Unbothered- Domo Wilson (Official Music Video)


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  2. Beth Pearson

    Beth Pearson12 днів тому

    Domo Wilson Music..girl!!! You came from the 219 and 2019 is your year Momma!!! Stay unbothered cause you are going somewhere! and those that are bothered by you..don’t have nothing goin on for them!

  3. Suzana Valdez

    Suzana Valdez13 днів тому

    Domo Wilson Music AWESOME!

  4. shazy Choz

    shazy Choz16 днів тому

    You are fireeeeeee....lots of love all the way from Zimbabwe.... You my favrte now.....you are a queen👑

  5. Jomae Nichols

    Jomae Nichols3 години тому

    Domo I LOOOOVE it 🤗🤗🤗

  6. Precious Esohe

    Precious Esohe3 години тому

    I just love you 😍 it takes one 1thing to break up and a lot to make up💪🏾💋

  7. Ji Po

    Ji Po3 години тому

    2020 of June anybody?

  8. DoriiElise

    DoriiElise22 години тому

    Domo is not cute man 😭😂

  9. trina Nineteen

    trina Nineteen2 хвилини тому

    Check your channel, you are going to get a copyright infringement for having other peoples stuff up.

  10. trina Nineteen

    trina Nineteen20 хвилин тому

    Siri play Unbothered by Domo Wilson

  11. Krashaun Love

    Krashaun LoveДень тому

    Damn lyrics straight fire👏🏾👏🏾💯

  12. Shadarra Lockett

    Shadarra LockettДень тому


  13. Rachel Creegan

    Rachel CreeganДень тому

    Yaaassss, QUEEN! This my jam right here! I’ve been bumpin’ this ish all throughout my house all morning while I’m doing my cleaning & chores. lmao. This & ‘Bisexual Anthem’ be on REPEAT all morning here at my house! 😝 Sooooo fuckin’ happy to have discovered your beautiful, amazingly talented ass! Fan for life right here! Keep doin’ you, little mama! 🥰🖤😍

  14. Krissy Smith

    Krissy SmithДень тому

    Period you got nun to prove 😍

  15. Eiryanna Hutchinson

    Eiryanna HutchinsonДень тому

    ok gril



    I need all yo music period

  17. K& Jdiy

    K& Jdiy2 дні тому

    We all stay unbothered don’t we..💜💜🔥🤥

  18. Carmen Renae

    Carmen Renae2 дні тому


  19. Carmelo Anthony

    Carmelo Anthony2 дні тому


  20. Destiny Torres

    Destiny Torres2 дні тому

    This year is all you baby Domo go ahead Queen ❤️🥰👑

  21. blind connections

    blind connections2 дні тому

    Happy birthday beautiful!! I swear every time someone makes me mad I sing this song! You are my inspiration and you have come so far!

  22. Lil_ Wolfy

    Lil_ Wolfy2 дні тому

    Chrissy is shaking, Domo is badder than ever❤️ Domo ain’t playin 2019 she the queen of this year🔥🤭 👑

  23. The Farquads

    The Farquads3 дні тому


  24. Garielle Yancey

    Garielle Yancey3 дні тому

    Crissy didn't want domo to be feminine because domo would be cuter than her

  25. Nova Reign

    Nova Reign3 дні тому

    Crissy seems so unhappy

  26. Latricia Hardy

    Latricia Hardy3 дні тому

    I'm loving the new Domo.... Her music is the shot since the breakup.

  27. Phœnix 13

    Phœnix 133 дні тому

    The most savage and cool break up song i ever listen ❤️🔥 2:34 to 2:42 my fav part ,to all the bitches in my life🔥🔥🖕

  28. Rosa Cabrera

    Rosa Cabrera3 дні тому

    Now shes a hoe but wasnt one when you were with you both hoes

  29. Ceylon

    Ceylon3 дні тому

    Domo is killing this! Yeeeaaaahhh Domo! ❤❤❤❤❤

  30. GG Baby GMa

    GG Baby GMa4 дні тому

    WoW i don't who Domo is but im really feeling this chic i am new FAN Off The Flap ✔💯♠

