US Navy confirms UFO videos are the real deal


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    fake. part of the military complex to ensure budget for their space force program.

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    These Power Centers lost their souls long time ago and we are as Humanity paying for it dearly . But now it seams they lost their mind as well . This is Insane . Starting with the staged Event ,across Robot like thing they call Journalist And the Factory of lies that is CNN and their sister companys that are all across the world . My Coutry has 5 milion ppl but 5 CNN like lie facotrys . They steal and rob and everyone knows it , but they staged the elections stole the votes , and act like they are Chosen by the ppl. Just the same as these Devils from Washington .. same freaking thing .

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    Falta poco amigos,ya salen a la luz xd🇦🇹🇦🇹

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    UFO ain’t tryna go down in Florida tho

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    I wonder what space weed is like...

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    Wir kommen in unneutraler Abssicht!

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    Anteriormente yo era seguidor pero ciegamente de la ciencia, y en ciencia te enseñan que la charlataneria son este tipo de cosas pero llevo mas de 20 años leyendo libros y te van llevando de uno a otro personaje en la historia, pa pronto quien me inculco en la lectura fue Elvis Presley era muy muy curioso ya que el traia la cruz y la estrella de David colgada en el pecho, pero bueno ahora despues de 20 años de lectura se por que, ahora puedo decir que la ciencia no debe ser tan estricta diciendo que los OVNIS y toda la enseñanza Sumeria es charlataneria ya que de los Sumerios se desprende tooooooooooooooooooodooooooooo lo que saemos hoy, absolutamente todo!! y ellos identifican a Marduk el planeta que golpeo a Tiamat y lo destruyo ( Cain y Abel en la biblia) y le dio vida a nuestro planeta tierra, es el famoso 12vo planeta que brilla como una CRUZ a lo lejos y que en realidad significa 'EL QUE CRUZA" y que en la actualidad la ciencia sigue buscnado el 9no planeta (por que ya no se cuenta a la luna, ni a pluton, ni al sol) y por que somos el 7mo planeta no el 3ero, pues los Nefilim contaron de afuera hacia adentro del Sol (Shamesh), en la biblia se menciona en la Torah o Genesis que Los Nefilim llegaron del cielo a la tierra, quienes fueron considerados como Dioses y mas adelante los nombraron como angeles pues sabian volar ( pudieron volar en naves extraterrestres o saber construir helicopteros) , los verdaderos dioses son LOS PLANETAS QUE NOS GOBIERNAN. Y que LA IGLESIA HA SIDO LO PEOR QUE HEMOS TENIDO EN ESTE MUNDO Y LO AFIRMO. Nuestro destino esta escrito en la Biblia atraves de lenguaje secreto y este menciona el principio y fin de acuerdo a los acontecimientos astronomicos y creencias astrologicas pero LA BIBLIA NADA TIENE QUE VER CON LA IGLESA NADAAAAAAAAA esta se lo ha apropiado para controlar a la humanidad pero LA BIBLIA ES HISTORIA-CIENTIFICA Y ahi se menciona de toda las historias y relatos SUMERIOS que despues se convirtieron en Judios y Arabes. POR ESO EL DIOS QUE NO DEBE SER MENCIONADO - MARDUK - se le llamo despues YHWH (Jehova - Latinizado ) y mas adelante ASHEM BARUJ ( Ashem = nave que vuela en lo alto - Baruj = Señor )y no tiene imagen. Esos señores de barbas y ropas blancas fueron los sabios druidas que impartian la sabiduria.

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    person: we saw i white object it was heading north right side: *black object facing North East

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    UFO just sounds better than UAP

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    I’ve been waiting for this moment my entire life I want to see aliens

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    They might have come to the Earth on the zoo tour.

