Will Smith hosts Meme Review


  1. J Kfc

    J KfcГодину тому

    *a surprise to be sure but a welcome one*

  2. neyo slasher

    neyo slasherГодину тому

    Our lord and savior

  3. Sofi Sor

    Sofi SorГодину тому

    #45 НА ВЛАДКЕ "В ТРЕНДЕ" мое почтение, добро пожаловать в наши российские тренды 👏👏👏

  4. Jack Shaw

    Jack ShawГодину тому

    Aloona: soobridiiiit Pewds: ruuver

  5. Tooksie Cat

    Tooksie CatГодину тому


  6. johnulcer

    johnulcerГодину тому

    It depresses me that this guy has such a massive following. Our future generation is screwed.

  7. Malek Jlelaty

    Malek JlelatyГодину тому

    Oops 1# on trending

  8. Scayron

    ScayronГодину тому

    Will Smith ain't hosting meme review it's elon musk

  9. OhighO Skater

    OhighO SkaterГодину тому

    Thanks Elon. We love you

  10. Jayden Calderon

    Jayden CalderonГодину тому

    Billionaire hosted meme review. I’m gonna unsub now.

  11. Hallo Welt

    Hallo WeltГодину тому

    Now this is a Epic VictoryRoyale

  12. Tf ue

    Tf ueГодину тому

    Play apex

  13. Curious_ Lobster

    Curious_ LobsterГодину тому

    I wish the discusting wave meme would piss off

  14. Skermit

    SkermitГодину тому

    Number #15 in trending im going to report this bug

  15. Mike The Spartan Voger

    Mike The Spartan VogerГодину тому

    Number 1 trending

  16. bunny bear

    bunny bearГодину тому


  17. Adam Douglas

    Adam DouglasГодину тому

    Pewd's merch is actually BANGIN

  18. Sudhish Bangarusamy

    Sudhish BangarusamyГодину тому

    thank you elongated muskrat, very cool

  19. deeznuts gaming

    deeznuts gamingГодину тому

    Pewds Tseries made a diss track on you

  20. Artur With skills

    Artur With skillsГодину тому

    Älskar dig heje

  21. Abdullah Imran

    Abdullah ImranГодину тому

    mr beast and elon musk use tesla to send pewdiepie to mars so he can save opportunity

  22. ArtificialDjDAGX

    ArtificialDjDAGXГодину тому

    That Elon Musk part felt so much like a cowchop wrong side of youtube episode, fucking hell that's great stuff!

  23. Mondo Gamer

    Mondo GamerГодину тому

    aww i thought will smith was gonna host meme review

  24. Artur With skills

    Artur With skillsГодину тому


  25. Skander Parzival

    Skander ParzivalГодину тому

    Why Elon Musk looks like he didn't sleep for 10 days?

  26. Ebaynissen

    EbaynissenГодину тому

    Normal people: Rover Pewdiepie: RoOvEeer

  27. my name is German Nazi soilder

    my name is German Nazi soilderГодину тому

    Get off my lawn

  28. Patrick Henderson

    Patrick HendersonГодину тому

    Elon laughs at downed deer meme Finds out the deer actually drowned *laughs harder*

  29. LEOvsMAO

    LEOvsMAOГодину тому

    F for real heroes

  30. Lucas

    LucasГодину тому


  31. DOPE137 DUNNO

    DOPE137 DUNNOГодину тому

    My battery is low and i have leave a like Now thats my part

  32. ReaperFang20

    ReaperFang20Годину тому


  33. Forced Positivity Malayalam

    Forced Positivity MalayalamГодину тому

    Humanity cannot go higher than this.

  34. Bharat Naik

    Bharat NaikГодину тому

    T series wins

  35. GOATZ556

    GOATZ556Годину тому

    T series sucks

  36. Jackie YT Skateboarding

    Jackie YT SkateboardingГодину тому

    Mr.Beast hosts meme review.

  37. haroldnotthegiraffe

    haroldnotthegiraffeГодину тому

    Why is this 720p though

  38. Carlo Emanuele Doria

    Carlo Emanuele DoriaГодину тому

    Finish world’s hardest game.

  39. fruitlooprage ;

    fruitlooprage ;Годину тому

    Nobody: Tseries: heddo ma frend howd r u today,, cuddy cuddy cuddy cuddy

  40. MGK MODI

    MGK MODIГодину тому

    I made 3 accounts just to sub to pewds. I'll be making another 3 next week. I have done my part. Have you?

  41. The RisHabh Games

    The RisHabh GamesГодину тому


  42. Choco Bro

    Choco BroГодину тому

    F Goodbye Mars rover

  43. Draicor

    DraicorГодину тому

    Ben Shapiro ✅ Justin Roiland ✅ Elon Musk ✅ Mr Beast, Notch, 6ix9ine, Will Smith where you at

  44. GOATZ556

    GOATZ556Годину тому

    Forget 69, we need trippie red or kanye to do it

  45. Yodas Willy

    Yodas WillyГодину тому

    I find it funny because I got that the ad that has Will Smith in it

  46. Skocatto

    SkocattoГодину тому

    T series to host meme review 👌👌

  47. Na Wasgeht

    Na WasgehtГодину тому


  48. Kriwi

    KriwiГодину тому

    Im happy now :D

  49. лю Брайана

    лю БрайанаГодину тому

    -Что это было-

  50. Lurkman

    LurkmanГодину тому

    E loan lookin real fresh

  51. dam and ram

    dam and ramГодину тому

    play mafia city to stop t-series

  52. Диана Паткина

    Диана ПаткинаГодину тому

    Видео как всегда топ

  53. Rits

    RitsГодину тому

    Ask Donald Trump to host meme review

  54. Arpit Dubey

    Arpit DubeyГодину тому

    next play apex

  55. GiveMeLog Please

    GiveMeLog PleaseГодину тому


  56. Void Mustache

    Void MustacheГодину тому

    No1 trending wtf?😂

  57. Kristýna Šťovíčková

    Kristýna ŠťovíčkováГодину тому

    1v trendech!😮😮😮😮😂❤❤😄


    TLOMPAH AMOHГодину тому

    support my channel, who likes and sbscribes, I pray that you get plenty of fortune. amen

