Token - 30 People (Official Music Video)


  1. tokenhiphop

    tokenhiphopМісяць тому

    This is my first release under my brand new label "Never Too Different" !!! Stream now!

  2. Liam

    LiamДень тому

    Token!!!! Bring out some Never Too Different stickers for the back window of my ute!!! Would look phat!

  3. WRAiTH

    WRAiTH2 дні тому

    NOT BAD ... ;*

  4. Gunnar Burnor

    Gunnar Burnor3 дні тому

    straight up ilumiNATTI

  5. Tristan Sebastien

    Tristan Sebastien5 днів тому

    @B1AKOuT well alec return on rebeltv or not

  6. Tristan Sebastien

    Tristan Sebastien5 днів тому

    @B1AKOuT dous you watch them

  7. 차승언

    차승언3 години тому

    ㅋㅋㄱㅋㅋㅋㅋ 뮤비 ㅈㄴ 웃기네

  8. stijn swerts

    stijn swerts3 години тому

    “so bad I could go to conffesions” is that a logic diss to hes album? Confessions to a dangerous mind?

  9. Seth Adkins

    Seth Adkins16 годин тому

    Not the kitty

  10. Dylan Zerbach

    Dylan ZerbachДень тому

    My idol 🔥

  11. nick schumacher

    nick schumacherДень тому

    Crazy video good job

  12. Nick Taylor

    Nick TaylorДень тому

    Nice dress Token good song though non the less lol we all love seeing our male emcees dressed in woman's clothing right..

  13. Denver 5280

    Denver 5280День тому

    Only song I like from this guy u got it just find it u tried waaay too hard wit tech u was crampn his style but this shit pebble stone number long gone

  14. Quincy Manning

    Quincy Manning2 дні тому

    We know that the Greek statues ain't that hunged

  15. Ícaro S.

    Ícaro S.2 дні тому

    When your fever dream has a fever dream

  16. VDKYLO

    VDKYLO2 дні тому

    1.4k people are hoping you fail, smh.

  17. MACO

    MACO2 дні тому

    He said "every MC=square " oh my God that's hard asf 🚨

  18. Raul Dulgheriu

    Raul Dulgheriu2 дні тому

    EVERY MC=SQUARE !!! Epic

  19. Shawn Crook

    Shawn Crook2 дні тому

    The flow is actually so smooth, damn.

  20. Thegreatiandi

    Thegreatiandi3 дні тому

    As this is not my favorite type of track from you, I can say, make your money man. I'll still cop it. As long as I know what you can do on a track, I know that this is a super simple song for someone of your skill level... and to be so young, very impressive man. I always promote you out here in Vegas as the new up and coming lyricist.

  21. Kris Hampe

    Kris Hampe4 дні тому

    Happy bday

  22. Undurrated _

    Undurrated _4 дні тому

    I listened to this and didn't like it till i saw the video XD, this song fire though!!!!

  23. OkayDillan

    OkayDillan4 дні тому

    Token Thicc.

  24. Rampage GHOSTS

    Rampage GHOSTS4 дні тому

    Happy Birthday 🎂🎈🎁 Token Keep it up 👍...

  25. Red Ace Wavy Baby

    Red Ace Wavy Baby4 дні тому

    that face you made when you grabbed the balloon is fucking priceless the best part of the video lmaooo

  26. Antimatter TV

    Antimatter TV4 дні тому

    Fucking brilliant this man

  27. Mark Radvanszki

    Mark Radvanszki4 дні тому

    best rapper ngl

  28. ToSufferQuietly music

    ToSufferQuietly music4 дні тому

    Token dressed as a girl actually looks like girls from around Worcester

  29. ItsDavesWorld

    ItsDavesWorld5 днів тому

    It’s nice to see how far you’ve came, I remember messaging your Facebook account saying your going to make it far, here you are! Good shit man

  30. andres sanchez

    andres sanchez5 днів тому


  31. no_identity_boi boi

    no_identity_boi boi5 днів тому

    i know yall all looked ,no homo tho

  32. The Sviat

    The Sviat6 днів тому

    Greetings from Ukraine!

  33. IhateU43

    IhateU436 днів тому

    Yo, y'know how Token said his ass was his best feature in Doozy. Yup. Can confirm.

