Twins Go in a WOMB SIMULATOR together!!


  1. Bhad_bitch756

    Bhad_bitch756Годину тому

    Both can enter this womb any day or night “teehee” 🌝

  2. ellielucy747

    ellielucy747Годину тому

    omg the doctors face at 11:49 was so confused hahahah 😂

  3. Das Memes

    Das MemesГодину тому

    *mOm Im HuNgRy HeRe!*

  4. julia meyer

    julia meyerГодину тому

    that was a fuckin solid hand shake

  5. em.emily 1

    em.emily 1Годину тому

    “we were goops” 😭

  6. kelly maganini

    kelly maganiniГодину тому

    Ok but like Dr. Gary Ott is like... kind Gary what’s ur number tho???

  7. Ella Tesch

    Ella TeschГодину тому

    Me: Where were you born? Dolan twins: The womb

  8. J B

    J BГодину тому

    Grayson:“Awe fuck we fucked up dude we forgot to ask what babies wear inside the womb” Ethan:“Babies are naked u fucking idiot”. 😂😂😂12:41

  9. NIYA Bear

    NIYA BearГодину тому

    Tf ?

  10. Summer Gies

    Summer Gies2 години тому

    oh my god. I am so dumb. i just realized why fetal position got its name when the doctor was talking about how much space a baby has at the end of the pregnancy..... i feel stupid now

  11. Sarah Juteau

    Sarah Juteau2 години тому

    is it bad that i think grayson looks super hot without all the hair shit

  12. Destiny Archuleta

    Destiny Archuleta2 години тому

    The doctor is so disturbed

  13. WithoutReality -

    WithoutReality -2 години тому

    The doctor dude is like why da fak you here you idiots and why u asking me these restarted question

  14. Delroy Miller

    Delroy Miller2 години тому

    Ethan " he's always been a little THICCER than me

  15. Sapphire Moon

    Sapphire Moon2 години тому

    grayson is like the left symmetrical side of grethan and ethan is like the right symmetrical side 😂😂

  16. Aaron Brown

    Aaron Brown2 години тому


  17. Aaron Brown

    Aaron Brown2 години тому


  18. Anna Willmot

    Anna Willmot2 години тому

    As a fellow twin i would definetly not like to do this with my sister 😂

  19. Ruby C

    Ruby C2 години тому

    Hey I’m also a twin I thought my sister and I were only big babies. My mom carried 14.6 lbs. my sister weighed 7 lbs. and I weighed 7.6 lbs. that’s crazy.

  20. lucy clouse

    lucy clouse2 години тому

    nobody: dolan twins: goop 👌

  21. Haylee Block

    Haylee Block2 години тому

    Would love to spend my birthday this year with the twins since we have the same birthday

  22. Anna Eileen

    Anna Eileen2 години тому

    This doctor props felt so weird explaining this to them

  23. Zuri Paredes

    Zuri Paredes2 години тому

    The way they say tummys 😩❤️

  24. supitsmeb

    supitsmeb2 години тому

    Just here for 22:42.

  25. Asmaa Taleb

    Asmaa Taleb2 години тому

    Hey I’m subscribed

  26. Perry Winkle100

    Perry Winkle1002 години тому

    No one: Literally not a single soul: Not even the aliens at area 51: Ethan: *kicks grayson*

  27. zabeast gamer 123

    zabeast gamer 1232 години тому

    I was umm 2 pounds but I was early soooooo....

  28. Sydney Woodruff

    Sydney Woodruff2 години тому

    U should have asked if u actually became furriers in the womb

  29. Aaron Brown

    Aaron Brown3 години тому

    Ethan’s notes: *kick grayson*

  30. yeah mate

    yeah mate3 години тому

    i'm over here weighting 10 lbs when i was born. 😂😂

  31. wandering spirit

    wandering spirit3 години тому


  32. Etho The Great

    Etho The Great3 години тому

    They must have been really board to do this

  33. Amanda Zapata

    Amanda Zapata3 години тому

    Lol , I am a new subscriber and I Am already like this

  34. sus aquad Wow123

    sus aquad Wow1233 години тому

    Bruh when I was in 7th and ik ALL of this plus the doctor expression was so funny he was like what the hell did yall not go to school.....

  35. lynn cooper

    lynn cooper4 години тому

    Pun or no pun,these guys are here to entertain us and i for one love what they do,they lift my spirits up,make me laugh,and sometimes sad in life which things happen and sometimes for emotional support,you gotta love these guys and i hope nothing but the ver best for them.Now having said that,ethan and grayson be blessed with all happiness and your family😊👍🌷

  36. Jordan Brown-Denny

    Jordan Brown-Denny4 години тому

    I was 3.8 pounds and my brother was 4.6

  37. Animal Lover

    Animal Lover4 години тому

    Why did I read this as WORM simulator until I watched the video?! 😂

  38. Marcella Blythe

    Marcella Blythe4 години тому

    I love how Eathan always called it a tummy😂😂

  39. Thad Jay

    Thad Jay4 години тому

    15:00 is what you came for plz like

  40. cheeto

    cheeto4 години тому

    i love how they start every video with an argument lmao

  41. Bella cichoski

    Bella cichoski4 години тому

    ummm what do you do for 9 moths you SLEEP thats what babies do then dont screem and kik sorry i did not speelll right

  42. Gaminggod Star

    Gaminggod Star4 години тому


  43. TheAwesomeDimond

    TheAwesomeDimond5 годин тому

    It was so funny how the doctor made those awkward asf answers to their questions and just kept saying "umm sure" lmao i was dying

  44. _Øweń. Vißes_

    _Øweń. Vißes_5 годин тому

    17:23 bro I’m wheezing they cannot stop yelling at each other 😂👌🏻

  45. Maggie Northcutt

    Maggie Northcutt5 годин тому


  46. LilEXTRAterrestrial

    LilEXTRAterrestrial5 годин тому

    "That's right mom. Get ready, we're hoppin back in!" Oh no

  47. Eveflowe R

    Eveflowe R5 годин тому

    That doctor looks like a five-star celebrity (based on sims 4). I can see that shine around him.😱

  48. Eveflowe R

    Eveflowe R5 годин тому

    Who the f is Grethan?

  49. Anna Lee

    Anna Lee5 годин тому

    why is greyson so much dumber than ethan

  50. amaya holland

    amaya holland5 годин тому

    Babys dont breath underwater