Velvet Buzzsaw | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix


  1. Salma Zahraoui

    Salma Zahraoui57 секунд тому

    I see jake gyllenhaal I press like!

  2. Black  Thompson

    Black Thompson15 хвилин тому

    When I see Jake Gyllenhaal, I instantly hit the like button

  3. Eric Jon Po

    Eric Jon Po58 хвилин тому

    Directed by Dan KILLroy

  4. Shaurya Singh

    Shaurya SinghГодину тому

    Mysterio origin story right here.

  5. 🍒

    🍒Годину тому

    Would be delightfully surprised if Netflix just sneakily put nightcrawler the same day this released ... need me all the dan gilroy

  6. Erin Butler

    Erin ButlerГодину тому

    So, is Gyllenhaal ever going to get around to aging like a normal person? Or have we got a Dorian Grey situation going on? (This film looks like fuuuuun!)

  7. MA Huda

    MA Huda2 години тому

    Trailer is the spoiler

  8. David Dutton

    David Dutton2 години тому

    Is it Feb 1 yet?

  9. Aldiggy2000

    Aldiggy20002 години тому

    1:13 is that fucking Octomom?

  10. Cruiser_B 97

    Cruiser_B 973 години тому

    Ok but no one is going to mention how they ripped the score from Sicario?

  11. varelaable photography

    varelaable photography3 години тому

    Excellent a masterpiece it will be 😱🙌🏽😎👌🏾

  12. Mark Roundtree

    Mark Roundtree3 години тому

    Check my artwork out @mtreethegreat

  13. Joshua Joshua

    Joshua Joshua3 години тому

    Aaaaand that's how you get me to pay 16 bucks a month.

  14. Ahmed Ahmed

    Ahmed Ahmed4 години тому

    Dropping on my birthday 😭

  15. LTdammit

    LTdammit4 години тому

    Dan Gilroy, Jake Gyllenhaal & Rene Russo? sounds familiar!

  16. Charly Northrup

    Charly Northrup5 годин тому

    I'm glad I didn't waste $27 on a ticket to see this at Sundance since it'll be on Netflix...

  17. No One

    No One5 годин тому

    He acts like Martin Scorsese here..

  18. Надежда Крутикова

    Надежда Крутикова6 годин тому

    Как круто !

  19. Joey-A-Beastz 24

    Joey-A-Beastz 246 годин тому

    It looks good but why is it cakled the velvet buzzsaw

  20. MyBadHabits

    MyBadHabits7 годин тому

    Miss him so much.

  21. Chris Brown

    Chris Brown7 годин тому

    .not wow. ...w0we...wt..FUDGEPOPS!

  22. Manda Mikala

    Manda Mikala8 годин тому

    This looks incredible.

  23. Shinobi Iwama

    Shinobi Iwama9 годин тому

    1:33 isn't that the Metallica last album cover ?

  24. Jacob Horton

    Jacob Horton9 годин тому

    Ooooohhhhh heeeellllllllll naaawwwwwwwwww

  25. Steve Segovia

    Steve Segovia10 годин тому

    Crazy and to think Jake Gyllenhaal was once just the dude from Bubble Boy

  26. Steve Chaves

    Steve Chaves10 годин тому


  27. SH7DOWS

    SH7DOWS10 годин тому

    0:08 "I pronounce you husband and husband, you may now kiss dee husband".

  28. Shramik Gawde

    Shramik Gawde10 годин тому

    Wonder who dislikes such a masterpiece.

  29. Commo Freq

    Commo Freq10 годин тому

    That hobo is so fuckin creepy

  30. Voldemort

    Voldemort11 годин тому


  31. Michael Bojkowski

    Michael Bojkowski11 годин тому

    So all the female leads die then? Thanks trailer.

  32. Awoken

    Awoken12 годин тому

    Watching this.

  33. lpm_kw

    lpm_kw12 годин тому

    oh great he has the nightcrawler crazy eyes again yay

  34. manu camus

    manu camus12 годин тому

    me wanting to watch a movie with jake in it but also me not liking horror... (unless this is a thriller??)

  35. MDay-18

    MDay-1812 годин тому

    This is gonna be good. I was getting ready to cancel since you're behind on most of the shows.

