TRADITIONAL Korean STREET FOOD Market Tour in Busan South Korea


  1. Punbun Pun

    Punbun Pun3 години тому

    Anyone know what’s the name of this market? Thank you

  2. Sohini Chongdar

    Sohini ChongdarДень тому

    Wow.....When I will be in Ur place to travel d world n tastes world's best foods without getting calories...😄😄😄

  3. Sohini Chongdar

    Sohini ChongdarДень тому

    Wow.....When I will be in Ur place to travel d world n tastes world's best foods without getting calories...😄😄😄

  4. tyvivianhe

    tyvivianhe2 дні тому

    I'm going to Busan next month! Which market is it that has that tteokbokki?

  5. John Vanderbilt

    John Vanderbilt3 дні тому

    Do a video on Balls Are Fun!

  6. John Vanderbilt

    John Vanderbilt3 дні тому

    Come to Ktown LA. Chinese people LOVE KOREAN food!

  7. pokimunchies

    pokimunchies4 дні тому

    i now know what's tasty in busan

  8. Nomad

    Nomad4 дні тому

    Wheres the Zombies?

  9. Coneja

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  10. The8thCreation T8C

    The8thCreation T8C4 дні тому

    McDonald's ice cream machines in Korea actually work..I know where I'm going.

  11. Nani Young

    Nani Young4 дні тому

    Man I see the delicious food but I'm so scared to go to korea and not eat anything cause I'm allergic to crustacean 😭

  12. Anime Girl

    Anime Girl4 дні тому

    So what's tasty in Busan? 😏

  13. friendly911 OS

    friendly911 OS5 днів тому

    how are the obesity rates in Korea? high I'm guessing?

  14. multifandom trash

    multifandom trash3 дні тому

    If only you knew.

  15. BDSandM

    BDSandM5 днів тому

    "...Although it smells like something died and fell in there..." Yeah......the dead animal it's from. Doh.

  16. BDSandM

    BDSandM5 днів тому

    Do you think it's possible to eat fully vegan in Korea? It'd be really cool if you could eat a full day of vegan foods only vid.

  17. ellina star

    ellina star5 днів тому

    Jungkook was born in busen😭😭😭

  18. IGOT7 jinyoung oppa

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  19. Sophaneth Chea

    Sophaneth Chea6 днів тому

    I love your vlog 👍💜

  20. Bobofet241

    Bobofet2416 днів тому

    Aunty puts the bag over the bowl because she does not have to wash the bowl. She just takes the cover off after you're done and repeats the same process to the next customer.

  21. Krystal Vo

    Krystal Vo7 днів тому

    Where exactly is this market? Can you share the google location?

  22. Aneeta Taryole

    Aneeta Taryole7 днів тому

    Has mike chen made a tteokbokki video?.

  23. Monika Alba

    Monika Alba7 днів тому

    Jimin* Lately jungkook has been coping me a lot Jimin looks at jk Jimin* I WAS BORN IN BUSAN FIRST

  24. Emi Abe

    Emi Abe8 днів тому

    7:50 😍

  25. Kamiko Shigyo

    Kamiko Shigyo8 днів тому

    watching mike chen eat makes me wonder how much space he got in his stomach and you just make every food look absolutely appetizing. it's hard to refrain myself even more from korean food right now especially when I'm broke and working near koreantown. so hungry right now!!!!

  26. Kookie's Dongsaeng

    Kookie's Dongsaeng8 днів тому

    You will drooling and suffering if u watch this when u not had eat all day

  27. Hagung Yudistira Utomo

    Hagung Yudistira Utomo9 днів тому

    Ohh man... That is the best Hotteok ever from Busan! That kind a different Hotteok in Myeongdong, i mean the Hotteok in Busan, there's a combine with nuts, sunflower beans!! I recommend that Hotteok to you guys 👍😥😥😥, shush i missed it

  28. Hai Vu

    Hai Vu9 днів тому

    Korean cuisine is so pathetic..

  29. Coneja

    ConejaДень тому

    Isn't it your cooking skill?

  30. Merlinda Albacite

    Merlinda Albacite9 днів тому

    pls subcribe me. guys

  31. Janine DeLeon Guerrero

    Janine DeLeon Guerrero9 днів тому

    I’m hungry 😭 I cAn sMeLl tHe fOoD!

  32. Riptide Anaklusmos

    Riptide Anaklusmos10 днів тому

    you are so adorable all your vlogs are soooo wholesome

  33. Civil Goal Stone

    Civil Goal Stone10 днів тому

    18:40 is just disturbing.

