Toy Story 4 | Official Trailer 2


  1. Position Music

    Position Music43 хвилини тому

    The song used in this trailer at 0:15 is “Feeling Good” by Upstate:

  2. RandomAccessMisery

    RandomAccessMisery43 хвилини тому

    0:01 "Why am I alive?" Me every day

  3. madmettlepants74

    madmettlepants7443 хвилини тому

    I'm waiting for toy story 8 coming in theatres 2050

  4. Usman Tv Vlogs

    Usman Tv Vlogs43 хвилини тому

    I love this type of cartoons ❤️

  5. Phoenix Wing

    Phoenix Wing44 хвилини тому

    "Why am I alive" literally every teenager in this generation

  6. Sokobansolver

    Sokobansolver44 хвилини тому

    Coming June 21st: All the scenes from all the Toy Story 4 trailers put together like a jigsaw puzzle. Hence why I've cut down on trailer watching.

  7. Jessica Walsh

    Jessica Walsh45 хвилин тому

    Am I the only one excited Bow Peep is back??!!

  8. Bkarbs3

    Bkarbs345 хвилин тому

    They should not have made another toy story

  9. 13AxelRoxas

    13AxelRoxas46 хвилин тому

    I'm sorry but did I just see a toy get murdered in Toy Story?

  10. The Man Behind The Codes

    The Man Behind The Codes46 хвилин тому


  11. Meli

    Meli47 хвилин тому

    So the whole plot of toy story 1 is to get rid of the favourite toy (woody trying to do so) and the plot of toy story 4 is to save the favourite toy (also done by woody and others). Boy he has changed

  12. Julek Ambrozik

    Julek Ambrozik47 хвилин тому

    Why am I alive? - Forky, 2019

  13. :/ Woosh

    :/ Woosh47 хвилин тому

    Spork: *exists* Bonnie: It’s free real estate

  14. SourApple

    SourApple48 хвилин тому

    These 9 years better be worth the wait 😂😂

  15. Squilliam

    Squilliam49 хвилин тому

    Creates toy from a spork: Toy manufacturers: Am I a joke to you?

  16. Leo

    Leo49 хвилин тому

    Anybody know who Keanu Reeves is playing in this movie?

  17. Manuel Cerros

    Manuel Cerros51 хвилина тому

    Vayan al canal de al3xdonut

  18. Yeet zus

    Yeet zus51 хвилина тому

    2:09 American soldiers attack a nazi soldier ( Colorized )

  19. SciFi88

    SciFi8851 хвилина тому

    Me during exam week: Why am I alive?

  20. osmirod1

    osmirod152 хвилини тому

    Let this franchise die alreadyyyy

  21. Adam israel

    Adam israel54 хвилини тому

    1:20 slappy???

  22. Heretic 8

    Heretic 841 хвилина тому

    I know that's what I said

  23. ~A(o)S~

    ~A(o)S~56 хвилин тому

    I always thought that Woody was made of wood.

  24. The Ocean rabbit

    The Ocean rabbit56 хвилин тому

    From #4 on trending to #1 in two days, thats how good disney is keep in mind the moment it came out it was already on number 4

  25. cherish duran

    cherish duran56 хвилин тому


  26. PopTart Life

    PopTart Life58 хвилин тому

    Toy Story 1 Woody: YOU ARE A TOY!!!! Me: AND YOU ARE ALSO A MOVIE!!!! Also me: HA HOWS THAT WOODY?!?! Toy Story 4 Woody: you are a toy. Me: and you are also a movie. Also me: I have nothing else to say. YEET.

  27. Norwegian Geek

    Norwegian Geek59 хвилин тому


  28. Quis 1on1

    Quis 1on1Годину тому

    I remember watching this as kid you Story is awesome

  29. Dan the man

    Dan the manГодину тому

    Its rated G? I didn't know G rated movies existed anymore

  30. Benjamin Claxton

    Benjamin ClaxtonГодину тому

    Forky: Woody Why Am I'm Alive? Woody: You Are A Toy Bonnie Made You!!!

  31. adamisaseahorse

    adamisaseahorseГодину тому


  32. الامير علوش

    الامير علوشГодину тому

    0:47 i remember her being the witch in toy story 3 on ps3 i used to play that game always

  33. Iványeil Emmixert

    Iványeil EmmixertГодину тому

    IDK Why but im not hype for this movie, i feel they just ruin the perfect ending from Toy Story 3.....