  15. James Limborg

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    Here is 6+ years of information that I have collected on psychic mediums, astral projection and near death out of body experiences, aliens/extraterrestrials, and other spiritual information: James Limborg Experiences: Start reading Conversations With God now: Book 1: Book 2: Book 3 [HTML]: Book 3 [PDF]: Book One is to contain basic truths, primary understandings, and address essential personal matters and issues. Book Two is to contain more far-reaching truths, grander understandings, and address global matters and issues. Book Three is to contain the largest truths you are now capable of understanding, and address universal matters and issues-matters being dealt with by all the beings of the universe. Book 4: God's 3 Basic Wisdoms [From Book 3 above] 1. We Are All One. 2. There's Enough. 3. There's Nothing We Have To Do. If you decided that "we are all one," you would cease treating each other the way you do. If you decided that "there's enough," you would share everything with everyone. If you decided that "there's nothing we have to do," you would stop trying to use "doingness" to solve your problems, but rather, move to, and come from, a state of being which would cause your experience of those "problems" to disappear, and the conditions themselves to thus evaporate. Neale Donald Walsch shares his story: Alien Experiences, UAreporter Playlist [Many people sharing their experiences with aliens] Near Death Experiences, UAreporter Playlist [People who died and share their out of body experiences] Astral Projection Experiences, UAreporter Playlist [People sharing their Astral Projection out of body experiences] Psychic Mediums & Energy Healers, UAreporter Playlist [Most popular psychic mediums giving readings, and people doing energy healing]

