YOU vs FREDDY FAZBEAR - Could You Defeat And Survive Him? (Five Nights At Freddy's FNAF Video Game)


  1. •Kake N Kill•

    •Kake N Kill•Годину тому

    *Matpat has entered the chat*

  2. egle fumero

    egle fumero4 години тому

    Even if you killed freddy, you will be with phantom freddy or nightmare freddy.

  3. Revanant 4

    Revanant 46 годин тому

    But water kills ghosts

  4. code wolf6000

    code wolf60006 годин тому

    Yeah dismantle them let me explain in the third game when you beat a night you'l have a minigame when you follow shadow freddy which is wiliam afton in a purple freddy suit the animotranics cannot enter a room which wiliam uses as an advantage and when you give on trying to enter the room wiliam follows you quickly then dismantles the animotranics all of them was dismantled exept golden freddy cause he has no endoskeleton so he's already dismantled oh and wiliam is killed by the suit that he used to decieve those kids done there

  5. Freddyav

    Freddyav8 годин тому

    why does bonnie have a hat....


    BROKEN HEART12 годин тому

    What you SHOULD do to survive is work the shift until your done, since you are not William, and you'll be safe, and enjoy the spring lock failure.


    BROKEN HEART12 годин тому

    Well, the spronglock failure meaning William being crushed by the spring locks.

  8. Fastronix Vector

    Fastronix Vector18 годин тому

    Use a signal breaker and maybe use things that make noise

  9. SheepTurtle

    SheepTurtle19 годин тому

    You CANT!!!!!

  10. Zogwok

    ZogwokДень тому

    This gave me nightmares and ruined my life

  11. Monica Gaming

    Monica GamingДень тому

    Does freddy die on water? XD

  12. Given Family

    Given FamilyДень тому

    theres like 13 freddies in this series so i think you might need some more firepower

  13. Teresa Lucero

    Teresa LuceroДень тому

    "5 animatronics" lol you mean 4 animatronics and a ghost?

  14. Israel Nunez

    Israel NunezДень тому


  15. lauavesi yolomees

    lauavesi yolomeesДень тому

    you need to open the box

  16. Bat

    BatДень тому

    How to beat them? Use William's weapon, get into a suit, just dont activate it, or ull be the 2nd spring trap

  17. Mandy Mims

    Mandy MimsДень тому

    How I would survive *holds cross* go foul beast

  18. Bat

    BatДень тому

    2:11 that was Michael Afton, his brother shoved his head to fredbear's mouth

  19. JakeTheMasterGD

    JakeTheMasterGDДень тому

    This does not work in sweden lol.

  20. Judge Quixtn

    Judge QuixtnДень тому

    FNAF HELP WANTED: Yes, yes you can.

  21. Ivan Valencia

    Ivan ValenciaДень тому

    Just buy an axe

  22. NoobGamer F

    NoobGamer FДень тому

    Balloon guy?

  23. Dark Cruiser

    Dark CruiserДень тому

    Can u do circus baby

  24. Dre Montoya

    Dre MontoyaДень тому

    The main villain is actually William Afton. The robots can’t control themselves, because of the souls of the murdered children. The only way to stop the robots from attacking you is to work with the Puppet to free their souls.

  25. Liam O'Farrill

    Liam O'FarrillДень тому

    Why don't you just get an axe and hit Freddy with the axe

  26. graham pitchford

    graham pitchfordДень тому

    Golden freddy don't have eye

  27. Max Wenzel

    Max WenzelДень тому

    I think it won’t work because there is also chika foxy and also Bonnie it could work but you need luck

  28. Taiyun Luo

    Taiyun Luo2 дні тому

    Just go during daylight

  29. Freddy Fazbear

    Freddy Fazbear2 дні тому

    you see, the robots are much stronger than what they were described to be. they are mad of an unknown metal that must can only be taken out by a nuclear explosion or better. They are also not possed by children (despite what matpat says).

  30. Max Skullic

    Max Skullic2 дні тому

    trip wires.... I just won Fnaf!

