YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Dirty lyanna [Official Music Video]


  1. YoungBoy Never Broke Again

    YoungBoy Never Broke Again3 місяці тому

    38 BABY 2 out now 🐍

  2. Red fox_ H20

    Red fox_ H20День тому

    She/status of my car made those boys were war

  3. Rashaad Pugh

    Rashaad Pugh3 дні тому


  4. Richard Jones V

    Richard Jones V6 днів тому


  5. Vernessa Ozane

    Vernessa Ozane7 днів тому

    Key DMS

  6. David Johnson

    David Johnson8 днів тому

    Hi I'm a fan of you

  7. Angelo De Vegt

    Angelo De VegtГодину тому

    I knew a girl her name was lyanna so i repeatedly this song now she hates me😂😂😂

  8. Yvngsaus

    Yvngsaus4 години тому


  9. adrian muthuray

    adrian muthuray7 годин тому

    you are the best rapper in the whole world love u who ever do not like u are jealous

  10. Rigz

    Rigz11 годин тому

    Wtf is this shit😂

  11. J Swervo

    J Swervo18 годин тому

    I dead starting laughing at the part when he was playing the game and he yelled DIE!

  12. Hipe House

    Hipe HouseДень тому

    He copied from Michael Jackson dirty Diana

  13. Brandon Singleton

    Brandon SingletonДень тому

    Bring back memories

  14. That Blue Girl

    That Blue GirlДень тому

    Words can't even describe how bad this is oml

  15. crongey wongey

    crongey wongeyДень тому

    so shit but so good

  16. K.E. Jol

    K.E. JolДень тому

    Michael Trapson need to react to this

  17. Teeverity

    TeeverityДень тому

    But I say that’s ok....💯

  18. Briana Gunter

    Briana GunterДень тому

    That sound like Michael Jackson song

  19. Richard Smalls

    Richard SmallsДень тому


  20. Shakobe Barrow

    Shakobe Barrow2 дні тому


  21. Shakobe Barrow

    Shakobe Barrow2 дні тому


  22. Marie Naquin

    Marie Naquin2 дні тому

    Youngboy rlly good at cod

  23. Monae Norton

    Monae Norton2 дні тому

    You my now

  24. Monae Norton

    Monae Norton2 дні тому

    She a bitch for real

  25. Asia Mills

    Asia Mills2 дні тому

    Ima always fuck with this song dirty iyanna

  26. issaaa skye

    issaaa skye3 дні тому

    mj didn’t die for this..

  27. KatanaRick

    KatanaRick2 дні тому

    Shut up hater

  28. Arrington Besetsnzy

    Arrington Besetsnzy3 дні тому

    Yb a legend already is crazy

  29. Junior Sanchez

    Junior Sanchez4 дні тому

    Tbh this sucks. Tf happend here?? First time hearing this shit. Only cause I was listening to Dirty Diana and someone in the comments said to use this kids beat. So i got curious.

  30. KatanaRick

    KatanaRick3 дні тому

    The filter on your face brings you out a little I guess...

  31. KatanaRick

    KatanaRick3 дні тому

    I'm not trying to be rude but jesus your ugly af

  32. Ahmed Fidaily

    Ahmed Fidaily4 дні тому

    this slaps frfr

  33. Nathan Papp

    Nathan Papp4 дні тому

    If you’re wondering. This song comes from ‘Dirty Diana by Michael Jackson’...

  34. Keyonna Jones

    Keyonna JonesДень тому

    It did

  35. Boulevard Hip-Hop

    Boulevard Hip-Hop5 днів тому

    Bruh ,delete this shtt. Don't disrespect Michael like that ,he was a real singer.

  36. KatanaRick

    KatanaRick3 дні тому

    not disrespectful using his beat cause he wants to get over it hes gone

  37. Deandre jackson

    Deandre jackson6 днів тому


  38. KatanaRick

    KatanaRick3 дні тому

    Michael was TRASH

  39. dede playz

    dede playz6 днів тому

    This shit trash, I like yo music but you straight disrespected Micheal Jackson.

