Try Not To Twitch Challenge


  1. Myth

    Myth8 місяців тому

    Thanks for having me, I was a bit nervous at the start but had a great time overall ^-^ Hope you all enjoy the video.

  2. Epic7Ate9

    Epic7Ate912 днів тому

    This is a nice video

  3. Nullify

    NullifyМісяць тому

    Myth .s,skskdogjjrf

  4. Randy Yesenosky

    Randy YesenoskyМісяць тому

    good stuff

  5. Rikoltilo

    Rikoltilo3 місяці тому

    Why aren't you subscribed to GMM, Myth?

  6. Josh Esparza

    Josh Esparza3 місяці тому

    You made this whole video better xD

  7. Hiyori W.

    Hiyori W.3 дні тому

    Haha watching this made me nauseous

  8. Reeve Kook

    Reeve Kook3 дні тому

    When Stevie said “Link sit the F down”, I was about to cry from laughter and shear fear

  9. Go To Seoul

    Go To Seoul4 дні тому

    Link flinched so hard in the first round, how can y'all say he didn't ???

  10. Sara Rose

    Sara Rose6 днів тому

    Love when Stevie told Link to sit the F down.

  11. Ani's World

    Ani's World8 днів тому

    This gave me anxiety

  12. Derpy Grinch

    Derpy Grinch10 днів тому

    No offense but what was that small af snowman I made one as big as my brother who is about 6.7

  13. Epic7Ate9

    Epic7Ate912 днів тому

    HMMM you were very close to getting demonitized oof

  14. Ivan wishyouknew907

    Ivan wishyouknew90715 днів тому

    Alaska is the biggest state in the USA.....Alaska not Texas, read that again lol

  15. Hannah Middleton

    Hannah Middleton16 днів тому

    he had earplugs in during the balloon thing so no wonder myth won

  16. Jordan

    Jordan18 днів тому

    i wonder if lucas set up the balloon thing...

  17. FaZe Chiniqua

    FaZe Chiniqua20 днів тому


  18. memer manz

    memer manz22 дні тому

    Rhett and link and first person to pre order only fans pokimane

  19. ᴠᴇɪɢᴀʀ, ᴛʜᴇ Fɪɴᴀʟ ʙᴏss!

    ᴠᴇɪɢᴀʀ, ᴛʜᴇ Fɪɴᴀʟ ʙᴏss!24 дні тому

    As a person with anxiety I should not have watched this

  20. Michael Perry

    Michael Perry26 днів тому

    -15 points for link 😂😂

  21. Jefferson Higuti

    Jefferson Higuti29 днів тому


  22. inka PG3D

    inka PG3D29 днів тому

    Are you feeling it Mr.Crabs? 4:18

  23. Not Moisture

    Not MoistureМісяць тому

    No one else notices the earplugs in myths ears in the 2nd challenge?

  24. Andrew Goodson

    Andrew GoodsonМісяць тому

    Well you can’t shake two hands in 2020 who here is crona!!

  25. fish swim

    fish swimМісяць тому

    this was so chaotic and it wasn’t even myths fault

  26. fish swim

    fish swimМісяць тому

    i didn’t know myth was on here?

  27. Loaded6Stringxx

    Loaded6StringxxМісяць тому


  28. TactiGrill

    TactiGrillМісяць тому

    I think Dr. Disrespect did this challenge. 🤔

  29. buff boy

    buff boyМісяць тому

    None of them said utah


    THE CRAFTOONSМісяць тому

    Rhett should’ve won that first round, I know it doesn’t matter now, but link completely flinched. More than Rhett

  31. Jack Hershiser

    Jack HershiserМісяць тому

    “The biggest state, Texas”... smh

  32. Natella

    NatellaМісяць тому


  33. Swg_chris

    Swg_chrisМісяць тому

    9:27 yeah, for poki 😂

  34. Jonathan Wilkins

    Jonathan WilkinsМісяць тому

    Someone else I don't know?

