VIDEO: Thousand Oaks shooting survivor also survived Las Vegas shooting | ABC7

  • 8 лис 2018
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  1. Leonardo gonçalves

    Leonardo gonçalves11 днів тому

    Man how unlucky you can be? Fakely unlucky

  2. Kyden C

    Kyden C12 днів тому

    I'm so happy my friends died tehe

  3. Vernon Jacobs

    Vernon Jacobs16 днів тому

    he noticed that the lights were on, wow, very observant!

  4. Vernon Jacobs

    Vernon JacobsМісяць тому

    Real American Hero: Captain Dork Mouth, lol

  5. Vernon Jacobs

    Vernon JacobsМісяць тому

    Dummy Test: reply Y if you believe, or BS if you don't.

  6. Kmfdm

    KmfdmМісяць тому

    Are the chicks noticing my bitchin chest tats? What a liar this guy is..his verbiage and all give him away, totally scripted. And these are exactly the type of psychopaths the military will pull and use if anything ever happens in the US as they will follow orders against their fellow citizens even to kill us.

  7. Vernon Jacobs

    Vernon JacobsМісяць тому

    Disgrace to the Marine corps to participate in the false flag deception. Luckily only a handful of dumbasses will believe him.

  8. Vernon Jacobs

    Vernon JacobsМісяць тому

    He looks like Gomer Pyle.

  9. Mowac

    Mowac16 днів тому


  10. Adam Lanza

    Adam Lanza2 місяці тому

    Also, wtf is happening to his eyes at 2:26?

  11. Roxanne IamAwAkE

    Roxanne IamAwAkE3 місяці тому

    Fakeeeeee😂🤸🤸🤸⚡⚡⚡he's all smiles these story's are getting dummer and dummer to take our guns away oooos the the fires in Cali same time alotta guns gone didn't they agenda 21

  12. Bb Bb

    Bb Bb3 місяці тому

    Fake shooting, psyop by your evil corrupted us government!

  13. Ashlynn Moore

    Ashlynn Moore3 місяці тому

    Y’all are freakin dumb asf you just wanna believe it’s not real so you don’t have to confront the reality of it all grow the hell up.

  14. Questioning Everything

    Questioning Everything3 місяці тому

    I’ve know his father and him for most out lives 😂😂😂🤦🏽‍♂️

  15. good guy #001

    good guy #0013 місяці тому

    He's smiling because he's thinking of all the money he's gonna get.

  16. Cindy Do

    Cindy Do3 місяці тому

    Was, hold up! He was also in the Las Vegas shooting? He's building up his resume isn't he?

  17. Dean Holzhuter

    Dean Holzhuter3 місяці тому

    Top gun actor Gary....

  18. Mark Isokawa

    Mark Isokawa3 місяці тому

    Who in the world would want to be "friends" with any of these FF? How could anyone not think of them as scum of the earth? And he wants to "thank God?" He is an abomination to his Creator.

  19. greenjurrell

    greenjurrell3 місяці тому

    Hey dad mass shooting call u back later

  20. Justin Edwards

    Justin Edwards3 місяці тому

    Thousand Hoax Shooting lol

  21. Robby Esbrandt

    Robby Esbrandt3 місяці тому

    You're a complete moron to think this jackass was at both shootings. It's staged. Totally fake. But the average American is too stupid and fat to see it. They will believe anything on the television screen no matter how preposterous.

  22. Kim Free

    Kim Free3 місяці тому

    Who's your dad ?

  23. Kim Free

    Kim Free3 місяці тому

    Emotionless ..trained to be .

  24. Kim Free

    Kim Free3 місяці тому

    Is this the topless guy they keep showing over and over again ?

  25. gtbarnes11

    gtbarnes113 місяці тому

    5:25 "happens all the time!" people go to the front door to see their friends come in and then get shot...happens all the time!

  26. the struggle is real johnson

    the struggle is real johnson3 місяці тому

    Shame on you liar

  27. brandy williams

    brandy williams3 місяці тому

    So..... Vegas, then 13 months later he's at a bar where 13 people are killed?????

  28. Stormi Night

    Stormi Night3 місяці тому

    So fake screw off fake news and traitor sheep we wont forget who you are!

