Wardruna - Runaljod - Gap Var Ginnunga 2009 Full Album (HQ)


  1. Luan Rosa da Silva

    Luan Rosa da Silva19 днів тому

    Wardruna - Runaljod - Gap Var Ginnunga 00:00 - 01 - Wardruna - Ár var alda 02:19 - 02 - Wardruna - Hagal 10:00 - 03 - Wardruna - Bjarkan 15:52 - 04 - Wardruna - Løyndomsriss 19:00 - 05 - Wardruna - Heimta Thurs 23:09 - 06 - Wardruna - Thurs 24:39 - 07 - Wardruna - Jara 29:44 - 08 - Wardruna - Laukr 33:52 - 09 - Wardruna - Kauna 36:15 - 10 - Wardruna - Algir - Stien klarnar 40:34 - 11 - Wardruna - Algir - Tognatale 46:20 - 12 - Wardruna - Dagr

  2. Leandro Alterini

    Leandro Alterini24 дні тому

    why are so many hippie/dumb comments in this fucking epic musical masterpiece!

  3. Alexander

    Alexander28 днів тому

    Skyrim belongs to the Nords!

  4. Jean Harmon

    Jean Harmon2 місяці тому

    It speaks to my/your soul like no other music. I’m a Crone now of 75 and go to this music for grounding.

  5. dcepticonn

    dcepticonn2 місяці тому

    I'm only 16 and only starting on my path. I use Wardruna's music for meditations.

  6. Андрей САВчак

    Андрей САВчак2 місяці тому


  7. Rugoshath IM Professionals

    Rugoshath IM Professionals2 місяці тому

    Rediscovered Wardruna and immediately went on a "where the hell do my ancestors come from" quest. Turn out they were Belgica Gallic Druids who practised human sacrifice. Crazy, but wish I could explain in words how I feel when listening to this kinda stuff, something deep inside me just feels right. Weird, seeing as I'm a hardcore/thrash/death metaler who generally hates any kind of mellow music.

  8. AcidT Tundra

    AcidT Tundra3 місяці тому

    tiwas i envoke ur power in my standing chalenge.true with mark of odin ass child.come all fake wolves

  9. M. LePirate

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  10. Phil Bisson

    Phil Bisson3 місяці тому


  11. jean PARRINI

    jean PARRINI4 місяці тому

    selve essensen av alt

  12. John Martino

    John Martino4 місяці тому

    I think of loyalties when I hear the Vikings.

  13. Karishma Moorjany

    Karishma Moorjany4 місяці тому

    This music is so empowering! I'm using it to meditate and woah, I got no words to express that viking warrior feeling of strenght, power and fearlessness. Lately, I have overcome a lot of fears that I kept carrying for years by listening to this daily. It also reminds me a lot (as I was born and raised in a Hindu family) of Sanskrit chants, also the Ramayana and Mahabaratha TV series I used to watch in my childhood, I hope someone can relate to this, because the feeling is awesome! Love from Spain!❤

  14. mrkibbe

    mrkibbe3 місяці тому

    This is awesome! You ought to check out Heilung as well!!! It is as empowering as Wardruna!

  15. dzvxo

    dzvxo3 місяці тому

    this is perfect meditation music

  16. jeroen de vries

    jeroen de vries5 місяців тому


  17. Brandon Munson

    Brandon Munson6 місяців тому

    Love this album. This is the only one i have yet to purchase. On cd, lp, all of the choices, whatever they are. Absolute respect for Wardruna!

  18. Folk Drummer

    Folk Drummer7 місяців тому

    "Kauna" sounds like Rammstein in neofolk. But still great music always. With love from Russia ♥

  19. tip top tap

    tip top tap7 місяців тому

    Excelente Musica, gracias .

  20. Skaven Misinformation Agent

    Skaven Misinformation Agent7 місяців тому

    In the first song you can hear the sacred om. It also has a similar pitch and cadence to the Islamic call to prayer or Gregorian chanting. I was compelled to start meditating while doing the dishes. This music is amazing.