  35. Killer Macaroni

    Killer MacaroniМісяць тому

    0:59 this is the best intro of all time

  36. Bringer 12

    Bringer 12Місяць тому

    Wait why did Rhett say that Texas is the biggest state ?🤷‍♂️

  37. Randy Yesenosky

    Randy YesenoskyМісяць тому


  38. ChillvibesHD

    ChillvibesHDМісяць тому


  39. Eli Richards

    Eli RichardsМісяць тому


  40. Joshua Juarez

    Joshua JuarezМісяць тому

    4:54 I ain't flinching, lol

  41. Maddie Larson

    Maddie LarsonМісяць тому

    There’s nothing that I want more than to be hidden behind Rhett and Link’s shoulders.

  42. PSG

    PSGМісяць тому

    “LINK-sit the F DOWN” lol

  43. Sophie Grace

    Sophie GraceМісяць тому

    Myth is so sweet!! I must admit I hadn't heard of him, but yeah he's adorable

  44. Danielle Hassell

    Danielle HassellМісяць тому

    Haha Alabama roll tide

  45. Cheems Appreciation Squad

    Cheems Appreciation SquadМісяць тому

    The angriest Stevie has ever been

  46. SkreechCretin

    SkreechCretinМісяць тому

    Is it too much to have an actual price tho?

  47. Autumn Rose Mestre

    Autumn Rose MestreМісяць тому

    links respond time is so slow

  48. Logan Laurel World

    Logan Laurel WorldМісяць тому

    My head the whole thing through this: *DONT FLINCH CHALLENGE, GO!!!*

  49. Gallium G

    Gallium GМісяць тому

    Some might say... Good MYTH ical morning

  50. I Elmo I

    I Elmo IМісяць тому

    I miss myth

  51. Trainbaker Tommy91

    Trainbaker Tommy912 місяці тому

    I have never heard Stevie yell before

  52. Rae

    Rae2 місяці тому

    *the balloon literally gave me serious anxiety*

  53. jordan carver

    jordan carver2 місяці тому

    myth looks like noah from loveliveserve

  54. YoSkillZz

    YoSkillZz2 місяці тому

    It’s funny that you can tell that Rhett and Link clearly haven’t been up to date with the gaming community

  55. Moonlight io

    Moonlight io2 місяці тому

    link gets -15 points for not sitting the f down

  56. Katinka Rainey

    Katinka Rainey2 місяці тому

    Link DEFINITLY didn't repeat states a million times :P

  57. WrathionRX3

    WrathionRX32 місяці тому

    What’s this rendition of pop goes the weasel?

  58. Remedy

    Remedy2 місяці тому

    link sit the f down

  59. Eliodoro Romero

    Eliodoro Romero2 місяці тому

    When link said “oh” when the ballon popped was hilarious

  60. Katherine Whitfield

    Katherine Whitfield2 місяці тому

    I had so much anxiety during the box part

  61. Ruler World

    Ruler World3 місяці тому

    Rhett asking a twitch streamer if anyone played contra on twitch and then him asking what that was is....upsetting

  62. J Z.

    J Z.3 місяці тому

    Texas isn’t the biggest state. Not even close.

  63. ZleepyE

    ZleepyE2 місяці тому

    It is Besides Alaska but alright

  64. Georgia Barrick

    Georgia Barrick3 місяці тому

    don’t flinch challenge, GO 😜

  65. Wynne Tan

    Wynne Tan3 місяці тому


  66. Tori B.

    Tori B.3 місяці тому

    He flinched on the first round tf.

  67. Lee Bishop

    Lee Bishop3 місяці тому

    Today is the balloons in your back of shirt like hunchback for me today is my birthday please

  68. Jocelyn Perucca

    Jocelyn Perucca3 місяці тому

    Don't flinch challenge...GOOO!!

  69. Ahmed Al-Radhi

    Ahmed Al-Radhi3 місяці тому


  70. Alchemist

    Alchemist3 місяці тому

    "so how fast are your thumbs" Careful, Link. You're edging into "Are ya winning, son?" territory.

