WANDAVISION Episode 1 & 2 Breakdown & Ending Explained Spoiler Review | MCU Easter Eggs & Theories


  1. Heavy Spoilers

    Heavy SpoilersМісяць тому

    Hey everyone, our Episode 3 breakdown is now available here - uareporter.net/v/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-WqrPQWOb4oU.html

  2. lauren bingham

    lauren bingham8 днів тому

    rewatching the heavy spoilers show ha ha

  3. IcyFlames

    IcyFlamesДень тому

    Boi this looks different when u from the future

  4. X X

    X X6 днів тому

    Omg finally someone said it, THEY BUTCHERED AGENTS OF SHIELD !! if they got the “new team” in and somehow Wanda converts the new team into the show, honestly I wanted Phil to be alive or annoying deke to come back 😂 just ugh

  5. Mary Hunt

    Mary Hunt8 днів тому

    Thanks for doing these breakdowns...there were so many things I missed that you pointed out that helped explain some gray areas. Can’t wait for the next one. Rock on!

  6. Ethan Frigerio

    Ethan Frigerio12 днів тому

    i heard somewhere that the circles on vision's tie are placed in a way that, if they are put in a piano in the right area, are the notes of the Wandavision jingle that appears in every intro

  7. eventyraren

    eventyraren13 днів тому

    6:19 MCU is earth 19999 the comics is earth 616.

  8. Kenn Magnum

    Kenn Magnum14 днів тому

    Honestly, I’m feeling this show. Acting is good, storyline is messed up in the bestest of ways

  9. Isaiah Arroyo

    Isaiah Arroyo16 днів тому

    I really like the beginning knowing it was going to be the backstory for what’s to come

  10. Aysha Sarwar

    Aysha Sarwar16 днів тому

    Always love watching these after the episodes!!

  11. Awe Dee.0

    Awe Dee.016 днів тому

    she maybe feeding mephisto with her magic unknowingly. induced by the witch or witches of westview🤷‍♂️

  12. Awe Dee.0

    Awe Dee.016 днів тому

    11:08 looks more like bewitched animated intro imo

  13. TheDeadTrader

    TheDeadTrader18 днів тому

    This didn't age well haha

  14. DeAngela Williams

    DeAngela Williams19 днів тому

    It's ripping on Bewitched not I Dream of Jeannie

  15. San Ten

    San Ten22 дні тому

    This show has gotten me interested in the MCU again, tbh the movies got repetitive and boring. They felt like the movie equivalent of a Big Macs, yea it fills you up, but it’s not nutritionally dense enough to really be satisfying for long after consuming it. And if if this is the start of the X-men, I.can.not.wait. I’ve never been a huge comic book fan, but X-men movies and shows played a huge part in my childhood and I’m so pumped to see them done right.

  16. King Dassherr

    King Dassherr23 дні тому

    Imagine Agness’ last name is “Hark”

  17. Adam Berndt

    Adam Berndt25 днів тому

    I figure the name of the show "Wandavision" isn't because of wanda AND vision rather it's wanda's vision. Or am I just thinking to far into it?

  18. Amanda Keightley

    Amanda Keightley25 днів тому

    I'm obvi late here... but I love the mystery of the series! I saw all of the WandaVision hate towards the first two episodes on social media and I never trust that. The first two episodes are nostalgic (in good and bad ways), funny, and above all mysterious! Ohhhh you can't understand what's going on.. yeah I think that's kind of the point! Keep watching. Duh..

  19. Reece

    Reece26 днів тому

    Her brother is the grim reaper and Ralph will be the devil

  20. getpumped87

    getpumped8726 днів тому

    August 23 = 23/8 = Avengers 238 = the one where Vision comes back to life. The commercials are traumatic events from Wanda's life and is likely the Stark Industries missile that trapped her and Pietro.

  21. Parzival

    Parzival29 днів тому

    A comment below, with my thoughts on the episodes.

  22. Redleg Gunner

    Redleg Gunner29 днів тому

    I LIKE Wandavision... but then... i am a little weird. *** Thank you for your efforts and sharing. :)

  23. Grovers1

    Grovers129 днів тому

    I was a bit confused about the story line but thanks to your video explaining various things I think I'll enjoy it more now

  24. Ashley Jay

    Ashley Jay29 днів тому

    anyone know when he stopped saying "im your host definition"? (Dont hate me, i don't watch these in order lol)

  25. DexterGrifFTW

    DexterGrifFTWМісяць тому

    Fuck #bringbackdaisy, #bringbackhunter

  26. LINKotis333

    LINKotis333Місяць тому

    ehhh this review...