  34. Watermelon

    Watermelon6 днів тому

    This video.... it's so weird, its great

  35. Nívea Ester

    Nívea Ester7 днів тому

    Estoura porraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa logo very underrated😑😑😑

  36. Clarissa Kenens

    Clarissa Kenens7 днів тому


  37. Hassan Tawil

    Hassan Tawil7 днів тому

    This shit is legit that banger you can click a million times for. Token was intense years earlier, now its like...jesus rap has gotten so good. I blame stims and benzos equally. With the right person, it pulls that shit out. Others, say nothing into the mic feeling the drugs they on

  38. Hassan Tawil

    Hassan Tawil7 днів тому

    On sway years ago, you can tell he was on addy or something. Too much, too soon. Not that I judge the man for meds, nigga was a child star....also that tech nine and him, you get to the end of that joint, and Token surprise you with that murderoursness. That shit climax at the end like you wouldnt know

  39. Janine M

    Janine M7 днів тому

    Tooth fairy token was my favourite

  40. Lane Haustein

    Lane Haustein7 днів тому

    Devil heaven and hell

  41. Alex Olson

    Alex Olson7 днів тому

    Is this a play on words to the rapper 30?

  42. xxLvciferxx

    xxLvciferxx7 днів тому

    every time i hear the intro, it reminds me "take the world with me" by pace and eminem. old ass song too. not comparing them, I just think its trippy

  43. Stephen Knecht

    Stephen Knecht7 днів тому

    Am I the only one who thinks token looks like Steve Will do it loll

  44. tyler hart

    tyler hart7 днів тому

    Where’s tokens bass guitar

  45. Hailey

    Hailey7 днів тому

    Omg maybe you can do a song with YOUNG M.A

  46. Adi

    Adi8 днів тому

    with a beard he lowkey looks like serj tankian

  47. Logan Stultz

    Logan Stultz8 днів тому

    He would’ve hired actors but he prolly spent all his money on editors

  48. Logan Stultz

    Logan Stultz8 днів тому

    Token do be kinda thicc doe in that scene where he dressed up No homo I’m wearing socks also as a girl

  49. Marilyn Nichols

    Marilyn Nichols8 днів тому


  50. allan escarcega

    allan escarcega8 днів тому

    2:28 is that supposed to be EM?

  51. Naz

    Naz8 днів тому


  52. Adam Linegar

    Adam Linegar8 днів тому

    Oiiiiiiiiii dutty

  53. WRAiTH

    WRAiTH9 днів тому


  54. Nemo Milo

    Nemo Milo9 днів тому

    wtf, thats nvm...

  55. V.O MAWBY

    V.O MAWBY9 днів тому

    Ooh girl look at him... I’m so proud of him😱😱😱🤩

  56. Dream Catching

    Dream Catching10 днів тому

    Putting make up to workkkk

  57. Mickey

    Mickey10 днів тому

    He's his own bad bitch. Wipe it with your money

  58. Adam Holder

    Adam Holder10 днів тому

    Only you bruh be you man

  59. JoeyRS

    JoeyRS10 днів тому

    how u kil cat

  60. Jake Wolcoff

    Jake Wolcoff10 днів тому


  61. XxDudePerfectxX

    XxDudePerfectxX11 днів тому

    ok eminem

  62. Chimp Ross

    Chimp Ross11 днів тому

    Sold his soul lol poor guy

  63. PsychedelicCure

    PsychedelicCure11 днів тому

    Hes got more flow than these rappers everybody listens to 🤐

  64. X2 gaming

    X2 gaming11 днів тому

    ive been listening to this every day atleast once its stuck in my head😂

  65. 11 днів тому

    These bars are fuckin spastic

  66. Ben Malleck

    Ben Malleck12 днів тому

    Let’s get to a million subs

  67. mikeman 1226

    mikeman 122612 днів тому

    damn token got that cake

  68. Regal Official

    Regal Official12 днів тому

    Dont listen to everyone telling you this was weak, this was epic and I'm happy for you with your new label...stay you bro

  69. Rokki Howard

    Rokki Howard13 днів тому


  70. Rokki Howard

    Rokki Howard13 днів тому

    How's it hangging

  71. Princess Bubblegum

    Princess Bubblegum13 днів тому

    I love you Token. Your flows and lyricism are a killer combo. Here's another banger!!!! :) :)

  72. Chrixx Music

    Chrixx Music13 днів тому

    Aquí desde Puerto Rico🇵🇷🧸🎤 bro God bless you🙏🏾🧸🇵🇷🎤🤩

  73. Dons Throne

    Dons Throne13 днів тому

    coldest in the game rn

  74. Real Music

    Real Music13 днів тому

    That laugh at the beginning reminds me of the million dollar man 😂😂 wwe/wwf fans should get that reference

  75. Justin Buzek

    Justin Buzek13 днів тому

    Those different characters had me going😂😂

  76. Randy Roark

    Randy Roark13 днів тому

    Hell yeah

  77. Ali Nazari

    Ali Nazari13 днів тому

    I am surprised this video has not blown up as it deserve!