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    My Alien/UFO Experiences - Summer of 2016 I was on my back deck and I looked up at the stars and said, “ If there are any aliens up there blink a light 3 times really slow and bright.” That’s EXACTLY what I saw; 3 blinks to the north nice and slow and bright. It looked like it came from where satellites would be (about that high up) and the brightness was as bright as the brightest star. The next day I ask the same thing and AGAIN I saw 3 blinks in the sky but this time to the East. - 06/06/2019 - Around 3:10am I was outside on my back deck looking at the stars; I talked really quiet saying, “If there are any aliens up there please show me your space ship; Do something.” To the East moving from South to North I saw a moving object light up for two seconds; I said, “Thank you; Please do it again.” About 1 minute later I saw the same thing this time North-East moving in the same direction. It was like what people who see UFO’s call a Power-Up but very short as if they only wanted me to see them. The object appeared to be about 1 mile away from me; The light went from complete darkness to brightness, fading-in from small to large and fading-out from large to small; Hold your thumb and index-finger ¼-inch apart and then hold your fingers against the sky and imagine a bright-light about 1 mile away at that size [That’s about how large the light was at its brightest]; And the shape of the light was more oval shaped being wider on the left and right sides. - 06/08/2019 - Around 2:50am I was on my deck looking at the stars asking the aliens to please show me something; I turned south-east and noticed 2 bright stars, one on top of the other; I thought to myself, where the heck did those 2 stars come from? I never saw those stars there before; Every night the same stars are in the sky; I stared at those 2 stars for about 15 seconds and then they both slowly faded away together in about 15 seconds; A cloud would cover one first and then the other; These both faded away together. 06/09/2019 I looked at the sky all night from 12am to 3am and I never saw those 2 bright stars to the South; That confirms to me my experience yesterday was aliens that created those 2 bright stars to the South. - 06/27/2019 - Around 2:25am I was laying on my reclining chair looking at the stars and said “Show me something aliens” and eventually I saw a light moving from South to North looking over my house towards the North; I think it was a dim Power Up that lasted only 4 seconds; It appears to be the same object I saw 06/06/2019 at 3:10am that did a Power Up. - 07/03/2019 around 1:00am I was outside on my deck laying back in my chair looking at the stars; Within 5 minutes I saw something moving from North to South and light up for about 3 seconds; It was up where satellites are; The light wasn’t super bright, just bright enough for me to see clearly; The last time I was out there I asked my alien friends to please show me something moving from North to South because the last 3 times I saw things moving from South to North; This confirms to me something is listening to me up there. About 5 days ago I saw the same object moving from South to North and it lit up [a light] 3 separate times just 2 seconds each time and in a row and that was it; That’s when I realized the last 3 times I saw something up there they are always going South to North and asked them to please do something from North to South next time [and that is what I saw tonight]. - 07/03/2019 around 3:00am - I had another experience; I went out around 3am and looked at the stars for 10 minutes; I went in and got my laser; I shot my laser up in the sky for 3 seconds a little East and then said… ok aliens, I put on a show for you; Now you put on a show for me; Within 1 minute I saw a blinking light START where I shined my laser for 3 seconds and the blinking light went North; I stood up out of my chair and looked over my roof and it blinked a few more times and then stopped, nothing more. - 07/04/2019 around 4:00am I asked the aliens to show me something and soon after straight above my head as I was laying back in my chair looking at the stars I saw a quick bright flash of light and that was it; Nothing more; I said Thank You, I saw that; The flash of light was 1/8-inch round and appeared to be about a mile or so in the sky. - 07/05/2019 around 3:30am I had just sat down to look at the stars and within 2 minutes looking South I saw an object do two slow flashes of light and that was it; I felt like it was my alien friends saying hi to me; It was not fireworks; Super quiet, warm, and clear sky. - 7/18/2019 around 12:45am I was looking at the stars laying back in my chair and I said “Aliens show me something please”; I saw 3 bright blinks way up in the sky slowly moving from North to South. They answered me within a minute. - 7/22/2019 around 12:50am looking at the stars asking my alien friends to show me something; About 3 minutes after that I saw a light moving across the sky from North-East to South-West and then faded away during flight; It was about twice the size of a star, solid white light. Clearly not a satellite because it faded out completely above me to the right [South a little]. - 7/23/2019 around 12:30am I shine my green laser into the sky for 3 seconds and say “Ok alien friends show me something”; About 3 minutes later I see a white light moving across the sky from North-West to South-East and then fades away not too long after it passes over me. Around 4:00am I shined my green laser in the sky for a few seconds, waited, about 3 minutes after saw a light appear above and to the North-East as it was moving and then fade away within about 4 seconds; 2 minutes later it did it again. - 7/24/2019 around 1:00am I was laying down on my chair looking at the stars; I said, “Aliens, bring your ship down here”; Within about 3 minutes I saw a detailed light flying from South to North only about 500 feet above me; It was like a ripple of light, three u-shaped lights similar to this: ((( flying above me. Then immediately after I see a light moving across the sky way up high like a satellite from North to South and it seemed to make a little curve as it was flying; As it passed over me it went a little further and then faded away completely [That lets me know it was not a satellite]; And as that light was moving the other light that was only 500 feet above me flew by again from North to South but this time dimmer. - 7/25/2019 around 3:50am I was laying on my chair looking at the stars, I looked South and saw an airplane flying from South-East to North-West about the size of an inch with solid and blinking lights; Then, much lower moving from South to North a random blinking bright white light went over me and seemed to go higher as it went North and seemed to fade out; Then 4 minutes later it came back from North to South blinking randomly a bright white light as it went South; I sat there another 20 minutes and didn’t see anything more. About 20 minutes after that I saw what looked like a falling star but I don’t think it was because it was right above me falling from West to East like a firework and it appeared to start at that point. - 7/30/2019 around 4:00am I was looking at the stars [a cool night wrapped in a wool blanket] and I said “Come on alien friends, put on a show for me” and I saw a light [tiny like a star/satellite] moving above and in front of me from West to East a short distance and then faded out; Then I said “Come down here close to me about 50 feet”; Shortly after I saw a stream of light fly by from south to north in front of me; Then I said “Now come 10 feet from me”; Then I saw a light at the top corner of my house above my sliding glass door light up dimly and moved to get my attention making me look; I definitely know something is communicating with me [an alien, a light being, something]. - 8/1/2019 around 2:10am laying on my chair in a wool blanket on a cool night I was talking to the aliens asking them to take me to Hawaii and then above me flying fast from East to West at the top of a tall tree in my yard about 150 feet up a very intense about 8-inches wide yellow and green light smeared across the sky [Yellow in the middle with green on the outside edges]; The color was so intense against the night sky it reminded me of colored posters that glow with a black ultraviolet light. - 8/7/2019 around 3:30am; I haven’t had any alien/ufo experiences the past 3 or so times I’ve been outside looking at the stars; Tonight I said “If there are any high vibration/frequency aliens that can hear me and your intent is for my highest good and will help me raise my vibration/frequency show yourself to me now please”; And I saw a stream of light fly by me about 40 feet up just over the roof of my house moving from south to north [Like if you took an almost white red-hot piece of coal/wood and through it through the air and it flew at a straight line horizontal to the ground; It was mostly white but with a little red]. - 9/2/2019 A few days ago my parents saw their first UFO around 11:45pm; My mom was looking out her bedroom window and saw a square object hovering about 300 feet off the ground above the trees to the North-West; She made my dad come see it as well; It had multi-colored lights on the bottom; Then it slowly started to move; Then a bright white light flashed ON; And then it moved out of view. Around 1:30am that same night my mom said she saw a round white circle to the North that looked the same as the moon looks in the day; She made my dad get up to look at it as well.

