Warriors | Season 2020 Cinematic - League of Legends (ft. 2WEI and Edda Hayes)


  1. sona jimenez ponce

    sona jimenez ponce5 годин тому

    Vine aquí después de ver el pasado de Lux y Syslas xd

  2. hi hi

    hi hi5 годин тому

    I want soyeon

  3. Annababy 129

    Annababy 1296 годин тому

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="186">3:06</a> nice... its like WAKANDA FOREVER!!!😂


    İSA OBALI6 годин тому


  5. Leland Allor

    Leland Allor6 годин тому

    i used to be a badass stealing everyone power, but then a took a lux ult to my everything

  6. Nothing Here

    Nothing Here6 годин тому

    This kind of stuff makes me wish for an Elder Scrolls styled League of Legends RPG

  7. me also me

    me also me6 годин тому

    I cant stop wachting this is soooo cool 😎😎😎

  8. Isabelle LaLonde

    Isabelle LaLonde7 годин тому

    the video is really cool i might just play the game

  9. Iqfath Siam

    Iqfath Siam7 годин тому

    All I can see girls with perfect hair Never played the game but I admire their animation soo much

  10. lεσnツ

    lεσnツ7 годин тому

    Kai'sa daş gibi olmuş

  11. Intro-Outro Maker

    Intro-Outro Maker7 годин тому

    this made me legit cry, i don't know why. I love this game

  12. Ömer [kanrevan]

    Ömer [kanrevan]10 годин тому

    işte normal klasik lol :D

  13. JanVon 05

    JanVon 0510 годин тому

    this is bad, the 2014 versions is 1000 times better

  14. Guilherme Alexandre

    Guilherme Alexandre7 годин тому

    they focused more on the animation

  15. kaifan cai

    kaifan cai11 годин тому

    omg! it's nice

  16. Ömer Tetik

    Ömer Tetik11 годин тому

    Demacia evimiz Garen babamız

  17. Hasan Akınbay

    Hasan Akınbay13 годин тому

    2 tane animadyonda var başka yok birazda onları koysanız ya yasuo ve zedi

  18. Hasan Akınbay

    Hasan Akınbay13 годин тому

    Yaa neden hiç bir animasyon yasuo yada zed yok

  19. Ronaldo Imran

    Ronaldo Imran15 годин тому

    you know that you are hardcore LOL gamer... when you can cry by watching this...

  20. Alex Li

    Alex Li15 годин тому


  21. ツShyla

    ツShyla16 годин тому

    love this

  22. Brandon Lane

    Brandon Lane16 годин тому

    Everyone: It's sure is cold here. Sylas: Look at my abbs though.

  23. Joaquin Herrera

    Joaquin Herrera16 годин тому

    raiot nimm einen Film pls

  24. sean jayden balute

    sean jayden balute17 годин тому

    I felt bad for kaitlyns fall beacuse shes my fav

  25. Genesis moreno

    Genesis moreno17 годин тому

    I got chills bro!!

  26. Alexander12 _Yt

    Alexander12 _Yt18 годин тому

    Imagen dragons

  27. 시애틀추장

    시애틀추장18 годин тому

    oh yeaaaah

  28. 起床う圭敏

    起床う圭敏19 годин тому

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="63">1:03</a> report tryndamere. no ulti.

  29. Sky3Fall

    Sky3Fall19 годин тому

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="179">2:59</a> they're both smirking hmmm

  30. Jhonatan Pereira

    Jhonatan Pereira20 годин тому

    A qualidade diminuio muito...

  31. 치맥은진리

    치맥은진리20 годин тому


  32. Berk Turan

    Berk Turan20 годин тому

    lux uses her ulti to nowhere *garen spams question mark ping on her*

  33. Void Hashtag

    Void Hashtag20 годин тому

    love it >3

  34. Benton Berry

    Benton Berry21 годину тому

    We gonna still act like sylas is the bad guy?

  35. João Pedro Baptista

    João Pedro Baptista21 годину тому

    Can't wait for 2021 Cinematic XD

  36. Skyros M

    Skyros M21 годину тому

    Now show the live footage of gameplay

  37. João Pedro Baptista

    João Pedro Baptista21 годину тому

    Lux 5 seconds cooldown. GG

  38. Allycat or Daniel Lindsey

    Allycat or Daniel Lindsey21 годину тому

    *when you don't even play the game* 👁👄👁

  39. Efsanevi PEKKA

    Efsanevi PEKKA21 годину тому

    *Here we are don't turn away now, we are the warriors that built this town!*

  40. Batuhan Kara

    Batuhan Kara22 години тому


  41. TheSikerad

    TheSikerad22 години тому

    The most Feminist cinematic so far...

