WayV 威神V 'Love Talk' MV


  1. Winter Bear

    Winter Bear25 хвилин тому

    The NCTzen Starbuck employee: *Tell me how you like it, babe, I don't even know your name*

  2. ari

    ari36 хвилин тому

    weishennies, let's try to reach 45mil before the kick back album !!

  3. Valery RX

    Valery RXГодину тому

    por milésima vez escuchando esta rola

  4. Reisya

    ReisyaГодину тому

    Yuk guys dukung WayV dengan cara Streaming teruss, Semangattt!!💚💚

  5. Nao Nao

    Nao NaoГодину тому


  6. Elsha Adah

    Elsha AdahГодину тому


  7. Rachel Limbong

    Rachel LimbongГодину тому

    50M soon!

  8. laelani jackson

    laelani jackson2 години тому

    Ten vs Jhope? Who would you pick?

  9. Louis Bella Leon stan

    Louis Bella Leon stanГодину тому

    I pick both of them

  10. Ten Lee

    Ten Lee2 години тому

    2:17 "I love you"

  11. shafira emilia

    shafira emilia2 години тому

    can we get 45 million views before March 10 ??

  12. black mamba enthusiast

    black mamba enthusiast2 години тому


  13. Hamsinah Hitachy

    Hamsinah Hitachy2 години тому

    Ayooo 45 yuk bisa yuk sebelum tgl 10 maret :)

  14. Rachel Limbong

    Rachel LimbongГодину тому

    10 maret ada apa yaa

  15. Moyuz san

    Moyuz san2 години тому

    enak bgt ni lagu

  16. chaeyoung's lost heights

    chaeyoung's lost heights2 години тому

    admit it, its not ur first time here

  17. Orange Juicey

    Orange Juicey2 години тому

    Let's get it

  18. Verónica Marqués

    Verónica Marqués2 години тому

    Eu só quero dizer que Winwin merece melhor

  19. hendery

    hendery3 години тому

    44,170,924 45M SOON

  20. Anggun Franciska Veronica

    Anggun Franciska Veronica3 години тому


  21. shea j

    shea j3 години тому

    is this song about hooking up with foreigners lol?

  22. 나나누누

    나나누누3 години тому


  23. Aramirta

    Aramirta3 години тому

    AYOK 50 M YOK

  24. Najwa Aulia

    Najwa Aulia3 години тому


  25. Shawolatina por k kiero

    Shawolatina por k kiero3 години тому

    basta no m puedo sacar esta canciòn de la cabeza x dios ES LO MEJOR

  26. Najwa Aulia

    Najwa Aulia4 години тому

    Fighting wayzenni

  27. Diva Jihan

    Diva Jihan4 години тому

    This song feels holy and illegal at the same time

  28. Taro Kun

    Taro Kun4 години тому

    01:00 KUN PLEASE 😭❤️

  29. bnemkdk l

    bnemkdk l4 години тому

    45m soon fighting

  30. Ria Astuti

    Ria Astuti5 годин тому

    44.152.156 6:08 am wib, 5 march

  31. Randomly

    Randomly6 годин тому


  32. Jihan Aulia R

    Jihan Aulia R6 годин тому

    44,151,506 5.42 am WIB

  33. Ирина Афанасьевна

    Ирина Афанасьевна6 годин тому

    Красивая мелодия!

  34. NeoZone

    NeoZone6 годин тому

    Estamos de acuerdo que no importa de qué fandom seas o si te guste o no el K-Pop, todos amamos esta canción, ¿verdad?

  35. Missy Black

    Missy Black7 годин тому

    I didn’t know this group existed until a few days ago. I heard this song on a random playlist and I had to look them up. I’m a fan now ☺️

  36. Baeby 05

    Baeby 05Годину тому

    Welcome new WayZeNni..!!! 😍

  37. Milsha Addit

    Milsha Addit2 години тому

    I recommend you to watch their vlogs on WayV channel, and their variety shows, such as Dream Plan and Wayvision. They are hilarious. You can find the Dream Plan show on youtube.

  38. XiaojunSupportWayV

    XiaojunSupportWayV6 годин тому

    welcome babyzen! See other Turn Back Time songs, Moonwalk and many more. Follow members on PlayV and RainbowV.

  39. Len

    Len7 годин тому

    This might be the first time im here but it won't be my last

  40. hendery

    hendery3 години тому

    time to stan them

  41. Yumi gray

    Yumi gray7 годин тому

    ten please lets talk

  42. BTS ARMY

    BTS ARMY7 годин тому

    I'm an army and it's my 1st time I'm listening this song it's really a masterpiece..

