1. gmcwendy

    gmcwendy10 годин тому

    I am thankful to BTS because by following them I have been introduced to new music. After your reaction, I checked out your catalog and downloaded 4 songs from iTunes. Your song Groovin is first on my BTS walk the dog playlist, lol. I look forward to exploring the rest of your catalog.

  2. Mary Jane

    Mary Jane13 годин тому

    Yo these guys are a band from my city! They’re one of the better local bands I’ve seen in recent years, show them some love! 💪

  3. Kyla

    Kyla13 годин тому

    lool I thought I was the only who noticed he was wearing Jordan 1s 😭

  4. Jin's Forehead

    Jin's Forehead15 годин тому

    did you say a band from indianapolis?

  5. REAL ME

    REAL ME16 годин тому

    they need to watch the explanation of symbolism

  6. min suga

    min suga17 годин тому

    Writing white boys on video says it's racist

  7. Aaliyah Velez

    Aaliyah Velez18 годин тому

    They all nod there heads

  8. Nayely C'M

    Nayely C'M18 годин тому

    No sabía que estos chicos tenían su banda LPM son arte 🤧

  9. Sheenuhh

    Sheenuhh19 годин тому

    since yall are a band you should react to some day6, the rose, onewe, nflying etc!

  10. cerve cita

    cerve cita19 годин тому

    its rap no kpop

  11. Pamela Gonzales

    Pamela Gonzales19 годин тому

    Put eng subs on...

  12. ***Jintaekook ***

    ***Jintaekook ***20 годин тому

    React to Twice more & more.

  13. Jodie R

    Jodie R21 годину тому

    Wait she's been a fan since 2015 but she doesn't know how to pronounce yoongi?

  14. Kpop_Multifandom Gacha리지

    Kpop_Multifandom Gacha리지21 годину тому

    Just when suga started saying daechwita the whole band started bopping their heads to the music😂

  15. marie zerti

    marie zerti23 години тому

    Thanks for your video please react to "LAY Lit", MV it's epic, same daechwita just sick

  16. Patrick Alfaro

    Patrick AlfaroДень тому

    Try day6 since they are band.

  17. icecone

    iceconeДень тому

    this lady yon gi like it pronounce yoon oon gi

  18. Tenny Deciana

    Tenny DecianaДень тому

    Hellowww...from Indonesian ARMY.....✋✋


    ARMYxBLINK PHДень тому

    please react to their live performance in MMA(Melon Music Awards)2019 I swear you'll love that

  20. Magali _029

    Magali _029День тому

    I love how they start moving their heads in <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="166">2:46</a>, I think it represents us all listening to the song hahaaha

  21. Ji sun

    Ji sunДень тому

    Please reaction on suga August D 1

  22. Bts Army

    Bts ArmyДень тому

    We love you suga💙🍯

  23. BangtanBin

    BangtanBinДень тому

    The way she said yoongi makes me want to rip my ears off

  24. jeonskies ༄

    jeonskies ༄День тому

    "i wish i could understand what he was saying" so um there's this thing called english subs? jk react to day6's sweet chaos/ congratulations (eng. version) or shoot me! they're a korean band and make really good music

  25. Human

    HumanДень тому

    Nice vIdeo. Liked it!

  26. Кристина Арми_;з

    Кристина Арми_;зДень тому

    Emmm..Yongi??? It's Yoongi.... oh well...

  27. Isha Medasani

    Isha MedasaniДень тому

    This is one of my favourite songs and I actually don't like rap.

  28. ten . .

    ten . .День тому

    Pliss REACTION Lay lit 💚💚💚💚👊🏿👊🏿🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  29. ten . .

    ten . .День тому


  30. Jalen Ella Ocampo

    Jalen Ella OcampoДень тому

    POV: your liking this comment bc in the thumbnail, you also thought the guy with long hair was their mom And now your smiling because it’s true

  31. S t r a w b x r r y M x l k s h a k e

    S t r a w b x r r y M x l k s h a k eДень тому

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="187">3:07</a> love their reaction 😂

  32. InArguendo

    InArguendoДень тому

    "is this where they had COVID?" ... Covid started in Wuhan, China last year, not Korea.