  17. James Limborg

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    continued... - My dad got to see one of my star friends at around 10:05pm, Tuesday, 4/7/2020. Around 9:30pm I went outside on my deck and laid on my reclining chair with a wool blanket. I always say quietly, "Come on alien friends, star friends show me something up there please." Nothing happened. Then I shined my 5mW [5 mega-watt] green laser at one point in the sky for about 5 seconds and then turned it off like fishing. Then I waited. That seems to draw them in. About 3 to 5 minutes after that I started seeing my alien/star friends. They look like stars moving across the sky. A light turns on, moves across the sky a little bit, and then slowly turns off the light. In the same spot, about 5 times, a light turned on, moved across the sky, then turned off, then another what appeared as a new light turned on, faded across the sky in the same path and turned off; 5 times that happened. So I went inside and called my dad on the phone to come see this. He got out on his deck next to my deck in about 5 minutes. Then I said "Show yourself again, my dad is out here." About 2 minutes later a very bright star like object moved from south to north above our houses, I pointed next to it using my green laser so my dad could see; He was in pain because his back has been hurting him, but he said he saw it. It faded out completely. It was very bright at first and completely faded out while moving from south to north. This was my first 2020 ufo/alien experience. - 4-18-2020 around 9:30pm neighbors Mike and Janet and I all saw a light moving across the sky from south-west to north-east similar to a satellite but then after it goes by another one would come. This happened 5 times or more on 4/7/2020 and another 5 times or so when standing in my driveway looking at the stars with my neighbors. Then I laid in my reclining chair on my deck and it happened another 10 times or so and saw 2 of the headed in the same direction but they were pretty far apart from one another. I said “Come down here alien friends” and saw a light turn ON to the East and then OFF. I said THANK YOU. Then about 10 minutes later a light about 250 feet above the pond in my back yard from East to West fell like a falling star effect. My neighbors were outside because they said someone told them to go outside and look at the lights in the sky [ufo’s]. - Around 10:15pm 4/26/2020 laying back on my reclining chair on my deck I saw the fastest light going across the sky that I ever have seen so far. It was moving from West to East looking over my roof while laying on my reclining chair. I said THANK YOU and then the light slowly faded out before the object went out of view. Usually objects/lights will continue moving until out of view. They purposely turn their lights off BEFORE going out of view with me. And then… about 15 minutes after that I saw a huge flash of light in the sky north-east [Imagine those fireworks that create a FLASH of light with a big BOOM!!! I saw that but without the big boom sound]. They’ve done that before for me last summer. - About 3:40am 4/27/2020 I had one of my favorite alien/ufo experiences. I was laying back in my reclining deck chair looking at the stars waiting to see if my alien/star friends show me anything. And then where I was looking, in front and up I saw a light moving from south-west to north-east really dim but I could see it. I said THANK YOU. And then BAM… a bright light flashed to my left, much closer to the ground. I looked in that direction hoping to see another flash… nothing, and then BAM another flash of light I saw clearly… and then the light faded in slowly, out slowly as it was moving from west to east… and them BAM!!! a super bright light with sharp edges [the light seemed to have detail, like lines coming out in all directions], and then it went back to fading in and out as it moved East until it went out of view. Meanwhile, that first light I saw kept appearing in the same place and then moving from south-west to north-east, and when it went out of view it would repeat again starting in the same place like it circled around and followed the same path. It did that 7 or so times. This was one of my favorite experiences tonight. So cool, amazing, awesome!!! - 5/9/2020 around 3:30am I saw a small flash of light to the East, the a little North-East, and again. I said “Come down here.” Then to my right [south] about 20 feet from me, about 30 feet from the ground, flying mostly horizontal with a little downward angle was a light that looked like a red hot piece of coal with a trail behind it [It looked like a mixture of black, orange, yellow like how red hot embers/ashes look]. - 7/1/2020 around 3:20am - My alien friends haven’t been showing themselves to me at all recently the past few weeks I’ve been outside looking at the stars… BUT TONIGHT they did. The floor of my deck had some wet paint so I went out on my front lawn and laid back in my reclining porch chair with a 100% wool blanket wrapped around me to keep any mosquitos off of me. I could see a lot more stars in my front yard versus on my deck. I said “Come on alien friends please show me something.” Shortly after I saw what looked like a satellite moving across the sky above and a little behind me. I said “If you are my alien friend flash a light or shine a light so I know you are not a satellite.” Nothing happened so I started looking in another direction. Then I looked back where that satellite was and it was a very large bright white light floating in the sky. I said “Thank you, I see you” and then the light slowly faded back to the satellite brightness. That was amazing. I never had that happen where something that looks like a satellite turns into a very bright light, brighter than what they normally show me. Super cool experience tonight. - 7/3/2020 around 3:00am - I went out on my deck to see if my alien friends would show me something. I laid back in my reclining deck chair wrapped up in a 100% wool blanket to keep mosquitos off of me. I said "Show me something alien friends". I first saw some blinks in front of me about 10 feet away like light-up bugs, but it could have been much-further away in the sky above the pine trees. Then on my left side a flash of light caught my attention so I started looking there. Eventually another flash of light but more to the right of the first one. And again soon after further right again. As it was moving it would turn ON then OFF [fade in, fade out] quickly like a slow-flash of light. And then it did what I asked a few days ago... which was to change direction please... because whenever I see these lights they are always going in the same direction. Tonight was the first time I saw a moving light change direction. The light was moving East, but then changed and was heading North as it faded in and out slowly [a slow flash of light]. I said "Thank you... I see you changed direction. Thank you for doing that for me." Then I said "Do something 4th of July like... a falling star effect with varieties of colors if you can." Soon after saying that a light faded in then out as it was flying at my right side fast and about 100 feet or so away from me coming slightly downward, wizzing by. I said "Thank you." And then the last thing I saw was a very bright light, like how a helicopter with a light on would look, moving like a satellite, but it was too bright and low for a satellite and there was no sound as it went from mostly West to East, slightly South to North. - My friend Derek Goga had his first alien/ufo experience July of 2020. He said, “I was riding my bike@3:30am I looked up and saw this light flash on and off and watched it do a circle then it just took off it was crazy to see it but I know it wasn't man made.” - 7/24/2020 around 3:00AM I was laying in my reclining deck chair looking at the stars. There were some clouds but I could see the stars between the clouds. I said "Alien friends, Where are you up there?" About 15 minutes being outside I saw a light that looked like a bright star, about 1000 feet above me shoot across the sky, horizontal to the ground, about the speed of a falling star, from south to north, a little bit west to east as well, and after it passed over me it faded out. So it was like a very low falling star that didn't fall, went horizontal, and it was so crystal clear because it was so low, really close to me.