  29. Anne* 411

    Anne* 4113 місяці тому

    So hes an alcoholic going there 3 times a week. Cant believe what he says

  30. Vernon Jacobs

    Vernon JacobsМісяць тому

    He loves to line dance, lol.

  31. Christina Pankey

    Christina Pankey3 місяці тому

    What a crock of shut so scripted it's pathetic and what amazes me is people all over believe this crap

  32. roxy dmnds

    roxy dmnds3 місяці тому

    these smiles def not from him being “happy to be alive” this shit is soooo fake

  33. roxy dmnds

    roxy dmnds3 місяці тому

    dude’s all smiles. hes so happy to be a crisis actor

  34. laserus3333

    laserus33333 місяці тому

    Trying not to laugh.This is bullshit.How many Marines were there? How many off duty police? How many were at the Los Vegas shooting? Y'all are full of shit. I'm from Thousand oaks.Ive never seen so many people in Baseball caps at the Borderline.And your alleged footage shows an empty bar! CNN gun grabbers.Communist News Network.

  35. Vernon Jacobs

    Vernon JacobsМісяць тому

    Not ONE cowboy hat in sight for country night? Wtf?

  36. Denise Allison Stout

    Denise Allison Stout3 місяці тому

    Does that smirk look like BS or someone who just been through a mass shooting. I saw just one man killed in a bar one night. I didn't smile for months...ended up with PTSD and needed six months of CBT. This kid is full of it

  37. iammovingtokorea

    iammovingtokorea3 місяці тому

    Who believes this shit? This is absolutely FAKE!

  38. Rabian Harris

    Rabian Harris3 місяці тому

    This guy is a real humanitarian; if we all could look at life from his point of view, we could diminish prejudice... Lol funny acting

  39. Joe Young

    Joe Young3 місяці тому

    Bro needs to stop listening to that shitty white trash pop country bullshit. Listen to more Hank 3.

  40. IW Nunn

    IW Nunn3 місяці тому

    Reading thru the comments and realized it's full of Trump bots. End of times

  41. TBD

    TBD3 місяці тому

    He wasn’t the only one at the Las Vegas shooting also... Come on people....

  42. TBD

    TBD3 місяці тому

    OMG! WTF?

  43. TBD

    TBD3 місяці тому

    Dear God or something save us from this ridiculous bullshit.

  44. Jeffrey Clarke

    Jeffrey Clarke3 місяці тому

    Happens all the time... yeah when your family is a CIA asset.

  45. Jeffrey Clarke

    Jeffrey Clarke3 місяці тому

    Here we go again

  46. Jeffrey Clarke

    Jeffrey Clarke3 місяці тому

    Thousand hoax!

  47. Jeffrey Clarke

    Jeffrey Clarke3 місяці тому

    What a liar!

  48. Adam HELLLZZZYAAA1982

    Adam HELLLZZZYAAA19823 місяці тому

    And the award goes to

  49. Paul Wood

    Paul Wood3 місяці тому

    Happy little chappie ain't he but have you spotted yourself on the video from inside at the actual time mate of the shooting. Hard not to miss you.

  50. Saquon Barkley Is The Man 26

    Saquon Barkley Is The Man 263 місяці тому

    You ain't a bad ass dude

  51. Bryant Duke

    Bryant Duke3 місяці тому

    4:52 guy with earpiece comes into frame…

  52. ghostSINbc venom

    ghostSINbc venom3 місяці тому

    Lol their was no lights on in the video lol

  53. Jr tortellini

    Jr tortellini3 місяці тому

    Is this guy carrying a gun now ? If I was at three major shootings back to back I would have five AR15 strapped to me...

  54. Jr tortellini

    Jr tortellini3 місяці тому

    They are recruiting actors now for Ohio I just heard.. I wanna be a movie star as your guns are being stripped....

  55. Jr tortellini

    Jr tortellini3 місяці тому

    When you know its a lie you will react with smile. The brain over rides the lie with a form of function

  56. Jr tortellini

    Jr tortellini3 місяці тому

    Hang that dude. Put him in prison for life. Lie lie lie

  57. ImStated

    ImStated3 місяці тому

    if you think this shooting was a hoax you should probably leave your cave

  58. Alfredo Montez

    Alfredo Montez3 місяці тому

    You scared yet, these MFs must be shitting in their pants, no one believes this shiat anymore.

