We Teach Our Dad INTERNET SLANG - Merrell Twins


  1. Luhhsetty 66

    Luhhsetty 6614 годин тому

    Ok wig flew wig snatched do they really know that internet slang It’s weave snatched

  2. Luhhsetty 66

    Luhhsetty 6614 годин тому

    Are we not going to talk about WHITE BOY KRAZY😂😂😂

  3. Nicole Ramoo

    Nicole Ramoo15 годин тому

    They know bts

  4. D'avancci Charles

    D'avancci Charles21 годину тому


  5. ejilani

    ejilani22 години тому


  6. Jia'ya Thomas

    Jia'ya ThomasДень тому

    well that wasnt on the card LMAO🤣

  7. Blue Velvet Fox

    Blue Velvet FoxДень тому

    12:01 - “Thats it daddy!” UWU

  8. Razan Ahmed

    Razan AhmedДень тому


  9. uwu :p

    uwu :pДень тому

    Yessssssir (U fo got)

  10. Leah Exley

    Leah ExleyДень тому

    Did nooner else notice that the card said, “whoa” instead of woah😂

  11. SnAtChEd WiGs

    SnAtChEd WiGsДень тому

    My name is snatched wigs

  12. Sydney Heyboer

    Sydney HeyboerДень тому

    I guess I’m not a local, I got all right hehe😂🤦‍♀️

  13. Dude Lulu

    Dude LuluДень тому

    This made me realize how stupid some of these trends are.

  14. Emma Clark

    Emma ClarkДень тому

    y’all spelled weird wrong

  15. Emma Clark

    Emma ClarkДень тому

    sksksk is fully internet? me and my friends say it irl💀

  16. mt mt

    mt mt2 дні тому

    What I am going to say at my sister Sis: hey why did the chicken cross the road to go to Pennsylvania Me: electric chair 😂

  17. UtopianPhantom

    UtopianPhantom2 дні тому

    17:57 Well that took a turn 😂😂

  18. The Van barnevelds

    The Van barnevelds2 дні тому

    I thought local meant Donald Trump

  19. Yailyn Santos

    Yailyn Santos2 дні тому

    Nessa: she makes me soft Me: and i oop-

  20. Roni Dc

    Roni Dc2 дні тому

    The shirt Roni wore in this was the one she wore in Aaron's basketball video🤗

  21. Val Bollwinkel

    Val Bollwinkel2 дні тому

    You missed YEET

  22. Amy Fazl

    Amy Fazl2 дні тому

    i cant belive you both got in a movie the standoff is the best movie ever

  23. Tamany Mohamed

    Tamany Mohamed2 дні тому

    That not how you do it

  24. yummysugakookie

    yummysugakookie2 дні тому

    i lIkeu bTs

  25. Charity Woolums

    Charity Woolums3 дні тому

    Mom:hay you and your boyfriend are done break up with him Me:ok Sis:ok😐 Me: IM Single I'm gonna watch a video *watchs this*😊

  26. Inaya Lamour

    Inaya Lamour3 дні тому

    So you all are going to pretend that you understood what Vanessa said int he beginning?? 🤣🤣

  27. Rylie Jenkins

    Rylie Jenkins3 дні тому

    bless u roni bc no one said it:)

  28. Alltimegamer_21

    Alltimegamer_213 дні тому

    Your dad is so cool and dope! My dad knows nothing about slang

  29. Alltimegamer_21

    Alltimegamer_21День тому

    I feel bad It tried to make him trend

  30. Roni Dc

    Roni DcДень тому

    @Alltimegamer_21 Geez! That sounds painful😬

  31. Alltimegamer_21

    Alltimegamer_212 дні тому

    Lucky you! My dad tried to do the woah He span with his whole bodyand broke his ankle!

