1. DakotaThe Great

    DakotaThe Great5 годин тому

    I loved Ian’s Home Alone 4 joke😂😂

  2. Eduardo Sanz

    Eduardo Sanz6 годин тому

    Damn!! Elyse appears in just one episode of TNTL and she ran that game like no else has done in 30 videos !!!! she's on another level

  3. Alphamikee

    Alphamikee7 годин тому

    Dude pleeaase have Elyse back on the show, I've never laughed so hard and replayed her moments so many times haha

  4. Ava Menard

    Ava Menard9 годин тому

    dear shane and courtney shippers: did you know that the more attracted you are to a person, the easier it for them to make you laugh?? just putting it out there

  5. thabelang kayla motaung

    thabelang kayla motaung9 годин тому

    "whats your name? ""mhmm" "oh miss mhmm" lolololololololol :'D

  6. David Koenig

    David Koenig10 годин тому

    Who’s the guy between Adam and Elyse, he’s not a member of Funhaus

  7. Tiffany Kane

    Tiffany Kane10 годин тому

    Please have Brandon Rogers come on!!!

  8. Omega XD

    Omega XD10 годин тому

    First, Shayne making a joke about Abe Lincoln’s assassination. Then there was Damien making a joke about Princess Diana’s death. Then Shayne making a joke about the Natives. And last was Elise making a joke about the Challenger Diasaster

  9. Soe Ta eh

    Soe Ta eh10 годин тому

    Is it just me or does Elyse Willems remind you a lot like Barbara Dunkleman from Rooster Teeth.She also looks like her as well!💛

  10. Jackson 3303

    Jackson 330311 годин тому

    You need The Vlog Squad on this segment.

  11. Lucy Pierce

    Lucy Pierce11 годин тому

    Elyse and Courtney could be cousins in an alternate universe

  12. Daryl van Engelenburg

    Daryl van Engelenburg14 годин тому

    Why does shayne look like a tom cruize remake this vid

  13. Bramblestar9339

    Bramblestar933914 годин тому

    Oh my god I love James’s Attack of the Show shirt! I miss that show soooooo much!

  14. The Palm Juice

    The Palm Juice15 годин тому

    did you swallow it?

  15. Crazy Fun

    Crazy Fun15 годин тому

    *Maybe someday I will too. Do you think I have a chance??*

  16. mrdrprof99

    mrdrprof9916 годин тому

    Elyse can get many penis.

  17. flying lillard

    flying lillard18 годин тому


  18. Kun Kyuu

    Kun Kyuu19 годин тому

    14:00 this is for who only came for the Big Bird disaster,

  19. asos cena

    asos cena21 годину тому

    Was that Anthony Padilla At 4:55??

  20. 8bitpothead

    8bitpothead21 годину тому

    First time watching this channel so idk if Courtney is just doing a bit or if she is always this insufferable... Really really bad...

  21. Erik Haugan

    Erik HauganДень тому

    9:02 fetish lickin good!

  22. OzZyRoD

    OzZyRoDДень тому

    You should have Brandon Rogers on the show!

  23. Augusto Tejerina

    Augusto TejerinaДень тому

    We need more Elyse!!!

  24. M N

    M NДень тому

    Man, that "song" about America wasn't even dark humor, and it was kinda cringe

  25. Stephen A

    Stephen A6 годин тому

    Its true though. I hope you don’t deny that.

  26. TasertotGaming

    TasertotGamingДень тому

    Adam’s laugh is the most wholesome thing ever.

  27. Indecisive

    IndecisiveДень тому

    I can’t understand what Indiana Jones is saying can someone tell me. The voice is sticking words together too much and I don’t understand

  28. Jemma Griffith

    Jemma GriffithДень тому

    “Spit out my gamer girl bath water!” *proceeds to violently swing nunchucks for like 15 seconds* “give me back my gamer girl bath water or face Azeroth”

  29. Death Dragon

    Death DragonДень тому


  30. John Mulcrone

    John MulcroneДень тому


  31. Umm mmm

    Umm mmmДень тому

    Shayne when no one laughs at him: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  32. AG64

    AG64День тому

    Adam killed it

  33. Trei

    TreiДень тому

    What kind of mod was Courtney using that she killed orphans in Skyrim?! 😱

  34. Kacie Kelly

    Kacie KellyДень тому

    thank you smosh for doing what you do. i’m having a tough time at the moment suffering with an injury but when i feel rubbish i always come to watch smosh on repeat. i never get bored. please keep doing what you’re doing because we all believe in you and love you all!!