  21. Andreh Tahmasian

    Andreh Tahmasian8 місяців тому

    Hi to all brothers 🕊

  22. Renato Darg

    Renato Darg9 місяців тому

    Gaahl IS FUCK S2

  23. Husa Pusa

    Husa Pusa10 місяців тому


  24. Ben Dover

    Ben Dover10 місяців тому

    After listening to this my balls grew a beard

  25. Leandro Morelli

    Leandro Morelli10 місяців тому

    anybody knows what musical instrument they use in minute 46:00 to make that low-pitched spining sound?

  26. Leandro Morelli

    Leandro Morelli3 місяці тому

    @tattarpinne thats right ! Thank you!

  27. tattarpinne

    tattarpinne3 місяці тому

    Sounds like a bullroarer; (swedish) "brummare" or (norwegian) "brummar". Basically a flat piece of wood on a string.

  28. Allan H

    Allan H6 місяців тому

    It sounds to me like blowing over the edge of a cup while buzzing your lips like you do into the mouthpiece of a brass instrument like a trumpet. You can get a kind of humming wind sound that way.

  29. Chela Sanchez

    Chela Sanchez10 місяців тому

    maybe it's the lur

  30. Killer Bee

    Killer Bee11 місяців тому


  31. Echoes

    EchoesРік тому

    No Adds? So start the Video move forewart until the end of the Video and press replay and you got no Adds! Thank me later ore in Valhalla

  32. Melissa Callens

    Melissa Callens10 місяців тому

    Lol thanks alot

  33. Svenn-inge Sandvik

    Svenn-inge Sandvik11 місяців тому

    You are a fucking genius, thank you. Skål from Norway!

  34. Christopher

    Christopher11 місяців тому


  35. ps90tacguy

    ps90tacguyРік тому

    I don't understand why north culture appeals to me so strong. there something about the history and the different languages of the people of Norway, Scandinavia, Finland, Germany, the Norman's. It's something about it.

  36. Martin Janeček

    Martin Janeček6 місяців тому

    because you are a wannabe fascist.

  37. Metaphix

    Metaphix9 місяців тому

    Because vikings were badasses

  38. Tutuca Man

    Tutuca Man9 місяців тому

    what do you mean Norway and Scandinavia? you mean Sweden and Denmark, Scandinavia is a region, not a country... Btw i don't mean to shit on you, just clearing facts up have a good one

  39. Ada Fool

    Ada FoolРік тому

    Seriously such a fuck

  40. Ada Fool

    Ada FoolРік тому

    Patrick Stewart is a fuck


    BJIADIMIRРік тому


  42. MewlusK

    MewlusKРік тому

    Give heilung a try too

  43. cyanide jack

    cyanide jackРік тому

    One of the first times I heard Wardruna I was laying in the dark and I swear I had an out of body experience.

  44. Angie Clouser

    Angie ClouserМісяць тому

    Yes! It seems as if it simply consumes you with a very special kind of peace that you don't often feel anywhere else. 💜

  45. hugo Glrs

    hugo Glrs2 місяці тому

    Wardruna make me feel transcendance so that's not impossible mate

  46. dzvxo

    dzvxo3 місяці тому

    yea lol

  47. Trifolía PolillaVlindada

    Trifolía PolillaVlindadaРік тому

    Chile, octubre y noviembre 2019 Arriba guerrerxs!

  48. Hernán Farías Zamorano

    Hernán Farías ZamoranoРік тому

    Vamos conchesumare!!!!!!

  49. Кому Надо Тот Знает

    Кому Надо Тот ЗнаетРік тому


  50. StartWithAnE

    StartWithAnEРік тому

    Excellent flute performance

  51. Paul Little Photography

    Paul Little PhotographyРік тому

    Jara 25:25 onwards - pretty powerful stuff.