  32. Roni Dc

    Roni Dc2 дні тому

    Mine was too, Until I started teaching him, and he's somewhat cool, besides the dad jokes😂

  33. Petunia Smith

    Petunia Smith3 дні тому

    It hit me in da face

  34. 민솔

    민솔3 дні тому

    8:09 she's so kyut *uwu*

  35. B. Lalikul

    B. Lalikul3 дні тому

    NESSA UWU 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 9:15

  36. Grace Estrella

    Grace Estrella3 дні тому

    when nessa mentions BTS 😍😍😍💜💜💜

  37. puffy pizza

    puffy pizza4 дні тому

    DO A PART 2

  38. Akiko Luna

    Akiko Luna4 дні тому

    0:21 Nessa looks so pretty

  39. Roisin Belen

    Roisin Belen4 дні тому

    Akiko Luna yeah so does roni

  40. Meera AD

    Meera AD4 дні тому

    Merrell twins your the best . I love u so much .

  41. Kit Rodriguez

    Kit Rodriguez4 дні тому

    No no.. "THAT AIN'T IT CHEIF" From the Twitch dude that won 70k from Beast HAHAHAHA

  42. Vera Janney

    Vera Janney5 днів тому

    this is so boring

  43. Roni Dc

    Roni Dc2 дні тому

    Then why'd you watch it?

  44. Chloe Ha

    Chloe Ha5 днів тому

    Lol roni was sad

  45. Savannah Cordova

    Savannah Cordova5 днів тому


  46. katie lewis

    katie lewis5 днів тому

    "She makes me soft" 😭😭😭

  47. Ranger007US

    Ranger007US6 днів тому

    AND I OOP 🤣😂

  48. Ranger007US

    Ranger007US2 дні тому

    Hit the whoa love u guys

  49. Kailyn The Boss

    Kailyn The Boss6 днів тому

    Tbh the twins weren’t even good at the wish

  50. Nabeel Rylands

    Nabeel Rylands6 днів тому

    You guys are so pretty omg 😍😍my name is Aliah Rylands I love you guys 😘

  51. Fionna Vera Dacosta Baning

    Fionna Vera Dacosta Baning6 днів тому


  52. Maddy pie Awesome

    Maddy pie Awesome7 днів тому

    1.75 speed at 12:52😂😂😂

  53. addie mounger

    addie mounger7 днів тому


  54. Simrah Qureshi

    Simrah Qureshi7 днів тому

    i only knew like 2

  55. Jaelyn W

    Jaelyn W7 днів тому

    When Roni had the sign tea. I spit out my drink and said: "What's the tea?"

  56. Hannah Alcorn

    Hannah Alcorn7 днів тому

    OMG! he doesn't know what the woa is!

  57. Brisaa Rios

    Brisaa Rios7 днів тому

    i laughed so hard i spit my drink on my laptop XDD 4:45

  58. TiTaSaX

    TiTaSaX7 днів тому

    I didn't know any of these ...

  59. Lunar Berry !

    Lunar Berry !7 днів тому

    Skskskskkskskks I thought came from ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ because ㅋ=k so....that’s what they type when they are laughing... idk just.... yah

  60. Tanija Mure

    Tanija Mure7 днів тому


  61. Tanija Mure

    Tanija Mure7 днів тому

    Stand Twitter talck

  62. Irene MS

    Irene MS7 днів тому

    the locals are finding out abt bts ahaha

  63. Lori Glenski

    Lori Glenski8 днів тому

    Don’t you just love them so much.

  64. Merqi_

    Merqi_8 днів тому

    4:25 "WEAVE SNATCHED"'

  65. handymanold

    handymanold8 днів тому

    8 year old knows the whoa🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗 dad doesn’t know the whoa🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤯

  66. Kawaii Kate

    Kawaii Kate8 днів тому

    Hit da woah

  67. Tiffany Rowe

    Tiffany Rowe8 днів тому

    It’s pronounced period t. Lol

  68. Bts Memes

    Bts Memes8 днів тому

    I was falling asleep until i heard Something about my boys (BTS) 6:38 - 6:44

  69. Perry

    Perry8 днів тому

    *12:58** Roni's face 😂😂😂😂*

  70. Shy shy shy Peeps

    Shy shy shy Peeps8 днів тому


  71. uwubangtan

    uwubangtan8 днів тому

    I use most of these words evey day😔😂

  72. Fairuz Tahsin Raisa

    Fairuz Tahsin Raisa8 днів тому


  73. Abby Fuentes

    Abby Fuentes8 днів тому

    This low key helped me too

  74. Jaxon Viner

    Jaxon Viner8 днів тому

    I only go I wen people talk over me

  75. LOL Doll Life

    LOL Doll Life9 днів тому

    Another trend is ( boi )