  18. Doritos used 2 b good

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    Dont believe the LIE that is coming. Jesus Christ will NOT arrive in a space ship. He is GOD, he doesnt need "Trans-po" I believe there is going to be a BIG lie, I believe we will see aliens, and spaceships, but it is all a demonic lie. They are going to tell people that Christ was and is an Alien, and that we come from alien DNA. Jesus said there will be false christs and false prophets, who will be able to do extreme SIGNS AND WONDERS, and MIRACLES...he said," So if someone tells you, ‘Look, the Messiah is out in the desert,’ (area 51?) don’t bother to go and look. Or, ‘Look, he is hiding here,’ don’t believe it! Then Jesus says the way he will show that people would know the truth..~He will split the Eastern sky.~ The Catholic church has a telescope and they are watching/looking for ALIENS? They are also twisting scripture to convince people of this LIE. The MESSIAH IS NOT IN THAT/THOSE SHIPS..OUT IN THE DESERT.He is NOT in those underground chambers. I am doing my best to warn people of this coming deception. This stunt they will pull off, will be SO beliveable, that even Christians are in danger of believing it. CALL ON GOD NOW, WHILE HE MAY BE FOUND, CALL ON GOD NOW WHILE HE IS NEAR. Jesus warned of this coming lie over 2000 yrs ago. Because he loves you

  19. Doritos used 2 b good

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    @golden63 I recommend , Jesus

  20. golden63

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    I recommend Thorazine and electroconvulsive therapy.

  21. Steve D

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    The aliens were seeking out intelligent life. All they saw was the liberal media and established there wasn’t any!

