Try Not To Twitch Challenge


  1. Myth

    MythМісяць тому

    Thanks for having me, I was a bit nervous at the start but had a great time overall ^-^ Hope you all enjoy the video.

  2. That guy Hubbs

    That guy HubbsДень тому

    Myth I love you

  3. mlcantrell4

    mlcantrell43 дні тому

    Love you MYTH

  4. Marcie

    Marcie7 днів тому

    It was an extra MYTHical morning because of you

  5. John Green

    John Green13 днів тому

    C'mon Myth!!!! Every REAL gamer has heard of Contra!! Letting me down ma dude. Lol.

  6. Logan Dows

    Logan Dows23 дні тому

    You were awesome!! Thanks for guesting 😁

  7. Yana Loo

    Yana Loo14 годин тому

    who else was 100% sure twitch the dancer would b in this

  8. James McClenny

    James McClenny17 годин тому

    Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left Right, B, A, Start. The Konami code! The means by which you can easily win Contra! 9:58 for those wondering.

  9. Chantel Chandler

    Chantel Chandler21 годину тому

    Why dont retts nuts work?!?! Anyone know? Was it mentioned in another episode and I missed it?

  10. Anthony Kurosaki

    Anthony KurosakiДень тому

    Wtf myth was on GMM

  11. David 420

    David 420День тому

    Rhett definitely won that first challenge

  12. Lily M-J

    Lily M-JДень тому

    "No repeats or hesitations" Rhett: "Nebraska" Link: "Nebraska" Link: "Georgia" Also Link: "Georgia"

  13. Plucked Gaming

    Plucked Gaming2 дні тому

    You should've brought in hamlinz

  14. Hanna Niemela

    Hanna Niemela2 дні тому

    This is probably my favorite episode recently.

  15. Victoria Hayes

    Victoria Hayes3 дні тому

    i never laughed so hard in my entire life with the part of the dude bashing through lol

  16. Kayla Mckinnon

    Kayla Mckinnon3 дні тому

    Myth is soo cute! Liked this episode 😀

  17. Stephen Ayers

    Stephen Ayers4 дні тому

    Man looks like a younger Etika.... Damn it now I'm sad

  18. 6CatsInAnAlley

    6CatsInAnAlley4 дні тому

    I don’t know why, but it looks like Rhett and Link are Myth’s dad

  19. Billy Butane

    Billy Butane5 днів тому

    3:24 look closer he did flintch

  20. Jacquetta Williams

    Jacquetta Williams3 дні тому

    But he had a slower reaction

  21. Super Stuffed Mario Bros

    Super Stuffed Mario Bros5 днів тому

    I’m from Louisiana I say woves

  22. Maya Waters

    Maya Waters5 днів тому

    God, you can never get tired of watching this duo..😊😊😊

  23. Alyssa

    Alyssa6 днів тому

    Why is nobody talking about how perfectly Link's shirt matched his chair??!

  24. Marcie

    Marcie7 днів тому

    That balloon filling up gave me so much anxiety

  25. Kieran Birks

    Kieran Birks7 днів тому

    You could have got a gamer that people have heard of

  26. Jeffery Gao

    Jeffery Gao8 днів тому

    Rhett: the biggest one Texas Alaska: am I a joke to u

  27. Aerial Zavala

    Aerial Zavala8 днів тому

    Nice save Rhett on the tittle 😂😂😂

  28. Night Stalker

    Night Stalker8 днів тому

    Why does Rhett look like a wizard

  29. Night Stalker

    Night Stalker8 днів тому


  30. Ferrero Gaming

    Ferrero Gaming8 днів тому

    0:42 when ur game lags

  31. potawatadingdong

    potawatadingdong9 днів тому

    The gamer doesn't know what Contra is!?

  32. potawatadingdong

    potawatadingdong9 днів тому

    Come on Link! Why couldn't you just stay seated?

  33. Becca F.

    Becca F.9 днів тому

    Link definitely flinched in the first round

  34. PipeCrafter420

    PipeCrafter42010 днів тому

    i couldn't do this cause i have mild Tourettes lol

  35. Destiny and More

    Destiny and More10 днів тому

    Legend has it that he’s still runnig til today

  36. lorizero123

    lorizero12311 днів тому

    why did myth have earplugs in the balloon game

  37. The Water Man

    The Water Man13 днів тому


  38. Ernomobiili

    Ernomobiili13 днів тому

    But Link did flinch on the first one too..

  39. Liam Salapka

    Liam Salapka14 днів тому

    Link managed to get a negative score, I’ve seen it all now

  40. Kelley Brown

    Kelley Brown15 днів тому

    No Cuticle Residue A Punk Rock Band 😂

  41. William Pancamo

    William Pancamo15 днів тому

    So we now know Rhett has a vasectomy

  42. Preston

    Preston16 днів тому

    Link's shirt matches the chair

  43. Star's Galaxy

    Star's Galaxy16 днів тому

    Thank you women of commenst section for saying stuff i didn't want to

  44. Lauren Madeleine

    Lauren Madeleine18 днів тому

    Wooves 😂

  45. riles

    riles19 днів тому

    the slow motion of them flinching has me in tears

  46. ScarryHarry

    ScarryHarry19 днів тому

    12:35 I'm Link all the time lol

  47. D Bone

    D Bone20 днів тому

    Wait... I'm sorry. Did the "gamer" *really* say "What is Contra?"

  48. D Bone

    D Bone20 днів тому

    Well... We learned that Link has questionable rhythm.

  49. Frogmaster

    Frogmaster21 день тому

    LiNNk siiiT tHe F DoWN

  50. lilly gerringer

    lilly gerringer21 день тому

    Any other females see Myth move his fingers in the beginning and you just....😳

  51. kiarayee !

    kiarayee !21 день тому

    Myth reminds me of etika :( idk why

  52. Jr Montgomery

    Jr Montgomery21 день тому

    Was surprised that the first episode of good mythical morning I’ve seen in a while had myth on it

  53. The Main Adog

    The Main Adog21 день тому


  54. Lindsay Giedosh

    Lindsay Giedosh22 дні тому

    Link...oh Link... What are we gonna do with you? Lmao

  55. Open your eyes

    Open your eyes22 дні тому

    first links hair, now rhetts beard. i miss the pillow fight times

  56. Logan Dows

    Logan Dows23 дні тому

    I haven't seen any of Myth's content but DAMN is he cute.. Like he seems so genuine and down to earth~

  57. UrBuudWill

    UrBuudWill23 дні тому

    i wonder what else myth can do with those fast fingers

  58. Zube Tube

    Zube Tube23 дні тому

    “Which one of us will never twitch and which one of us is a little b... aby...” Good save Rhett

  59. Mahd Khalid

    Mahd Khalid23 дні тому

    why is myth wearing earplugs in the balloon challenge lol

  60. Alyssa B. Eagleton

    Alyssa B. Eagleton24 дні тому

    "Link, sit the f down!" lol

  61. One point

    One point24 дні тому

    Contra I remember playing that game

  62. Pooky1991

    Pooky199125 днів тому

    This is the hhardest I've last at one of these in awhile. I'm in tears right now.

  63. Authentic Bananas

    Authentic Bananas25 днів тому

    My nephew popped a balloon as soon as links bag of nuts fell and I flinched

  64. Carrie Mansel

    Carrie Mansel25 днів тому


  65. random person

    random person26 днів тому

    *knows that if LTAT still existed then they would get their revenge on Link*

  66. Justin Horth

    Justin Horth26 днів тому

    Link totally flinched SOOOOOO many times 0mG

  67. Galactic Josh

    Galactic Josh26 днів тому