  52. Randy Rowe

    Randy RoweРік тому

    That's interesting that you say that, as I always thought everything up until Jara is super powerful, almost like one long song. After that, each song sounds like it's own song to me. Don't get me wrong, I looooove the rest of the album, but the first half is just perfect for me haha.

  53. Scouse Mouse

    Scouse MouseРік тому

    Adverts are annoying when they're injected right in the middle of a piece, as opposed to an interval between tracks. Thumbs down.

  54. AdoreYouInAshXI

    AdoreYouInAshXIМісяць тому

    Dumbass, don't thumb down the music because youre too stupid to use adblock.

  55. Caterpillar

    CaterpillarРік тому

    This music makes my man-stick bigger and more menacing

  56. C

    CРік тому


  57. ivan lopez garcia

    ivan lopez garciaРік тому

    I was here much before than Vikings

  58. Tim Tatarsky

    Tim TatarskyРік тому

    Wow, than who or what are you?

  59. Andrea Maldonado

    Andrea MaldonadoРік тому

    I love the transition between Løyndomsriss and Heimta Thurs and how beautifully connected they are. It'll always remind me of the blood eagle scene from Vikings.

  60. TheurgyTheatre

    TheurgyTheatreРік тому

    Andrea Maldonado Exactly👊🏻😎

  61. marit

    maritРік тому

    I grew a beard whilst listening to this, and I am a woman! My hamster too and he is a wolf now. urrahhhhh

  62. Florian Claude

    Florian Claude9 місяців тому

    Haha excellent

  63. Elliot

    Elliot10 місяців тому

    HAHAHAHA!!! Great!!!

  64. I_Am_MaziKeen

    I_Am_MaziKeen11 місяців тому

    Hehe G'day From Australia, Thought I Was The Only One Who Used Fruitloop :D

  65. Dibakar Das Roy

    Dibakar Das RoyРік тому

    lol. i grew horns.

  66. marit

    maritРік тому

    @jman7481 haha I know I am a fruitloop.....

  67. Midavaine Dominique

    Midavaine DominiqueРік тому

    C'est tout simplement génial!Merci pour tout vos albums!

  68. apeirwtan 3000 bc

    apeirwtan 3000 bcРік тому


  69. D.J. Trancelott

    D.J. Trancelott2 місяці тому

    Heilung also

  70. Karolina Pucyk

    Karolina Pucyk3 місяці тому

    And Sowulo

  71. Chaudapeau

    ChaudapeauРік тому

    try some "Heilung" and "Skald" amazing too

  72. Ragnar Lothbrok

    Ragnar LothbrokРік тому

    And Einar Selvik

  73. BarneyShpaenglezz

    BarneyShpaenglezzРік тому

    I walked through the banff national park in Alberta Canada while listening to this. It was so calming, and empowering, I almost didn't notice the massive bear that had dropped a fresh shit when it saw me. It ran away, and I should have felt scared, but instead I felt at peace. Lucky it didn't maul me to pieces though lmfao

  74. kristina sheehy

    kristina sheehy9 місяців тому

    We are ONE with nature. Peace & Love to all humans, animals, plants

  75. Jonathan van dorsten

    Jonathan van dorsten11 місяців тому

    When animals don’t feel/smell fear from you they perceive you as a hunter not prey. Their primal instinct tells them you are dangerous to them. But nonetheless don’t mess with nature😄

  76. Luzur

    LuzurРік тому

    Now that bear is your wife, and you are happy

  77. seattwa

    seattwaРік тому

    That shit could have been another hiker.

  78. pierpaolo merluzzi

    pierpaolo merluzziРік тому

    Even if listening such a music in the wood can give great emotions and ispirations, while moving deep in the forest it is always better to keep yourself calmly alert. This is my thought.

  79. Jack Jekyll

    Jack JekyllРік тому

    AdBlocker Ultimate for firefox, A god send.

  80. cyanide jack

    cyanide jackРік тому

    An ODIN send.