  31. Ragein Gagein

    Ragein Gagein2 дні тому

    How you beat Freddy: *_F N A F 6 ' E M_*

  32. Ragein Gagein

    Ragein Gagein2 дні тому

    *W A S T H A T T H E **_B I T E_** O F 8 7 ! ? ! ?*

  33. slay xo

    slay xo2 дні тому

    you defeat a anamatronic by deactivating the ENDO skelaton

  34. Noemi Idul

    Noemi Idul3 дні тому

    I radder have a pickaxe or axe or crowbr and just hit him with it

  35. Tibet

    Tibet3 дні тому

    How to destroy an animatronic: *Get your hand crank and make sure the animatronic accepts it's death. It will always accept its death. Then destroy the animatronic.*

  36. Lexisking 1

    Lexisking 13 дні тому

    Fire = Dead Animatronic Long story short kid ghosts/remnant is very flammable.

  37. Iron wolf gaming

    Iron wolf gaming3 дні тому

    Homemade bomb, like C4, but easier to get.

  38. Darren Wallis

    Darren Wallis3 дні тому

    But his name is Gabriel which is a boy’s name how I know this watch game theory thats all I have to say

  39. Spaghetti Papy67

    Spaghetti Papy673 дні тому

    ‘How can you survive Freddy fazbear’ Simple: Cup o’ water Trusty pipe Pizza cutter Fan blades The exit door (just run as fast as your legs will go) Bring a crowbar

  40. the music and the gaming channel

    the music and the gaming channel3 дні тому

    Logic and math

  41. the music and the gaming channel

    the music and the gaming channel3 дні тому

    U can melt his endoskeleton cuz its metal and it will melt after some hours and u need to deactivate all the robots to do so. (and yes u can deactivate them by shutting down the generator and having a nightvision on ur suit that allows the suits glass part to make u see in the dark also u need a bulletproof, unbreakable, nightvisioned glass and a one of those things that allow u to see from the inside but not the outside and u need to make ur suit into a fireproof and diamond armored suit that way u wont be hurt cuz u know diamond cant be broken and cant be done anything)

  42. Voiden

    Voiden4 дні тому

    Best way to beat Freddy wait until day and dismantle freddy's joints ez as that

  43. griffin martin

    griffin martin4 дні тому

    well in the game setting fire to them releases the soul

  44. Onyx

    Onyx4 дні тому

    1:07 WAS THAT -THE BITE OF 87???- AYANO AISHI???

  45. Onyx

    Onyx4 дні тому

    I think I actually could, I've practiced a lot.

  46. Blazer Reacts

    Blazer Reacts4 дні тому

    Freddy fazbear is an animatronic not powered by electricity, but by air hydraulics. If you can cut off his air supply he will not have any pressure in his joints making him slump to the ground and unable to move. You can do this with all the others except golden Freddy, because he is a suit, not an animatronic, making him slumped over forever and just a spirit.

  47. PikaPikaGamer

    PikaPikaGamer4 дні тому

    even if his suit was destroyed and his soul was still there cant the soul just try to find another spare suit somewhere?

  48. Emilio9 barns

    Emilio9 barns4 дні тому

    How to beat Freddy Fazbear: Call the Hacksmith

  49. William Afton131

    William Afton1314 дні тому

    Me : builind these animatronics would be surely dangerous Also me : let's build the Withered animatronics

  50. Luis Channel

    Luis Channel4 дні тому

    me realizing bonnie and springbonnie have top hats my ocd:X_X

  51. Seth Kohl

    Seth Kohl5 днів тому

    Why dose golden Freddy have a purple hat that’s fredbear not golden freddys

  52. Eperiod Rigg

    Eperiod Rigg5 днів тому

    An animatronic has remnant, which can be destroyed by overheating, so after you hit an animatronic with a flamethrower, the animatronic is dead.

  53. Cosmic Shadow Fox

    Cosmic Shadow Fox5 днів тому

    Then agein your also destroying the proberty of the owner. So your gana be in jail. But Hay! Your not dead inside a suit!


    INFINITYSNAKE85 днів тому

    Nuke em!


    INFINITYSNAKE85 днів тому

    Bulldoze em!

  56. Ethan Whalen

    Ethan Whalen5 днів тому

    Thats just a theroy a game theroy

  57. MindlessAvie

    MindlessAvie5 днів тому


  58. Foxy Gacha

    Foxy Gacha5 днів тому

    They stuff you in a suit cuz the think your and endoskeleton without a suit :)

  59. alicia silva

    alicia silva5 днів тому

    Maybe an axe

  60. Numire Najjar

    Numire Najjar5 днів тому

    Actually it's Freddy, Chica, Bonnie, Foxy, and Magle

  61. Numire Najjar

    Numire Najjar5 днів тому

    Actually golden Freddy is more of an Easter egg