Wow!!! Amazing TOP 30 Creations You Can Do By Yourself


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    Con todo respeto la Música molesta, gracias.

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    Top top top!

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    mon dieu je n'ai jamais vu autant de rouille!

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    I need this soundtrack.

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    Couldn't finish watching to much dumb shit

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    Why not get a wire brush and some oil and stop ruining all your tools to clean a bolt. Lmfao

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    Nice video but some r very funny and some r very useful.its not easy to be creative right Mr,Novruz.don copy others good creative never copy others but let others copy from you. Thanks for your great ideas keep it up...........

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    Other work ....?! Please show me

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    #1: Wich normal person has an oversized angle grinder and a welding macchine?👏👏👏

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    V good done

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    Wow! He built a whirligig

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    this music blows... f this video.

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    Gracias. Por. Compartir su. Ingenio maestro

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    All 30 tools are great, they are really useful in day to day's life. Do start at least a educational classes to the students, who are interested in tool making. You have tools and Technic to teach and you have technically sound brain.

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    Thanks bro !!!

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    Reinventando a roda...........

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    Sovietunion style. Dont buy make your own things.

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    А еще букварь купи, чтоб писать грамотно!

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    Stupid guy, he NEVER follow the safety: he keep the bolts for drilling with the hand directly, without using any tool for holding for example, very stupid guy !

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    Well that an hour of my life I'm never going to get back......Not one useful thing in the whole clip

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    Você é genial gosto de ver seus vídeos blz

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    Idea No 29th you would have used compass's pencil fixers 2 Nos on a steel bar and you would used it for even marker pen also along with Pencil.

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    Very much useful tools.

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    Have you never heard of 'Navel Jelly Rust Remover'.? brush on wash off with water after 15 minutes and rust is gone.!

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    you seem to be working witjh a lot of scrap rusty metal - why don't you get a wire wheel for your motor and just run the bolts,threads and other rusty stuff under the wire wheel.?


    DUSTIN KOCH2 місяці тому

    Dude! Make a drill bit sharpener! One that works well! Your awesome! Ty always! Also, how about a rivet gun, that punches the hole, holds the rivets, and shoots them! You'll make millions!

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    дизлайк, Криворукое чмо. что-то Я не вижу чтобы он использовал свои "изобретения"

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    Nice video! i love it! by the way, Are you planning to always and forever be having old rusty bolts? either you have a serious moisture problem in yuour workshop (you should take care of that) or you are making waaay too much derusters.

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    I love it!! My thoughts exactly.

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    Hows about i buys ya a wire brush for your birthday

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    Main idea of the video: how to spend a lot of time for nothing.

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    You seem to think the world is interested. Its not. Why can't you just go play in the corner

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    Great vids👍🏽

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    The cost of the metal to build the Nutcracker is more than just buying a nutcracker. Nice ideas over all, but sheesh far to complicated for most people and requires tools that most people don't have.

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    Your correct most of skill worker dont have tools

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    Too many thread cleaners

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    Очень много трудоемких и малополезных приспособлений особенно по очистке резьбы,и,слава богу,в последнем случае обошлось без сварки.

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    no esmas facil con un cepillo de alambre

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    30 things I could do by myself if I had all those tools 😂😂😂

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    are you joking?

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    Why always loud music? very distracting



    Sencillamente EXELENTE

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    Вот откуда авто клас берет идею плагиатор

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    Man with those hairy ass arms you look like a chimpanzee. But that couldn't be true, chimpanzee would make better tools. No I'm just kidding. You're very creative.

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    music: Giraffe Squad - Wait For Me

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    Guys, what's the music at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="240">4:00</a>? "fly away with me" don't suit - cannot find proper song.

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    bien ya te podes poner una fabrica de limpia tornillos

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    well done . very useful creations

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    Mr novruz

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    So very creative and well thought out. Your skills are very impressive sir! Great ideas, thanks for sharing.

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    your joking right?

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    Украл у других блогеров

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    Что украл? Напильник? :)))

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    Wow you guys sure spend a lot of time and energy taking the crap out of bolt threads.

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    He must live in the land of crappy threads and should go to Harbor freight and buy some cheap dies

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    En 17 : Très mauvais pour le profil du filetage. Bien plus simple et plus sûr d'utiliser une filière du bon diamètre.

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    bonjour Monsieur perso je trouve que ce gars est NUL a tout point de vue !! il est mauvais : en soudure, en peinture, en tout !! il ne doit pas avoir trouvé d'employeur assez con pour l'embaucher ?? ou alors la boutique a fermé !

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    @Максим Шкурин Ясно. Передай своему программисту, что его ИИ "Максим" - отстой.

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    @Vincent Thorn а я и неспорю,я не понимаю народ,который каждый сезон строит фанерные дома в долине торнадо...

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    @Максим Шкурин Причём тут резьба? Я про общую неспособность населения делать элементарный ремонт.

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    коменты глянул...ляяя супермен!

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    @Vincent Thorn не,ну если рукожопы,то чего проще резьбу плашкой-леркой поправить?

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    tolle ideen. aber, erst zeigen, wie man ein loch in ein rohr bohrt, und dann in 22 ein gerät bauen, wo man das rohr fixieren kann.oder das teil mit dem wiinkel, um kreismittelpunkt zu finden. hab ich schon anders gesehen. erst die geräte bauen und dann in der anwendung. wäre besser

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    Man just use steel brush for those bolts, like everybody else 🤣

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    no entiendo nada de esto maldita sea

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    Stopped watching when I saw the ISLAMIC euro. Thumbs down...