  78. N-Frost The Rapper

    N-Frost The Rapper13 днів тому

    There was only 26 people in the video hoping you would fail tho...

  79. Zach Arpin

    Zach Arpin14 днів тому

    Hello to anybody taking a second to read this. My name is Zachary Arpin and I am an aspiring musician from Massachusetts. It's been a dream of mine since the age of 12 to pursue music as a career, but due to years of bullying and harassment my confidence has been borderline nonexistent. I just hope to help anybody that has dealt with hardships such as myself through my music. I have been searching for anybody willing to work with me and either improve my art or help me record it professionally to get it out to the public. I am leaving a link to my most recently recorded remix in hopes of anybody giving me just a single chance. Thank you very much for taking the time to read this far if you have, take care.

  80. Sam Fragoso

    Sam Fragoso14 днів тому

    Omg the girl at the beginning, probably the most gorgeous woman ever😍😍😍


    JUSTIN ROBERSON14 днів тому

    Let’s go!

  82. Paul Tomlin

    Paul Tomlin14 днів тому

    The damn cat at the end holy.... Felineominal

  83. Red Ace Wavy Baby

    Red Ace Wavy Baby14 днів тому

    Didn't even have to hear the song lmao heard the laugh, seen you on a umbrella floating over a CG city and i just knew it was go be heat... was not let down.🔥🔥🔥🔥

  84. T recon

    T recon14 днів тому

    So dope i swear to god this is my life in every verse n even that dragon gotta meaning behind it lil do they know 👍they dont know that tho

  85. Lucas Gomes

    Lucas Gomes14 днів тому


  86. Mr dudle

    Mr dudle14 днів тому

    Me sees a blonde girl With nice booty : damn babe Turns back : Oh Hell Nah !!

  87. Causa Sui

    Causa Sui14 днів тому

    you didn't sign with a big label? you made your own?

  88. Dayne Johnson

    Dayne Johnson14 днів тому

    This beat 🔥

  89. Gray Vee

    Gray Vee15 днів тому


  90. Dan iel

    Dan iel15 днів тому

    Me: Stop playing with my feelings Gf: 0:40

  91. Casual Plays

    Casual Plays15 днів тому

    Anyone thinks he sounds just like jack harlow? Or is it just me

  92. Marilyn Nichols

    Marilyn Nichols8 днів тому

    YESSS I DID!!!!!!!

  93. Cleaning Ways

    Cleaning Ways15 днів тому

    Hi token

  94. ZeDankestLettuce

    ZeDankestLettuce15 днів тому

    This man's music videos are just another thing

  95. aLeg3ndaryGamer97

    aLeg3ndaryGamer9715 днів тому

    😂 literally why you pull off Harley so good😂😂 and i cant believe its only been a month since this cane out ive been plotting my drop for a long time and times been goin slow as fuck

  96. Compton Kid

    Compton Kid15 днів тому

    Didn't know Steve will do it made music

  97. Hits_200s

    Hits_200s15 днів тому

    hes ready for halloween

  98. Krisz99 Productions

    Krisz99 Productions15 днів тому

    when you fire all the actors except the main characters

  99. GølD GhøsT

    GølD GhøsT16 днів тому

    I been making music for years and watching this artist grow is amazing reliable asf

  100. KING 01

    KING 0116 днів тому


  101. Teagan James

    Teagan James17 днів тому

    I need an hour of this song can someone make it? ;-;

  102. ECapone

    ECapone17 днів тому

    I remember the Andy story, one of the first songs i heard from you, i had a few years without hearing you until now, you still the same but you got some weight now, its possible, you really made it this far.

  103. daniel bouchard

    daniel bouchard17 днів тому

    Token beat david blane to the balloons

  104. John Moffi

    John Moffi18 днів тому

    This video is going to be a classic

  105. jaydon productions

    jaydon productions18 днів тому

    Hoooooooooweeeeeee 🔥

  106. connor sebroden

    connor sebroden19 днів тому

    wow, this is amazing

  107. jose gefonser

    jose gefonser19 днів тому

    best video ever