  33. pripri maths

    pripri mathsДень тому

    you know y'all can search for captions on all BTS songs... man... all the roast that he threw out to haters... AND Y'ALL MISSED THAT... damn... search for captions my dudes...y'all are just giving half reactions cuz of no captions... i demand y'all to do a repeat... cuz there should be MORE SCREAMS and more OOFS/AAAHHHS going ON... lol *edited*: oops found that y'all got the captions... but seriously start looking for them captions now on.

  34. Jay

    JayДень тому

    You guys would really like some k-rock and other k-hip hop! Day6, The Rose, more Agust D or some BIGBANG, etc

  35. Jay

    JayДень тому

    Just like based on your music and influences I REALLY think youd like day6

  36. Lulu Chen

    Lulu ChenДень тому

    You can understand what he’s saying as long as you turned ON the captions!!!

  37. Lillie Camryn

    Lillie CamrynДень тому

    I definitely didn’t subscribe just because I have a thing for man buns....

  38. Highkey ARMY

    Highkey ARMYДень тому

    Ngl. I lost it at "like Tyler Perry" 🤣🤣🤣

  39. Solange Lopez

    Solange LopezДень тому

    yoongi lejos es un exelente compositor cantante productor...me encanto que valoraran su trabajo ...muchas gracias

  40. Marcela Portes

    Marcela PortesДень тому

    I love BTS 💜🇧🇷

  41. Friends' Adventures

    Friends' AdventuresДень тому

    Yaa boyle duşersiniz😂

  42. Aybala Tuana Uslu

    Aybala Tuana UsluДень тому

    In 4.45 the drawing in the background is their CEO. And in the lyrics he mentions him like his friend. Which is weird for normal idols in Korea to talk in that manner. But since they are so close he can do that. (Sorry for my mistakes. It's not my first language.)

  43. Yaz Farhan

    Yaz FarhanДень тому

    Love BTS! That plug at the end though. Your music is dope! *Searching Yam Haus on Apple Music*

  44. junebug3000

    junebug3000День тому

    *Jin and jungkook smacking each other about* White boys: WAHDFEBSSBSOWOSNSNAKAAIAJHAHAHOJSKAHSSKAKAHAAAAAAA

  45. ilapynbiang warjri

    ilapynbiang warjriДень тому

    You should've turn on subtitles to know what he's saying,Suga disses rappers who takes drugs to look cool

  46. Jihan N

    Jihan N2 дні тому

    didnt you guys turn the caption??

  47. Shn Kei

    Shn Kei2 дні тому

    I think they did🤣

  48. Shn Kei

    Shn Kei2 дні тому

    Wait she’s been a fan since 2015 but doesn’t know how to say his name right?Is it just me?lmao

  49. Shn Kei

    Shn Kei2 дні тому

    yongi-okay im sorry that was funny lol

  50. Esther Reis

    Esther Reis2 дні тому

    React to red Velvet psycho,and g-idle( hann )and Lion ,oh my god ,and twice (feel special

  51. Kpop TV

    Kpop TV2 дні тому

    You know bts, bts go viral 🔥

  52. Dari HATI

    Dari HATI2 дні тому

    Bule goblok Translate this

  53. noraini zainal

    noraini zainal2 дні тому

    Why does everyone keeps saying their facts. I know it, so just-- 🙄

  54. n. ppnz

    n. ppnz2 дні тому

    you should tap button subtitles too, the meaning it was lit 🔥

  55. Pinsy Tanvinsen

    Pinsy Tanvinsen2 дні тому

    I like your reaction for suga visual. And also when jin and jungkook fighting. Wow Thats cute.

