YOU vs FREDDY FAZBEAR - Could You Defeat And Survive Him? (Five Nights At Freddy's FNAF Video Game)


  1. Bagel-Man Enriquez

    Bagel-Man Enriquez28 хвилин тому

    In the 6th Game, They get destroyed by Fire

  2. TheAmazingNightsparta

    TheAmazingNightspartaГодину тому

    But spring Bonnie and Bonnie doesn’t have a top hat

  3. DarkNight C:

    DarkNight C:2 години тому

    freddy doesnt have upper teeth

  4. Chill Zypher

    Chill Zypher4 години тому

    2:25 *CJ?!*

  5. Jakzilla Boardman

    Jakzilla Boardman5 годин тому

    What about puppet

  6. Barcaaa Fazbear

    Barcaaa Fazbear7 годин тому

    B-But Freddy Fazbear is m-my favourite a-animatronic i d-don't wan't h-hurt him....

  7. Jc Maniego PH

    Jc Maniego PH7 годин тому

    Why not quit your job?

  8. Mr. Fishtick

    Mr. Fishtick9 годин тому

    Just trow water over him

  9. Sgt_Derpguy _25

    Sgt_Derpguy _2513 годин тому

    Just put c4s in every animatronic in the morning and destroy them

  10. Skd233 3

    Skd233 39 годин тому

    your right but its illegal tho

  11. stanley bik

    stanley bik14 годин тому

    0:23 your friend when you took your their beans and replace them with corn with a canned bean wrapper

  12. Ivan Chavez

    Ivan Chavez14 годин тому

    Doesn't anyone remember the fnaf 3 song? You just need a hatchet that's cheap, but still useful, get a tablet, connect it up with the cameras, and never take your eyes off them (especially foxy cuz dat boi fast)

  13. Mason DeVine

    Mason DeVine14 годин тому

    We’re not telling you to get an rpg, but you will need to get a multi-thousand dollar hydraulic exo-skeleton suit.

  14. clash for craft

    clash for craft14 годин тому

    Btw golden Freddy is actually a ghost animatronic, almost impossible to beat

  15. Doodle the poodle

    Doodle the poodle16 годин тому

    I would just call Danny phantom or the ghost busters for help.

  16. Hat kid Dancing

    Hat kid Dancing16 годин тому

    G U N

  17. Mentalmarshmallow 09

    Mentalmarshmallow 0917 годин тому

    If u can’t get a flamethrower get gasoline

  18. Code951

    Code95117 годин тому

    There is one sure fire way to survive them. Find a better job!

  19. NovaGhost

    NovaGhost18 годин тому

    1.bring pyro from TF2 2.convince pyro that it is smokey the fire safety bear and some of his friends 3.6:00am or just call sam and dean from supernatural

  20. Boi I'm sans

    Boi I'm sans18 годин тому

    Just use creative mode

  21. bobby_yungboi

    bobby_yungboi19 годин тому

    Emp or spy sapper is a victory

  22. Oscar Corona Jr

    Oscar Corona Jr19 годин тому

    This Video: Exists Matpat: Yes but actually no. ItS cOmPlIcAtEd

  23. rbbonneyX’s Gaming

    rbbonneyX’s Gaming19 годин тому

    What about sludge Hammer?

  24. Jack-O

    Jack-O23 години тому

    Cool video but ...... 1. The story is not very clear 2.Water helps, it does not matter if there's a soul in it. As an example Golden Freddy. He is a Springlock Suit. He's in suit mode so he can not move, and there's a soul in it. 3. Bonnie never had a hat. And G. Freddy has black clothes. Nevertheless, a very nice video: D

  25. Siris The Skilled

    Siris The SkilledДень тому

    This will not help you in the game...... Fnaf 1 : keep a close eye on him OR Close the door before looking at the cameras or checking for bonnie Fnaf 2 : Put on the mask when he is in your office or hallway. Fnaf 3 : Don't look at him. Fnaf 4 : Better keep an eye on the freddles.........

  26. gaming with nate

    gaming with nateДень тому

    who knows the song follow me check it out its a cool song animation

  27. ꧁Nikita Gamer꧂

    ꧁Nikita Gamer꧂День тому

    How about “YOU VS BENDY”

  28. Gabriel Rodriqez

    Gabriel RodriqezДень тому

    I’m the game doesn’t freedy begin to attack after the second night

  29. Mini Rhombus

    Mini RhombusДень тому

    I know the other way calling Saitama...

  30. MrGrimm YT

    MrGrimm YTДень тому

    simple: they only haunt the robots from 12 to 6 so just do all you can from him getting you till six and then destroy him while hes in mascot mode!

