years right close to the mass shooting locations....GIMME A BREAK!!!!! False Flag .. another attempt to take our guns... ONE DAY after the Midterms the Evil Dimms delivered yet another attack.. Unreal

  125. dark lord

    dark lord6 місяців тому

    trump said it was jim Acosta from CNN fake news 😂😂

  126. Rull Mourn

    Rull Mourn6 місяців тому

    ATTN.., the usual imbeciles are on here and commenting with their conspiracy BS.

  127. Mowac

    Mowac6 місяців тому

    ...........That's because they know better than you, obviously.

  128. Rull Mourn

    Rull Mourn6 місяців тому

    +Oz Oz.. TY, for proving my comment, lonely troll.

  129. Oz Oz

    Oz Oz6 місяців тому

    Rull Mourn just another white male terrorist

  130. Marvin Figures

    Marvin Figures6 місяців тому

    When did the migrant caravan arrive? I thought all the killers were illegal immigrants, or at least that's what we have been lead to believe. Look at all the Americans who has lost their lives since we got word of the caravan, at the hands of other patriotic Americans. Why don't the nra comment on these homegrown terrorist that are killing American citizens on what seems like a daily basis with guns they don't want off the streets. Let's bring back the uzi's and tec 9's too and protect them also. Trump why can't you get your good people to stop killing other Americans? Most presidents condone killing people from other countries, because we're always involved in a conflict somewhere. But this president condones the killing of other Americans as long as they use a nra sanctioned assault rifle. The 2nd amendment gives nra members the right to slaughter other Americans as long as you use an assault rifle that the nra approves of. Stop watching the border and start watching your assault rifle carrying neighbors, like your life depends on it, because it does.

  131. Loo Rawls  Thomas

    Loo Rawls Thomas6 місяців тому

    Well said Marvin I totally agree!!

  132. Donald Williams

    Donald Williams6 місяців тому

    Ignorant, stupid & uneducated people will blame President Trump for everything except the good that he's doing for America.

  133. Nate 7822

    Nate 78226 місяців тому

    What he do for you am waiting?

  134. Jack Dudley Austin Jr.

    Jack Dudley Austin Jr.6 місяців тому

    What good is that?


    DAVID BROWN6 місяців тому

    Such a shame the few lunatics make America a sad place.... we love holidays in the States this won’t put us off.🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  136. InfiniteWisdom

    InfiniteWisdom6 місяців тому

    There’s nothing to discuss here This guy purchased a legal gun in CALIFORNIA - where it’s virtually impossible to get a gun in addition to magazine limits Proof! Gun control does not work! You can’t legislate evil! Nice, France - 100 people dead, ran over by utility truck