  22. Steve D

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    golden63 Nope. Because she’s a full blown American. Now go drink some veggie juice. Leave this country to real men! 🇺🇸

  23. golden63

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    @Steve D Is your wife proud of the fact that you’re a full blown Repubelican? 😂 Is that even embarrassing a little bit?? 😕

  24. Steve D

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    golden63 Is your wife proud of the fact that you’re a full blown soy boy? 😂 Is that even embarrassing a little bit?? 😕

  25. golden63

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    The aliens were seeking out intelligent life. All they saw was Faux News and established there wasn’t any!

  26. Michelle H

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    They are doing tours to show how not to run a country...they leave laughing and shaking their heads....or many heads, ya never know.

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    The Lucifer Connection" (1987) by Joseph Carr documents New Age connections to occultism, the study of hidden spiritual things. We know from the Bible that Satan walks the Earth and may take different forms. To further turn people away from God, Satan may be accommodating the desires of New Age believers and others to believe in extraterrestrials. Robert E. Dufresne

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    So now when the governments and experts tell you aliens are invading everyone will suck that lie in and freak out 😂 oh humanity

  29. SK UP

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    Planet Earth does not belong to humans, you are here temporarily, you are a different robot at the disposal of extraterrestrials, you still do not have the intelligence to understand.

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    yeah uh, what the fuck?

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    Its Rick and Morty on they flying car lol

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    Humans testing private home build. Get over it people. Aliens ain’t been in our air space since Roswell. They learned at that moment how hostile we are after their friend ET did not return home.

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    "We may not be alone, stay safe." Man I'm so fed up with cliches.

  34. Kadosh L.

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    UFO, UAP. Breaking wind, farting, cutting the cheese, different names but they all stink the same.

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    This is The Wrong Place for Real UFO information🔭🛸

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    It was probably a Russian or Chinese aircraft. The Navy should have taken it out.

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    chill out and get down with the wonderful person -

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    Kinda looks like an eagle

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    "Two possibilities exist...Either we r alone in the universe or we r not...Both equally terrifying" Author C.Clarke

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    Falcon vs U.S.A.F😂😂😂😂😂

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    Should of shot down one, they released that covid shit

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    Bezos yacht

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    We are not alone never was alone God is real the bible speaks of these events and sit back folks the show has just begun we are in for a treat we are gonna see a whole of a lot of events our eyes wouldnt believe

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    The trick of the United States system allied to the Djinn and Satan

  45. TP014563

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    Remember guys, general Zod said it in the broadcast "You Are Not Alone"....

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    Holy shit....

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    It's all bs the government know your all crazy that's why they play along with you..When they say ufo the mean Russian or Chinese

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    Can't we get 4k colour on these systems lol?

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    You'd think this multi million dollar jet or whatever it's called would have a decent camera. At least it should have some color. This could be anything.

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    Iv been waiting for this moment in my entire life

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    UFOs only exist on UAreporter

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    This is such bullshit. These are U.S.A.F crafts. Called MKV's as in MULTI KILL VEHICLES. Anti missile crafts

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  55. Danny C Illumini

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    UFOs are manmade, always have been and always will be. They are just secret US government weapons tech of a super advanced form is all and nothing else. Only refer to the the world war eras and accurate history within that. When the US stole the whole idea of saucer ships from the germans and their saucer plane program not counting so many other covert research understandings of like reason as well. Thats where the whole idea of 'UFOs' came from. Thats where they got it. Thats what they research at area 51 and only that is what 'UFOs' are. All other planets in this galaxy and any other are just barren and lifeless waistlands. We are the only planet lucky enough to support intelligent life unless of course you journey far enough away which can't be done and if you believe otherwise you are just living in a dream world and not one of logic ever. Esat. Might want to have a listen to what this guy has to say for himself. Its a bit long winded but nonetheless. Well worth a watch. Also the instant you say the word alien. That doesn't have to mean from another planet in our solar system. It can also be from another planet in another parallel universe. There are those who say that aliens as we call them are not necessarily extraterrestrials but rather us from the future and that ufos are in their own way time machines. Either that or an interesting tandem of both the future and another existence. Like all life when you look at it from a perspective think of it as that movie the terminator and in doing so the second episode of it. When the terminator comes back rather as a friend to john and sarah and protects them from the evil t1000. I don't know if you have seen the extended version of the film or are you a big fan of it. I for one happened to be of the series big time and always have been. But in that particular edition it shows not only at the end the bad robot getting killed but additionally the alternate and good future that panned out in peace and goodness because the original terminator made the sacrifice that it did. Additionally and in answer to your question. Some people say that when they were abducted they saw clones of humans being made inside space ships. Some of these people also say that the aliens can't reproduce so that is why they abduct women so they can have the ability to make hybrid offspring. Revolting. But thats what they say. Also there are people who say that the aliens are in fact a planted memory put there by the us government in the form of mind control and false thoughts because they want to cover up something else which could be anything. That could be biological tests on innocent civilians to rape and murder or even a combination of all three factors depending upon the circumstances. These things we don't know but can still in some way speculate. There are corrupt fools in power who are not to be taken lightly. Look at how they treated those in the fifties and who worked at area 51. Its no joke whatsoever.