  35. Uncle Snowman

    Uncle SnowmanДень тому


  36. Ryan Wells

    Ryan WellsДень тому

    I died at "You will never be ocean master!" 🤣🤣🤣

  37. Chicken Nuggs

    Chicken NuggsДень тому

    That home alone one killed me

  38. Slaanesh God of excess

    Slaanesh God of excessДень тому

    i hope they can get Arin and Dan on this show one day man their bit at good mythical was way to funny

  39. Joseph Gosewisch

    Joseph GosewischДень тому

    Those guests weren't funny at all

  40. Delayed Critique

    Delayed CritiqueДень тому

    I’m really curious what Adam was singing

  41. Nathen Ward

    Nathen WardДень тому

    Bring back Elsye please

  42. RaezLite

    RaezLite2 дні тому

    15:26 😂 My favourite :D

  43. First name last name

    First name last name2 дні тому


  44. miguel freeman

    miguel freeman2 дні тому

    Striiiiiiike yourrrrrrrr out! Cortney haha

  45. Oof I’m in Slytherin

    Oof I’m in Slytherin2 дні тому


  46. Feathertail

    Feathertail2 дні тому

    i lost it and liked the video in the first 8 seconds w o w that was a lot 😂

  47. whatsleft17

    whatsleft172 дні тому

    I would love to be on the toy not to laugh challenge I think I'd be able to all through without laughing just saying

  48. xX DarthPredator Xx

    xX DarthPredator Xx2 дні тому


  49. hungryworm

    hungryworm2 дні тому

    Why does shayne look like howie mandel at 6:35

  50. Caitlin Wire

    Caitlin Wire2 дні тому

    This is the best day of my life

  51. [:——Sushī Sakurā ——:]

    [:——Sushī Sakurā ——:]2 дні тому

    At first I thought they were bleeping him for.. non copy righted reasons 5:28

  52. ishootbadguysYT

    ishootbadguysYT2 дні тому

    Big Brain Fact: Only 9 yr olds play FORTNITE, real gamers play minecraft

  53. Mair Lee

    Mair Lee2 дні тому

    It’s not a try not to laugh without Courtney. She’s been in every single one. Tf

  54. Danielle Vaknin

    Danielle Vaknin2 дні тому

    have the Game Grumps on this show!!

  55. Joseph Franklin

    Joseph Franklin2 дні тому

    So you couldn't get rooster teeth or achievement Hunter

  56. Dr. Bobcat

    Dr. Bobcat10 годин тому

    And how did you come to that conclusion

  57. Kaytlin Ross

    Kaytlin Ross2 дні тому

    Do a try not to laugh with the guys from Dope or Nope.

  58. can i hit 100 subs please

    can i hit 100 subs please23 години тому

    How tf would that work, there a review channel

  59. Elvin Slijepcevic Särlaskolan 7B

    Elvin Slijepcevic Särlaskolan 7B2 дні тому

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh '''breaths''' AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  60. Shanley Moore

    Shanley Moore2 дні тому

    you know what would be really cool, if they put septiplier (mark+jack) on this series.

  61. lilpablo99

    lilpablo992 дні тому

    That challenger joke was actually one of the best jokes Honestly this episode was great

  62. MidNiteParis

    MidNiteParis3 дні тому

    How come Adam couldn't sing that song? If you can't sing copyrighted songs in UAreporter videos, how do cover artists on UAreporter make money?

  63. Rees Rourke

    Rees Rourke3 дні тому

    I knew Adam had Elyse with the skeleton humour. If he had a rotating chair he would have definitely smashed.