Visiting The Kombucha Lair


  1. Sad Milkman

    Sad MilkmanГодину тому

    What is kombucha good for?

  2. Caitlin Barber

    Caitlin BarberГодину тому

    Tried to do the old man affect on Cody but it wouldn’t work ??

  3. Jenni Cooper

    Jenni CooperГодину тому

    frick this guy is actually hilarious

  4. M Nguyen

    M NguyenГодину тому

    This video made me think, is this real life? And it fucking is. Long live the lizard king of Kombucha and his owl Beyoncé

  5. Kristine Urban

    Kristine Urban2 години тому

    That one blurry painting messes me UP

  6. K4nk3k4 12

    K4nk3k4 123 години тому

    Mattysmokes actually smokes weed that’s cringe please

  7. K4nk3k4 12

    K4nk3k4 123 години тому

    Deadass that’s cringe matty smokes actually smokes weed

  8. Linsey Brianne

    Linsey Brianne3 години тому

    I just realized the title is lair not liar

  9. Clay Heinzerling

    Clay Heinzerling3 години тому

    This is the type of rich you wanna be. Super wealthy, but still down to earth, and only a little bit of ego. And when you got a "couple million dollar owl named Beyonce" you earned a bit of ego

  10. aesthetic

    aesthetic4 години тому

    GT'S entire house: expensive. cars. expensive. sculptures. expensive. Noel: BUNNY!?!? Cody: Can I put my dick in it? GT: *yo i love these little bitchboys*

  11. jill-O jell-O

    jill-O jell-O5 годин тому

    Why does Cody say fuck with an o? "fock"

  12. Caleb Charles

    Caleb Charles7 годин тому

    This almost made me buy Kombucha tbh 💀

  13. Thèlen Kayser

    Thèlen Kayser7 годин тому

    What's the song used in the cuts?


    ALEX VLOGS8 годин тому

    I use to work for him and I can with certainty he was the nicest most passionate CEO/boss I have ever met

  15. lewis swagmoney

    lewis swagmoney8 годин тому

    The kombucha king Visiting the kombucha lair Escaping the kombucha lair

  16. kitz 04

    kitz 048 годин тому

    The code shude be cody code

  17. Stephania F

    Stephania F11 годин тому

    I watch this video everyday to keep myself alive

  18. Andrew Bronson

    Andrew Bronson11 годин тому

    This man is a god

  19. Trey Steinberger

    Trey Steinberger12 годин тому

    The exposure makes it feel like I'm in heaven

  20. Liv R

    Liv R19 годин тому

    Please do a thats cringes on “6 vegans, one meat eater.” Loved this btw

  21. a sentient 86

    a sentient 8620 годин тому

    GT dave is about to run you down if you even have the *idea* that he eats lemons whole

  22. DaManOf88

    DaManOf8821 годину тому

    They did a better job than Forbes lol

  23. IDank Sinatra

    IDank Sinatra23 години тому

    What’s the walking from spot to spot chill song called?

  24. Jessica Rodriguez

    Jessica RodriguezДень тому

    Where tf can I buy that kombucha 😂

  25. Maja Egredzija

    Maja EgredzijaДень тому

    I've watched this ab 3 times istg

  26. Rice Gum

    Rice GumДень тому

    I feel like I'm so high watching this. This video is tripping me out!

  27. Ivanpavs

    IvanpavsДень тому

    14:04 😳

  28. bigbufyboy85

    bigbufyboy85День тому

    He seriously tries every batch of Kombucha? This guy is really serious about this...

  29. Some One

    Some OneДень тому

    If they don't meet Girl Defined next I'm suing.

  30. Some One

    Some OneДень тому

    Thanos fears GT

  31. Lorraine

    LorraineДень тому

    This is like that episode of Atlanta when Darius goes to that weird guys house to get a piano

  32. Jdogflan35 5

    Jdogflan35 5День тому

    Yo I wish the camera adjusted its pissing me off

  33. Uglyz Lost

    Uglyz LostДень тому

    Meet up with mattysmokes, an epic 3am hot box challenge 😤

  34. Gia

    GiaДень тому

    This is just a video of Cody and Noel in purgatory. RIP 🙏

  35. Healer H

    Healer HДень тому


  36. alex byrne

    alex byrneДень тому

    Can you and Noel please do a ‘that’s cringe’ of the surfaces Sunday best music video🥴🥴🥴

  37. Talia Cash-Money

    Talia Cash-MoneyДень тому

    i cant fucking believe this happened

  38. Alvaro Saenz

    Alvaro SaenzДень тому

    1980, how old is this guy

  39. Jared Patterson

    Jared PattersonДень тому

    This house is where girl defined films

  40. Rain

    RainДень тому


  41. go to bed you piecof shof

    go to bed you piecof shofДень тому

    Wow, GT Dave is honestly the fucking man.

  42. Debby Kaelin

    Debby KaelinДень тому

    6:09 had me rolling!!

  43. Alixia Caesarion

    Alixia CaesarionДень тому

    Next video: Participating in Pony Play

  44. Sydne F

    Sydne FДень тому

    I love all that you do. Your videos and podcasts make my days so much better💖

  45. Cj Barney

    Cj BarneyДень тому

    Do a that’s cringe on Tik Toks😫😫 plz

  46. Girya Girl Fitness

    Girya Girl FitnessДень тому

    What a rad dude!!!!! Thought I drank a lot of it! The GT's Cayennade is my current favorite flavor... seriously it rocks. SPICY!!!!!

  47. JL StudioPro

    JL StudioPro2 дні тому

    I feel like GT Dave strangely resembles Steve-O. Gt Dave is Steve-O if Steve-O never took drugs and just drank Kombucha his whole life.

  48. JL StudioPro

    JL StudioPro2 дні тому

    Love how lazy the blur effect was placed in to hide the obvious Audi symbol lol!

  49. Olivia Simiskey

    Olivia Simiskey2 дні тому

    I feel who ever is with Cody and Noel is just being a third wheel, worse than being a third wheel to a couple is a a third wheel to best friends

  50. Yoongi is freaking perfect and you know it

    Yoongi is freaking perfect and you know it2 дні тому

    Omg this guy is fucking hilarious, loved how he found the video funny and even invited Cody an Noel to his house.