US Navy confirms UFO videos are the real deal


  1. pancake ghosty

    pancake ghosty15 хвилин тому

    What's SLAVE on the top right

  2. Mira Reese

    Mira Reese3 години тому

    Y is no one talkin ab the aliens broski

  3. Danilo Rockwell

    Danilo Rockwell8 годин тому

    weapons that causes electromagnectic disruption can protect us

  4. Evoq Gaming

    Evoq Gaming10 годин тому

    It could be their hypersonic testing of their missile to carry warheads, they even said it that they would be launching testing for it in 2019

  5. warren Stephens

    warren Stephens18 годин тому

    this very sec 3 ufo above my house flashing and disapearing moving back and forth, run outside and their still there, south wales uk best thing about ufo its real wever you Believe init or not. holy crap still near my house their coming back i can see them from windowand trust me thir not fucking stars guys

  6. nick sepulvado

    nick sepulvadoДень тому

    According to Canada's government Prime for UFO Research and Chief Radio Engineer Wilbert Brockhouse Smith ... he found, while studying ET Science, that ET uses a Field Function relating to 'Time' in Manipulating a Scalar Field that is the Density of Vibrational Energy ( ~ 'Frequency' ). This means that ET can Expand and Compress 'Time' related Activities / Phenomena. Our 'Science' Does Not even recognize the existence of this Fundamental Field that is More Basic than the Electric and Magnetic Fields that are Derived from it. All of this means that ET can do things in a Modified Time Density that Appear Impossible to our 'science'.

  7. CNN FakeNews

    CNN FakeNewsДень тому

    For some reason I find this hard to believe...

  8. AlHussain Hamidaddin

    AlHussain HamidaddinДень тому

    What triggers me is that we are in 2019 and yet we are still using this low quality infrared POV cameras for crying out loud ... 😒

  9. Luis Solano

    Luis SolanoДень тому

    That a non intelligent alien spiece we are actually more advanced, the reason they seem more advanced is because by coinsiden there gravity in there planet was more massive than ours, getting our attention is 1 thing but an intelligent alien spiece will leave a gift to show hostility or friendship my guess...

  10. Reun Fox

    Reun Fox2 дні тому

    Imagine the gov still working on the Ufo to find a way to open the door on it

  11. Greg Garcia

    Greg Garcia2 дні тому

    Andersons lips are moving.I don't believe it.

  12. Jesse A

    Jesse A2 дні тому

    Unless it’s paying my bills I don’t give a damn what it is.

  13. Arturo Escalante

    Arturo EscalanteГодину тому


  14. CuzziVFX

    CuzziVFX5 годин тому

    might be the most random thing to say, who hurt you man?😂

  15. chuck cosmic

    chuck cosmic2 дні тому

  16. Akash.

    Akash.2 дні тому

    The big wall won't work anymore... Right...

  17. Fire bomb

    Fire bomb3 дні тому

    these are not aliens,,,

  18. Ashira Israel

    Ashira Israel3 дні тому

    Those are the chariots of TMHG of Israel coming to take us Blacks and Hispanics and Natives home! Hallelujah to TMHG Israel will be saved soon!

  19. Ashira Israel

    Ashira Israel3 дні тому

    Daniel P If you believe those are aliens in every one of those, then you fell into the brainwashed trap, and I hope you can escape that matrix thinking.

  20. Daniel P

    Daniel P3 дні тому

    Ashira, I wish you were right but aliens ain't saving us.

  21. King Hamlet

    King Hamlet3 дні тому

    Because of "Commodity'

  22. King Hamlet

    King Hamlet3 дні тому

    And the inability for leaders to lead "People"

  23. King Hamlet

    King Hamlet3 дні тому

    The aliens are pissed about the war

  24. Fitsum Hailu

    Fitsum Hailu3 дні тому

    I sow these space ships very closer, they know our existence. they know I have looked at them, but they didn't respond, there is a place where they come every year with the exact time, the next day there will be huge wild blowing, heavy rain in the coming months. the surprising thing is the movement of the space ship is different when you see on the human eye (you think the object is moving on one direction) but on camera (it could move in all directions with a fraction of seconds with very fast speed), the camera is the truth...I have a video but its not clear enough.