  27. EverSo Strange

    EverSo StrangeМісяць тому

    What do you mean they took chances they just ripped off a bunch of hit shows and added some marvel easter eggs in them. Disney has absolutely no creativity and it's showing hard

  28. Justin Burns

    Justin BurnsМісяць тому

    It's for sure some kinda of set up

  29. Sosueme

    SosuemeМісяць тому

    When they press the button on the toaster in the advertisement, it makes the sound of iron mans repulsor powering up

  30. Shadow

    ShadowМісяць тому

    Is no one gonna talk about how they accidentally stole from Pokémon S.W.O.R.D and S.H.E.I.L.D

  31. judy10001

    judy10001Місяць тому

    Super glad for the breakdown, thank you!

  32. Jenny Stannard

    Jenny StannardМісяць тому

    I am loving the fact it feels so different! Feel so intrigued at the end of each episode to see wtf is happening. Can't wait to see how it plays out and what happens in phase 5.

  33. Barbara Kardos Brown

    Barbara Kardos BrownМісяць тому

    After watching the 4th episode I'm hooked!!! I was unsure if I would continue because like you said it was all over the place!!! Glad I made it to the 4th episode!!

  34. Zac Sachse

    Zac SachseМісяць тому

    I wonder if the ticking was trying to represent the bomb that blew up in civil war that was blamed on her

  35. Anthony Bostwick

    Anthony BostwickМісяць тому

    If anyone watched the series agent Carter is "dotty" from wandavision the same as dotty the Russian agent?

  36. Pyjarmors -

    Pyjarmors -Місяць тому

    The bee keeper made me think of hive but sword is also a legitimate theory given their symbol shows up at least twice so far

  37. גבסון פ

    גבסון פМісяць тому

    I think vision and wanda are stack in a "enigma project" like batman forever

  38. Lejuan Archie

    Lejuan ArchieМісяць тому

    I hated the 1st 2 episodes and most of the 3rd episode. It shouldn't take Marvel 3 episodes to get to the point. We don't need 3 full set up episodes full of easter eggs. Bt I loved your breakdown video on this as always.

  39. magshmollison

    magshmollisonМісяць тому

    Lol the point of the show is to be confusing... that is what creates mire mystery more wonder on what is happening ,if they just give us all the info what id the greatness of it?? I am in love , i live how weird u after watching an episode it is, i love how everything is perfect,nice and neat ehen actually something darker is happenings

  40. Melissa Palmgren

    Melissa PalmgrenМісяць тому

    I wonder why the random red helicopter wasn’t addressed? I feel like that is significant.

  41. The_Chim

    The_ChimМісяць тому

    It is in the new ep.

  42. Uke Bec

    Uke BecМісяць тому

    The animation for episode 2 is definitely an homage to Bewitched, not I Dream of Jeannie. And their house in that one is a dead ringer for the Bewitched house.

  43. PrimeMac Studio

    PrimeMac StudioМісяць тому

    There is so much more going on that you shoul rewatch it again. Watch t hd rooms. Watch the details of each room and location. So much more is happening.

  44. Olvin Josue Castillo Castillo

    Olvin Josue Castillo CastilloМісяць тому

    My description or my sister's description is that there is a lot of scenes in red on that serie AND ALSO on the end game movie there was also red secenes also infinity wars and actually vision is dead so how is him live on the serie so does endgame and infinity wars is just a dream?? We will find out.

  45. Olvin Josue Castillo Castillo

    Olvin Josue Castillo CastilloМісяць тому

    This was my sisters description and i comment the video very late

  46. insecure idealist

    insecure idealistМісяць тому

    Wanda really said “No❤️”

  47. luis cuenca

    luis cuencaМісяць тому

    I could’ve sworn the neighbor was played by Ana Gasteyer 😂

  48. Madison Lillard

    Madison LillardМісяць тому


  49. delvis203

    delvis203Місяць тому

    Ep 2 intro rips of Bewitched not I dream of Genie

  50. Bryan Kacz

    Bryan KaczМісяць тому

    This Roller Coaster ride of a series has it all ..Suspense, action, drama.. n AGNES (A.H.) That's what I thought TRuoo>> Keep Up The interesting thoughts though Bro>>!! Thinking about That PS5 would TRULY Enhance my Dreary dull mundane existence..

  51. Hudson Reynolds

    Hudson ReynoldsМісяць тому

    6:37 "Yayyy...depression" killed me

  52. Marv

    MarvМісяць тому

    I hope they keep going slow with the show so all the impatient idiots stop watching it, so we don't have to hear their moaning.

  53. TipOfTheSpear

    TipOfTheSpearМісяць тому

    I just hate that the episodes are like 20 minutes long with like 25 minutes of ending credits. At this point you are watching 2.5 hour movie broken down to short episodes.