  81. Tito Crkvenac

    Tito CrkvenacРік тому

    Ou for the fucksake install AdBlock!!!! And enjoy

  82. Tito Crkvenac

    Tito CrkvenacРік тому

    @marit Done it lol 🍺

  83. marit

    maritРік тому

    and u stop swearin' lol

  84. Michal Madusiok

    Michal MadusiokРік тому

    3:30 ❤️

  85. Ty Williams

    Ty Williams2 роки тому


  86. Ias Baba

    Ias Baba2 роки тому

    Vikings landed me here ....

  87. Claudia BM

    Claudia BMРік тому

    Wardruna landed me to Vikings😂

  88. AAE2049IO

    AAE2049IO2 роки тому

    too many ads. Not their best, too much background noise hiding the music...

  89. AdoreYouInAshXI

    AdoreYouInAshXIРік тому

    What kind of dumbass doesn't use adblock?

  90. emillebest

    emillebestРік тому

    Background noise? You mean like the crows, the wind, the rain... everything that merges you in another world? :) I think it's part of the music.

  91. Christian Holen

    Christian HolenРік тому

    So you use youtube and not AdBlocker? Just us adblock. I haven`t seen a commercial since i installed it years ago....

  92. gestucv olonor

    gestucv olonor2 роки тому

    Another upload falls to the ads

  93. Dibakar Das Roy

    Dibakar Das RoyРік тому

    do u expect the entire world to just give you shit for free? buy a copy from the artist then.

  94. ApocGuy

    ApocGuy2 роки тому

    adblock saves the day :D

  95. Antichristian Tormentowers

    Antichristian Tormentowers2 роки тому


  96. Veikko Lehtinen

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  97. Eduardo Garcia

    Eduardo Garcia3 роки тому

    01. Ár var alda 00:00 02. Hagal 02:19 03. Bjarkan 10:00 04. Løyndomsriss 15:52 05. Heimta Thurs 19:00 06. Thurs 23:09 07. Jara 24:39 08. Laukr 29:44 09. Kauna 33:52 10. Algir - Stien klarnar 36:15 11. Algir - Tognatale 40:34 12. Dagr 46:20

  98. Renan Gonçalves Flores

    Renan Gonçalves Flores2 місяці тому

    Thank you

  99. Rebecca Sonta-Rodenbaugh

    Rebecca Sonta-RodenbaughРік тому



    AUTHOR BEATSРік тому


  101. Premoguys

    Premoguys3 роки тому

    A copy without ads. Thank you so, so much!

  102. Echoes

    EchoesРік тому

    No Adds? So start the Video move forewart until the end of the Video and press replay and you got no Adds! Thank me later ore in Valhalla

  103. Rachmadi

    RachmadiРік тому

    ad block

  104. Mewing Legorias

    Mewing LegoriasРік тому

    install youtube vanced and you'll never have ads

  105. Premoguys

    Premoguys2 роки тому

    @Sarah Gray I think the add plays only at the start of the video, and the rest are just random posters, so no harm done there.

  106. Sarah Gray

    Sarah Gray2 роки тому

    They have put ads on it now...damn

  107. T'sChannel11

    T'sChannel115 років тому

    why would you upload this album when you can already find it at least 3 times on youtube...?

  108. BarneyShpaenglezz

    BarneyShpaenglezzРік тому

    @SonOvMercurius yeah no kidding, what a weird thing to complain about lmfao

  109. Christian Holen

    Christian HolenРік тому

    @John Nerney Why you use logic? seems unfair :-)

  110. John Nerney

    John NerneyРік тому

    Why did you come here then if there’s 3 others that you already know of?

  111. SonOvMercurius

    SonOvMercurius2 роки тому

    Who gives a fuck, really?

  112. Marcos Carrizales

    Marcos Carrizales2 роки тому

    Daniel ToxicDude You meant the adds have Wardruna's "Runaljod" in between