Unboxing Every iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max


  1. Unbox Therapy

    Unbox Therapy6 місяців тому


  2. Lontang Lantung

    Lontang LantungДень тому

    hmmmm when I can have an iphone, it seems impossible


    PRESTOИ11 днів тому

    Good decision for choosing the Midnight green colorway. I absolutely love the dark green matte finish

  4. UnicornCandieee

    UnicornCandieee20 днів тому

    Pls give me one 😫😫

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  6. Patrick with 10,000 subscribers with no videos

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  7. ivmurk21

    ivmurk2111 хвилин тому

    This is double the amount of phones an average person will own in their lifetime 😂

  8. Jordan Gaballo

    Jordan GaballoГодину тому

    ito yung taong ito ay bias.

  9. Malik Hadi

    Malik HadiГодину тому

    Lot of iPhone I got mad

  10. LaughingGOR

    LaughingGORГодину тому

    Him inside: ah shit...here we go again

  11. M Nafizan

    M Nafizan2 години тому

    Wow, so amazing

  12. Maddie Lods

    Maddie Lods2 години тому

    Which ones do you guys have and want? I'm just curious...

  13. Arisha Arwayne Official

    Arisha Arwayne Official2 години тому

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="7">0:07</a> He : which phone to unbox first? 🤔 Me : alright 😁 here we go again. Which question I should answer first. (Altho i didn't touch my books)

  14. Aaleah Richards

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  15. Aaleah Richards

    Aaleah Richards3 години тому

    I mean talk

  16. Cuco Zuniga

    Cuco Zuniga5 годин тому

    Next is IPhone 11, IPhone 11 Pro Or iPhone 11 Pro Max

  17. Emely L.

    Emely L.7 годин тому

    Er kann mir und meiner Freundin doch eins schenken 😂

  18. Eslam khaled

    Eslam khaled7 годин тому

    i'm frome egypt i folow your chanal and i'like it can you gave me one i kno y can gust one eny one 🥺😍

  19. Allure Goddess

    Allure Goddess8 годин тому

    Lol this video was so satisfying!!! 😆

  20. Ana Vargas

    Ana Vargas10 годин тому

    Los compraste todos WoW me gustaría tener un phone 11 pro máx

  21. Mina Mohamed

    Mina Mohamed10 годин тому

    I need a new phone. I’m using an iPad lmao 😂 no literally 😐

  22. Mystic Ice Awokened

    Mystic Ice Awokened13 годин тому

    When you can’t decide what phone you want and what color Gets all of them

  23. Could N

    Could N13 годин тому

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="406">6:46</a> 😭😭😭😭 .

  24. Maria vitoria Silva souza do prado

    Maria vitoria Silva souza do prado16 годин тому

    Alguem aqui fala portugues???

  25. Warren Orada

    Warren Orada17 годин тому

    I don't know what happened but he was funny. Lol

  26. Albert Escamillas

    Albert Escamillas18 годин тому

    Please give me iphone 11 pro max

  27. Gulnar Bedelova

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  28. Some One

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  29. Some One

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  30. Demetria Hopkins

    Demetria HopkinsДень тому

    i want one the gold one

  31. KingVee ToyCollector

    KingVee ToyCollectorДень тому

    This nigga literally went through 13 goddamn iPhone 11's without so much as a heavy breath. Legendary. Now what TF did he do with the rest?? LMAO

  32. Lontang Lantung

    Lontang LantungДень тому

    hmmmm when I can have an iphone, it seems impossible

  33. Ting Yean

    Ting YeanДень тому

    Give me one

  34. David Pablo

    David PabloДень тому

    can you give me one of there?

  35. Kimone Hall- Positive Forces

    Kimone Hall- Positive ForcesДень тому

    Exactly My life is weird because he just wasted my precious time by doing 1 thing everytime that's why I I liked him

  36. Taleb Young

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  37. Sophia Suarez

    Sophia SuarezДень тому

    Will you please give it away to your fans cause I have no iPhone and I just live with androids sosad

  38. Suhrat Naela Sreoshy

    Suhrat Naela SreoshyДень тому

    seems like he was forced to do this video 🙄

  39. Emile U.

    Emile U.День тому

    Literally “unbox therapy”...