  31. Kay Jarrett

    Kay Jarrett4 дні тому

    Unbothered bitch!, Loving it🔥🔥

  32. Lauren Jones

    Lauren Jones4 дні тому

    Dang, that fucking growth 😍😍😍

  33. Chynna' Breyana

    Chynna' Breyana4 дні тому

    The song not bad her delivery is wack

  34. TheCourtneyredd

    TheCourtneyredd4 дні тому

    I listen to this song every day domo my tf baby PERIOD 😍😘

  35. Chemical XR

    Chemical XR4 дні тому

    Vicky secret

  36. Paigey isthename

    Paigey isthename4 дні тому


  37. Kween Tiia MelanatedGoddess

    Kween Tiia MelanatedGoddess4 дні тому

    Ima be 100% honest...at first, I didnt like ur music when u were with Chrissy. I HONESTLY think its because u weren't urself...it shows in ur music NOW that ur mind is cleared play play niece!!! Im loving ur evolution so much!! Hope to meet u and Wick one day

  38. Lbs T.V.

    Lbs T.V.4 дні тому


  39. Amber Munique Gutierrez

    Amber Munique Gutierrez4 дні тому

    Just look at the smiles on the people’s faces tho😭

  40. Iman Brown

    Iman Brown5 днів тому

    Ok but that hair flip at the end👌🏽 Domo is not playing with ANYONE!!!! PERIOTT SIS!!!😖😫😘❤️😍🙌🏽👏🏽

  41. Lillian Carodine

    Lillian Carodine5 днів тому

    I can't stop repeating this song!😩❤

  42. Alicia Munoz

    Alicia Munoz5 днів тому

    when she said "period." shit made me feel a some typa way 😂

  43. Mercedes Rivera

    Mercedes Rivera5 днів тому


  44. Kay Bee

    Kay Bee5 днів тому

    this is soo meeee

  45. MrsVegasDiva

    MrsVegasDiva5 днів тому

    I'm might be too old but I LOVE this song!

  46. ayalacatherine86

    ayalacatherine865 днів тому

    That 2.4k that unliked this are wack motherfuckers

  47. Kiresha Ingram

    Kiresha Ingram5 днів тому

    Love how she really was giving in her video

  48. Daina Williams

    Daina Williams5 днів тому

    Thousandth time listening watching playing....summer anthem 2019

  49. Loretta Winder

    Loretta Winder6 днів тому


  50. William White

    William White6 днів тому


  51. Nicole Ledbetter

    Nicole Ledbetter6 днів тому


  52. Nicole Ledbetter

    Nicole Ledbetter6 днів тому

    She fine ass hell as a fem

  53. Eireann Davis

    Eireann Davis6 днів тому

    Look at Domo she a fly ass bitch. She finna fuck your shit up

  54. LaShannon Grier

    LaShannon Grier6 днів тому

    Domo glo up though!!! This whole song spoke to me! 🎶 I don't argue bitches who don't got no goals because I ain't got nothing to prove 🎶 Periodt!!! 🏳️‍🌈

  55. Its mee .0.

    Its mee .0.6 днів тому

    Butt why 2.4k dislikes yall know shes gonna come up on these lames yall bothered ✌ u go girl 🔥

  56. Cali_made Vegas_raised

    Cali_made Vegas_raised6 днів тому

    Exactly, we can tell that you are much happier and it shows keep doing you.

  57. Latesha Renee

    Latesha Renee6 днів тому

    I haven't been on this channel in like a year and y'all *still* talking about Chrissy......

  58. Jack Knights

    Jack Knights7 днів тому

    Domo I hate to tell you this but you stole my track ! I got the original..

  59. Jack Knights

    Jack Knights6 днів тому

    uareporter.net/v/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-FOaEtFagtjM.html YOU GOT WAY MORE VIEWS BUT IM JUST SAYING CAN WE COLLAB????

  60. Tykeria Tajayla'

    Tykeria Tajayla'7 днів тому


  61. Fatmata Turay

    Fatmata Turay7 днів тому

    That my gurl💋❤️💕

  62. Josephine Alimasi

    Josephine Alimasi7 днів тому

    🔥🔥😍😍😍😍f*ck it up

  63. Thobela Gedze

    Thobela Gedze7 днів тому

    Damn Domo just keeping doing what you doing babe!!! #bothered! Freaken love this!

  64. Rochelle Spies

    Rochelle Spies7 днів тому

    Yaaaaasss bitchhhh😍😍😍😍😍😍

  65. little rascal

    little rascal8 днів тому

    ♥️ Love it ♥️

  66. Laniece Scott

    Laniece Scott8 днів тому

    Yes domo fuck it up she going in

  67. Gabriela Carranza

    Gabriela Carranza8 днів тому

    Yes baby you drippin afffff

  68. Lady Q

    Lady Q8 днів тому

    Waiiiittttt aaa mmmiinnuutteeeeeee !!!!! She went awwffff

  69. Tiffany Strayhorn

    Tiffany Strayhorn8 днів тому

    This go sooo hard!