  43. Baeby 05

    Baeby 05Годину тому

    Welcome here..!!! 🥰

  44. hendery

    hendery3 години тому

    time to stan them

  45. XiaojunSupportWayV

    XiaojunSupportWayV6 годин тому


  46. Lia Clarisya

    Lia Clarisya8 годин тому

    Sering banget denger ni lagu di radio mobil, lagu yang hits pada zamannya :')

  47. Yongsun Moon

    Yongsun Moon8 годин тому

    do it like nobody do

  48. The Only Heaven

    The Only Heaven9 годин тому

    Nah, but make what clap!?!?👀👀

  49. sam :D

    sam :D9 годин тому

    did i wake up a 6am just to listen to this *yes*

  50. Diana Cervantes

    Diana Cervantes10 годин тому

    still wondering what yangyang wants me to clap 🤔

  51. nanananana _ fantastic baby

    nanananana _ fantastic baby10 годин тому

    Kun : tell me what you wanna hear, lemme whisper in your ear. I just wanna have you here Me : *yass babe say my name!*

  52. OhYoUAreNaNa

    OhYoUAreNaNa10 годин тому

    Anyone think we can give Wayv 10M in 24hrs for their cb on March 10th? We've done the same or more for other units so let's try our best

  53. Miss Iris

    Miss Iris10 годин тому

    I like the way you talking to me too...

  54. GlossyBoba -

    GlossyBoba -11 годин тому

    no one: my friend showing me this song: also her: *twerking in the corner*

  55. _belnn_

    _belnn_11 годин тому


  56. Ņéø Ģøť MÝ BáĆĶ 5

    Ņéø Ģøť MÝ BáĆĶ 511 годин тому

    WayV make comeback on MARCH 10. Support WayV forever. For 24 hours we must make 6mln vi3w 1mln lik3 300k c0mment We can do it. If you love this song please do it.

  57. Hernández Puertos Alejandra

    Hernández Puertos Alejandra11 годин тому


  58. nyctophilla

    nyctophilla12 годин тому

    my face ; 😐 the song I hear in my earpod :

  59. Diyah Vifta

    Diyah Vifta12 годин тому

    how you doing

  60. julianis azwar

    julianis azwar12 годин тому

    Str3am weisheinnies!!!

  61. julianis azwar

    julianis azwar12 годин тому

    this song is addicting

  62. Romanus khongsit Khongsit

    Romanus khongsit Khongsit12 годин тому

    When ,I show my mom this song . She said I like chinese version better Me : 😆😊 ,I like both

  63. Diyah Vifta

    Diyah Vifta12 годин тому


  64. kpop thrash

    kpop thrash12 годин тому

    love talk is my religion

  65. Dhonaaribah

    Dhonaaribah12 годин тому

    why i heard kun voice tone is the same energy as jungwoo's

  66. NCT lovers group [in my house]

    NCT lovers group [in my house]13 годин тому

    I am calling you but no one opens you..

  67. NCT lovers group [in my house]

    NCT lovers group [in my house]13 годин тому

    Sizi arıyorum da açan yok..

  68. Refieta Uki Mauliddifieta

    Refieta Uki Mauliddifieta13 годин тому

    Ayokkk 900k lagii


    SHARMIN FERDOUS13 годин тому

    In start tens voice, i feel like i am in heaven

  70. v h o p e l u v

    v h o p e l u v13 годин тому

    Me stanning WayV: I DONT EVEN KNOW YOUR NAME

  71. hnyrhmwt tt

    hnyrhmwt tt13 годин тому

    Keren huhu

  72. Leen Badran

    Leen Badran14 годин тому

    thx to malwa cuz now im obsessed

  73. hendery

    hendery3 години тому

    time to stan them

  74. Nour AlMawla

    Nour AlMawla13 годин тому

    Babes welcome

  75. Anita Mullins Brown

    Anita Mullins Brown14 годин тому

    I wish it were Korean language, but this is really great.

  76. _Neo Zone_

    _Neo Zone_14 годин тому

    Go go goooo 50M 50M 50M

  77. _Neo Zone_

    _Neo Zone_11 годин тому

    @NCT lovers group [in my house] Fighting !