  40. Jill Everetts

    Jill EverettsДень тому

    Good I want to color pink

  41. İbrahim Ahadov

    İbrahim AhadovДень тому

    Good asmr

  42. Max Nobleman

    Max NoblemanДень тому

    That cost over 12,000 dollars because the base model is 699 but I’m gonna call it 700 and then the pro is 1,000 and the pro max is like 1,200 1,000 times 4 is 4,000 700 times 6 is 4,200 1,200 times 4 is 4,800 which in all is 13,000 dollars

  43. Αντώνης Μαραγκός

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  44. sam khan

    sam khanДень тому

    I want 1iphone plzzzzzzzz

  45. The FRIENDTERlife

    The FRIENDTERlifeДень тому

    You should gove awy that to us

  46. احمد السيد

    احمد السيدДень тому

    او لعقلبك ياولدي فذا الحال فككتها كلها الله يفك منحركك والله ياحبيبي ايوه المتابعين نعمه تقل رز ونت هييواه ياحبيبي طرش فلوس طرررش 😂😂😂😂😂💔

  47. Holiday Pup

    Holiday PupДень тому

    Can someone tell me the main differences between the IPhone 11 and the IPhone 11 pro?

  48. Scythe _YT

    Scythe _YTДень тому

    Yooo asmr has never been better

  49. Remie’s Life

    Remie’s LifeДень тому

    What are gonna do with all that?

  50. باسم الحساني

    باسم الحسانيДень тому

    ماتنطيني جهاز انا رايد ايفون. -11- 😥😞

  51. irecson dronio

    irecson dronio2 дні тому

    pengeng xellphone

  52. bigfunk69

    bigfunk692 дні тому

    what a waste of phones

  53. ethan obrien

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    is this sopposed to be asmr ????

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  56. gucci pumps prada boots

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    What are you gon do with all those phones?

  57. iza gacha

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    Dá um pra mim nem vai fazer falta

  58. سيد هاشم الموسوي

    سيد هاشم الموسوي2 дні тому

    ممكن ضمانة ايفون ١١ ثنين ٢


    GXBR1ELLE2 дні тому

    i hate you

  60. Snow_ Key

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    Tá meio sem graça

  61. Kevin Ndayambaje

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    Do a giveway for all those

  62. Ammar Darwisy

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    Green + black

  63. Ammar Darwisy

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  64. Ammar Darwisy

    Ammar Darwisy2 дні тому

    Please gift for me iPhone 11 Pro Max color green

  65. Ty Legazpi

    Ty Legazpi2 дні тому

    Plain and simple just quite. This is probably one of my most appreciated videos of yours so far unboxtherapy


    SHIELD GAMERS YT2 дні тому

    11 pro max


    SHIELD GAMERS YT2 дні тому


  68. Freedom 173

    Freedom 1732 дні тому

    I think you are suppose to choose then buy not buy then choose 🤔

  69. Freedom 173

    Freedom 1732 дні тому

    Imagine if he needed to sneeze halfway through the video

  70. the tiger

    the tiger2 дні тому

    Sorridi che la vita è bella

  71. Mc evander Caling Yap

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    sana alll iPhone

  72. منصور حسن

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    لا تقولون بس انا العربيه بس 😀

  73. Gökçe Alabalık

    Gökçe Alabalık2 дні тому

    After this video, I will get the white or purple İPhone 11 because its colors are amazing😍

  74. Marie Nicole Christen

    Marie Nicole Christen2 дні тому

    Wow i wish you well unbox8ng 100 iphones 11&11 pro& 11 pro maxs

  75. Marie Nicole Christen

    Marie Nicole Christen2 дні тому

    Wait i love green but were is blue

  76. Melody almamaria Perez gonzalez

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    Me das uno por favor yo lo quiero un iPhone 11 pro max por favor

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    category: science and technology

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    Can I get someone hahaha

  79. Bri LovesToPlay

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    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="428">7:08</a> me: SLAM THE BOX ONE MORE TIME AND WE GONNA HAVE A PROBLEM <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="448">7:28</a> me: IM GONNA SLAP YOU THROUGH THIS PHONE IF I COULD how many of you gets annoyed when he keeps slamming the box

  80. Rain Drops

    Rain Drops3 дні тому

    I wish i can have one of those.

  81. Owen Zucker

    Owen Zucker3 дні тому

    I’m watching for that satisfaction of a new shiny iPhone

  82. الحجر الوردي

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    لو سمحت ممكن واحد

  83. Bdjbd Bxjhx

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    بالله اعطيني ايوف واحد بليز

  84. Max Sango

    Max Sango3 дні тому

    1 for texting 1 for email 1 for youtube 1 for Snapchat 1 for yahoo 1 for Facebook 1 for games 1 for recording games 1 for Discord and a bunch more Edit: to lazy to write 16 reasons to have 16 phones lol

  85. Nathaniel Archuleta

    Nathaniel Archuleta3 дні тому

    Can I have the pro or pro max

  86. Azis Aditya

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    I want😭