  59. M R

    M RГодину тому

    I love the qay they covered the laptop logo

  60. Taco Dream

    Taco DreamГодину тому

    Platz 1 in den deutschen Trends...😂

  61. Jordan Taylor

    Jordan TaylorГодину тому

    i really enjoy how the prize wheel animation spins the opposite way of pewds pretending to spin it

  62. Danil Poluyanov

    Danil PoluyanovГодину тому

    45 втренде

  63. Joshua Redfern

    Joshua RedfernГодину тому

    Why is this not on trending?

  64. UrbanoSintetico27

    UrbanoSintetico27Годину тому

    Pewdiepie #1 Trending. Is UAreporter actually helping in the fight against T-Series? Find out in PewNews.

  65. TreeFolkDruid

    TreeFolkDruidГодину тому

    so T-Series won for 2 minutes yesterday

  66. Paul

    PaulГодину тому

    Oof, now I see why season 3 of R&M got so dark.

  67. Arpit Sharma

    Arpit SharmaГодину тому

    Chal bhosdike

  68. Ilya Flame

    Ilya FlameГодину тому


  69. Frozen Magma

    Frozen MagmaГодину тому


  70. Wrex Rexson

    Wrex RexsonГодину тому

    What a time to be alive

  71. Nahid's GamePlay

    Nahid's GamePlayГодину тому

    Nice Bro

  72. TheSteveFrenchh

    TheSteveFrenchhГодину тому

    Jjjjuuuuustttiiiinn roiiilaaaannnd ACCEPTABLE

  73. Raphael Albarracin

    Raphael AlbarracinГодину тому

    Cringed on Justin on the Queen Meme :3

  74. Jomar Yorem

    Jomar YoremГодину тому

    No.1 trending in youtube

  75. Aw6ken

    Aw6kenГодину тому

    I'm an Indian rap artist and I don't support T Series 🤣 I just dropped a diss, mind giving it a listen?

  76. KRAY-Z

    KRAY-ZГодину тому

    i'm an indan i'll watch your diss and smash like cuz i'm a 9 year old too..

  77. lame boi

    lame boiГодину тому


  78. Tap Me. BOY I Am Getting Wild

    Tap Me. BOY I Am Getting WildГодину тому

    Seeing Elon Musk laugh at a dead deer in a pool made burst out a laugh that i haven't felt for months at the present time.. *petition for Elon Musk laughing at more dead stuff*

  79. Jerk Sauce

    Jerk SauceГодину тому

    3:12 "In other news mods are gay" LMAO

  80. Phantom V

    Phantom VГодину тому


  81. perkaholic

    perkaholicГодину тому

    Not the hero we deserve but the hero we need

  82. adolf. _hitler

    adolf. _hitlerГодину тому

    Part 2?

  83. Dark Wolf

    Dark WolfГодину тому

    I want to see Will Smith host meme review.

  84. Silverr1

    Silverr1Годину тому

    Thanks elon musk , we enjoyed the host.

  85. the first

    the firstГодину тому

    Bravo Very nice, rest now

  86. Vanessa Zi

    Vanessa ZiГодину тому

    why did elon go to the justin guy EPIC cringe

  87. Bruce Moffat

    Bruce MoffatГодину тому

    Justin Roiland is og

  88. AnidiotonYT

    AnidiotonYTГодину тому

    Can i *HoSt MeMe ReViEw*


    SCKORHALГодину тому

    Thanks guys ♥️


    SPORTS REVELERГодину тому

    btw if you have not noticed just look at the sticker on Elon musk's laptop this is the official meme lappy

  91. jkbobful

    jkbobfulГодину тому

    very cool


    OYUN OYNAГодину тому


  93. Lil Waffle

    Lil WaffleГодину тому


  94. jorge vidal

    jorge vidalГодину тому

    Pewdiepie watching justin roiland and elon musk: -Let me iiin, let mi iiiiiiiiiiiiiin

  95. Cotton Candy

    Cotton CandyГодину тому

    Congratulations t series you beat pewdiepie for a solid few hours 😂❤️

  96. TheStanhoff

    TheStanhoffГодину тому

    Roiland was weak, felt like an out of touch dad just saying words he's heard his son say when talking about memes. More Elon though he was a mad man

  97. Stephanie B

    Stephanie BГодину тому

    Welcome senpie

  98. Shifga Shafyq

    Shifga ShafyqГодину тому

    Why can't we haha react in UAreporter videos, I want to haha react to this video...😭😂

  99. Anan Abutair

    Anan AbutairГодину тому


  100. xXFluffy DogXx

    xXFluffy DogXxГодину тому

    #1 on trending!

  101. Thurston Lobo

    Thurston LoboГодину тому

    If he titled it Elon musk hosts meme review then it would have gotten more views

  102. Vidushi Tiwari

    Vidushi TiwariГодину тому

    Daniel fernandes

  103. llnumexll

    llnumexllГодину тому

    ​я русский зайдите подержите лайком