  54. Dean Parker

    Dean ParkerМісяць тому

    This show makes no sense. Is her last name vision? Why named Wanda vision? How can people be trapped?

  55. Abby V

    Abby VМісяць тому

    If you watch Agent Carter than Dotty might be a communist that she remembers because of timey whimey.

  56. r enay

    r enayМісяць тому


  57. humanpotato 808

    humanpotato 808Місяць тому

    I love how at 6:35 you just go “Yay depression”

  58. gospelevans

    gospelevansМісяць тому

    I think ur age makes u not get it. 45+ love it due to nostalgia

  59. bcvbb hyui

    bcvbb hyuiМісяць тому

    phenomenal! Syncing all the trippiness together.

  60. Alexis Keys

    Alexis KeysМісяць тому

    I love it. So mysterious.

  61. Esmé Oakwood

    Esmé OakwoodМісяць тому

    I can’t remember if it happened in episode 1, but both episode 2 and 3 had adverts from their given time periods hinting to Hydra consistently.

  62. bcvbb hyui

    bcvbb hyuiМісяць тому

    you made all these connections to the comic books? Impressive knowledge

  63. SpellSinger

    SpellSingerМісяць тому

    I have expected so much from the series. This show sucks

  64. SOGTrueBeliever

    SOGTrueBelieverМісяць тому

    Thanks for the vide, it cleared some things up

  65. couldbahappychic

    couldbahappychicМісяць тому

    I am here for the weirdness of it all

  66. killerjob

    killerjobМісяць тому

    Captain America about Wanda and Pietro “ yeah what type of monster would let a German scientist experiment on them in order to protect there country ?” Ah lemme think about that for a minute Steve Maybe YOU ! Jeez guys got a short memory

  67. Shamonic

    ShamonicМісяць тому


  68. John Lloyd

    John LloydМісяць тому

    I’m bored with it are ready. Show was like only 25 minutes long !

  69. Courtney Linn

    Courtney LinnМісяць тому

    I thought the first two episodes were kind of dull, but certainly felt they are leading to something very dark and not just action-oriented. I am willing to give them more time if it goes down this road. Thanks for the video!!

  70. Killaking

    KillakingМісяць тому

    totally missed the Monica Rambeau reference see this is why I watch these lol

  71. Bluepower117

    Bluepower117Місяць тому

    I’m going for it guys. Wanda is going to open some weird tear in reality, Spider-Man 3 could potentially be a live action into the spider verse kind of thing and the bee keeper is swarm. I’m sure I’m not that lucky, but I can dream right?

  72. AntiTeo Sensai

    AntiTeo SensaiМісяць тому

    Imagine People begin to gain powers from this "Town" and that creates mutants

  73. Kizzyisdead

    KizzyisdeadМісяць тому

    I'm so sorry, I watch your reviews all the time but I wasn't subscribed until just now

  74. AntiTeo Sensai

    AntiTeo SensaiМісяць тому

    I'm wondering how this show will connect far from home , The new doctor strange , black panther 2 , and Thor love and thunder

  75. asioe kiou

    asioe kiouМісяць тому

    phenomenal! Syncing all the trippiness together.

  76. Sean Solidworks

    Sean SolidworksМісяць тому

    I’m pretty sure the animated intro is a reference to bewitched - statement around the 11:05 mark. Thanks for the review - don’t have any idea what’s going on in the show. Have you made all these connections to the comic books? Impressive knowledge

  77. Emily

    EmilyМісяць тому

    Such a creative idea for a show

  78. asioe kiou

    asioe kiouМісяць тому

    Hey everyone, our Episode 3 breakdown is now available here - uareporter.net/v/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-WqrPQWOb4oU.html

  79. Evans Kan

    Evans KanМісяць тому

    Which trailer/spot has the narrator? Every trailer I've seen so far (from the official sources) has no narration.

  80. Tishard Natthaniel

    Tishard NatthanielМісяць тому

    i fine the show kinda interesting

  81. Mike Menke

    Mike MenkeМісяць тому

    Pretty sure that Wanda is under hypnosis

  82. Khaalilah Muhammad

    Khaalilah MuhammadМісяць тому

    Can't understand the negative reviews from some people. I fucking love this show already lol

  83. robin w

    robin wМісяць тому

    lol there's also a famous show with the same kind of plot called..wait for it..BeWitched

  84. Karla Ramirez

    Karla RamirezМісяць тому

    Geesh who knows why they didn't give you a screener to see it early, it's not like your channels name is "heavy spoilers" 🤦🏻‍♀️

  85. Maurice Kubarski

    Maurice KubarskiМісяць тому

    Hm don’t know yet how I feel about it

  86. Maximus Prime

    Maximus PrimeМісяць тому

    Geraldine/Monica's dress pattern in episode 2 is a big give away that she had 'crossed' over.