  56. Offically. Fatou

    Offically. Fatou2 дні тому

    She said this is young-e

  57. Felipe Pereira

    Felipe Pereira2 дні тому

    React to girls generation the boys , please

  58. - -ˏˋ ᗅgႮՏᝨ D7.

    - -ˏˋ ᗅgႮՏᝨ D7.2 дні тому


  59. WroomiX

    WroomiX2 дні тому

    Go to me. I am from belarusian

  60. rock bison

    rock bison2 дні тому

    I liked how they noticed the cameo of jin and jungkook. Like i think they are the first one that noticed them based on other reaction videos i saw lmao

  61. souma larose

    souma larose2 дні тому

    please react to bts " fake love "

  62. Валерка Стефанова

    Валерка Стефанова2 дні тому

    Wow 🤯

  63. izzy._.dk_

    izzy._.dk_2 дні тому

    Music starts them: are bopping their heads Who’s an ARMY click the like if you are one. 👇💜

  64. Intan Park

    Intan Park2 дні тому

    He mentioned Gwanghae in his lyrics..if I’m not mistaken, Gwanghae was one of the former King in South Korea. He was known as a tyrant king who would do anything to be powerful. So Suga’s character as the king in this MV is somewhat related to that king. There’s two of him bc the modern him came back to kill the old him. The modern him made a pact with the butcher in town to kill the king. He mentioned that in the MV Making video.

  65. aleeza

    aleeza2 дні тому

    a “huge” bts fan who can’t even pronounce yoongi correctly lol

  66. bts x armys

    bts x armys2 дні тому

    I low key i get mad when people dont put the cc on cuz the men is spitting fire

  67. Michelle Sedeño

    Michelle Sedeño2 дні тому

    Which previous video were they talking about? Lol

  68. F N

    F N2 дні тому

    LMAOOO I LOVE THEIR FACES when they thought yoongi died 💀 I kept repeating

  69. bts chartbullies

    bts chartbullies2 дні тому

    reaction to bts On

  70. Kaes

    Kaes2 дні тому

    Whos the girl talking in the background? Is that one of your girlfriends?

  71. Dale Allen

    Dale Allen2 дні тому

    You need to react to DKDK Tv's explanation video for this song otherwise you will never understand the references

  72. Sam 24

    Sam 242 дні тому

    Give reaction on DAY6. They are a band, just like you guys

  73. riski putra.a

    riski putra.a2 дні тому

    React to Agnezmo Promises

  74. Ruby Collado

    Ruby Collado2 дні тому

    Hi guys can you react to Morisette Amon a great singer here in the Philippines ❤️ thanks

  75. Julyana Marques

    Julyana Marques2 дні тому

    This is not kpop

  76. Nhi Bui

    Nhi Bui2 дні тому

    Actually Suga kinda hates when people call him like sugar, he used to say his name is actually a proper noun. It's pronounced like su & ga like its written in Korean (슈가) And his real name Yoongi - pronounced as yun & gi, the "g" pronounced like go, get, gone, --> gi

  77. Melodye Bird

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  78. Gzielle

    Gzielle2 дні тому

    just a reminder: click the cc.

  79. Jeon jungkook

    Jeon jungkook2 дні тому

    Jin getting mad because suga bumped into his world wide shoulder

  80. Somaly Lam

    Somaly Lam2 дні тому


  81. Somaly Lam

    Somaly Lam2 дні тому

    AgustD pronounced August like the month and D at the end. tD = his hometown (Daegu Town) and his stage stage name (Suga) backwards hence AgustD

  82. Everyday JackJi

    Everyday JackJi2 дні тому

    What's wrong with not knowing exactly how to pronounce Yoongi's name? She probably not Yoongi's fan, she probably doesn't have a lot of time to enjoy BTS contents hence the mispronounced even though she's been known them for years, and perhaps she's not really good at grasping foreign language etc...If they like BTS, they can call themselves a fan.