WayV 威神V 'Turn Back Time (超时空 回)' Dance Practice


  1. Krystal Truong

    Krystal Truong3 години тому

    0:50, 1:39

  2. Aku cantik Aku diam

    Aku cantik Aku diam3 години тому

    1:12 wait, Lucas?

  3. Lorenzo

    Lorenzo4 години тому

    Can someone tell me where i can get Winwin’s Smiley shirt?!

  4. jeon dionysus01

    jeon dionysus014 години тому

    Q : sapa pers lopemu Me : Emmmmmm wayv!༎ຶ‿༎ຶ

  5. Tea Sweet

    Tea Sweet5 годин тому


  6. Fadia diya

    Fadia diya6 годин тому

    Lop u sandiii

  7. Mita Ramita

    Mita Ramita6 годин тому

    Ten omggg

  8. Letsy

    Letsy7 годин тому

    SM artists are the best. WayV is doing amazing

  9. AkoSiBiel Catipon

    AkoSiBiel Catipon7 годин тому

    Like wth? I'm a fan of NCT and WayV for a long time now, and I just notice now that Ten has Tattoo on his right arm, how come i didn't know that.

  10. HEAR THE V

    HEAR THE V8 годин тому

    still can't get over it

  11. Maybe Ten

    Maybe Ten8 годин тому


  12. sophia hashi

    sophia hashi12 годин тому

    Hey cameramen... Please, just stop moving during the practice, it doesn't help us, and is annoying :)

  13. 어깨 깡패 런쥔

    어깨 깡패 런쥔13 годин тому

    this dance practice is better than some music videos okay this is too extra sm lmao

  14. Kiki Tria

    Kiki Tria14 годин тому

    This dance practice feel like mv Hahaha.. The greatest dance practice i ever watch..

  15. Nicole Pays

    Nicole Pays15 годин тому

    Is ten’s tattoo real?!

  16. Sevil Atalay

    Sevil Atalay5 годин тому

    @Raelynn Wong 0A0

  17. Sevil Atalay

    Sevil Atalay5 годин тому

    @Raelynn Wong OAQ

  18. Raelynn Wong

    Raelynn Wong6 годин тому

    Yes it is. He first showed it at their Super M concert last February.

  19. Christy CM

    Christy CM17 годин тому

    Each time I watch I try to observe someone different and this time I watched YangYang and he is just utterly magnificent. I always talk about Ten and Winwin and even how much Lucas has improved but just look at YangYang go. He is so smooth.

  20. JiJi Má

    JiJi Má18 годин тому

    This is great but I need another dance practice that show all the dance moves of all members :v

  21. kei ssang

    kei ssang19 годин тому

    Super talented!!(Seventeen Carat here I love this song!let me join your fandom!!)

  22. Yangyang 1505

    Yangyang 150516 годин тому

    kei ssang you’re welcome :) So you know Lucas already, I’ll skip him haha. Ten - White shirt, orange pants, black hat (main dancer) Kun - White shirt with black cover (leader of the group) Winwin - black shirt with smiley logo, black pants, black cap Xiao Jun - the one wearing shorts Hendery - orange shirt with black vest, black cap Yangyang - orange long sleeve shirt, black pants (youngest, also my bias ^_^) Link below for your reference: kprofiles.com/wayv-members-profile/

  23. kei ssang

    kei ssang16 годин тому

    @Yangyang 1505 Woah sounds super cool i only know Lucas is the one with the white hair ♡ thank you so much!

  24. Yangyang 1505

    Yangyang 150516 годин тому

    Welcome! Our fandom is called WeiZhenNi/WeiShenNi (as per Chinese lol). Let me know if you need help in recognising the members ^_^

  25. nenia

    nenia19 годин тому

    This dance practice is so addicting!! Waaah i love it! Why SM HAHAHAHAHA🤣

  26. Tru Campbell

    Tru Campbell20 годин тому

    Everything about yangyang makes me weak. I love everything about him

  27. Feliza Ica

    Feliza Ica20 годин тому


  28. Jejean

    Jejean21 годину тому

    if seen, it's very easy. But, if it's tried, it's very very difficult :)

  29. Fegy Damayanti

    Fegy DamayantiДень тому


  30. penguin chaewon with a pen

    penguin chaewon with a penДень тому

    They went so hard on this dance practice. Were they paying their rent the next day or something 💀