  59. Daddy wolf Daddy wolf

    Daddy wolf Daddy wolf3 місяці тому

    Crisis Actor ass whole!!! They're running out a crisis actors, they have to use the same ones.

  60. TimeforaChange InGovernment

    TimeforaChange InGovernment3 місяці тому

    BULLSHIT! Why's N0 0NE calling out, these LYlNG, FAKE, msm's, which is each & every one of them, on this FaIse FIag BuIISHlT?! Wolfie, (cnn) has a guy's vid, he recorded inside bar, right before & during shooting. In a nearly EMPTY bar, there were N0 HUNDREDS of college students, N0 LlNE DANClNG, N0 L0UD MUSlC, & only NlNE (9) 'P0PS'? HELL-of-a-SH0T, to KlLL 12 & self, w/only NlNE (9) shots?! AN0THER FaIse FIag, Psyops, Diversion, anything to ST0P American citizens from thinking about those 'CAUGHT CHEATlNG‘ in our ELECTl0NS! Oh, and how many people in this FAKE SH00TlNG, were also the same, exact CRlSlS ACT0RS in the FAKE, FaIse FIag of Las Vegas. Recycling crisis actors, really? Msm's: DlGUSTlNG, MANlPULATlNG, & PATHETlC! The real tragedy, are the lazy, believe anything msm's spew out their asses, sheeple. The ones who will believe this BuIIShit, w/o even thinking twice, about researching themselves, to see, if there are ANY FACTS & TRUTHS, to what msm's says.

  61. Sandra

    Sandra3 місяці тому

    These stories are out of the Final Destination movies... Creepy!!!

  62. Sunny Zona

    Sunny Zona3 місяці тому

    Slow it down at 00:15 he starts to smile.

  63. If You Can Dream It

    If You Can Dream It3 місяці тому

    The lights were on? Not according to the video CNN showed. The lights were all off except some colored lights.

  64. R

    R3 місяці тому

    Weird .....🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  65. cosmicallyderived

    cosmicallyderived3 місяці тому

    5:10 Amen brother, His protective hand was over you that night for sure, and all those you helped as His instrument. Stay strong brother.

  66. James Lee

    James Lee3 місяці тому

    now 4 people who there were also at the Las Vegas shooting? that is literally not mathematically probable.

  67. Reuben Segal

    Reuben Segal3 місяці тому

    This is some straight ass bullshit, we are already at war people

  68. Pope Lee

    Pope Lee3 місяці тому

    I’m so confused how shootings can be fake


    MICHAEL TODD3 місяці тому

    It is a farce.

  70. Bill Freeman

    Bill Freeman3 місяці тому

    I wonder how much he gets paid

  71. Slick1G3

    Slick1G33 місяці тому

    yeah hes trained for mass shootings alright lol

  72. Blyss Lyss

    Blyss Lyss3 місяці тому

    Are you fucking kidding me

  73. HarposHippieHollow

    HarposHippieHollow4 місяці тому

    Fake. He grabbed everyone around him in an empty room. lol

  74. DelaCremeDela

    DelaCremeDela4 місяці тому

    The cell phone footage from inside the bar shows the lights were off and the bar was empty during the shooting.

  75. hibernia1960

    hibernia19604 місяці тому

    Yep Thousand Hoax.

  76. Mike Y.

    Mike Y.4 місяці тому


  77. Monster Magnet

    Monster Magnet4 місяці тому

    Give me a fucking break. These staged events are getting pathetic.

  78. Ryan Guidos

    Ryan Guidos4 місяці тому

    Sporting the DireWolf hat!!! 👍

  79. Lionel Flanders

    Lionel Flanders4 місяці тому

    What a piece of shit.

  80. Terry Janssen

    Terry Janssen4 місяці тому

    Funny how there is more outrage for 12 people killed than 1,000 killed in a fire.

  81. Terry Janssen

    Terry Janssen4 місяці тому

    Another one in the military. This is really pathetic. The footage from CNN shows an empty dance floor. No people. This is fake.

  82. Terry Janssen

    Terry Janssen4 місяці тому

    F F F FAKE!!!

  83. R R

    R R4 місяці тому

    You guys.. some people respond differently to talking about traumatic experiences or when telling a story. Just because he’s smiling doesn’t mean he doesn’t care. Sometimes in order to cope we mimic expressions that are otherwise not accurate to our feelings. This may not be the case here, but cut the kid some slack.