  40. Bawskee Tsunami

    Bawskee Tsunami7 днів тому

    Bruh hope his security aint as bad as it is in this video

  41. 06 Esther García Romero

    06 Esther García Romero8 днів тому

    Solo vine aquí porque vi un comentario de esta canción en la de Dirty Diana de Mike 🙃 (Michael Jackson) 😂 I just came here because I saw a comment in the song Dirty Diana by MJ 😂😂

  42. 06 Esther García Romero

    06 Esther García Romero8 днів тому

    Solo vine aquí porque vi un comentario de esta canción en la de Dirty Diana de Mike 🙃 (Michael Jackson) 😂 I just came here because I saw a comment in the song Dirty Diana by MJ 😂😂

  43. nyla jenayy

    nyla jenayy8 днів тому

    0:14 💀💀

  44. HoodieSeam

    HoodieSeam9 днів тому

    Micheal Jackson so Inspirational

  45. eyemine g

    eyemine g9 днів тому

    this is so bad and disrespectful never do this again wtf is this so trash

  46. KatanaRick

    KatanaRick3 дні тому

    Michael is TRASH and hes gone and forgotten tbh

  47. Astro Jack AstroWorld

    Astro Jack AstroWorld10 днів тому

    Let goooooooooooooooo

  48. Jayton the king

    Jayton the king10 днів тому

    WHEN HE SAID DIE 😂😂😂😂😂

  49. jashaun ensley

    jashaun ensley10 днів тому

    Good job what is your phone number 🤔

  50. Desmond Roberts

    Desmond Roberts11 днів тому

    NBA young boy slim.

  51. Gabe Houdini!

    Gabe Houdini!11 днів тому

    the " DAIEEE " inna start got me sick ( ik hes saying die)

  52. Darth Plagueis

    Darth Plagueis11 днів тому

    So a worse version of Michael Jacksons Dirty Dianna?

  53. iyana brown

    iyana brown12 днів тому

    I wanted to listen to the song bc my brother was like nba youngboy has a song with your name in it but my name is spelled Iyana not Iyanna🤦🏽‍♀️

  54. TreyK - 47

    TreyK - 4712 днів тому

    Youngboys most underrated song

  55. KatanaRick

    KatanaRick3 дні тому

    Ikr and all these dudes hating

  56. Your Majesty

    Your Majesty12 днів тому

    Lol Floyd raised a very dirty girl

  57. Héctor Genaro Álvarez Guerrero

    Héctor Genaro Álvarez Guerrero12 днів тому

    is this michael jackson

  58. AmazinStonrr

    AmazinStonrr12 днів тому

    Woaa bruh what a trip fr I never knew he had this type of track out? 😫

  59. Jadan Boyd

    Jadan Boyd12 днів тому

    That bitch toxic

  60. Cheryl Long

    Cheryl Long13 днів тому

    Still rolling 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💚💎

  61. Ar14 Davis

    Ar14 Davis13 днів тому

    Who is the girl that's holding the knife

  62. Jairo Santana

    Jairo Santana14 днів тому


  63. Aiyana Pitts

    Aiyana Pitts14 днів тому

    just great nba youngboy my name is Aiyana and it said just like your song now people at my school use to call me that and also its like u calling my name

  64. 3hree5ive fan page

    3hree5ive fan page14 днів тому

    She just love stabbing things huh

  65. Jeremiah Logwood

    Jeremiah Logwood14 днів тому

    This my shirt. Turn. Up.

  66. Manyia Dowell

    Manyia Dowell14 днів тому

    G bents dad try

  67. Devo5x

    Devo5x15 днів тому

    his vocals sound rusty asf , this shit trash

  68. Cody

    Cody15 днів тому

    She want even slick😂

  69. travfrm803 on ig

    travfrm803 on ig16 днів тому

    we can all agree this song is yb only L

  70. issiah thomas

    issiah thomas16 днів тому

    If someone like this you will become a millionaire one day

  71. Okitsdave 1

    Okitsdave 116 днів тому

    This go hard

  72. Lil Trez

    Lil Trez16 днів тому

    Who still bumping dis now

  73. Quan Webber

    Quan Webber16 днів тому

    So she was stabbing people with tires