  34. Alex Sunderland

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  35. Villareal Annie

    Villareal Annie10 днів тому

    Sarap parang gusto ko pumunta ng korea. Hmmmm

  36. Aniya Jotdan

    Aniya Jotdan10 днів тому

    ㅛㅕㅡ 솜ㅅ ㅡㅑ홋 ㅅㅁㄴㅅㄷ 해ㅐㅐㅇ

  37. Lydia Hlimpuii

    Lydia Hlimpuii10 днів тому

    He smiles put another smile on my face😁😁

  38. Xx X

    Xx X11 днів тому

    I don’t like how he says tteokbokki

  39. Tae's Buttcheeks

    Tae's Buttcheeks11 днів тому

    I honestly thought that middle guy in the thumbnail was predebut Jimin 🙂

  40. sheety goddess

    sheety goddess12 днів тому

    Owmygod that "pork inner" is called 막창 and it is my faaaveeee

  41. Uchiha Itachi

    Uchiha Itachi12 днів тому

    11:17 what is with Koreans and their scissors

  42. Honeyplum

    Honeyplum12 днів тому

    Omg the aunties when they were being filmed.... That one auntie seemed annoyed lol, my Korean is not good enough to catch what she said but o o f that body language

  43. JungShooketh

    JungShooketh14 днів тому

    Gochujang is the best sauce ever,it may be spicey but with the right abount of sugar it caramelizes makes the sauce thick and spicy/sweet

  44. odetta olson

    odetta olson14 днів тому

    instead of auntie, try ahjuma!

  45. chin weiwen

    chin weiwen15 днів тому

    where is this market located?

  46. Naawang Naawang

    Naawang Naawang16 днів тому

    Wait are all the foods in south Korea expensive or it feels expensive after converting the dollar into other currencies? 4$ for 5/6 pieces of street dumpling is quite expensive isn’t it? And a dollar for a single fish cake too. Somebody explain

  47. Vivioli Ravioli

    Vivioli Ravioli11 днів тому

    Naawang Naawang 1,000 KRW is about .88 USD. So it’s around 3.53 for the dumplings and 0.88 for the fish cake. The fish cake seems to be a good price since its pretty big and you get unlimited soup. The dumplings are ok priced.

  48. Ghadah Bader

    Ghadah Bader17 днів тому

    How many times he said ridiculous

  49. supe12man1991

    supe12man199117 днів тому

    Why do Koreans always cut the meats lol

  50. RainCloud210

    RainCloud21018 днів тому

    DDuk Galbi didn't mix with rice cake. It is all ground beef ribs meat. Then why they named dduk(=rice cake)? Because when they ground meat, use same method and tool for making rice cake.

  51. Danize Fernandez

    Danize Fernandez18 днів тому

    you got me at "ohh it taste so good but it smells so bad" im loling :) food is life

  52. XmuGen3attousaiX

    XmuGen3attousaiX19 днів тому

    Always binge watch mikey eat when I can’t be bothered and feel stuffed after watching him stuff himself 😂 that being said now I gotta get myself to my local Korean restaurant.

  53. Cindy Wei

    Cindy Wei19 днів тому

    I get the dumpling 🥟 filling being overly minced feeling, it’s very different to Chinese dumplings, Chinese dumpling is all about textures of the veggies and meat, can’t over chop them

  54. V3NATRIX 3

    V3NATRIX 321 день тому

    “What’s tasty in Busan?” Hehehheheh

  55. Ilse Sotomayor

    Ilse Sotomayor21 день тому

    Hiiiii, have you ever been misteated? everyone seems so easy going while they attend to you... but i found one or other being really bad places as for as attention.

  56. SoftBank47

    SoftBank4722 дні тому

    I lived in Busan for most of 2017. I miss that city terribly most days.

  57. BrainDeadEmo

    BrainDeadEmo22 дні тому

    I looooooove 떡볶이 so much, I make it at home a lot

  58. J P

    J P24 дні тому

    My family is from Busan ✌️ Awesome food!

  59. Isaac

    Isaac24 дні тому

    Do you give the cameraman food too

  60. Spade Monroe

    Spade Monroe25 днів тому

    AH. I'm so excited to go to Korea in October. I'm probably going to gain 50 pounds. SO going to be worth it.

  61. RainieLove

    RainieLove20 днів тому

    Spade Monroe same! Im going in june:)

  62. silver solja

    silver solja25 днів тому

    I think I’ve watched this video like 10 time, I just keep coming back

  63. Chris Isip

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  64. belle âme

    belle âme26 днів тому

    Is everything sweet in korea? Can someone recommend me something salty or sour?

  65. RainieLove

    RainieLove20 днів тому

    belle âme jjajangmyun;)

  66. Michael Dormire

    Michael Dormire28 днів тому

    Why are you not on Food Network! You’re 100 times better than what they have right now.