  87. PJ Mazzetti

    PJ MazzettiМісяць тому

    Sorry, agree with this vid. The show is very hard to get into. Will give it a few more episodes but the silly sitcom and laugh track schtick has to go.

  88. Swinging Through Comics

    Swinging Through ComicsМісяць тому

    I came it with no expectations and I really like the show so far. I came to this video from the ep 3 breakdown. Nice work, this was entertaining.

  89. Nova2512

    Nova2512Місяць тому

    *When they kept saying “for the children” I was getting serious hot fuzz vibes. “The Greater Good”. Could this be a way of letting us know that the twist isn’t what we think it’s going to be?*

  90. Echo Echo

    Echo EchoМісяць тому

    I liked the first 2 episodes. I've never fully watched anything before the 80s (except the one with "Dr. Strangelove" in the title which was shown to us during a film appreciation class) because it's just hard to get access to one growing up where I'm from so all of this is a fresh concept for me. It makes me want to check out the referenced older TV shows and movies to check if they are as enjoyable.

  91. Jason Brown

    Jason BrownМісяць тому

    I am really lost and not sure the payoff will be worth the time commitment...

  92. Elizabeth Brennan

    Elizabeth BrennanМісяць тому

    Awesome breakdown! Would love to win the giveaway ^.^ my bday is the 26th so it would be cool 🥰

  93. Matt Gilbert

    Matt GilbertМісяць тому

    June 2nd was my Dad's birthday as well :)

  94. Eddizz Dayz

    Eddizz DayzМісяць тому

    Weird, but in marvel I trust.


    DRAGOTH BELMONTМісяць тому

    is almost as if X-MEN had a baby with the FALLOUT games universe hey? and of course that 1963 vibes i still need to see this even if i will always REFUSE to give a dime to disney+ i sure Magneto will agree with me


    DRAGOTH BELMONTМісяць тому

    for the more i know i like the VISION as a character and how interesting he is i always prefer the attraction between NIGHTCRAWLER and SCARLET it just felt much more organic and truly suited the whole Gothic concept of the Witch been with the Devil-man plus Nightcrawler is the most adorable Creaturoid Ever in the whoe marvel comics i know MASSIVE X-MEN lover here

  97. chanel henderson

    chanel hendersonМісяць тому

    I'm loving it. I'm fully interested because I want to see where this is going

  98. Rebecca Sinnaeve

    Rebecca SinnaeveМісяць тому

    I liked the breakdown and you caught some of the things I did and other things I didn't. Looking forward to continuing watching your reviews/breakdowns for WandaVision :)

  99. JD Cress

    JD CressМісяць тому

    I’m excited to see where this goes. I like this break from reality so far.

  100. Tricia Elder

    Tricia ElderМісяць тому

    U should def get early access! This is my absolute favorite review channel!!

  101. Robb Hardwick

    Robb HardwickМісяць тому

    It's weird but I hear it starts to make more sense from EP 3. Think it will make All the sense in the end, and they haven't done us wrong yet..

  102. hcAdonis

    hcAdonisМісяць тому

    This really is the most pathetically thought of series ever, makes no sense if it's just wandas way of coping with her life and reality. MCU descent has begun post Endgame. It's no Cobra Kai that's for sure.

  103. hcAdonis

    hcAdonis11 днів тому

    @MegaSoulHero no, by that logic any follow up to an original movie would not be called a SEQUEL.

  104. MegaSoulHero

    MegaSoulHero11 днів тому

    @hcAdonis By this logic, none of the movies are necessary.

  105. hcAdonis

    hcAdonis11 днів тому

    @MegaSoulHero or they could just lead into Doctor Strange 2 without filming Wanda Vision.

  106. MegaSoulHero

    MegaSoulHero11 днів тому

    @hcAdonis It’s okay if you don’t like it, but it’s not unnecessary. It leads into Doctor Strange 2.

  107. hcAdonis

    hcAdonis11 днів тому

    @MegaSoulHero Wanda vision is unnecessary.

  108. Emanuele Guglielman

    Emanuele GuglielmanМісяць тому

    I think the show needs time to kick off for real, we’ll be surprised in the next few episodes probably

  109. Brian Holcomb

    Brian HolcombМісяць тому

    I'd peg Dottie for Mephisto before I would the bee keeper. The devil comes in a veneer, not something obvious.

  110. mcfrickenwatcher

    mcfrickenwatcherМісяць тому

    i said "what am i watching" like 100 times

  111. Zayd Al

    Zayd AlМісяць тому