YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Dirty lyanna (Official Video)


  1. mountain hawk

    mountain hawkДень тому

    I'm dying laughing 😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂

  2. Mark McAfee

    Mark McAfeeДень тому

    omg nba young boy I love your songs omg im you r biggest fan

  3. Mark McAfee

    Mark McAfeeДень тому

    I love your songs

  4. Mark McAfee

    Mark McAfeeДень тому

    I lou

  5. Mark McAfee

    Mark McAfeeДень тому


  6. Mark McAfee

    Mark McAfeeДень тому

    omg nba young boy I love your song

  7. Mark McAfee

    Mark McAfeeДень тому


  8. Mark McAfee

    Mark McAfeeДень тому

    go nba young boy

  9. Dre Lassiter

    Dre LassiterДень тому


  10. obed Bunbury

    obed BunburyДень тому

    NBA young boy u sad nigga 😂😂 u made a song about her your ex iyanna😂

  11. Broderick Harrison

    Broderick HarrisonДень тому


  12. Kaplax_INFINITY

    Kaplax_INFINITYДень тому

    I hear MICHAEL Jackson saying “dirty FWUACKA Ohhh!!”

  13. Asiah Dunnican

    Asiah DunnicanДень тому

    No nbA the firstly I would love it if we can do anything

  14. Sen_irregular

    Sen_irregularДень тому

    Momma: get off the game Me: can’t tell me not do this because I do what I want

  15. unot rite

    unot riteДень тому


  16. Chadric Robertson

    Chadric RobertsonДень тому

    Gangsta version of MJ....

  17. Avoyde

    AvoydeДень тому

    this is the worst thing ive ever heard.

  18. Faith Senegal

    Faith SenegalДень тому

    U stole Michael Jackson's song

  19. Keena Hood

    Keena HoodДень тому

    This song is my 2 favorite

  20. Angelo Reed

    Angelo ReedДень тому

    This shit hard af fuck wat a dude talking bout

  21. Damoni life

    Damoni lifeДень тому

    Dirty iyanna 😭💙🤞

  22. Shaholline McCarthy

    Shaholline McCarthyДень тому

    Youn boy the a way to get a little more than I can handle it but I can ❤️ you up to today y I got to girl scouts in a bit of my o I can ❤️💙💙 go a we or a🎤 fake in my car for a few days but I'm not going anywhere with you to see how much it is a

  23. LCCA Engineering

    LCCA EngineeringДень тому

    Hi youngBoy you is cute🤩🤩😍😍

  24. LCCA Engineering

    LCCA EngineeringДень тому

    I like that shit bro from jaiden🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶

  25. April Crumpton

    April CrumptonДень тому

    1:03 you'll thank me later

  26. Tina Washington

    Tina WashingtonДень тому

    He seems to be hurt by her and miss her. What happened to them?

  27. Zexity lel

    Zexity lelДень тому

    What is this??

  28. Unreleased Music

    Unreleased MusicДень тому

    Michael Jackson would be ashamed

  29. Jasko Ec

    Jasko EcДень тому

    this songs shit but the rest are fire

  30. Iana Queen

    Iana QueenДень тому

    My name Iana and my friends at school keep singing dis song like omg😤

  31. Christina Singleton

    Christina SingletonДень тому

    ...Anyway....Micheal Jackson is rolling in his grave...

  32. Vinicius De Moura

    Vinicius De MouraДень тому

    Wtf? This nigga is crazy as fuck !! nigga, what you thought about when wrote that song ? fuck!

  33. Toad Wii Remote With Wii Motion Plus Inside

    Toad Wii Remote With Wii Motion Plus InsideДень тому

    This is a cover of of a Michael Jackson song...

  34. Reagyn Kirkland

    Reagyn KirklandДень тому


  35. Juan Arroyo

    Juan ArroyoДень тому

    I cant understand shit this kid is saying. Michael jackson the man but this is an insult.

  36. Ebony Henderson

    Ebony HendersonДень тому

    So raw mix ofmichael Jackson beat dirty Diana just in rapping

  37. Cody Siebol

    Cody SiebolДень тому

    Michael and young boy huh? Nothing going on here 🙄

  38. Nicole Reliford

    Nicole RelifordДень тому

    Your the best

  39. m3playz

    m3playz2 дні тому

    Big 23 ♠️♠️♠️♠️

  40. Dean Stanford

    Dean Stanford2 дні тому

    This is fire! Major props to him and his crew to do a remix when this isn’t in his time frame

  41. Purple Gun

    Purple Gun2 дні тому

    Iyanna is a ninja?

  42. Iggy the Crazy koopa

    Iggy the Crazy koopa2 дні тому

    0:12 I didn't know he was gay

  43. Taisha Channel

    Taisha Channel2 дні тому

    Did anybody notice dat he changed the beat😲👀!

  44. Rashad Wiggins

    Rashad Wiggins2 дні тому

    I love this song

  45. Caylee Alcaraz

    Caylee Alcaraz2 дні тому

    Nice job nbayoungboy

  46. Christian Miller

    Christian Miller2 дні тому

    Shit Mayweather gon mad asf

  47. Vondia Aubrey

    Vondia Aubrey2 дні тому

    Its crazy how much she loves this song 😭

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    DYNASTY YOUNG2 дні тому

    Legends never die

  50. şturval TV

    şturval TV2 дні тому

    Kanalimiza Abune Olsaniz Bizi Sad Edersiz Xais edirik Mumkunse

  51. Queen B

    Queen B2 дні тому

    This shit straight up trash lmfao

  52. Wanda chambless

    Wanda chambless2 дні тому


  53. all hail the qeen queen!!!

    all hail the qeen queen!!!2 дні тому

    This junk snap🔥🔥🔥

  54. Joshua Hurst

    Joshua Hurst2 дні тому

    He stoll it from Michael Jackson dirty Diana and dirty iyanna


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    Strong designer 19

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    LE Midnight2 дні тому

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  57. adnan Khan

    adnan Khan2 дні тому

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  58. me me big boi

    me me big boi2 дні тому


  59. Sharnecia Hardy

    Sharnecia Hardy2 дні тому

    He coulda at least put a luhh moon walk in there

  60. Ryan Folks

    Ryan Folks2 дні тому

    Boy cold

  61. Ava May

    Ava May2 дні тому