  31. Jéssica Ribeiro

    Jéssica RibeiroДень тому


  32. Virna Natasya

    Virna NatasyaДень тому

    This is actually like MV not dance practice hahhaha

  33. kei ssang

    kei ssang19 годин тому

    Right!!!(Seventeen Carat wanting to join fandom now ^-^)

  34. Anika Yadav

    Anika YadavДень тому

    bruh i watch the dance practice to properly look at the choreo bcs the MV and the stages have a camera movement KWJSJS BUT HERES THE SAME THING 😭😭

  35. sophia centeno

    sophia centenoДень тому

    Dance legends

  36. 蜜雪儿

    蜜雪儿День тому

    the tattoo on ten's arm- *I CAN'T HANDLE MY SCREAM, HELP.*


    EXO FAN HEREДень тому

    Wait,didn’t chenle and renjun in wayv too?or i am wrong?

  38. Sevil Atalay

    Sevil Atalay5 годин тому

    *SPOİLER ALERT DONT LOOK* they will be in wayv in the future. its confirmed by smtown.

  39. izun elle

    izun elle23 години тому

    they are in NCT dream lmao. but all china line get along well

  40. _NCT Forever_

    _NCT Forever_День тому

    No they are not in WayV

  41. putriana acd

    putriana acdДень тому

    Ten is the best

  42. Alex Hoang

    Alex HoangДень тому

    so can we say this group has 2 centers? i just can't decide between Ten and Lucas!

  43. Yangyang 1505

    Yangyang 150516 годин тому

    Gotta say, all 7 of them are visuals 😂

  44. A.H xd

    A.H xdДень тому

    Ten's tattoo got me like 🤤

  45. Domenica Zambrano

    Domenica ZambranoДень тому

    Dios mio hasta el Dance Practice es Arte puro osea por que nooo!!!♥♥♥

  46. Enlightened Sista

    Enlightened SistaДень тому

    Dude, even with a damn bucket hat on, Ten is friggin amazing. That tattoo tho, I can't. He is so damn sexy. I will forever cherish having him and Taeyong *RIGHT IN MY FACE* for Baby Dont Stop at the Super M concert. I was by the stage. That was 7 months ago and Im STILL not okay lol Of course New Hereos and Dream in a Dream were amazing as well. *Ten can dance in my face anytime lol*


    LIU BAEBAEEEДень тому

    02:49 ///o sorrisinho desse desgraçado, que raiva ele eh tudo


    LIU BAEBAEEEДень тому

    1:48 ///já da até pra sentir o cheirinho de shampoo de nenem

  49. Shawn Teppei

    Shawn TeppeiДень тому

    WAYV deserves more. They all needed to be appreciated more. Ten

  50. name achiraya

    name achirayaДень тому


  51. Dong Winwin

    Dong WinwinДень тому

    Best dance practice ever!

  52. Dascha Preis

    Dascha PreisДень тому

    who is that guy with the white-striped hoodie? He looks SO GOOD

  53. ;;belen uwu

    ;;belen uwuДень тому

    WayV excepto xiao: Todos usemos pantalones pero no se lo digan a Xiao Xd

  54. k warrior

    k warriorДень тому

    I hate orange but now i used to hate orange

  55. Jungwoo Kim

    Jungwoo KimДень тому

    So i've always had a hard time keeping up with nct cuz of the units especially w wayv bc theyre the first chinese group ive stanned, and i really wanted to be updated w wayv. So is there like certain apps i should download? Pls someone tell me :((

  56. Raelynn Wong

    Raelynn Wong6 годин тому

    You can download Weibo international it's like China's twitter all of them have personal accounts even for Instagram. For Weibo just search 威神V (member name). For Instagram their accounts are: Kun: @kun11xd Ten: @tenlee_1001 Lucas: @lucas_xx444 Xiaojun: @djxiao_888 Hendery: @i_m_hendery Yangyang: @yangyang_x2 Winwin is the only one that doesn't have one. He's been thinking of a username for awhile now. And their official Instagram is @wayvofficial. There is also Lysn which SM artist use for updating their fandom on upcoming events.