  42. Jeff Kenney

    Jeff Kenney23 години тому

    This is quite possibly one of the greatest Cinematics I have ever seen. And this is coming from someone who barely played League of Legends.

  43. Василий Ситников

    Василий Ситников23 години тому

    господи когда они уже сделают фильм с саундтреками .... это просто космос

  44. Yooming七海

    Yooming七海23 години тому


  45. Tariq Islam

    Tariq IslamДень тому

    After galio came, you know sylas got bodied

  46. Nick Smith

    Nick SmithДень тому

    It's to bad i cant play this game anymore due to being d/c'ed every time a match loads... (not that i think id want to return super toxic community) But i would watch a series for sure! The lore in LoL has so much promise so long as the only hands that touch it are riot.

  47. bruno rioja

    bruno riojaДень тому

    pongan serie teemo

  48. Rock Balancer

    Rock BalancerДень тому

    i think i saw sylas on 'to catch a predator'

  49. SonXavi

    SonXaviДень тому

    Imagine dragons better

  50. Cute Panda

    Cute PandaДень тому

    почему так круто, я весь в мурашках, это просто офигено спасибо что вы есть.

  51. ecsz st. croixe

    ecsz st. croixeДень тому

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="157">2:37</a>. Reminds me of Columbia Pictures lady.

  52. breiner echeverri

    breiner echeverriДень тому

    Para Cúando la serie

  53. 페이

    페이День тому

    사일이 사기인이유 광역기 기절 궁뺐기 걍 쌩양아치

  54. koo koo

    koo kooДень тому


  55. Dubji

    DubjiДень тому


  56. MsUnholy

    MsUnholyДень тому

    Omgggg i love this song so much

  57. Sckarlette Flamelet

    Sckarlette FlameletДень тому

    What if Urgot came out with the pajama star guardian outfit?

  58. Epic Games

    Epic GamesДень тому


  59. NuggetTV

    NuggetTVДень тому

    This. Is. EPIC!!!

  60. Gabriel neves osbourne

    Gabriel neves osbourneДень тому

    Me as Urgot

  61. Mika

    MikaДень тому

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="181">3:01</a> When someone bullies you and you call your older brother

  62. ToxicSkull0

    ToxicSkull014 годин тому

    Nah your older brother is the dude with the sword that big guy is yo dad

  63. jumper989 989

    jumper989 989День тому

    Najlepsza piosenka którą słuchałem, polecam ją obejżeć normalnie epic.

  64. ok ok

    ok okДень тому

    this is better than the game

  65. Panther10 P P

    Panther10 P PДень тому


  66. King Zeddster

    King ZeddsterДень тому

    Why there is voidlings but no malzahar ? because he's busy making more voidlings

  67. Lennart Brechmann

    Lennart BrechmannДень тому

    Everytime i watch this i get Fanbpy Tears

  68. Koblich01

    Koblich01День тому

    Everytime when i have to watched this video i will start to cry and i dont know why ;_;

  69. Wade_K23

    Wade_K23День тому

    Everybody gangsta until, 2WEI makes a epic song collab with LOL.

  70. Ravox

    RavoxДень тому

    From dust.

  71. Furkan Efe Nar

    Furkan Efe NarДень тому

    2020 ?

  72. Seth Bellinghausen

    Seth BellinghausenДень тому

    Caitlyn was a badass in this

  73. ScoobY 22

    ScoobY 22День тому

    yo why ezreal is S+ tire adc if kai sa saved him and she s only B

  74. Medwin Tomales

    Medwin TomalesДень тому

    Only came for Eva Elfie

  75. Raven Marine

    Raven MarineДень тому

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="27">0:27</a> Caesar?

  76. Drew

    DrewДень тому

    Aww this makes me cry for some reason.

  77. Noah

    NoahДень тому

    Why am i getting the wrath of the glitch king vibe with the plague....? Why am I suddenly wishing that LoL would release a MMO? Why am I even wanting this? So many questions. D:

  78. HP

    HPДень тому

    These are soooooo good..... Can Riot please make a movie ?



    It's a hymn to this new world human league

  80. Daniel Macharia

    Daniel MachariaДень тому

    trash where is the pajama urgot

  81. TheJxop 2004

    TheJxop 2004День тому

    Imagine Dragons where??

  82. 개썅마이웨이내인생은

    개썅마이웨이내인생은День тому

    롤 이란 게임 정말 소름이 돋는다...