  70. 大閘dazha

    大閘dazha8 днів тому

    Oop 🥵

  71. Violets Letters

    Violets Letters8 днів тому

    This is bomb 💞💞

  72. Chloe Sampson

    Chloe Sampson9 днів тому

    Yesssss Domo look at you period cut up period'tttttt sis. Domo cuttin up 2019

  73. Yonnia Dobbins

    Yonnia Dobbins9 днів тому


  74. Alison George

    Alison George9 днів тому

    Love this ❤

  75. delanie rentie

    delanie rentie9 днів тому

    I love u wtf 🤪🤪🤪🤪 u a whole mood @domo

  76. Rae Caston

    Rae Caston9 днів тому

    Killing the whole game bby🅿️love you Domo♥️♥️👏🏽👏🏽

  77. Bruh wtf

    Bruh wtf9 днів тому

    Domo don stepped allll over Chrissy. Like bye bihhh😂😂😂😂

  78. Treecy's OpenFace GoldTooth

    Treecy's OpenFace GoldTooth9 днів тому


  79. yon bon

    yon bon9 днів тому

    Lih bih kinda fine

  80. Shan’s World

    Shan’s World9 днів тому

    So did anyone find out how long it take to make 100 cheeseburgers 🍔 lol love you domo

  81. Holly Ortiz

    Holly Ortiz9 днів тому

    I just wanted to say you're amazing Domino

  82. James Barr

    James Barr9 днів тому

    hey domo I love your music girl keep doing what you doing. You are blessed and beautiful.

  83. Mary Ruby

    Mary Ruby9 днів тому


  84. simply kendy

    simply kendy10 днів тому

    I'm oh k love it

  85. Kelly Evans

    Kelly Evans10 днів тому


  86. NearlyMaliciousLuna

    NearlyMaliciousLuna10 днів тому

    Ive been vibing with this song this week😍😍

  87. manaia belshaw

    manaia belshaw10 днів тому

    Queen and domo the only UAreporterrs that are qualified artist in period!

  88. Avi Kolapo

    Avi Kolapo10 днів тому

    I don't know about the situations she's referring to but her rhymes are so tight I can't stop listening to her. DOMO, you've got yourself a new fan! Just found you on Spotify and I'll be bearing your music haha.

  89. HIGHLYboredms

    HIGHLYboredms10 днів тому

    SNAPPED 🤪🤪🤪

  90. Jojo sweetie

    Jojo sweetie11 днів тому

    This my fav song by you.

  91. Debby Baker

    Debby Baker11 днів тому

    Her it domo

  92. Tiffany N Harris

    Tiffany N Harris11 днів тому

    YESSSSSSS!!!!!! I love it!!!!!! I’m so glad that you put this out on my birthday! My new anthem!!!!!! 😍😘🔥💯

  93. Tiffany Brown-Josiah

    Tiffany Brown-Josiah11 днів тому

    Wow is all I can say. I actually shedded a tear! Humble asf!

  94. Damouli Fraser

    Damouli Fraser11 днів тому


  95. standout420

    standout42011 днів тому

    Okay Domo 💪🏻

  96. Caramel QueenRe

    Caramel QueenRe11 днів тому

    banger 💅🔥🔥🔥

  97. ZhaWin GutierrezFAM

    ZhaWin GutierrezFAM11 днів тому

    *Damn Crissy probably choking on all the bullshit she did to Domo. Lol*

  98. Veroly Secret

    Veroly Secret11 днів тому

    You did it self girl

  99. yo boy harper

    yo boy harper11 днів тому

    Yssssssss queen 👑 #spitfire

  100. apartment to home

    apartment to home11 днів тому

    You're glow up is so inspiring 🤗

  101. Virginia Baggett

    Virginia Baggett11 днів тому


  102. Alea Navarro

    Alea Navarro12 днів тому

    youuuu mfff diddd thaaattt 😭👏🏼😍😍😍

  103. Kenny Perry

    Kenny Perry12 днів тому


  104. 9Elite Marketing Services, LLC

    9Elite Marketing Services, LLC12 днів тому

    THIS👏IS👏A👏MOOD!!!!!!! 😂

  105. Baddass Bitch

    Baddass Bitch12 днів тому


  106. Alishia Campbell

    Alishia Campbell12 днів тому

    The 2.4K that disliked this song must be bothered. 🤔