  76. Siri Chekuri

    Siri Chekuri9 днів тому

    Catch the woah by pressing the like button 👇🏾

  77. Antonio Mendoza

    Antonio Mendoza9 днів тому

    I love you guys😊

  78. sabrina sandhu

    sabrina sandhu9 днів тому

    Bless you roni

  79. Yanelli Flamenco

    Yanelli Flamenco10 днів тому

    3:10 LMAOOO

  80. BTS Army

    BTS Army10 днів тому

    I like they said bts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. Sasha Washington

    Sasha Washington10 днів тому

    Nessa and Ronnie glew up since there first videos

  82. Ramona Rees

    Ramona Rees10 днів тому

    At 11:00 What voice did ronnie make

  83. Abbey Welsh

    Abbey Welsh10 днів тому

    once I caught the woah: someone threw it, I jumped and caught it, I slipped and my leg went under a sales rack in Big W and now my leg is swollen and bruised and puffy!!! Fun 4 me!!!! jk lol

  84. Iz K

    Iz K10 днів тому

    I just got ur fricken merch skskskskskskskdkskdksk

  85. Ava Wagner

    Ava Wagner11 днів тому

    OMG!! The part about the word soft had me in tears and scream laughing while also choking on tea (literal tea) I'm DEAD, deceased, gotten, I have left this world. Now i am typing this from a black hole. 🤪

  86. Brooke Jarrell

    Brooke Jarrell11 днів тому

    Roni doesnt know what PERIODT is

  87. Pineapple Girl

    Pineapple Girl11 днів тому

    Am I the only one who didn't understand most of these... guess I'm a local

  88. LuckyPotato OwO

    LuckyPotato OwO11 днів тому

    *It's not "Wig snatched" It's "Weave snatched" K?*

  89. Cary Shannon

    Cary Shannon11 днів тому

    At my school for the term “sauce” we say sauce it over, like pass it over

  90. queendimples2018 queensassy#queendiva

    queendimples2018 queensassy#queendiva11 днів тому

    Hahaha lol with dads hit the woah hahaha😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

  91. shasiela z.

    shasiela z.12 днів тому

    you guys missed finna

  92. Morgans Toy Chest

    Morgans Toy Chest12 днів тому

    It’s like I Love The Merrel twins.

  93. Mackenzie Boyd

    Mackenzie Boyd12 днів тому

    19:58 and 20:16 lol

  94. Mackenzie Boyd

    Mackenzie Boyd12 днів тому


  95. Mackenzie Boyd

    Mackenzie Boyd12 днів тому

    15:45 lol bread is so good oh my gosh

  96. Madeline Nolen

    Madeline Nolen12 днів тому

    My schools mascot is a chief so when the phrase “this ain’t it chief” started I thought it was just for my school but when I realized it was everywhere I was like wtf lol

  97. Kylee Shellenberger

    Kylee Shellenberger12 днів тому

    White boy crazy

  98. Melissa_ Bee

    Melissa_ Bee12 днів тому

    In 12:04 their dad tried to do the UwU face! LMAO

  99. Michmishing Speedbuilds

    Michmishing Speedbuilds12 днів тому

    This was such a funny video😂😂😂😂look at Veronica hit the woah she is so good

  100. LilySims

    LilySims12 днів тому

    omg i watched clueless right before this came out

  101. Gacha Person

    Gacha Person12 днів тому


  102. Tesnim Qader

    Tesnim Qader12 днів тому

    You guys are funny af

  103. Zaelyn Dunn

    Zaelyn Dunn13 днів тому

    Omg 😂

  104. Ava'sActivity Channel

    Ava'sActivity Channel13 днів тому

    im surprised there wasnt dab on the __________

  105. sarah.joebeara

    sarah.joebeara13 днів тому

    Okie I thought sksksksks was like the equivalent of laughing but like the hissing kind of laughter....am I wrong? 😂

  106. Emmi Michelle

    Emmi Michelle13 днів тому

    *hits woah intensely *

  107. Mitchell John

    Mitchell John13 днів тому

    Come thru means a whole different thing in Trinidad