  67. Stunning_ Face

    Stunning_ Face28 днів тому

    Now im hungry

  68. Alex Saiyasak

    Alex Saiyasak28 днів тому

    Sacha Inchi

  69. Jenny Sim

    Jenny Sim29 днів тому

    Hey Mike, which part of Busan is the market located in? Possible for you to share the address? ;)

  70. RainieLove

    RainieLove20 днів тому

    Jenny Sim i wanna know!

  71. Juri Han

    Juri Han29 днів тому

    makes me want to go back.. great video!

  72. 네헤헤헿헤

    네헤헤헿헤Місяць тому

    We actually eat corn dog dipped with Tteokbokki sauce.

  73. Sonyeon Sedae

    Sonyeon SedaeМісяць тому

    Luckly u didnt get bite...

  74. Jim Dugger

    Jim DuggerМісяць тому

    This video is making me hungry

  75. Johnson Zhou

    Johnson ZhouМісяць тому

    duh boki

  76. Johnny R

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    corn dogs need mustard :)

  77. Cathymuas90

    Cathymuas90Місяць тому

    Can I b ur adoptive sis so u can take me with u?! Lol jk jk. Love all the places u went to. 🤤🤤

  78. MrNefertini

    MrNefertiniМісяць тому

    lets go yeet

  79. Alyssa Grasso

    Alyssa GrassoМісяць тому

    He should collab with Simon and Martina

  80. ThätØñëMëmëÇhï£d

    ThätØñëMëmëÇhï£dМісяць тому

    Matcha = my life❤

  81. Samuel Chang

    Samuel ChangМісяць тому

    I'm from Canada but roots from south korea and I've always wanted to visit my country but can't afford it 😟😟😟 1 like =1 dollar for a plane ticket ☺☺☺

  82. kasish stha

    kasish sthaМісяць тому

    Man. You eat a lot.

  83. Bangmom's stay

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  84. hitachicordoba

    hitachicordobaМісяць тому

    18:45 now that's just wrong man lol

  85. chae

    chaeМісяць тому

    I didn’t understand what he was trying to say until I realized he was trying to say "떡볶이" 😂

  86. Valoonie IS SHOOK

    Valoonie IS SHOOKМісяць тому

    *Train to Busian had deadass , great ending.*

  87. syahindah sapian

    syahindah sapianМісяць тому

    A video with a lot of information,i love it 😍

  88. essencekk

    essencekkМісяць тому

    Pork innards or chitterlings should NOT smell AFTER they are cooked. If they do, then they have not been cleaned properly.

  89. ayyXmomo

    ayyXmomoМісяць тому

    The sauce looks like samjang 쌈장 aka magic sauce. It's jochujang mixed with miso paso! *in the bacon kimbap

  90. iamyoonis

    iamyoonisМісяць тому

    Busan style tteokbokki uses larger rice cakes. To make sure that the rice cake is cooked through, they boil it in the same broth as the fish cakes. That's why the texture of the rice cake is softer and more loose like a mochi.

  91. PinkyPurple PinkPineapple

    PinkyPurple PinkPineappleМісяць тому

    I just wanna live ur life...

  92. Mint - Jason F.

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    I drank all my saliva already after 2 minutes in the video

  93. Maru Kiladze

    Maru KiladzeМісяць тому

    I heart has just stopped. I miss all these delicious things from Korea street market

  94. Heather The MOM!!

    Heather The MOM!!Місяць тому

    1:40 HE SAID YEET

  95. Rachel Clark

    Rachel ClarkМісяць тому

    Speaking of things from a pig have you ever had chitlins?

  96. warriorlight417

    warriorlight417Місяць тому

    If anyone sees a stall that serves the ice cream with the hotteok please comment if it finally exists

  97. Takeyla Johnson

    Takeyla JohnsonМісяць тому

    I want to go to Seoul but I want someone to be my tour guide

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    im hungry now

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    man u know how to eat

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    Everything looks great😋

  101. Primal Survival

    Primal SurvivalМісяць тому

    That’s a great movie. The Koreans really do zombies well.

  102. Ariella

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    Lmao I love when Mikey does food matchmaker. Dipping the corn dog in the sauce hahha, he totally would

  103. Xan

    XanМісяць тому

    I like these older videos better. Less theatrics and idk just a way better vibe. He describes the food a lot better too

  104. Nick305 X

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    Did anyone else tried to scan the QR code

  105. KRIS WU stan

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    Mike 'Ill dip anything into anything' Chen :D ... haha

  107. Nanette Vermillion

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    That is the tiniest chopsticks I've ever seen. Massive steamed dumplings....oh yeah.

  108. Mill S

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    저기떡볶이 먹어본이후로 만들때 무채썰어넣음. ㅠㅠ먹고싶다