  34. loonybaybee

    loonybaybeeГодину тому

    Miss Andy :(

  35. celia turnip

    celia turnipГодину тому

    I thought bow was given away in a garage sale

  36. Tracy Gardner

    Tracy GardnerГодину тому

    Stop making toy story movies the first one was best and I do not like toy story the idea behind it I love that toys come alive. I like very little of their characters like the dinosaur, and the dog,the claw guys are very cute I have to say. Move on come up with something

  37. Tyrillium

    TyrilliumГодину тому

    Holy cow the animation is mind blowing!

  38. Joshy lurker

    Joshy lurkerГодину тому

    I wanted to see Andy :(

  39. Rise of the Unicorns

    Rise of the UnicornsГодину тому

    How would yall rank Toy Story 1-3 with eachother??

  40. Varun Harpale

    Varun HarpaleГодину тому

    who edited this trailer

  41. Commander1SUV

    Commander1SUVГодину тому

    The graphics look amazing But they should have left it at 3

  42. v v

    v vГодину тому

    Мультфильм детства

  43. Chris Died

    Chris DiedГодину тому

    4 movies with the same plot..... cant wait!!

  44. Everything_Kennedy

    Everything_KennedyГодину тому

    YAY it comes out on my birthday

  45. Magic Johnson

    Magic JohnsonГодину тому

    The movie theater is gonna be full with adults watching the sequel to the best kids movie

  46. Alex Estrada

    Alex EstradaГодину тому

    Why is it just now in UAreporter?????? I've watched before like 10 times!

  47. 1,000,000 subscribers without videos

    1,000,000 subscribers without videosГодину тому

    LIKEEE! THUMB'S UP!!!! 😍👌

  48. Arrggghhhh whatever.

    Arrggghhhh whatever.Годину тому

    My husband once modeled for GI Joe. 😂 He’s in a Jeep w/ a black character. My uncle did the box artwork.

  49. Gaming Souls

    Gaming SoulsГодину тому

    sub and i sub back

  50. TAN

    TANГодину тому

    Same story, toy lost, adventure, toy found, happy happy happy. Will make a billion, coz kids

  51. Bailey Henderson

    Bailey HendersonГодину тому

    JCP is fine Amazon lost over 150 dollars per share in 2 years , sears kmart JCP are positive companies JCP Sears kmart and the rest of retail chains are fine I hope you respect me technology and enterainment e commerce I get 7.25 from papa murphy's i get angry with the big scale and fast companies they are rude to me and chain retail

  52. Elias Bernstein

    Elias BernsteinГодину тому

    God Tricey is so cute

  53. Jay Maxine

    Jay MaxineГодину тому

    Hey to the 1% reading this I hope your dreams come true and you go to heaven My dream is to become a successful youtuber God bless you ❤️

  54. Kuchi Sav

    Kuchi SavГодину тому

    There's so much *f-f-f-fluff!*

  55. Mohan

    MohanГодину тому

    I think im offically an adult since im not entertained by this

  56. Six Hand Spice

    Six Hand SpiceГодину тому

    Woody is thinking... Not again. Talk to Buzz.

  57. Zel

    ZelГодину тому

    Bopeep finally returns!

  58. Chanconn

    ChanconnГодину тому

    I hope they don't pull a Game of Thrones and ruin years of character development in just a couple hours.

  59. Sarah Craze

    Sarah CrazeГодину тому

    I hope this movie isn't bad..

  60. Madeleine Braham

    Madeleine BrahamГодину тому

    Calling it now *Bo Peep is gonna wind up working for the bad guy oO*

  61. Esha Sajid

    Esha SajidГодину тому

    Woody :hold up! woody:ooo!

  62. Robbie

    RobbieГодину тому

    the old lady at the end looks like the person at the start of ratatouille

  63. Sam Gilson

    Sam GilsonГодину тому

    Toy Story 1: A cute family adventure about Toys and identity. Toy Story 3: A gut wrenching family adventure about change Toy Story 4: An existential allegory ripped right out a mid 20th century sad boy philosopher’s diary about what it means for something to be alive and finding meaning in a chaotic and irrational world.

  64. Bool Camaro

    Bool CamaroГодину тому

    forky said, "why am i alive?" ... and i felt that.

