Violent George Floyd protests at CNN Center unfold live on TV


  1. Noah Clifford

    Noah Clifford6 годин тому

    CNN be like: OMG people at bars are spreading coronavirus

  2. Martin Cooper

    Martin Cooper9 годин тому

    Wtf that was just a firework not a flashbang

  3. ucf2015

    ucf201512 годин тому

    Look at all those "demonstrators" bundled up, unknowingly spreading the coronavirus

  4. Wayn williams Williams

    Wayn williams Williams14 годин тому

    They said before foot died he got suck a white nut that shit is funny

  5. Dig Mar

    Dig Mar14 годин тому

    CNN's Nick Valencia said those professional rioters knew the cops would not be at the CNN area and the rioters took advantage of that knowledge, they attacked that CNN center. Nice to know, a diversion to mislead the cop and endanger the CNN people (lynching, intimidating), just like those criminals pretending to fight racism and police brutality against 'innocent' black people. The mob is standing outside, drilled and controlled by 'Lieutenants' marsing in front. Well, at 6:50 you see even 2 adult white men with SKATEBOARDs :) breaking that window. Disaster tourists?

  6. Dig Mar

    Dig Mar15 годин тому

    BLM is inside the CNN building, oh wait, at least one is a cop and the other one, idk but he looks like being a peaceful and rational man.

  7. Dig Mar

    Dig Mar15 годин тому

    Protesters? That is a riot inside CNN property. So this explains why CNN is bowing for violence and creating fake news for BLM. CNN bowed for intimidation.

  8. Bill Davis

    Bill Davis16 годин тому

    11:17 blue hat middle of screen with glasses. Who is that?????!?!? He looks so familiar

  9. ClassWarrior87

    ClassWarrior8718 годин тому

    lmao a flashbang? It was just a basic firework. CNN are such drama queens.

  10. Chris

    Chris19 годин тому

    Disturbed - The Vengeful One

  11. chiangmaitutor

    chiangmaitutor22 години тому

    CNN reporter is standing on the police side and not with the people... why? is this where mass media should stand?

  12. Mono Hassan

    Mono Hassan23 години тому

    All of a sudden the right watches CNN. This video is FAKE NEWS.

  13. Carl Smith

    Carl SmithДень тому

    I like how they are even they are going after the leftist news how dumb are they

  14. Jon Gurr

    Jon GurrДень тому

    "Demonstators"? Haha

  15. brian gallia

    brian galliaДень тому

    Republicans abolished slavery, democrats abolished the police.

  16. Olivia Mishtal

    Olivia MishtalДень тому

    This is the funniest video I've seen all day.

  17. Nuget

    NugetДень тому

    Those not wearing masks after this whole this is over will be arrested.

  18. freeride64

    freeride64День тому

    Fake news CNN finally gets a story.

  19. Antonio G.

    Antonio G.День тому

    12:48 was the best part

  20. Shit n Cum Productions

    Shit n Cum ProductionsДень тому

    12:42 LOL

  21. Sara E

    Sara EДень тому

    Shoot them all.

  22. David Hefner

    David HefnerДень тому

    Police protecting CNN ....Communist News Network.

  23. bitrupter cloud

    bitrupter cloudДень тому

    Police go home....police go home....police go home...

  24. bitrupter cloud

    bitrupter cloudДень тому

    Hahahahaha tell my god...cnn tell thetruth

  25. bitrupter cloud

    bitrupter cloudДень тому

    I thought you were for getting rid of police. why they there?

  26. Almond Blossom

    Almond BlossomДень тому

    this is what CNN deserves!! 😆

  27. Elizabeth Eli

    Elizabeth EliДень тому

    12:43 🚀⚡💥✨ 💋🤏🏻

  28. phillip mortlock

    phillip mortlockДень тому

    So they are violent when they are attacking CNN but peaceful any other time. CNN has to be stopped the violence that come with them is disgusting.

  29. Amour Soso

    Amour SosoДень тому

    2020 needs a movie

  30. MegaShanes1

    MegaShanes1День тому

    Only white lifes matter.

  31. Andrei C.

    Andrei C.День тому

    These violent delights have violent ends.

  32. Ramas Sumar

    Ramas SumarДень тому

    CNN should have sent Fredo down to quell the "peaceful" mob.

  33. Ike F

    Ike F2 дні тому

    Hey CNN! I think you forgot to take off friendly fire mode when you started the game.

  34. The Gizmo

    The Gizmo2 дні тому

    Isn’t this nice! All this chaos and madness. It’s Beautiful!

  35. Abhishek Dev

    Abhishek Dev2 дні тому

    Aren't these peaceful protestors?? The protests are peaceful as long as they vandalise property of other people.

  36. Mike G

    Mike G2 дні тому

    Tell the truth? Oh cnn how adorable

  37. King B Digital

    King B Digital2 дні тому

    officers need to be changed better. I love that they're attacking CNN, but damn there's mental illness in our youth.

  38. Douglas Allen

    Douglas Allen2 дні тому

    cnn sucks anyways

  39. Stefan Isaac

    Stefan Isaac2 дні тому

    China pays big money not poverty or iPhone wages

  40. DJ. waka

    DJ. waka2 дні тому

    I liked America

  41. KitCat Himaru

    KitCat Himaru2 дні тому

    I can’t get why the law can’t listen to the people! This will all be stopped if justice was served! And I already hate the fact that the news reporter is acting like those people behind a *big* fight on UAreporter!

