Warriors | Season 2020 Cinematic - League of Legends (ft. 2WEI and Edda Hayes)


  1. Akmal Zulhasmi

    Akmal Zulhasmi8 годин тому

    2014 or 2020.....

  2. 양봉업자

    양봉업자8 годин тому

    가렌:럭스 이쉐키 이번에 지켜주니까 봐준다 ㅡㅡ

  3. OtakuGamer 321

    OtakuGamer 3218 годин тому

    sylas looking like nicholas cage.

  4. 진짜 가렌 Real Garen

    진짜 가렌 Real Garen8 годин тому

    My Garen ★

  5. Minh Nguyen Ba

    Minh Nguyen Ba9 годин тому

    Lux until sky

  6. Sunny

    Sunny10 годин тому

    Why they make this seem like gamers are cool. No offense I’m one too

  7. joaquin fernandez

    joaquin fernandez10 годин тому

    i don't know why but i feel like all riot do is always so overrated

  8. kazuya_ masumi

    kazuya_ masumi11 годин тому


  9. Aj Jams

    Aj Jams14 годин тому

    If only the game looked this good

  10. Hotbrotboi

    Hotbrotboi14 годин тому


  11. Elian Negro

    Elian Negro15 годин тому

    ya saquen una pinche pelicula riot games

  12. Chris mallis

    Chris mallis16 годин тому

    anyone notice that the spot where cait sits at the start of the video is her splash art?

  13. Бодя Это Я

    Бодя Это Я18 годин тому

    Припев зашел. Бомба! Епичненько! в игру не играл.

  14. A. ADODY

    A. ADODY19 годин тому

    I love how the cinematics r better then the actual game

  15. woobie doobie

    woobie doobie19 годин тому

    League never disappoints me with there trailers

  16. Gülseren Çetinkaya

    Gülseren Çetinkaya19 годин тому

    2:58 ezreal main ???

  17. LB . Mello

    LB . Mello20 годин тому


  18. Teemo Capitan

    Teemo Capitan20 годин тому

    soy el unico que lo usa como musica mientras juego?

  19. Murat Kara

    Murat Kara21 годину тому

    1:35 is Lord of the rings helms deep bombing scene be like

  20. Gizem Gürbüzer

    Gizem Gürbüzer21 годину тому

    Animasyon veya film falan çıkarın artık nolur ya

  21. la xander zone

    la xander zone22 години тому

    Wow epic imagine dragons warriors

  22. Daniel Santos

    Daniel Santos22 години тому

    Luan gameplay? Sksksk

  23. muxter may

    muxter may22 години тому

    Unterm Strich: Bringt Sie Alle Um!

  24. Travelling Swine

    Travelling Swine23 години тому

    Garen not paying attention gets ganked by Sylas, ✔ Sylas decides to go for Garen instead of Lux in a 1v2 situation, ✔ Caitlyn misses cs, ✔ Vi decides to steal the adc's cs, ✔ Urgot ults the tank in 1v2 situation, ✔ Ezreal ults minion wave, ✔ Lux misses ult, ✔ Galio always arriving when team almost loses, ✔

  25. RukaXchan

    RukaXchan23 години тому

    lux is me ulting in the sky

  26. HQ KHÁNH

    HQ KHÁNH23 години тому

    Well Nothing new

  27. Diego Alejandro Álvarez Guerrero

    Diego Alejandro Álvarez Guerrero23 години тому

    Se imaginan que saquen una serie sobre la historia de los campeones :O Seria increíble y creo que tod@s la veríamos.

  28. Knicklichterchen

    KnicklichterchenДень тому

    And now this is epic XD

  29. Nefle

    NefleДень тому

    0:40 Sylas and the Tryndamere army

  30. DBHTakımı

    DBHTakımıДень тому

    2:43 void bugs : oh ezreal is back lets just stop a little.

  31. Papa Lil' Mouth

    Papa Lil' MouthДень тому

    1:40 wow, tyler1 is getting old

  32. TroxyNight

    TroxyNightДень тому

    This is epic...

  33. The First Sin

    The First SinДень тому

    Brillant idea locking Urgot up and not removing his weapons before.

  34. Ramiz Karaeski

    Ramiz KaraeskiДень тому

    luxa aşık oldum bu çıtırın instası var mı

  35. Sakowskyy

    SakowskyyДень тому

    After 10 years still waiting for cinematic with rumble.

  36. Hasan Mahmutoğlu

    Hasan MahmutoğluДень тому

    Sylas is good person

  37. QueenDaisy

    QueenDaisyДень тому

    So I'd been absolutely loving this video anyway but I'd only watched it on a laptop that's 4 years out of date. I just got a new laptop today and OH MY GOD THE LIGHT IN LUX'S EYES AT THE END I ACTUALLY CRIED.

