Visiting The Kombucha Lair


  1. Christian Dunne

    Christian Dunne29 хвилин тому

    The heroes venture to the lair of the supervillain, but plot twist, discover that he is actually a super awesome dude. But seriously he stood there with an owl waiting for them to come how cool is that shit.

  2. izzynski

    izzynskiГодину тому

    This dude is actually so chill

  3. lywo

    lywo2 години тому

    I like dis friendship. Approved

  4. jay Shawn

    jay Shawn2 години тому

    "No, No, don't fuck it."

  5. Adrianna Vale

    Adrianna Vale6 годин тому

    I feel like if I showed up to this man's house in neon colors I would get knocked out and thrown in his dungeon basement to die

  6. Chelsea Carrier

    Chelsea Carrier9 годин тому

    I got nervous for a second thinking GT Dave was laying in the fridge naked nursing off of a Kombucha rabbit

  7. Jr Qf

    Jr QfДень тому

    He seems like a legit nice dude

  8. João Pedro Capaz

    João Pedro CapazДень тому

    this is honestly the best video i have ever seen on internet, im laughing so hard right now

  9. Nightwalker L.o.t.s

    Nightwalker L.o.t.sДень тому

    Probably the best video on UAreporter

  10. Holytitmouse

    HolytitmouseДень тому

    My mans waited on a damn balcony holding a fckn bird, just for the drama of it all. Bruh

  11. Emii G

    Emii GДень тому

    i’m the dude using the healing crystal bowl for absolutely no reason

  12. Quackin Panda

    Quackin Panda2 дні тому


  13. I’m too lazy for a real username

    I’m too lazy for a real username2 дні тому

    This video has strong 'Ex Machina' energy

  14. bornstandin

    bornstandin2 дні тому

    [ slow clap ] *Well played.*

  15. Bella Rose

    Bella Rose2 дні тому

    why am i attracted to that man

  16. Maya Ehly

    Maya Ehly2 дні тому

    He's 41 by the way

  17. Annabelle Westby

    Annabelle Westby3 дні тому

    Bro I didn’t imagine that he would have a personality. I thought he was going to be like an android or lil miquela.

  18. jacqui young

    jacqui young3 дні тому

    I love this video holy shit

  19. Jack Woodworth

    Jack Woodworth3 дні тому

    He actually seems like a cool dude 😂

  20. Darlenys Tolentino

    Darlenys Tolentino3 дні тому

    At 6:29 the “art piece” turns into a portal to the underworld, my theory is that that’s GT really lives and the kombucha lair is just a guise.

  21. Luiza Zus

    Luiza Zus3 дні тому

    How did I miss this and why is now my favourite video? 👀😳

  22. Maddox Gaming

    Maddox Gaming3 дні тому

    That’s cringe

  23. Abby Liu

    Abby Liu3 дні тому

    my last 2 brain cells during an exam:

  24. K. Metsu

    K. Metsu3 дні тому

    GT Dave is a legend man god bless

  25. Gabriel

    Gabriel4 дні тому

    So uh, maybe I should start fermenting things But seriously, if any rich dude took a joke this well, Tim Apple would've done this by now

  26. Simon Beedle

    Simon Beedle5 днів тому

    So good

  27. Head Chef

    Head Chef5 днів тому

    Boi you put yourself over Chief Keef like that?

  28. The Editing Bae

    The Editing Bae5 днів тому

    Love how we got a better inside scoop on GT from this video than the actual documentary about him.

  29. GHIjklm

    GHIjklm5 днів тому

    Embracing the meme.... This guy got it exactly right

  30. Callmelucky

    Callmelucky5 днів тому

    Gt dave - “suck it” 2019

  31. Drew

    Drew5 днів тому

    Gt: so have entered my lai- Noel: wassup dude you play fortnite? *kick flip*

  32. Drew

    Drew5 днів тому

    3:08 that is such a menacing shot holy fuck

  33. Chicken wings

    Chicken wings6 днів тому

    I read this as kombucha liar and I was liek ¿

  34. ilovestream135

    ilovestream1356 днів тому

    I need a series of noel & cody going to multi billion dollar homes cause I cannot stop laughing. the commentary is the best👌🏻💯

  35. Punq!

    Punq!6 днів тому

    Man, this is so surreal and I'm not even invited. Love people who can take a good joke

  36. him that

    him that6 днів тому

    Bruh this guy is a legend for taking a joke in the first place

  37. Philly G

    Philly G6 днів тому

    this whole thing is legendary... props to all involved... shout out to Gt Dave for being a class act and handling it like a bawse.

  38. charlie brown

    charlie brown7 днів тому

    I feel like I’m on a school field trip with those two kids that just go nuts when they’re in a public place

  39. David Media

    David Media7 днів тому


  40. James Villegas

    James Villegas8 днів тому

    Hotboxing with Matty Smokes feat. GT Dave.

  41. Male Maenad

    Male Maenad8 днів тому

    Gt Dave looks like a human in a video game, almost real but the way the light reflects off him makes him look like he's made of vinyl.

  42. Brent Lievense

    Brent Lievense8 днів тому

    Funny dude! Good sense of humor!

  43. Chloé Magloire

    Chloé Magloire8 днів тому

    This video is just 2 kids running around exploring a multi-million dollar house

  44. Henry Winston

    Henry Winston8 днів тому

    This dude is actually nice as fuck

  45. LiterallyJaxkon

    LiterallyJaxkon8 днів тому

    All they did was repeat the jokes they made in the last video 😂

  46. Eddie Pretzel

    Eddie Pretzel9 днів тому

    Imagine Cody and Noel in like a museum

  47. Maggie McGhee

    Maggie McGhee9 днів тому

    imagine losing your editing job at Forbes because two assholes on the internet made fun of your video and then went and made a better, more real video with the guy lmao

  48. evey krushensky

    evey krushensky9 днів тому

    he looks exactly like my english teacher

  49. Kayla van Deemter

    Kayla van Deemter10 днів тому

    You can tell people are rich when their houses echo

  50. Jacob Santeria

    Jacob Santeria10 днів тому

    The only reason this guy wanted to meet you was because his ego was hurt. Narcissism at its funnest! I am not going near his bacteria water. Thank you for showing me this!! Fake people are dangerous!

  51. NewBjorn_EggHerre

    NewBjorn_EggHerre10 днів тому

    i cant help but like ol' GT Dave

  52. quality ii

    quality ii10 днів тому

    13:05 who is the guy !? I see you man !

  53. TheLatinBat

    TheLatinBat10 днів тому

    this makes me wanna drink kombucha

  54. ColeBeckVideos

    ColeBeckVideos10 днів тому

    Nobody: Cassius: *WHEEEEEEZE*

  55. Niko Mancilla

    Niko Mancilla11 днів тому

    this boi is the goat no cap

  56. Emma Pierskalla

    Emma Pierskalla11 днів тому

    um why are rich people houses so sterile?

  57. Salima Nabi

    Salima Nabi11 днів тому

    so half of that videO is just two kids breaking into a house and making fun of everything THEY SEE?? I AM SO HERE FOR IT

  58. Salima Nabi

    Salima Nabi11 днів тому

    cody and noel just look like two kids discovering technology

  59. Alexa Starr

    Alexa Starr11 днів тому

    Can't wait for the Marvel movie to come out.

  60. E

    E11 днів тому

    Why did it take me until now to realize that GT is also a short king.