  42. JeepDan777

    JeepDan7772 дні тому

    Reporter: look! That mob outside looks like they are going to break into our building and burn this place down. Producers: quick get a camera and go get me the story.

  43. Linky slinky

    Linky slinky2 дні тому

    His voice was shakey, he was definitely scared

  44. hksrb25s16

    hksrb25s162 дні тому

    Why are we blaming the police? We should be blaming the person that called them. Most police interactions are due to people who called them.

  45. J B

    J B2 дні тому

    CNN (communist news network)! Funny how they need the police when they promote reporting to defund it! Personally the rioters should have gone in and teach CNN a lesson about fake news! Lol

  46. Jamie Noel

    Jamie Noel2 дні тому


  47. Jerry Of San Francisco

    Jerry Of San Francisco2 дні тому

    Sad. Seen this destruction in San Francisco as well

  48. Google Official

    Google Official2 дні тому

    The officers should have abandoned CNN.

  49. екка

    екка2 дні тому

    Fake news

  50. James Alderson

    James Alderson2 дні тому

    Trying to tell the truth? Bullshit. Y’all are the main reason for all the divide

  51. James Alderson

    James Alderson2 дні тому

    That’s the way most of the protests went. Yet cnn cowers down

  52. Kevin Brown

    Kevin Brown3 дні тому

    Burn the CNN center down

  53. Black lives Matter Is a Terrorist organization

    Black lives Matter Is a Terrorist organization3 дні тому

    Do unborn black lives matter? Asking for a friend.

  54. Aron Carter

    Aron Carter3 дні тому


  55. atamari101

    atamari1013 дні тому

    * H Y P O C R I S Y*

  56. Nathan H

    Nathan H3 дні тому

    Demonstrators lol.... Rioters. God dam even when their attacking your building still cant report the news right lol. There you see the last of atlanta finest. Protecting CNN with police officers lol. Who happened to be armed. The irony. And you said its been nothing but peaceful. Yeah throwing rocks is peaceful. If they were peaceful you wouldnt need the police there. Also the fact you need the police is hilarious.

  57. Louis Philippe Chabot

    Louis Philippe Chabot3 дні тому

    12:33 "and we don't hear the mention of George Lloyd at all"....Even CNN don't remember the so call reason of that mess

  58. voitdive

    voitdive2 дні тому

    Could have just called Floyd "justin igger"

  59. Elaine Rodrigues

    Elaine Rodrigues3 дні тому

    You say they are peaceful ... you deserve, liars

  60. Elaine Rodrigues

    Elaine Rodrigues3 дні тому

    That was my favorite protest moment

  61. Safety First

    Safety First3 дні тому

    CNN thought everyone liked them NOT!!!!!!!!!

  62. Nathan Wallace

    Nathan Wallace3 дні тому

    Hahahahhaahahahah. Did cnn call the police they want to defund. Wow if i was an police i would move to another state. What a joke.

  63. Jim Layey

    Jim Layey3 дні тому

    if any building should be burned down its cnn

  64. Dennis

    Dennis3 дні тому

    Everybody gangsta until the rainbow umbrella crew shows up.

  65. westreicher1900

    westreicher19003 дні тому

    "They took advantage of Police not being in this area." 4:57

  66. Andrew Aune

    Andrew Aune3 дні тому


  67. Andrew Aune

    Andrew Aune3 дні тому

    Media needs to get shut down

  68. Andrew Aune

    Andrew Aune3 дні тому

    Down with media

  69. DBarbara Zapal

    DBarbara Zapal3 дні тому

    at CNN? ----hhahahhhahahhahaha----let communists attack own communists, yep! Communist National Network. They want no police? BRAVO. Police should let these idiots destroy their own station.

  70. tbu1mi

    tbu1mi3 дні тому

    These are all of your communist buddies...You should be happy.

  71. durangojim

    durangojim3 дні тому

    The cops should've left and let that shit hole burn.

  72. durangojim

    durangojim3 дні тому

    The cops should've left and let that shit hole burn.

  73. Veng3r

    Veng3r3 дні тому

    WHY aren't the Police using their Sounds Cannons like They did during the G20 summit..??

  74. D J

    D J3 дні тому

    CNN hides behind police butt after all

  75. paul lennon

    paul lennon3 дні тому

    Cnn should go out and read poetry to the mob😂

  76. Joe Mama

    Joe Mama3 дні тому

    Where is everyone’s oppressor?

  77. Richard Moorhead

    Richard Moorhead3 дні тому

    I find it quite interesting that the socialist mob outside is it talking the Communist news network


    KEK PRODUCTIONS3 дні тому


  79. rocky crawford

    rocky crawford3 дні тому

    start firing rubber bullets at the rioters, they're not "demonstrators", they're rioters

  80. AMPed101

    AMPed1013 дні тому

    A rare video of CNN finding out they have like 10 supporters left.

  81. SD Sproat

    SD Sproat3 дні тому

    "I have a daughter and a wife to get home to tonight..." Oh really? I wonder if cops have that thought running through their minds as they save us from these dangerous situations that CNN likes to portray as murder instead of self defense.

  82. ClassWarrior87

    ClassWarrior8719 годин тому

    Wait, you are saying George Floyd was killed in 'self defense'? Really?