  25. Gautam Hatkar

    Gautam Hatkar3 дні тому

    That's Ironman.. Relax guys

  26. Gary Mickalson

    Gary Mickalson3 дні тому

    Can you spot the younger David Fravor in this video from the USS Nimitz? .

  27. Reader Looker

    Reader Looker3 дні тому

    From underwater to space

  28. oof 120

    oof 1203 дні тому

    They are military drones

  29. james etue

    james etue4 дні тому

    if it was real then the pilots wouldve already committed suicide, hillary clinton style....

  30. Zz Z

    Zz Z4 дні тому

    UFO's aren't intergalactic organic beings, they're interdimensional demonic entities..

  31. Carlton Smith

    Carlton Smith5 днів тому

    It's about to go down on edom

  32. internet guppie

    internet guppie5 днів тому

    What do you think of this on.

  33. malc Moore

    malc Moore5 днів тому

    Or from beyond Antarctica

  34. malc Moore

    malc Moore5 днів тому

    Come from inner earth Antarctica.

  35. xc5647321 xc5647321

    xc5647321 xc56473215 днів тому

    And yet the things could come down and invade us, rape our daughters and kill our men, and people would still worry about impeaching Trump!

  36. MDFTS GO

    MDFTS GO5 днів тому

    om deddy ama coki yg bikin ane kemari

  37. cybersoil100

    cybersoil1005 днів тому

    Come on CNN! I know that you can figure out how to add an extraterrestrial alien invasion caused by Donald Trump into your story. It Trump's fault they are invading... they come to help remove an evil dictator of the universe.. and so on.

  38. Chilanbalam1 Chilanbalam

    Chilanbalam1 Chilanbalam5 днів тому

    Billy meier case is the best.

  39. Kevin Littell

    Kevin Littell6 днів тому

    This is CNN....Subject to interpretation of the facts and the opinion of the reporter.

  40. Nicholas Blanchard

    Nicholas Blanchard6 днів тому

    THEY control us through our emotions, one must AWAKE to become truly free...

  41. Slow Justin

    Slow Justin6 днів тому

    As long as the pay taxes just let them stay but I don't think we need a wall any more

  42. MrSamurichuck

    MrSamurichuck6 днів тому


  43. Out Here In The Perimeter

    Out Here In The Perimeter7 днів тому

    That just say it's a UAP to stop people asking what it is?

  44. JudgementRavi JudgementRavi

    JudgementRavi JudgementRavi7 днів тому

    Palaayan paper tagara dappa tatumutnga google glu😀😃😄 .

  45. David A

    David A7 днів тому

    The UFO’s are using a gravity propelled system described by Bob Lazar.

  46. Zz Z

    Zz Z4 дні тому

    David A no, UFO's are interdimensional demonic entities..

  47. SentinelZone X

    SentinelZone X8 днів тому

    Dont worry it's just me getting to my gals house

  48. Joey Carder

    Joey Carder8 днів тому

    In 2017 I sean a green also Wight . it look like a round was so close.

  49. Azeraph

    Azeraph8 днів тому

    Well i think it's pretty damn obvious that the whole planet knows that no govts can do anything about them. They would've done so a long time ago. We all know air superiority is the key to any situation and in this case, we all know they have had it all the time. I mean you would have to be childish to think we could go toe to toe with them. If one day you wake up and see the sky full of these objects and the entire planets electricity grids have gone down and theres no net. All any of us can do is sit and wait for whatever as there is no where any of us can run to.

  50. Azeraph

    Azeraph8 днів тому

    Pour a lot of money into energy disruption technologies and better detection of energy fields that can be translated into real time data that we can understand. I don't think it will be enough. What i've described is what modern Christians believe how Jesus is going to return. He will come in clouds, leading all the hosts of heaven. It's the ultimate invasion plan, there's no way we can counter it. They can enter the atmosphere where ever they want and leave it where ever they want. If you're going to invade a planet where would you descend from? I wouldn't descend to just 1 place. I would envelope the entire planet then all of my force descend into the atmosphere. We will surrender. Theres just nothing we can do. Not a damn thing

  51. عمر عاصم

    عمر عاصم8 днів тому

    In your opinion.. what should we do??