  65. Yung Rax

    Yung RaxГодину тому

    1:25 absolutely amazing, pixar has the ability to make the most realistic animations anyone's ever seen, yet they stay with the whole cartoon-ish theme.

  66. THE LAST

    THE LASTГодину тому

    Should have ended at toy story 2... no cap

  67. Victoria Soperanez

    Victoria SoperanezГодину тому

    why couldnt they have just made a new forky???? its common knowledge

  68. Grey Wind

    Grey WindГодину тому

    Ts3 scared the living nightmares out of me lol.

  69. KZ Gear

    KZ GearГодину тому

    I have a feeling the writers were having Taco Bell for lunch that day..... Forky=Taco Bell Spork???

  70. murmurrrr

    murmurrrrГодину тому

    Would like to see them walk into a games workshop store

  71. CheZstuff8024634

    CheZstuff8024634Годину тому


  72. Kill3r 1345

    Kill3r 1345Годину тому

    Was that Mabel from gravity falls?!?!?

  73. HPFangirl71 卌

    HPFangirl71 卌Годину тому


  74. Leon Schwarz

    Leon SchwarzГодину тому


  75. Khellendros the Blue

    Khellendros the BlueГодину тому

    if only my other toys were so helpful when i lost my g.i. Joe



    1:21 woah where'd slappy come from?!

  77. Phil Swift

    Phil SwiftГодину тому

    Honestly looks like every other mediocre animated movie that comes out.

  78. Steamed Growtopia

    Steamed GrowtopiaГодину тому

    Alright finally a reason to continue living

  79. Yahaira P Valenzzuela

    Yahaira P ValenzzuelaГодину тому

    0:35 y se ve la cama de Andy 😳😳😳

  80. Kiley Rudzik

    Kiley RudzikГодину тому

    I am the kind of person that if nobody likes a comment, I delete it. Is it just me or is it anyone else?

  81. BatFang25 Animations

    BatFang25 AnimationsГодину тому

    Maybe I’m the only one who thinks this but the animation is so much smoother

  82. A vegan bacon

    A vegan baconГодину тому

    Imagine woody singing old town road 😂😂

  83. spaceman

    spacemanГодину тому

    Oh how i love Toy story



    So y'all clap back at child's play with another trailer

  85. Lewis

    LewisГодину тому

    Visually, it looks perfect. Story wise? ... *_I’m genuinely worried about the story. Why couldn’t they just have left it at 3?_*

  86. partytimeALDC

    partytimeALDCГодину тому

    read the db: (Riley's first date?) possible inside out sequel??

  87. Scott Sullivan

    Scott Sullivan44 хвилини тому

    Riley’s First Date is a short film that was already released

  88. Jo. Game

    Jo. GameГодину тому

    Esta super

  89. Boboboobey

    BoboboobeyГодину тому

    Why is Bow peep here?

  90. Thiago Rian

    Thiago RianГодину тому

    Quality of Animations And Graphics of Games 🤔

  91. Molin c

    Molin cГодину тому

    Кто русский ??? I I \/

  92. Andrea Melis

    Andrea MelisГодину тому


  93. shrekatemypickle

    shrekatemypickleГодину тому

    Shrek 5 coming this year and this!?!? Omg my childhood all over again 🔥

  94. vert

    vertГодину тому


  95. Ɲεαʀ. I̷η̷s̷4̷η̷3̷

    Ɲεαʀ. I̷η̷s̷4̷η̷3̷Годину тому


  96. SeeJay

    SeeJayГодину тому

    You Got A Friend In Me 😎 All Toy Story OG's Like This If You Remember That Song 👍

  97. wrightterence680

    wrightterence680Годину тому

    I'm ready to see this movie

  98. Spec-op Studios

    Spec-op StudiosГодину тому

    This is going to be one emotional ride. Excited to see more of Duke kaboom.

  99. Logan Costello

    Logan CostelloГодину тому

    Pixar are you mad about child play

  100. Allthingsprincessky Sylvain

    Allthingsprincessky SylvainГодину тому

    This is going to be a great movie

  101. Allthingsprincessky Sylvain

    Allthingsprincessky SylvainГодину тому

    I hope everyone watching this has a great day! And something amazing happens to you! 😘😘

  102. Sujith Poojary

    Sujith PoojaryГодину тому

    01:25 looks almost real