  56. TyrecusK Dale

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    I wonder what If the UFO 🛸 starts to attack do we got enough gun power that’s how I’m thinking right now

  57. TyrecusK Dale

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    H. B. Your actually right they or smarter in ever way possible and they trynna catch it to learn more but it’s sum energy they have that stops the plans from shooting at it so lightly I’ll let them be in peace cuz ion think our army or ready for something that’s bigger then our earth and knowing that there or many other or possibly life forms out there that’s a hard thing to believe and luckily ion believe we the only living things

  58. H. B.

    H. B.6 днів тому

    Imagine you are a friendly alien. If they would reveal themselves right now. This would be the biggest cultural shock in human history. There would be a world wide mass panic. Probably thousands or even millions of people would die within the first hour because of the panic or plundering. They would litteraly freak out. One moment ago they thought to be the dominant species on earth or even in the world. So what could be the right time to reveal? I would say the right time would be if we ourselves find evidence of life on mars. Because now we would know that life outside earth could exist. So it's only natural to assume that there could also be intelligent life. People wouldn't freak out that easly anymore. They are more acceptable. If aliens ever plan to reveal themselfs. It mostlikely would be then. Better contact an intergalactic colonizing species before they get too strong. Maybe they want us to join their alliance?

  59. TyrecusK Dale

    TyrecusK Dale6 днів тому

    H. B. Your right but you know how us people is one mistake things can get ugly really fast

  60. H. B.

    H. B.6 днів тому

    If they are friendly they won't reveal themselves. If they aren't they already would have.

  61. TyrecusK Dale

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    H. B. There keeping all this a secret from us we need to know

  62. Gabe

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    One of these days their ship is gonna break down and they're all gonna be like: "...fuck.👽"

  63. Henny Hiccup

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    Hi from Scotland 🤗 my advice is go look where you have very little Artificial light And look at the sky! X

  64. Ari Saeed

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    They probably watching this laughing their asses off

  65. Sekka

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    The government and branches coming out with "they're real" is making it annoying to find all the old sighting videos from people and not news outlets.

  66. Batman Gaming

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    Nasa: searches galaxies..found nothing Us navy:alien goes brr

  67. Matthew Rodriguez

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    Awesome 👏🏼

  68. Ticius

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    they are tourists or a scientific expedition. what are you afraid of? they don't annihilate us, except for covid-19

  69. Primal Mgtow

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    It's the mouse cursor holograph the universe 🖱😏

  70. figo

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    A story that finally starts to unfold. July 28 2020, NYTimes report that their sources in the Pentagon "are convinced that such crashes had occurred, based on access to classified informations". Article:

  71. deanobean gaming

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    I can assure u that this ufo is not from a different planet but is most likely from a different country.

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    I wanted them to admit the truth and now that they did i don't believe them 🙆🏽‍♂️

  73. Akshay Sardar

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    if anyone you will see the ufo alien so what will you doing how your reaction , you making the video , you u making and take a secret permanent , you follow the secret agencies and join the member , you try again subject of ufo or other topic or any one tell about this

  74. Ayannaas Lifee

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    I just want to say I’m coming from unsolved mysteries where I was watching a story of a family and another guy (in 1969) witnessing a ufo. not sure and don’t really think unsolved mysteries is fake but the fact the witnessing took place September 1st 1996. which looking at the date of this video... 10 months ago, posted September. Most of these video are from SEPTEMBER OR DECEMBER . EVERY SEPTEMBER. Like what if September is maybe a clue , a sign, or something to just pay more attention to those ufos, maybe them aliens WANT you to see them. WANT US to look more into this alien/ufo stuff. Idk just a thought.