  36. Tuff Bone

    Tuff Bone12 годин тому

    fuck is this??

  37. maximum ride

    maximum ride6 годин тому

    Its Hell. Want more?

  38. Pygmo

    Pygmo12 годин тому

    Is John Malkovich an alcoholic for every role he takes

  39. doggotbitm

    doggotbitm12 годин тому

    Well this looks disappointing

  40. Emilio Mendez

    Emilio Mendez13 годин тому

    Jesus, this looks insane 😶

  41. KENZC62091

    KENZC6209113 годин тому

    I honestly wouldn't be surprised if there was a dead person in the middle of an art gallery and people mistook it for performance art. Very postmodern, avant garde even.

  42. A nobody Really

    A nobody Really13 годин тому

    A perfect trailer is an Understatement!!!

  43. Baby Irene

    Baby Irene14 годин тому

    How could this possibly be so lame?

  44. ILL Sean

    ILL Sean14 годин тому


  45. Maxime Saindon

    Maxime Saindon14 годин тому

    The robot/guy muttering "I can't save you" makes me chuckle for some reason. It's like he knows what's coming for them, but they're all so egotistical he's just done with them.

  46. The Canadian Wombat

    The Canadian Wombat14 годин тому

    Not gonna lie I'm pretty much only gonna watch this because of funky music, Jake Gyllenhaal and that robot lookin dude.

  47. Maxime Saindon

    Maxime Saindon14 годин тому

    Robot guy has me super intrigued

  48. neekbot

    neekbot14 годин тому

    Oh yeah yeah

  49. Undiddley

    Undiddley15 годин тому

    Looks like video-game premise/writing... who knows, maybe it works.

  50. Yousuf Azad Sami

    Yousuf Azad Sami15 годин тому

    damn, a cool concept after a long time!

  51. Adventure King

    Adventure King16 годин тому

    Actually looks quite good

  52. Leeanna Tweed

    Leeanna Tweed16 годин тому

    HELL. YES.

  53. Anirudh Tiwari

    Anirudh Tiwari16 годин тому

    Finally Netflix has invested in something worth watching other than the teenage sex and drama

  54. jimmy bauer

    jimmy bauer16 годин тому

    lol Nancy dropped the coffee

  55. Sharon sharo

    Sharon sharo16 годин тому

    Well I like Jake so... I like it

  56. Saira Firdous

    Saira Firdous16 годин тому

    Hell yes! Im gonna watch this movie

  57. Im Shuaking

    Im Shuaking17 годин тому

    I thought this was going to be a movie about jake being a fashion icon. I guess not

  58. TheBabeBeats

    TheBabeBeats17 годин тому

    I guess the actors from Wanderlust and Bird Box got a multi movie deal. Lame

  59. Rj Becerra

    Rj Becerra17 годин тому

    This looks dope

  60. sicboi

    sicboi17 годин тому

    Yay, a new movie of Jake acting as a weirdo again! I love it already! 5 🌟!!!

  61. Rusty Shackleford

    Rusty Shackleford17 годин тому

    Stopped this trailer at just under 1 minute because I don't want to know a single other detail. This looks awesome. Jake Gilly one of the best actors and always picks awesome movies to be apart of. Super excited.

  62. Igor Gavelyuk

    Igor Gavelyuk18 годин тому

    We trending at Instagram LOL

  63. TIlak Sevak

    TIlak Sevak18 годин тому

    Jack has it all!!

  64. Anthony Serfass

    Anthony Serfass18 годин тому

    It's got jake Gyllenhaal, John Malkovich and toni collete. Count me in!

  65. John Mista

    John Mista18 годин тому

    Next movie: The Ring, except the critically slammed Netflix movies kill you. Netflix and Kill - "This time, this time they're watching you".

  66. John Mista

    John Mista18 годин тому

    A movie about art coming to life and murdering pretentious art snobs........ You know me so well Netflix. 😭

  67. Bony Jose

    Bony Jose19 годин тому

    I'm a simple guy, i see Jake i press like. 🙂

  68. Dramaadict IsBack

    Dramaadict IsBack19 годин тому

    I see Jake Gyllenhaal and I know I have to watch it.