  78. NCT lovers group [in my house]

    NCT lovers group [in my house]13 годин тому

    Yeees , fighting ~

  79. Linda Nor Syifa

    Linda Nor Syifa14 годин тому

    Guys jangan lupa v0t3 WayV di Id0l champ (debut b'day) yaaaaa

  80. Linda Nor Syifa

    Linda Nor Syifa14 годин тому

    Lagu yg sangat religi

  81. Azls

    Azls14 годин тому

    Neverland here

  82. NCT lovers group [in my house]

    NCT lovers group [in my house]13 годин тому

    Woah , thank u so much^^

  83. Spiritual Kpop

    Spiritual Kpop14 годин тому

    Bad alive is love talk sibling

  84. Sương Nguyễn

    Sương Nguyễn14 годин тому

    Best song of WayV ❤❤❤

  85. Nada sabila

    Nada sabila15 годин тому


  86. Nectar

    Nectar15 годин тому

    Let's go 50M before they kick back wayzennis

  87. NCT lovers group [in my house]

    NCT lovers group [in my house]13 годин тому

    Fighting ~

  88. Linda Nor Syifa

    Linda Nor Syifa14 годин тому


  89. Rostania Tania

    Rostania Tania15 годин тому

    jan lupa MV wayv yg laen guys

  90. Aika akemiʕ ꈍᴥꈍʔʕ·ᴥ·ʔ

    Aika akemiʕ ꈍᴥꈍʔʕ·ᴥ·ʔ15 годин тому

    Let's get to 100 million views

  91. Hannah Grace Makiling

    Hannah Grace Makiling15 годин тому


  92. Hendery Xiaojun

    Hendery Xiaojun15 годин тому

    ‼️ We have to raise WayV rank on Ichamp chart when theyr comeback ‼️ ‼️ Collect ruby on ichamp, stargiving for WayV, Vote for WayV debut ads on ICHAMP ‼️ ‼️ Don't forget to standby on Starpass ap and other aps to Vote for WayV cb ‼️

  93. Linda Nor Syifa

    Linda Nor Syifa14 годин тому


  94. NCT lovers group [MagiC]

    NCT lovers group [MagiC]15 годин тому

    50M ol artık büyüsü ╰( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )つ──☆*:・゚

  95. flower

    flower15 годин тому

    im obsessed ♡

  96. flower

    flower15 годин тому


  97. Full Moon

    Full Moon16 годин тому


  98. Nimni Madushani

    Nimni Madushani16 годин тому

    Woah ❤️😍

  99. Ingrid lazyAss

    Ingrid lazyAss17 годин тому

    How is this not the most famous song in the world❤️❤️😍😍😍 Both me and my mom is in LOVE with this song❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  100. 아니

    아니17 годин тому

    Winwin ganteng bngt 😭

  101. Nurbaiti Handayani

    Nurbaiti Handayani17 годин тому


  102. Winter on my body Achoo‘

    Winter on my body Achoo‘18 годин тому


  103. stefanny flourensia

    stefanny flourensia13 годин тому


  104. Mochi x Icy

    Mochi x Icy18 годин тому

    Eargasm and it's finest

  105. Mella Sulistya Anjani

    Mella Sulistya Anjani18 годин тому

    Let's go 50M!!!!!!!!!!

  106. ziana sifa

    ziana sifa18 годин тому

    Yash udh 44 juta. Sebelum comeback yuk 45 juta dulu

  107. Mae O.

    Mae O.18 годин тому

    Qian Kun Li Yongqin Dong Sicheng Huang Xuxi Xiaojun Huang Guanheng Liu Yangyang WeishenV!!!

  108. vannilamoon

    vannilamoon18 годин тому

    Part ten terngiang ngiang

  109. Cindi VARADINA

    Cindi VARADINA18 годин тому

    Kenapa pas part nya Ten ambyar bgt sih, berdamage

  110. Eggies Engenes

    Eggies Engenes18 годин тому

    50 million ,soon!

  111. Mae O.

    Mae O.19 годин тому

    WayV best boys!!!!

  112. Mae O.

    Mae O.19 годин тому


  113. Kylene Arong

    Kylene Arong19 годин тому

    Let’s go 50m

  114. L I

    L I19 годин тому

    V13ws: 44.087,693 March 4 6:26 PM KST Newest comment/komen terbaru: 11 minute ago/11 menit yang lalu

  115. andi fhatimasari

    andi fhatimasari19 годин тому

    Love u to the moon and back

  116. andi fhatimasari

    andi fhatimasari19 годин тому

    I feel u oppa

  117. Tytrack

    Tytrack19 годин тому

    Leets go 50M, fighting guyss!!

  118. L I

    L I19 годин тому


  119. nana

    nana20 годин тому

    Fighting WayVzen 50Mn

  120. Linda Nor Syifa

    Linda Nor Syifa14 годин тому

    Fighting kajjaaa

  121. L I

    L I19 годин тому