  31. Xx Gacha Sernity xX

    Xx Gacha Sernity xXДень тому

    I can just..* grabs bucket * * fills bucket with water * YEET *yeets bucket at Freddy *

  32. Red Rabbit

    Red RabbitДень тому

    Love the vid! However, I think there's something important missing here: Freddy and friends were built around the 80's. This means that the insides would consist of air hoses/hydraulics, pulleys, and a inner skeleton. Now, because Fazbear ent. is pretty cheap, half (if not most) of these components might be plastic (Not including the inner skeleton). Firearms that use higher caliber ammunition and intense heat would actually cause damage, even if this wasn't the case. However, "Destruction of property" is a real sentence that you will be charged with, so... You're better off quitting, lol.

  33. HELL WOLF666

    HELL WOLF666День тому


  34. Foxy Dup

    Foxy DupДень тому

    if it was fnaf 2 puppet master would haunt you

  35. Foxy Dup

    Foxy DupДень тому

    man i loved these so much

  36. flurry rush

    flurry rushДень тому

    You don't know what happened to spring Bonnie tho😼😼😼😼😼😼

  37. loser with a video

    loser with a videoДень тому

    1.get the job 2.get the flamethrower 3.use the flamethrower 4.get sued for destroying company property

  38. RingtoneCrash

    RingtoneCrashДень тому

    Use an axe...

  39. Kayleigh Moore

    Kayleigh MooreДень тому

    3:08 no freckles, and no offense

  40. Kayleigh Moore

    Kayleigh MooreДень тому

    0:53 no offense but golden freddy is rare. you'll need to do an easter egg to find him

  41. Phoenix Chen

    Phoenix ChenДень тому


  42. Mat Dragon3605

    Mat Dragon3605День тому

    But you know that Freddy could be killed with a zeus xD this electric gun

  43. Ash See Gaming

    Ash See GamingДень тому

    Just set the building on fire

  44. trey 77

    trey 772 дні тому

    Burns freddy with a flame thrower fnaf 3:

  45. Naiem sharifi

    Naiem sharifi2 дні тому

    Well that suit have springlocks

  46. Salemchevy Gaming

    Salemchevy Gaming2 дні тому

    Like game theory but more real life

  47. RandomPerson

    RandomPerson2 дні тому

    "You Need To Be An Adult.." Ah Yes I Was Once Becomes A Night Guard As A Kid

  48. Kfc Jrs

    Kfc Jrs2 дні тому

    Me vs freddy (Real life( Grab hose *use hose* *win*

  49. SOME D00D

    SOME D00D2 дні тому


  50. Oziel Castillo

    Oziel Castillo2 дні тому

    No no no no your wrong I might be wrong to but in the games when purple guy destroys the animatronics that's not a problem anymore but than the ghosts of the childs come back and luor him inside a spring locked suit and the spring locks turn on and he dies

  51. Alexa Bernard

    Alexa Bernard2 дні тому

    They don't stuff u into a suit, but the puppet takes the soul of the murdered person and puts it into one of the suits. AND FREDDY DOES NOT HAVE FRECKLES!!!!!

  52. Senpai DooDoo

    Senpai DooDoo2 дні тому

    *dab me up* 3:46

  53. Ora de Biologie

    Ora de Biologie2 дні тому

    So freddy is batman

  54. Legit Obsessed With YouTube

    Legit Obsessed With YouTube2 дні тому

    ‘So don’t go thinking this is some dumb bear.’ YES HE ISSSSS

  55. Legit Obsessed With YouTube

    Legit Obsessed With YouTube2 дні тому

    It was edited because I forgot to capitalize the S.


    LUO RUI HAO3 дні тому

    U can just hack the game and then lock the doors and thats how u survive

  57. Tyler the Cat

    Tyler the Cat3 дні тому

    Why can’t we use what purple guy used in fnaf 3 ?

  58. Tyler the Cat

    Tyler the CatДень тому

    Erick Isaias I mean what he did to rip them apart

  59. Erick Isaias

    Erick IsaiasДень тому

    he got crushed and died

  60. Ayman Yusof

    Ayman Yusof3 дні тому

    For your information if you harm the animatronics you won't get paid

  61. Tyler Rooker

    Tyler Rooker3 дні тому

    Me pulls out bombs and panzerfust time to die hahaha

  62. Foundation's Oversight

    Foundation's Oversight3 дні тому

    I know a large bit about FNaF lore. You were close, but hosing him down would still work.

  63. vicente abobo

    vicente abobo3 дні тому

    Can u do fnaf two?

  64. Noah Aguilar

    Noah Aguilar3 дні тому

    Just da power of jesus