  38. Wuselmann

    WuselmannДень тому

    Come to think about it,all Lux had to do was ult the bridge after garen and his few troops arrived. It just took her summoning Galio and nearly loosing all men to realise.


    BBC MONTIДень тому

    I dont like league of legends but I love this cinematic. I love it!!!!

  40. 앤테래

    앤테래День тому


  41. 앤테래

    앤테래День тому


  42. Mr.Niice

    Mr.NiiceДень тому

    this song gets me everytime

  43. MIKO //

    MIKO //День тому

    Imagine if they were be a moba game about this Oh,wait

  44. Sohom Reja

    Sohom RejaДень тому

    Who else got goosebumps when she says "From dust"

  45. 미르

    미르День тому

    Silouse: Triple kill GGEZ

  46. True Gamer

    True GamerДень тому

    This is better than the other one for me

  47. ariane lizzie san miguel quispe

    ariane lizzie san miguel quispeДень тому


  48. okogao

    okogaoДень тому

    Yo I literally teared up watching this. Next level goosebumps

  49. Ace38091

    Ace38091День тому

    RISE enigmatic was better no cap

  50. Fulache

    FulacheДень тому

    Stop making meme references and just enjoying this piece of art

  51. crisNSCLasst

    crisNSCLasstДень тому

    Lux and garen vs Sylas Vi and Cait vs Urgot Ez and Kai'sa..... just farming

  52. una Del

    una DelДень тому


  53. Sandroyt Besser

    Sandroyt BesserДень тому

    im literally crying

  54. Matin Mehry

    Matin MehryДень тому

    Galio isnt that big...

  55. Debopam Rai Chaudhuri

    Debopam Rai ChaudhuriДень тому

    All hail the queens

  56. Tobi c:

    Tobi c:День тому

    Me: sees Ezreal and Lux Also me: *LOUD BISEXUAL NOISES*

  57. nWünsch 5

    nWünsch 5День тому

    Lux afk till minute 30

  58. MADSEB

    MADSEBДень тому

    So I'll ask again... Where's the animation and how many seasons do I need to bindge.

  59. Jinxtense - League of Legends for Dummies

    Jinxtense - League of Legends for DummiesДень тому

    I am really new to League but I literally got emotional watching this. This is Blizzard level of amazing. Maybe even better. Can't wait to see more!

  60. Blomat's Random Stuff

    Blomat's Random StuffДень тому

    I remember when Blizzard used to make feel what warriors 2020 made me feel... I getcha lad, good times uwu

  61. sy s

    sy sДень тому

    마블처럼 영화 안만드나..

  62. Konstanty Sopoćko

    Konstanty SopoćkoДень тому

    meme versions are 10 times better

  63. alistair de bruijne

    alistair de bruijneДень тому

    Riot: How accurate should this animation be? Me: Did Sylas just steal Garens ult? Later me: He stole it with his E......

  64. supreme leader

    supreme leaderДень тому

    1.23 is she Alita

  65. Sam Strickland

    Sam StricklandДень тому

    The part that gets me is when garen thinks he is about to get killed and the last thing he looks at is his little sister.

  66. CrafistStory

    CrafistStoryДень тому

    WOW! beautefure

  67. Emma ___

    Emma ___День тому


  68. uvouba 2

    uvouba 2День тому

    2:51 right in the balls, ouch

  69. Matheus Finco

    Matheus FincoДень тому

    World : Ending lux : :I

  70. hinata matatabi

    hinata matatabiДень тому

    j'aime beaucoup la transition garen

  71. Taehyung's Mom귀엽다

    Taehyung's Mom귀엽다2 дні тому

    Dam Ezreal is so hot btw-

  72. david cores

    david cores2 дні тому


  73. Ahmed Mokhles

    Ahmed Mokhles2 дні тому


  74. Gamer Dwarf

    Gamer Dwarf2 дні тому

    League cinematics are like the World of Warcraft cinematics for new generation.

  75. MarW

    MarW2 дні тому

    Demacia: No mages in our land! Also Demacia: Stands behind Lux while she's doing magic lol xd

  76. Lucas Rueda

    Lucas Rueda2 дні тому

    -hola Tyler1 -Urgot: no soy tyler1 -si lo sos -utgot: me descubriste.

  77. seponatis

    seponatis2 дні тому

    OMFFFGGGGGG its amazing i just canttttt im thrilllllled

  78. Vojta V

    Vojta V2 дні тому

    Thanks to this I finally found out how to fight agianst Urgot with Caitlyn. Just will have to find a shoot for legs button and I will be safe.

  79. Ian Ramos

    Ian Ramos2 дні тому

    Report lux for trolling. She ulting upwards

  80. Vincent Stark

    Vincent Stark2 дні тому


  81. Kaztiel

    Kaztiel2 дні тому

    Faltou o yorick 💔☹️

  82. Joseph Nasr

    Joseph Nasr2 дні тому

    Chrome vs RAM brought me here 😂😉