Unbothered- Domo Wilson (Official Music Video)


  1. ashley ortegon

    ashley ortegonГодину тому


  2. Deyonna Sameerah

    Deyonna Sameerah3 години тому


  3. Deyonna Sameerah

    Deyonna Sameerah3 години тому

    👀🔥🔥🔥🔥., i’m still listening 🤪🤪🤪.. i love thissss

  4. Tia Reed

    Tia Reed4 години тому

    Sooooo underrated can't wait for your big moment.. your the ish. PERIOD

  5. Marquita Rene

    Marquita Rene20 годин тому


  6. La'Tajha Hardwell

    La'Tajha Hardwell22 години тому


  7. brianna pulley

    brianna pulley22 години тому

    I gottt chilllllssss😍😍😍

  8. enjoli thomas

    enjoli thomasДень тому

    This is my favorite

  9. saylem C

    saylem CДень тому

    This song is a whole mood

  10. Emberson Mother

    Emberson MotherДень тому

    I love you girl

  11. Emberson Mother

    Emberson MotherДень тому


  12. aquarium dreamer

    aquarium dreamerДень тому


  13. Felicidy Solis

    Felicidy SolisДень тому

    periodddddd poooohhhh you better slayyyy ........ you had a whole glow up

  14. J. E.

    J. E.4 дні тому

    3 months lata this mf slap fr

  15. a person

    a person4 дні тому

    "Bitch I'm unbothered" I play this song when I'm on the bus on the way to school it makes me feel confident

  16. Jai Williams

    Jai Williams4 дні тому

    Domo really got me hype on this song 😂‼️

  17. Shamsa omer

    Shamsa omer5 днів тому

    After searching so hard I GOT IT 🔥😙🔥😙🔥😙🔥🤤🤤🤤🤤🔥🤤🔥🤤

  18. Bree’s World

    Bree’s World6 днів тому

    kik this fire

  19. Ari Torres

    Ari Torres7 днів тому

    Gosh I love her

  20. God's daughter

    God's daughter7 днів тому

    Domi Wilson can't wait to see u babyyyyyyy😘😘😘

  21. Buff Beerus

    Buff Beerus7 днів тому

    Domo is kinda fire no cap

  22. meghan-and-faith playzgacha

    meghan-and-faith playzgacha7 днів тому

    Im ganna cry, you do what others wont, but your not trying to prove anything but at the same time feeling happy for what you do, because others would just walk the other way

  23. Shy Rios

    Shy Rios9 днів тому

    Your awesome for giving to the people who need and who who are on the streets doesn't matter what they do , bless you for helping them

  24. Special K Gacha

    Special K Gacha10 днів тому

    periodtt sis beileve in yourself alright gurl

  25. Deyonna Sameerah

    Deyonna Sameerah11 днів тому

    this fireee ..!!!

  26. Justyce Jones

    Justyce Jones12 днів тому

    Yessssssss she did that

  27. Yoshi Lee

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  28. The Joe.T

    The Joe.T14 днів тому

    A masc and fem style switch up. #icanrelate

  29. The Joe.T

    The Joe.T14 днів тому

    I'ma keep it real even though the whole domo and Chrissy break up felt like a publicity stunt. At the same time in said what I said. I do kinda believe her because lately domo hasn't been beefing or been hanging with Chrissy lately and spending time with her son. Domo is UNBOTHERED while Chrissy be problematic on social media and doing the most.

  30. Paradise Boss babe

    Paradise Boss babe16 днів тому

    I’m A bad bitch I love this song I’m Unbothered 🤣 bitch

  31. Paradise Boss babe

    Paradise Boss babe16 днів тому

    I love this 🥰🥰❤️ when i get my first car I’m gone be Listening 👂 too this 😓😓😓😓😓

  32. Talesi Gilmore

    Talesi Gilmore16 днів тому

    Her and Queen Naija need to do a remix 💯💯💯🙏🙏💕

  33. 대양Chârlize

    대양Chârlize17 днів тому

    she totally expresses her feelings and i really like that

  34. Jerlyne Slater

    Jerlyne Slater19 днів тому

    I wanna be her so bad like I am Scared to come out to my mom and I really want a son like so bad I am only 11 but i love music like she is my everything omg and I wanna give to pp

  35. ToxicTrooper Physics

    ToxicTrooper Physics20 днів тому

    Domo you are amazing I wish your were in my family

  36. Nambala Lina

    Nambala Lina20 днів тому

    I am unbothered too

  37. Lanna Brue

    Lanna Brue20 днів тому

    Love this song

  38. Hannah James

    Hannah James22 дні тому

    firee 🔥😍

  39. Kendra D

    Kendra D22 дні тому

    Just watched this and I live for you!! Professional/retired 45yr old with a teenager in college! I said that to let you know you reach all people of all ages

  40. Rebecca Woods

    Rebecca Woods22 дні тому

    Dis da song yu play on da way to da club wit yo gurl aftr whoeva done did wat Eva fa da last time‽ Let's F*ck wat yu play when yu bring whomeva frm da club last nite¡ And her new joint is wat yu play wen yu actually thought dat was love frm da club! LOVE EM All

  41. Crystal Stewart

    Crystal Stewart24 дні тому

    Yaaass!!!! Love It Ma!!! 💞😍😘💞

  42. AndraSterian

    AndraSterian25 днів тому

    I think I'm having a crush on her

  43. shy Johnson

    shy Johnson25 днів тому

    I love you Domo.

  44. Aida vega Vega

    Aida vega Vega26 днів тому

    Domo you are beautiful !👍

  45. Myesha 420

    Myesha 42029 днів тому

    This deserves like half a million likes wth

  46. Dummy One

    Dummy One29 днів тому

    Why she turned lesbian

  47. Nana Crouch

    Nana Crouch21 день тому

    She biiii

  48. Lauren Chase

    Lauren Chase29 днів тому

    @lo.goddess on ig you influencer nail tech😇😈💅🏽 CHECK ME OUT!!!!

  49. Lauren Ashley

    Lauren Ashley29 днів тому

    I make up for 1M of the views

  50. Alana Forever

    Alana ForeverМісяць тому

    This song is fireeeeee😍🥵

  51. Nonnie Gang

    Nonnie GangМісяць тому

    I love u Domo Wilson

  52. Jujube

    JujubeМісяць тому

    bad 😍😍😍

  53. Erica Davis

    Erica DavisМісяць тому

    Someone tell me why I'm sitting in my doctors office and I hear one of the nurses listening to this song through her headphones 😂

  54. chelsea Mulvey

    chelsea MulveyМісяць тому

    I love you domo

  55. Valerie GOMILLION

    Valerie GOMILLIONМісяць тому


  56. Kiruki Evans

    Kiruki EvansМісяць тому

    This song is great

  57. random guy

    random guyМісяць тому


  58. Duke Sade

    Duke SadeМісяць тому

    Domooooooo is SO SEXXYYY😍🤪🤪😍😍

  59. Amber Mayhugh

    Amber MayhughМісяць тому

    Can someone tell me where to get that orange dress !

  60. Young Lyric

    Young LyricМісяць тому

    How can u be in bothered if u make a song about it

  61. Letii P

    Letii PМісяць тому

    Girrlll Youuu Stunninnn Youu Wayy Better Thann Crissyyyy😍😍😍😍