  71. Raspberry Champagne

    Raspberry Champagne3 місяці тому


  72. Hyper4ctive Gaming

    Hyper4ctive Gaming3 місяці тому

    David's face after he blew the air horn is what i see in my dreams lmao

  73. Zabuza Momochi

    Zabuza Momochi3 місяці тому


  74. Tyler Crosiar

    Tyler Crosiar3 місяці тому


  75. Quinn Gacha

    Quinn Gacha3 місяці тому

    2028 anyone in it with me?

  76. secret_darkzz z

    secret_darkzz z3 місяці тому

    Did they say “JUULS” 5:26

  77. Evan DeSersa

    Evan DeSersa4 місяці тому


  78. CrashvanderSpek 21

    CrashvanderSpek 214 місяці тому

    Stevie yelling at Link made my day

  79. Mia Turner

    Mia Turner4 місяці тому

    *no repeats

  80. Mia Turner

    Mia Turner4 місяці тому

    *or hesitation

  81. Jaedin Watson

    Jaedin Watson4 місяці тому


  82. mckenzie pillstrom

    mckenzie pillstrom4 місяці тому

    *link clearly twitches in the first round* link you didn’t flinch

  83. Makayla Bonilla

    Makayla Bonilla4 місяці тому

    Link flinched lol you ain’t see it

  84. That_UDK

    That_UDK4 місяці тому

    Link flinched the first round doe lol

  85. Cass R

    Cass R4 місяці тому

    Link tshirt match chair

  86. Rebecca Eugley

    Rebecca Eugley4 місяці тому

    What's with the nuts

  87. Matthew Mykonos

    Matthew Mykonos4 місяці тому

    Anyone else waiting for Rhett to tell Myth, "AW Yeah! That's the spot!"

  88. William Riley

    William Riley4 місяці тому

    This game would be super hard to play with tourettes.

  89. Kristen Dickerson

    Kristen Dickerson4 місяці тому

    Up down left right left right B A start

  90. Emma Goldstein

    Emma Goldstein4 місяці тому


  91. israel crowley

    israel crowley4 місяці тому

    Wow link you are truly the one ... "your special"

  92. Blaze Vlog

    Blaze Vlog4 місяці тому


  93. E E

    E E4 місяці тому

    Why did myth have earplugs in on the ballon round.

  94. willywonkaswife

    willywonkaswife4 місяці тому

    that balloon one i was tensed up the whole time

  95. Cam & His Cats

    Cam & His Cats4 місяці тому

    I lost ALL my respect for Stevie!!!

  96. Max Zhi

    Max Zhi4 місяці тому

    he’s so cute :(

  97. Jane Cat

    Jane Cat5 місяців тому

    Remember when people could shake hands?

  98. raWR

    raWR5 місяців тому

    They should've had cotton candy randy in one of the boxes

  99. Areesha Hasan

    Areesha Hasan5 місяців тому

    This is the first time ive heard of myth, he's cute! And his compliment to Rhett at the end was precious.

  100. Avery Overton

    Avery Overton5 місяців тому

    4:37 What’s is myths ears?

  101. Shaxui X

    Shaxui XМісяць тому


  102. Meow Holly Meow

    Meow Holly Meow5 місяців тому

    Wow the pop goes the weasel one got ME wtf

  103. Jaedin Watson

    Jaedin Watson5 місяців тому

    She said link sit the f down

  104. Compnerd2525

    Compnerd25255 місяців тому

    Well Rhett said Georgia and Link on his next turn, said Georgia as well and no one in the studio caught that?

  105. multifariousgemini

    multifariousgemini5 місяців тому

    Every other episode Link seems to mess things up. But its all innocent right? Still love him!

  106. Egg Man

    Egg Man5 місяців тому

    Rhett thinks the biggest state in the US is Texas

  107. Bin-Adwan

    Bin-Adwan5 місяців тому

    Link didn't win the first round, he flinched much more than he flinched the 2nd round that he lost

  108. Mia West

    Mia West5 місяців тому

    Link: “I’m not gonna flinch.” *balloon pops* Link: “OH!”😂😂😂