  57. darla tsamara

    darla tsamaraДень тому

    ten wearing tatoo? *damn he look so bougie classy sassy mann DAYUMMM*

  58. esh

    eshДень тому


  59. esh

    eshДень тому


  60. Siti Lutfiyah

    Siti LutfiyahДень тому


  61. Magda Madejska

    Magda MadejskaДень тому

    Also, TEN AT 3:00?!

  62. Magda Madejska

    Magda MadejskaДень тому

    This is one of the best dance practices, up to date

  63. Khadija Abada

    Khadija AbadaДень тому

    Ten never fails to amaze me with his dancing skills, he always kills it. He is a really good dancer.

  64. deformedme

    deformedme2 дні тому

    يولاد انتوا عظمه يولاد عظمه عظمه عظمه

  65. geri Mokos

    geri Mokos2 дні тому

    Wayv is my life

  66. geri Mokos

    geri Mokos2 дні тому

    Xuxi is my life

  67. winter bear

    winter bear2 дні тому


  68. Clare Yan

    Clare Yan2 дні тому

    Dear SM, Please give Xiaojun more lines. He was stuck in your dungeon for I don't know how long. Just give him lines. That is all us WayVzennies want. Thank you.

  69. Zainab Javed

    Zainab Javed2 дні тому

    This choreo is so frikkin complicated, exhausting to even watch it

  70. 顾悦

    顾悦2 дні тому


  71. Deswa Ananta

    Deswa Ananta2 дні тому


  72. esh

    eshДень тому

    bRUHH IKR !! im crying he is b e a u t i f u l

  73. уєʝι

    уєʝι2 дні тому


  74. Jingyuan Gao

    Jingyuan Gao2 дні тому

    I like them dancing in these casual clothes more than in those they wore on stages

  75. somethin wrong with me

    somethin wrong with me2 дні тому

    1:12 i’m dead for lucas

  76. Maddierose

    Maddierose2 дні тому


  77. Alex Hoang

    Alex Hoang2 дні тому

    wow Ten! wow! just wow!

  78. Yanti Puspita

    Yanti Puspita2 дні тому

    Yang ada hitam jangan sampai lewat:>

  79. Uchenna Eugene

    Uchenna Eugene2 дні тому

    Winwin looks so cue w/ his smilely shirt

  80. Maite Mora

    Maite Mora2 дні тому

    I cant understand what wayV do with me, but i cant stop to listen this song

  81. Sami I

    Sami I2 дні тому

    I try to focus on the dance as a whole but I always just end up staring at yangyang 😔

  82. Save NCT from NCT

    Save NCT from NCT2 дні тому

    1:19 is it just me or does it kind of sound like G-Dragon ?

  83. Shira Shah

    Shira Shah2 дні тому

    tbh xiaojun can be as good as baekhyun. he just needs practice and experience

  84. Ivy D.

    Ivy D.2 дні тому

    i watched this for like the 50th time and im curious if Yangyang can even see-

  85. ꜱᴏꜰᴛᴛᴇᴀʀꜱ

    ꜱᴏꜰᴛᴛᴇᴀʀꜱ2 дні тому

    So are we not gonna talk about that fact that ten has a tattoo???

  86. Solitsins

    Solitsins2 дні тому

    Everyone talking abt Ten but I’m looking at Lucas with this muscle tee on. OK Lucas!👍🏾👏🏾✨

  87. m rubyjane_

    m rubyjane_2 дні тому

    0:42 : thank me later lucasstaner

  88. salsicha

    salsicha2 дні тому


  89. Glass_ Soul

    Glass_ Soul2 дні тому

    2:48 - 2:50 i'm falling in love for this smile

  90. خرموزه تلبس كعب مكسور علشان يشوفها جااروب وجاصمين،.

    خرموزه تلبس كعب مكسور علشان يشوفها جااروب وجاصمين،.2 дні тому

    اللغه الصينيه جد صعبه،.

  91. Ch P

    Ch P2 дні тому

    TEN is soooooo HOT!!!!

  92. Ishani Kaushik

    Ishani Kaushik2 дні тому

    this is why i'm yangyang biased.

  93. Livia Sh

    Livia Sh2 дні тому

    How could they did the hand movement so easily, my left and right hand won't listen


    PHIONA JABICAN2 дні тому