  69. CJusticeHappen21

    CJusticeHappen2119 годин тому

    Why are all the good movies coming out on Netflix?

  70. Jane Maiava

    Jane Maiava19 годин тому

    Wow didn't see that coming

  71. lolintosh

    lolintosh19 годин тому

    Oh good another trailer that shows me the entire movie, I don’t need to bother watching it now.

  72. Devious_99

    Devious_9913 годин тому

    Yea you do. It's Dan Gilroy. You've seen basically nothing yet.

  73. Bu

    Bu20 годин тому

    I think we watched the full movie. 2,5 minutes is too much...

  74. Gotchabitch

    Gotchabitch20 годин тому

    Wow, hes also mysterio in the upcoming spiderman sequal 🤗🤗🤗

  75. Tony Dark

    Tony Dark20 годин тому

    Why do they show so much in the trailer? This is ridiculous.

  76. Leon Leo

    Leon Leo20 годин тому


  77. Nicholas Bennett

    Nicholas Bennett20 годин тому

    This looks so stupid

  78. Argon

    Argon21 годину тому

    Reminds me of a video game, a horror game where paintings shift/change.

  79. H P

    H P22 години тому

    My greedy ass would be like: ok ill sell it to these rich hoes and not be near the paitings. The end. It seems like everything happens in the night. In the morning ill have my workers move my paitings and ill keep distance 😊 and still be rich problem solved. (For me)

  80. Floris Bordewijk

    Floris Bordewijk22 години тому

    So it's Night At the Museum: Pretentious Douchebags Edition? I'm in!

  81. Alejandro Cruz

    Alejandro Cruz22 години тому

    Wow, mysterio is really stepping his game up

  82. Eric Forman

    Eric Forman23 години тому

    The words 'Jake Gyllenhaal' and 'Nightcrawler' in the trailer ? Take my money.

  83. PixiThePro

    PixiTheProДень тому

    Night at the art gallery.

  84. G Hammer

    G HammerДень тому

    Well that escalated quickly.

  85. Ace 8 Cake

    Ace 8 CakeДень тому

    Woah just woah

  86. Ivan Hinchliffe

    Ivan HinchliffeДень тому

    Looks good but too many fucking spoilers in the trailer ffs

  87. Mstwinser

    MstwinserДень тому

    02:30 they think its an art

  88. Catherine

    CatherineДень тому

    I don’t watch horror movies but,, wow this actually looks really good

  89. tilly fyre

    tilly fyreДень тому


  90. Devious_99

    Devious_9913 годин тому

    Writer and director of Nightcrawler. Producer as well tho.

  91. The Almighty god

    The Almighty godДень тому

    1:50 I didn't know Nicolas cage had a Cameo in it

  92. Cherry Lou Maylon

    Cherry Lou MaylonДень тому


  93. Jamie

    JamieДень тому

    I love Jake!!

  94. Helena Quinn

    Helena QuinnДень тому

    more movies about demons... So new and edgy

  95. Karen K

    Karen KДень тому

    The actual fuck I was here for a cute little indie scene but there be killing paintings up in this shit

  96. otcubaba

    otcubabaДень тому

    thx for showing the whole movie and almost everyones death in a fukkin trailer 👍

  97. Lik Soon Lo

    Lik Soon LoДень тому

    In Russia, art kills you. So, yeap.

  98. Nehhal Kalnad

    Nehhal KalnadДень тому

    anybody else felt similar to Duma's Key by Stephen King?

  99. usernamedkjah

    usernamedkjahДень тому

    On board!

  100. Adorable Nurse :3

    Adorable Nurse :3День тому

    i really wanted to watch a movie about haunted paintings or a haunted gallery yay!!

  101. Антон Крыжан

    Антон КрыжанДень тому


  102. Darkman Studios

    Darkman StudiosДень тому

    Plot Twist: The art director is Mysterio doing all this to sell off the paintings.

  103. Maxime Saindon

    Maxime Saindon14 годин тому

    I'd be perfectly fine with it...and actually would make a lot of sense.

  104. michelle michinaux

    michelle michinauxДень тому

    Picture of Dorian Gray.Anyone?

  105. Никита Давыдов

    Никита ДавыдовДень тому

    Im sorry but its looks like zalupa