What I Got For Christmas 2017!!


  1. Ryland Adams

    Ryland Adams2 роки тому

    I hope you like my first sit down video EVER. Happy new Year :))

  2. mynameis alex

    mynameis alex10 місяців тому

    FOCUS ON MEH!!! F-F-F-F-FOCUS ON MEH ;)) *mouthpop*

  3. duh

    duhРік тому

    i love it ❤️

  4. duh

    duhРік тому

    Ryland Adams ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. duh

    duhРік тому


  6. Brianna Bonilla

    Brianna BonillaРік тому

    Ryland Adams taco float

  7. Brooklyn Tucker

    Brooklyn Tucker3 місяці тому


  8. A Chicken nugget

    A Chicken nugget15 днів тому


  9. Miriam McCracken

    Miriam McCracken4 місяці тому

    I agree about Air pods my dad got me the latest up to date cordless earphones wont name names but not as good quality as Airpods

  10. Dark Star The Return

    Dark Star The Return4 місяці тому

    10:20 GOD DAM MORGAN!!!

  11. Hallie Figge

    Hallie Figge5 місяців тому

    i hardening by watching lol jkjk

  12. Kaileigh Desjardines

    Kaileigh Desjardines5 місяців тому

    Ryland:I never buy myself new shoes Also Ryland: buys self Gucci slides

  13. Darla Elliott

    Darla Elliott5 місяців тому

    I know I'm late once again-so what lol! This is the cutest upload of Rylands ever! So sweet and adorable, he seems like such a nice person to buy gifts for cause he really enjoys things!

  14. Janie Forrest

    Janie Forrest7 місяців тому

    Shane is the absolute sweetest! I can't wait to see what he does for you this year.

  15. Good Spark

    Good Spark7 місяців тому

    “I also have the best boyfriend in the world” *my lonely bitch ass sitting over here eating pie* 😂😂😂

  16. Stephfo

    Stephfo7 місяців тому

    Bruh me and Ryland have the same tye dye Britney Spears shirt. I’m so happy lol

  17. oliviaisa clown

    oliviaisa clown7 місяців тому

    why is nobody talking about when ryland called a cactus a taco

  18. Rayleen Nunyah

    Rayleen Nunyah7 місяців тому

    Waiting for your vlogmas 19

  19. Julianne Stevens

    Julianne Stevens7 місяців тому

    black magnet for shane and yellow one for ryland

  20. maylei skye

    maylei skye8 місяців тому

    uno in the back ,, so cute & I’ve already watched this , but whatevea

  21. Sanika Pitale

    Sanika Pitale8 місяців тому


  22. Mokiiyu

    Mokiiyu8 місяців тому

    Wait for a second I thought Trish was gonna give Ryland her pink g wagon

  23. JuicyJayFox

    JuicyJayFox8 місяців тому

    I just love the sleeping puppy in the bed!!!! 😫😍😍

  24. Scorpionz

    Scorpionz8 місяців тому


  25. Molly Sue

    Molly Sue9 місяців тому

    Ok I love you ryland but it’s safia, saf ea ❤️

  26. Playbackjunkie

    Playbackjunkie9 місяців тому

    There's a dog in the background. Did he get you a dog? Lol

  27. Kristy Payne

    Kristy Payne9 місяців тому

    Did he really say Adida instead of Adidas???

  28. Melony Hurtado

    Melony Hurtado9 місяців тому

    Alisha Marie is shook

  29. Jason Barber

    Jason Barber10 місяців тому

    Blue one: Shane yellow one: ryland

  30. AwesomeCheeseGurl 163

    AwesomeCheeseGurl 16311 місяців тому

    I literally have skin falling off my face.. MERRY CHRISTMA-

  31. Kateri Sullivan

    Kateri Sullivan11 місяців тому

    ha uno in the back

  32. Ranbir Singh

    Ranbir SinghРік тому

    those britney t shirts are lit

  33. Grecia M

    Grecia MРік тому

    Who else is having a Ryland marathon?

  34. sxnflower. xrmy

    sxnflower. xrmyМісяць тому

    Mee cause quarintineeeee😂

  35. Sydney Schiller

    Sydney SchillerРік тому

    Uno in the background is my mood

  36. Eve Rhea

    Eve RheaРік тому

    Random question. Where did those lamps come from? We need a couple of these

  37. Jennifer Robin

    Jennifer RobinРік тому

    Omg I have those same slippers in pink an got them for my husband for xmas in blue

  38. I have made a mistake kids .13

    I have made a mistake kids .13Рік тому

    The black one is Shane's and the yellow one is Ryan's

  39. Some Rainbow- nelesuzan

    Some Rainbow- nelesuzanРік тому

    3:01 THATS ACTUALLY GERMAN omg...Im german.. wow...MADE IN GERMANY??? im shook

  40. Kaley Muse

    Kaley MuseРік тому

    Did anyone else notice uno in the back sleeping

  41. cheese sticks

    cheese sticksРік тому

    Uno is me.