  84. drsest

    drsest4 місяці тому

    Watch this guys reaction when the reporter brings up the fact that he survived both Las Vegas and Thousand Oaks. His body freezes up, he's bracing himself.

  85. KC Roeder

    KC Roeder4 місяці тому

    This wasn’t a hoax. You trolls online just have a hard time believing reality of our country.

  86. califonia chick

    califonia chick4 місяці тому

    a loaf of bread? there got be better wording than

  87. dino pup

    dino pup4 місяці тому

    I wonder which pub/ club he is going next..... He must be a bad luck for humans..

  88. Señora Antero

    Señora Antero4 місяці тому

    Thank you all in our military for your service. God Bless you and protect you all. ♥️

  89. Tito 213

    Tito 2134 місяці тому

    There are other people who were interviewed and said they were at vegas too..mmm

  90. stephen karmichael

    stephen karmichael4 місяці тому

    he was in vegas that weekend. not at the actual concert!

  91. Crisis Actor David Hogg

    Crisis Actor David Hogg4 місяці тому

    100% Real Folks... Now give me those guns

  92. chainsaw barbarian

    chainsaw barbarian4 місяці тому

    Thank you commenters. Thank the Lord people are seeing this caca for what it is.

  93. chainsaw barbarian

    chainsaw barbarian4 місяці тому

    Fuck off

  94. j money

    j money4 місяці тому

    They should hire better actors

  95. sergio hurtado

    sergio hurtado4 місяці тому

    At 7 second mark, Is that supposed to be a ban around his wrist from the night before? Lol Nice touch😂😂

  96. SJ Barnette

    SJ Barnette4 місяці тому

    I will concede that the odds are crazy low that 1 person could be in two mass shootings. Not outside the realm of possibility but damn. And I can get down with conspiracies heck. If the idea was that someone else killed those people and the gov was covering it up and set it up. I would be ten times more likely to believe it. My disbelief comes from all the stupid things these people do. Why hire "crisis" actors? Why hire the same crisis actor for multiple shootings? Why do interviews like this one if the conspiracy theorist are already on to you? Why hire crisis actors that can't stop smiling? There is just no need for it. Not unless the actual reason for this is to make us less likely to have a knee jerk reaction to these types of events. As opposed to the gun grab. Either way the most logical answer to my questions is. They want to get caught?

  97. 3ev Tv

    3ev Tv4 місяці тому

    Fake news .,he look like he was in on it 🤔🙃😎 #GtsTv

  98. J Doe

    J Doe4 місяці тому

    Not a single one of you has ever or will ever have your rights taken away to own a gun unless your a felon or a nut job, not once in the history of the USA has the second amendment been in danger, all you people are idiots, who you defending yourself against??? Oh I know, everyone who don't look like you or think like you because its definitely not the Government..... Bunch of mentally ill sick bastard

  99. J Doe

    J Doe4 місяці тому

    Not a single one of you bastards know what your talking about, maybe it will take one of your children or family to get there brains blown out at a mass shooting, then what will you say, you say they came after you because you knew to much, sorry neither one of you are that important you think you are but your not, just a bunch of losers who's world is sitting in front of the t.v thinking you have it all figured out, go look at all the graves of the children who were killed at Sandy hook, how about going to one of the parents and telling them it was fake, I bet you get your teeth kicked down your throat, you asshole would never do that because your all cowards.

  100. J Doe

    J Doe4 місяці тому

    All you assholes are sick, you weren't there your a bunch of nut job conspiracy theorists, he's not smiling either, should he be on his hands and knees screaming?? All of you are fucked up in the head trolls.

  101. Mooselippz

    Mooselippz4 місяці тому

    Branden Kelly.. YOU ARE A FRAUD!!!! I hope all your friends find out what a piece of shit you are and kick your ass.

  102. larry smith

    larry smith4 місяці тому

    He deserves an Oscar for his crises acting

  103. Awoke! Awoke!

    Awoke! Awoke!4 місяці тому

    So the fuck what, because the man that SAVED you devils was gunned down and killed in the line of duty by a WHITE LEO.....explain that shit you devils......we need a "safe space" from you ANIMALS