  52. Wizzlepop9D

    Wizzlepop9D8 днів тому

    Does belief in God hold value? Does belief in UFO's hold value? If God can move the sea of people, then God is influential and hold's value in mass, mass that can be used for a driving force or a work force. Now about UFO's. Do secret's hold value? What if everyone believes in a false secret that they know not is false. Does it hold value? If the mythical Ark of the Covenant was a space based weapon and was voted to go on sale on E-Bay, then how much would such secret weapon technologies be worth? The point is. There is transparent value. There is secret value. And there is "workload" value. Which category do UFO's and GOD fall into?

  53. Wizzlepop9D

    Wizzlepop9D8 днів тому

    Oh 1 more thing. Holy Order's may secret for a reason.🌎🕋🕍🕌⛪🏥🏦

  54. Wizzlepop9D

    Wizzlepop9D8 днів тому

    Hopefully they don't leverage your secret head's for golden gloves.

  55. SaúdeVC thaismelo

    SaúdeVC thaismelo8 днів тому

    System of a down "Aerial" in the sky ...

  56. warren schnell

    warren schnell9 днів тому

    This is US technology friends, they are just easing us into telling us the whole story, laugh at me now but you’ll see very soon.

  57. Zz Z

    Zz Z4 дні тому

    No, they're interdimensional demonic entities..

  58. xxxmx 45

    xxxmx 456 днів тому

    warren schnell v smart

  59. warren schnell

    warren schnell6 днів тому

    xxxmx 45 it’s not impossible to manipulate gravity, they have figured it out and China and Russia are also very close to having a working craft if they don’t already. The US military has admitted these videos are real and it just the first step into telling us it was our own. They can just come out and say oh look what we can do now. I would guess by 2022 this will be old news.

  60. xxxmx 45

    xxxmx 456 днів тому

    Tell me now

  61. EXiLE* Than

    EXiLE* Than8 днів тому

    Very true🤣🤣

  62. Fall Montley

    Fall Montley9 днів тому

    What we never lied.. We don't know of UFOs Those are uafs 😅

  63. Ömer Erdemir

    Ömer Erdemir9 днів тому

    ufo footage from turkey

  64. SweetDaddyBarron78

    SweetDaddyBarron789 днів тому

    The jig is up!

  65. bobby brewer

    bobby brewer9 днів тому

  66. Chaotic N00b

    Chaotic N00b10 днів тому

    They may be real, you're still fake news though.

  67. Red XIII

    Red XIII10 днів тому

    Of course theyre real and theyre here, no one has to tell me that, if i was out there in space looking for worlds harbouring life i would come to this world and investigate, just let the non believers sleep....

  68. BallisticGamer

    BallisticGamer10 днів тому

    honestly i dont buy it i wanna see some high quality footage. the fact that there government are confirming the existence of UFO's doesnt mean its aliens theres many theories about what else it good be that they saw i do believe in other life but ill start going mad when high quality or the meet of aliens happens

  69. Eileen Smith

    Eileen Smith6 днів тому

    That's because it's the footage they record at the Navy which is fitted to pick up various objects and heat signature's while blocking out everything else. It doesn't matter if it's Alien's from another planet, We should be concerned that someone is flying through American airspace uninvited regardless.

  70. kingkong

    kingkong10 днів тому

    Give that Money to the poor or helpless people...

  71. Spinning square

    Spinning square10 днів тому

    It is a nazi flying saucer

  72. Lexa

    Lexa10 днів тому

    Noone: People:Aliens are coming for us.

  73. Old classic wildmanchris200

    Old classic wildmanchris20010 днів тому

    US Navy is throwing up a SMOKESCREEN to divert attention from top TOP secret Aircraft to get the populace to believe in UFOś which are REALLY US top secret aircraft being tested. Get the populace to believe there are REALLY UFOŚ to divert attention from what is REALLY going on.

  74. John Hoover

    John Hoover10 днів тому

    Why is this video so crappy i know the have it in clear time,if not i want a refund of our tax dollars Come on show the clear video i know u have them ive seen them

  75. Victor Baker

    Victor Baker10 днів тому

    It was a flying saucer not a UFO. Yes they're real. Live with it.