  42. cheese sticks

    cheese sticksРік тому


  43. harley Quinn

    harley QuinnРік тому

    Unos in the back like FCK off I'm sleeping

  44. Sebaztian Ramirez

    Sebaztian RamirezРік тому

    Sorry ryland but dont use the air pods ever again cause you could get cancer.... I know the worst



    the black magnet is OBLVIOSLY for Shane

  46. Wolf Howl

    Wolf HowlРік тому

    10:49 *yaaa.... that's a taco*

  47. Real life Yandere Chan

    Real life Yandere ChanРік тому

    The black magnet is 10000000% Shane's like come on 😂😂

  48. Lily Isaccs

    Lily IsaccsРік тому

    Shane is the black magnet ryland is the tan one

  49. FlaNnel VolTage

    FlaNnel VolTageРік тому

    STORY TIME. Literally when I met my now husband of over 10yrs I was looking for a 1989 (yr I was born) penny to carry for good luck. Think that would be easy? Wrong!! I had been looking for months. Asking everyone I talked to if they had one. So second night of hanging out with him I walked in the door and I asked if he had one. Hand to Brittany he pulled out the only Penny in his pocket and it was a 1989 penny. WAIT. It's not over. For our first anniversary he took that Penny and turned it into a necklace that I still have today!! P.s he didn't know anyone in my circle of friends so it was totally randomly meant to be he had one!!

  50. Emeralds4lyfe

    Emeralds4lyfeРік тому

    Honestly, Apple is such trash.

  51. Rhea Bhargava

    Rhea BhargavaРік тому

    Did someone talk about the flip flop thing

  52. Tammy Finch

    Tammy FinchРік тому

    Butler's pantry! I love those!

  53. lonelysockpuppet

    lonelysockpuppetРік тому

    Uno sleeping in the background makes me warm inside ☺️

  54. sexyangel072

    sexyangel072Рік тому

    Wait, did he fall at the end? 😂 Even uno woke up concerned

  55. Lou Lou

    Lou LouРік тому

    Haha RYAN my head is so tiny and I have the hardest time finding glasses. By little brother got me a pair of ray bans just like yours and they fit perfectly! Ahhh love ya!!

  56. Shela Tat

    Shela TatРік тому

    SAFIYA not Sophia Ryland... oof. I hope he finally got it right in the year since this video was released.

  57. Violet Styles

    Violet StylesРік тому

    That slippers pattern is same as YOONGI'S (Bts Suga) door mat lol

  58. Cassie

    CassieРік тому

    Ryland: And this inflatable taco SHOWS CACTUS Me: fair enough..

  59. Bowl Of rice

    Bowl Of riceРік тому

    taco🌵 okay.

  60. numan noormee

    numan noormeeРік тому

    Biarku jalan dulu Puasku tunggu Puasku tunggu Nak buat macammana Tu bukan hal aku Bukan hal aku You need to hear this song bukan hal aku

  61. Annalyn Grace

    Annalyn GraceРік тому

    Uno is my mood

  62. LaRose

    LaRoseРік тому

    I couldn’t stop smiling

  63. LoveLY Naddii

    LoveLY NaddiiРік тому

    Uno is just in the back sleeping

  64. Sky Gale

    Sky GaleРік тому

    Shane, protip, replace splenda with truvia/stevia

  65. Celine Villarreal

    Celine VillarrealРік тому

    Uno in the back😍

  66. Colleen Urich

    Colleen UrichРік тому

    Let’s appreciate Uno in the background!!

  67. Lizzy Grace

    Lizzy GraceРік тому

    *i love tacos* 🌵🌵

  68. xXMayaShahXx

    xXMayaShahXxРік тому

    3:50 ..... did he say SOPHIA?

  69. Ana Fox

    Ana FoxРік тому

    Watching this way too late and realizing I am way too out of the loop (and it's been TWO years), but this is the best what I got for christmas + "here you go, have an amazing list of what to sub to next"! Awesome youtuber suggestions!

  70. b_.k.h .r._xe

    b_.k.h .r._xeРік тому

    Omg so I'm scrolling through the comments and I've noticed that there are 3 types of them: 1. Taco=Cactus 2. Sleeping Uno 3.Shane=Adorable You're welcome (tbh this is probably a 4th type of comment that I just haven't sen yet)

  71. Allen Jones

    Allen JonesРік тому

    *calls cactus a taco*

  72. Shrekamind

    ShrekamindРік тому

    10:48 The is not a taco sweetie that is a cactus Wild guess but I’m pretty sure the spoonful of frosting in Shane because I have seen many videos and not once I have seen you eat a spoonful of frosting

  73. Alivia Cooper

    Alivia CooperРік тому

    taco inflatable = cactus inflatable

  74. Maddy Moore

    Maddy MooreРік тому

    Awwwwwww UNO! ♥️

  75. lupita Soup

    lupita SoupРік тому

    I love you 💟 Ryland. Literally the best 💟

  76. jess xo

    jess xoРік тому

    yellow magnet is shane’s and black is rylands

  77. jess xo

    jess xoРік тому

    10:50 that is NOT a taco 😂 🌮

  78. Isla Mackenzie

    Isla MackenzieРік тому

    For a sec I thought you got yourself floss

  79. Lilly Brown

    Lilly BrownРік тому

    I love you sooooo much and I always hide under my covers to watch you Shane and Morgan and when my mom walks in I go to "sleep"

  80. Rohit Marwah

    Rohit MarwahРік тому

    I saw a candle at the back did you also get that?

  81. All Time Killjoy

    All Time KilljoyРік тому

    I never noticed uno in the background until now

  82. redpalidonkeith18

    redpalidonkeith18Рік тому

    Please tell me these two are still together 😍😍

  83. No Body

    No BodyРік тому

    Excited for the what I got for Christmas 2018 video😊

  84. indianrose04

    indianrose04Рік тому

    Im gonna need one from this year too!

  85. Melissa Castle

    Melissa CastleРік тому

    Who has OCD 🙋🏻‍♀️

  86. Melany Haack

    Melany HaackРік тому

    The one on the left is Shane’s (obviously) but also... MEEE😂

  87. Luz Hernandez

    Luz HernandezРік тому

    Uno asleep in the background is everything lol